Destroyer sinking

There is another ship they deliberately sunk off the coast of Florida. It was a great ship, the Vandenberg, that was STILL seaworthy but they sank it anyway.

They’re now using for divers to explore:

Also, I am seeing stories of horses being shot between the eyes all over the country appears to be going on the last ten years.

The owners remark these horses were gentle and lovely mannered.

Weather in June

Except for the brief times in South Dakota and Idaho, I’ve lived in Indiana , so I am very aware of normal weather patterns.

We had a LOT more thunderstorms with lightnyin the Spring. Farmers need lightning because it helps crops grow. Yep.

That energy the storms brought was thrilling to us little ones. It energized and we even played in it. None of us was struck by it. (A side note–I was out in South Dakota when I had hit a low point and was asking the Creator what He wanted from me? I stood in a bare field and asked Him to just take me. I thought with the intense storm that I would surely be hit with lightning. Nope.)

It’s already hit 90° here. In June. We never, ever hit 90°until late July early August. Never. June was always very pleasant with 70° temps.

Nineties are predicted for today with tomorrow being 99°

And the fake white sun is glaring into my room. The heat is so intense i had to get out of there. They can give migraines with that fake light.

This is not the sun the Creator made for us.

News from 6.8.67

File this under:. The evil ones have to tell us.

It is so blatant when watching this clip what they had planned all along.

The anchor is wearing a purple jacket.

The graphics have a purple background. Remember that purple is the color of sacrifice of satanism.

At the end, the twin towers are behind her!! They weren’t there at the introduction of the piece.


Israel and American deaths with 9/11/01

It’s time to reblog this and long overdue. All the traitors in Congress and government need to be put in stocks like they used to do. Israel purchased 13,000 acres of Indiana farmland. There’s a reason for it. There is something important and spiritual here and they want it. They will push Hoosiers out or push them to a small plot of land just like they did the Palestinians. This is why they want to disarm us. Creator Bless United States of America and I pray the other states will come to our aid.


As I was viewing both videos below with emotions of anger, tears, and despair, I had to check myself because it is too easy to blame all Jews for what happened…especially with the second video.

So I’m asking my dear readers to do the same…I guarantee you will feel some strong emotions if you care at all what happened to the USS Liberty and the World Trade Center Towers.  However, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know how I feel about condemning an entire group of people for the actions of a few.

Despite the second videos’ assertions towards the Jewish Mafia…they haven’t done this all by themselves.  People who claim to be Christians and Muslims have helped them, too.

As Gloria Steinem ( A Jewess) was quoted as saying, “The truth will set you free…but first it will piss you off.”

The first video…

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The Hidden

I’ve had yet another sexually suggestive WordPress site “like” my blog. It’s clear the evil ones are doing this so I have to reblog this to get rid of the offensive person because WordPress doesn’t give me the tools to remove “likes” or icons.

Just wanted to put this up —

So if you aren’t aware, the Bush family are satanists. It’s hard for some people to accept because they occupied the highest office in the land, but consider–George H.W. Bush was head of the CIA. He was also in the secret society Skull and Bones.

George W. Bush enabled torture by the military again. This goes against American values. We do not torture. But yes, they are.

When you think of George W. Bush’s saying after they destroyed the WTC and Building 7 on 9/11/01, he said “you’re either with us or against us.”The satanists love to twist words around to mean something hidden.

That’s why they love masks, because it means they are hiding behind something. And they love the smirks because they are aware that others are unaware of their evil.

So if you think of the words “you are with us or against us” and realize a satanist was speaking them, it takes on another meaning, doesn’t it??

You will be forced to choose.It is highly likely you will be tortured even to coerce you to join the evil ones.

Be strong.

Pray when you’re being attacked. The entire night that I was being subjected to the pulsing Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), after criticizing Israel, I continually prayed, “I deliver my spirit unto you, the Creator.” “I reject you satan and all of your works and all those who do your works and commit evil acts.”

Your thoughts are very powerful. Guard them as if you were being attacked. Because you are.

When I get angry or upset and go negative, I try to catch myself and ask God’s Helpers to take away the negative.

This is powerful, too, because when you go negative, the evil one uses that energy and it blocks you from connecting to the Creator.

