Ending soon?

So yesterday was something else!  I really did not think I would be here this morning typing a blog.  I thought it was over and the police, FBI, and DoD were going to move in, as they say…

So I am surprised that I am even here.  So just to give you all some notice that the gangstalking is continuing here and is pretty intense.

A kind lady showed me mercy and asked her church to put me up for a week in a motel.  It was sooo wonderful having a bed to sleep in, and not have to worry about getting enough water to drink, not having to worry about being followed to the restroom so they could send their kids in to “gather” false evidence, and the best thing of all — being able to bathe each day.  I got some much needed rest, because I don’t sleep well in the truck.  Truly wonderful.

But I was still gangstalked while at the motel — a person who was not even a guest, sat in their bright red jeep (smaller suv) and boomed their stereo.  I called the main desk and they took care of it.  Then I was brighted by car lights at 3 a.m.  I saw the dude go around the side of the building, and then about five minutes later, comes back around, slowly, past my room.  I called the desk again, but the person behind it could not give me a license plate number.

Another guest in the room next door was wearing a gun openly, and he stood near my room as if to make sure I noticed him.  He kept going past my window.  And then stood within a couple feet  of my door, with his gun in its holster.  Made me real nervous.  I can’t say for  sure he was a gangstalker, but his behavior sure seemed strange.

So I had to leave the motel Thursday and drove 5 miles out of town to a truck stop.

At 7 a.m. — the gangstalking started again.

I parked on the farthest part of the building.  Parents BRINGING THEIR CHILDREN past several open parking spaces to where I was.  Then they did the usual routine of walking past my truck.

See, I don’t have to do anything –just sitting there in my truck–like my sisters husband did to me–and these assholes claim I was a creep.

One dude in a black car sent his kid in the store, and I turned my head entirely to the back of my truck so that there is no way they could say I had done anything creepy.  Then he coolly gets out of his car, lights his pipe and smokes while he takes my picture.  These reprehensible humans have to take your pic for their handlers.


I was hobbling into a store, and two long-haired men were approaching at the same time.  I was walking on the pavement, they were walking on the sidewalk in front.  Now since I am being stalked, I keep very aware of my surroundings, and watched them walk in, but not in a hostile way, just for observation.

Suddenly one of them says out of the side of his mouth, “Take your eyes off me, you stupid fucking bitch.  There is no need for you to take notice of me.”

Even more strange was that he did not even turn his head to look at me directly. And I am thinking, what?  What are you talking about? I have a right to see who is around me at any given time.

So I when I came out of the store, they were still there!  Just sitting there not going into the store.  So why were they walking towards the store at that time?  They had no business to do there.

Gangstalkers. The hostility made me real nervous.  Being in a cast makes me even more vulnerable than I already am. (I have six more weeks in the cast.)

So when I got in the truck and pulled around the lot  to exit, they were still staring at me and had huge grins on their faces.

I did something that I don’t normally do and said a few choice words.  I’ll leave that to your imaginations.

And then I got scared because I mouthed off to them.  Horrible evil people.

So later in the afternoon, I picked up on the energy of the DoD guy and the FBI guy, and someone that I have had contact with.  (I don’t want to give too many details for the protection of the Good Hearts, so bear with me).

The person in contact was very upset.  She was crying or felt like crying.  Then I felt the sheriff’s energy…so I knew that they had enough fake evidence to arrest me for being a perv.

Okay, I cannot state this emphatically enough — I am not a pervert.  I do not stalk young women.  I do not rub my ass against young women.  I am not a creep.  I am a good person whom is being persecuted for not going along with the evil and even standing up against it.

I will not join the black robes and they have tried to get me to join.

I am still trying to unravel the deliberate misinformation of the New Agers who tried to misdirect me away from the right path that the Creator chose for me.  I fear that the one that I thought was a mentor was not.  And he may have put a negative energy into me or a spell of some sort.  And that they were part of the takeover of America.   Like I said, I am still trying to figure this out…

Anyway, after feeling all that energy directed at me, I was expecting to be arrested on false charges anytime.  And speaking of energy — I have picked up on Krystal Kenney’s energy.  She is part of the gangstalking and thought it was funny that the police are ready to move in.  Her energy was highly giddy that they were going to bring me down.  So that confirms to me that the plan to murder Kelsey Berreth was from these satanic evil ones and that gangstalking is being used to murder people.  My posts on that here and here.

And really?  I am just done and ready for it to be over with.  I am tired of being stalked by these evil assholes. I am tired of waiting for the police to come and arrest me on these trumped-up charges.  It is stressful beyond belief.

So just wanted to let you all know.  I guess it is a day to day thing now.  I just want this to be over.  I hope that I have helped some of you understand what is going on now because that was the intent of the blog.  Actually, it didn’t start out that way– when I was suffering from mercury poisoning and could not walk 20 ft without being exhausted and painful migraines that lasted for days…this blog was something to look forward to and a way to deal with everything going on in my personal life as well as seeing the country and Constitution destroyed by the evil ones.


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