Kelsey Berreth; Delphi Murders **Edited **UPDATED 5.29.19

…has been on my mind so I started looking at the videos associated with her case.  This may come as a shock, but I keep getting the feeling that she is still alive!  I’ve had a vision of her trapped, tied up so she can’t go for help.

Then I had another vision of her released in a wooded area that she was not familiar with…

Please pray that she be found by a good heart.

I was viewing this video and it raises a lot of questions about what or who is behind her disappearance.   I about fell off my chair when I saw this:



Somehow, a law enforcement facility endorsed by freemasons is not a comforting thought.  It raises more questions of what is going on…

…I can’t shake the feeling that Kelsey was supposed to be a satanic sacrifice.  I hoping, though, that she is still alive and that their attempts to murder her failed.

But before I go further, I want to emphasize that I don’t believe ALL of law enforcement is part of this, but yes, satan has put people in high places to ensure that the evil ones don’t get punished.  I do want to note that there is a struggle between evil and good within law enforcement, just like the rest of society.  All you can do is just pray that the evil ones are exposed for who they are and that the good hearts take action against them.  And that doesn’t mean those outside of law enforcement can just sit back…the good hearts EVERYWHERE need to fight against this evil.

The reasons why this makes me lean towards sacrifice:

  1. She disappeared November 22.  Does this date ring any bells?  John F. Kennedy murder? Remember that dates are important to satanists/freemasons/nazis/israelis.  Be aware that March 22nd is also a day of murder for them — it was Mary Magdalene’s birthday, which should tell you volumes of what the satanists are against. So be prepared for next week…
  2. How many people KNEW she was about to be murdered (or disappeared) but did nothing, including the attorneys who were supposedly told weeks before Kelsey’s disappearance.  The girlfriend Krystal is a liar and is in this much deeper than is being portrayed.  I don’t believe for a second that she “left” blood evidence at the crime scene so that authorities would find it.  If she truly wanted to help, she would have called police the moment that Patrick supposedly ordered her to get over there and clean up “the mess”.  The police could have accompanied her to the scene and arrested the bastard right then and there.
  3. I believe there are other satanic sacrifices in other states that have been just passed off as murders or even accidents, such as little children dying in fires.  You notice that these deadly fires always occur around specific dates, such as the one in the small Indiana town.  That is your clue that this is a sacrifice because they go by certain dates or by full moon.
  4. Someone has let Patrick Frazee know that I was researching the case.  So that means someone who has access to law enforcement intelligence who would know that I had done computer searches and knows the truth about it being satanic.  Scary.

**UPDATE, 5.29.19:  Okay, so I have waited until Patrick Frazee appeared (or should I say DID NOT APPEAR) in court to hear his plea this past Friday, the 24th to see if there would be any news on Kelsey…not only was there no news on her, but the court did not allow cameras in the courtroom.  Why?  They had allowed cameras previously, so why did they ban them this time?

This whole thing is upsetting to me because I know what I saw in the vision of Kelsey being tied up, then released in a wooded area unfamiliar to her. I stand by that.

Not only that…hold on to your seats…they found her.  I had more visions that she recovered in a hospital and her mother said a prayer for me.

…and Patrick Frazee was happy that she was alive!

Blows you away, doesn’t it??  It did me.  I thought he was a willing participant in whatever happened to Kelsey.

So, Frazee being happy that she was alive means that he absolutely did not beat her to death.  Someone else took her and tied her up and then released her in an unfamiliar area hoping that she would die of exposure.

Krystal.  And her accomplices.

So why haven’t they come out with Kelsey being alive? I was waiting to write about the other visions of her being found because I expected them to have a press conference.

And I waited…and waited…

So then I wondered why they would not come forward with such great news?  Were they trying to get more evidence of who did this to her?  I kept quiet thinking I might do more harm than good, but with the judge not allowing cameras in the courtroom, my instincts are telling me something is up.

Why are they continuing with Patrick’s trial and not charging Krystal with attempted murder?

Lastly, I am happy that Kelsey is okay and that her baby is reunited with her Mama.  And I am grateful for Grandmother’s prayer.

**end of UPDATE

You also might want to look up Denver Airport for the symbolism there.  Interestingly, I found that the design of the airport physical building is strikingly similar to an ancient city the Native Americans say was inhabited by the Hav Musuvs, a group that wanted nothing to do with the fighting and negative life, so they built a hidden city to get away from it all.  A video clip explaining that here.

I can only wonder why they designed the airport to be similar in appearance to the Hav Musuvs.  as I’ve written about before, the satanists love to mix the sacred with the profane.  One can only guess what it is about…why do the evil ones continually take from the American Indian while trying to destroy them in the process?

An example is William Harrison, an Indiana governor and eventually president, a freemason, who broke yet another treaty with Tecumseh and the confederation of Native American tribes here in Indiana.

Two videos to explain:

The battles:


Next, is the obvious freemason connection with the murder of the American Indians here,  when Tecumseh was trying to join all the Indian tribes of the area in defense of their homeland.





That freemason sign is in Battleground, Indiana, where Tecumseh’s tribe was murdered, not far from Delphi, Indiana, where Libby German and Abby Williams were murdered two years ago: Feb. 13, 2017, in broad daylight.  Their murders were a satanic sacrifice. I had a vision about it.  And I have felt evil in the area they were murdered.  It is the most bone-chilling feeling.  Superintendent Doug Carter made reference to also feeling the evil there when the Indiana State Police did a year press conference.

And unfortunately, I also feel that there have been other sacrifices there — like it’s a killing field.  It’s not densely populated and the geography is such that it would be easy to escape detection. And there are other signs of openly praising satan connected with the area.

**edited to add:  Knowing that gangstalkers are satanists, how well they are organized, and how quickly they can get to an area after being notified by their handlers, I am thinking that the reason *nobody* saw the girls being taken was because there were satanist gangstalkers out there to prevent any good hearts from seeing what was happening and rescuing the girls.   The girls were taken in broad daylight surrounded by people walking the trails.  It is inconceivable that nobody saw anything.  Therefore, there had to be more involved and they were running interference, so to speak.






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