Creator Bless you and all Good Hearts.


The evil ones are using the color purple as a nod to ritual sacrifice.


There is purple everywhere as they discuss the ritual sacrifice of Abby and Libby, the Delphi murders of Feb. 13-14, 2017.

Here is purple again as they run a story on this older lady who disappeared in Kokomo Indiana. She was supposedly found in a ditch supposedly drowned. They say she had dementia, alluding to the plausible deniability it could be murder.

So does her dog have dementia too??

So the background was purple when they first broadcast this. It was changed to blue after discussion in the comments.

…but notice what the announcer is wearing…um hmmm….

They’ve started marking woods with purple paint, so I’m wondering about the evil ones using them for ritual sacrifice.

My husband and I were out for a drive with our young family. I saw a picturesque setting near some woods and we started to set up a picture when this man shows up and starts asking questions about why we were there.

It creeped us out so bad we left without getting a picture.

I’ve always wondered what that guy was hiding. It was clear there was something he didn’t want us to see.

This was near Denver Indiana, about 30 years ago.

Also, I am experiencing new symptoms of targeted individuals (gangstalking).

I have had really bad dreams that past four nights in a row. This last one was about my husband and trying to get me to hate him again.

I recognized it immediately as an implanted dream.

So yeah, I can verify with certainty that the evil ones’ technology is advanced enough it can affect your dreams. That’s why one can’t rely on dreams as a sole communication from the Creator.


Ways to “mark” you…

So I am going through my things that I left at my siblings’ house and found a receipt for some cloth pad I purchased, called Glad Rags. I could not stand store bought pads because they caused inflammation and pain in the nether regions. Buying cloth pads was the best thing I could have done.

In case you’re going “ewww” they are not any less sanitary than your underwear. I used to have a pail of water with borax in it and changed it every day. This cleaned the pads before I washed them, so they definitely were sanitary and saved me from toxic poisoning from the store bought pads. Kind of like cloth diapers.

Okay, long details for an interesting side note~

This was the time before they removed your full card number from the receipt. So my entire charge card was on there: 4566 6_____

I looked at that and have to wonder if I was “marked” for destruction? It creeps me out how many ways they have you marked without your knowing.

I am just done. I am so ready for this to be over.


Israel’s star

It’s always amazing how the Creator sends info my way to help me understand.

Someone mentioned Acts 7:43 and Amos 5:26, which the Creator denounces this star.

We are told it’s the star of David, but is actually the star of Solomon, who had a wife who worshipped satan and Solomon turned away from the Creator. Solomon then began using the star of Remphan or Rephan as a Jewish symbol.

So it’s a pagan symbol and not of the Creator. I don’t know how the evangelicals who claim to take the Bible literally could have missed this since they are pro-Israel .

Shireen Abu Akleh was a Christian. But you won’t hear that on any report.

You also won’t hear that she was an AMERICAN.

From Wikipedia:

The manner of her death and the subsequent violent disruption at her funeral, when Israeli police armed with batons attacked pallbearers who were carrying her coffin, drew widespread international condemnation of Israel.


This confirms attacks on Christians by Israelis. You notice i don’t say Jews because not all Jews agree with this.

Gangstalking is terrorizing anyone who will not worship the evil one. Christians have definitely been targeted, but so have anyone who will not commit evil acts, Jews included.

But you don’t hear about the gangstalking attacks.


The answer to that is…who controls the lying media that created hysteria over covid, and people are dying soon after taking the vaccine?

Teens dying and getting cancer was unheard of in the 60s and 70s. In the 80s, things began to change. A few stories hear and there of young ones dying during athletic events. It was just passed off as a genetic abnormality.

If this child died because of myocarditis due to the vaccine, the media is as responsible as the manufacturer.

Just wanted to add that I really paid the price of truth for the last post on Israel. Trump himself ordered that I be subjected to Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) all night long.

Five hours of it, I had a migraine. The DEW feels like pulses of energy. Like someone is hitting your head with hammers. It was coming from all directions.

I had a vision of the military men involved with it in a circle where a pile of cash was scooped up by one of them. It was obvious they were placing bets on my distress. They think it’s a freaking game to torture someone!!