Another Hell night… **update 8.29.20

…so after the camper was hit and the scumbag climbed on top of it, I thought I had found a safe place to rest for the night…a church parking lot. (I asked permission)

Yeah, not so fast….

About 11:30 last night, I hear a vehicle with a loud engine going by.  Ears perk up.

I look out the window, and it’s an older red truck going back and forth in the parking lot.

It goes four parking lanes over. Stops. Lights on my camper.

It comes back over near me, again with lights aimed towards camper.

Then it goes back to the original spot.  Each time it goes back and forth, its lights end up on the camper.

After what happened, I called the police.

The police arrive and talk with them.  It was a man and woman in the vehicle and the excuse they gave the officers was that the man was teaching the woman how to drive a stick shift.

…and it was nearly midnight when the officer stopped them.

So their “plausible deniability” was that they were just out trying to learn to drive a manual….at midnight…when it was too dark to see the stick shift and what gear you were shifting into…um-hmmm…

But my gangstalking suspicions were confirmed when I later had a vision of the man….in a room with several others in a circle talking about me.  He was angry that I had called the cops and he got caught…

…but the drama wasn’t over yet.

I kept watch to 1 a.m., and then tried to get some sleep.

I noticed headlights in the camper, so I looked again to the parking lot.  Nobody there that I could see.  I kept scanning the area, and about a half hour later, the bum turned his headlights on and left.  He was across the highway running next to the church, hiding in bushes so I could not see him.

Scary that they are that determined…

I am able to upload the pics of his truck here:

But wait, there’s more!

After I had the vision of the angry man talking with his fellow gangstalkers, I saw Krystal Lee Kenny.  Yes, THAT Krystal Lee Kenny that played a huge part in whatever happened to Kelsey Berreth!

Holy #$%&!

And I can’t even go to the police and tell them about  the link to Krystal.  They wouldn’t believe me.  And like I experienced before, I believe that Krystal has some connections to law enforcement here and that is why she got away with so much.

From my prior post last year —

Anyway, after feeling all that energy directed at me, I was expecting to be arrested on false charges anytime.  And speaking of energy — I have picked up on Krystal Kenney’s energy.  She is part of the gangstalking and thought it was funny that the police are ready to move in.  Her energy was highly giddy that they were going to bring me down.  So that confirms to me that the plan to murder Kelsey Berreth was from these satanic evil ones and that gangstalking is being used to murder people.  My posts on that here and here.

I can echo again my feelings when writing this post — I am sooo ready for this to be over.  It wears on you day after day of just trying to survive.

This woman is a nutjob to the extreme.  A privileged nutjob who obviously has connections here and it confirms even more that she had a LOT more to do with Kelsey’s disappearance than the lame press would have you believe. So perhaps this is why God wants me here…dunno…still trying to figure that one out.  I know that I love this place and do not want to leave.  Even with all of what has happened, there is still a lot of good energy here and good people here.

Oh, and as a side note~ I have pictures of the truck, but could not post them on here because…wait for it…they stole my connection wire that I could take the pics off my phone and post them on the computer.  Unreal.  These thieves have stolen so much stuff from me it is unbelievable.  They say crime is up — well you know what I think?  It’s the gangstalkers getting away with stealing because their handlers are allowing it!

**Update:  So more information came to me last night.  Krystal appears to be related to a deputy sheriff.  I saw both him and her.  And not only that, but he gave her access to the intelligence community software that allows them to watch you through video!  Mindblowing.  This is just too, too much for me.  Murderers are given access to watch and harass innocent people who call them out!  Unreal.  Just cannot deal with this where evil ones are now acting like they are the law and have the right to judge law-abiding citizens.

This explains so much of what happened to Kelsey Berreth.  It also leads to huge questions of Krystal’s actions.  She was portrayed as a helpless person who went to a friend who worked for lawyers in town and nobody did anything.  And that Patrick was the mastermind and he was demanding she “clean up”.   If she is related to a sheriff’s deputy, she had all the resources right there to put an end to whatever happened to Kelsey.  She could have called her father the deputy.   She didn’t.  Like I said before, she is guilty as they come.  And the coverup surrounding her is mindblowing.

And a couple came in to the parking lot last night in a huge RV.  At first I was thankful, but now they appear to be part of the stalking.  They “just happen” to come outside the RV just as I was leaving this morning.  More lies to tell of how I was acting pervy, when I was minding my own business.



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