30 States move to mandate and track vaccines

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Note that this also interferes with one’s religious views…if that view is that the Creator gave us everything we need to be healthy plus the miracle of our body’s ability to heal itself, given the right plant, food, clean air, and clean water.


Who are the terrorists, again?

This video should put to rest who the violent ones are.  If I had heard ANYONE threaten a police officer or act in a threatening manner, I would have walked away from the protest.  Instead, I prayed with soulful people in a very moving moment.


In the first minute of the video, you see an officers with assault weapons.

Do you see any protectors with assault weapons?

When she talks about offering tobacco, she is referring to the Native way of offering tobacco in prayer to God.  So the officers were actively interfering with peaceful prayer.

And the officers and DAPL workers  were standing on graves, plowing the earth.  Imagine how you would feel having your loved ones graves treated in such a manner?  Or having police walk into a church, destroy the altar or chalice or other religious objects?

How can police just pick someone off the street, take them to jail, and when they refuse to strip naked, are attacked and violated by the very ones who are supposed to be protecting them?

She makes an excellent point of asking them to name any officers or DAPL workers that were assaulted.  They can’t.



FBI terrorism taskforce investigating Standing Rock activists

…because nothing says you’re a terrorist than to pray to the Creator to stop destroying Creation….again, I ask, WHO would be afraid of prayer? Who would want to destroy what God has created…??

Warrior Publications

fbi-terror-task-forceFBI representatives have contacted several ‘water protectors’, raising alarm that an indigenous-led movement is being construed as domestic terrorism

by Sam Levin, The Guardian, Feb 10, 2017

The FBI is investigating political activists campaigning against the Dakota Access pipeline, diverting agents charged with preventing terrorist attacks to instead focus their attention on indigenous activists and environmentalists.

The Guardian has established that multiple officers within the FBI’s joint terrorism taskforce have attempted to contact at least three people tied to the Standing Rock “water protector” movement in North Dakota.

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A problem with a solution…

(Just wanted to note that I made a couple of additions to my prior post on Women as Equals. Women as Prophets.)

Okay, so you might recall that there was an issue with the wild horse sanctuary that the owner apparently became overwhelmed and the horses were not cared for as they should be.

So my idea was to give these horses to the poor so that they could have transportation that was sustainable.

This morning, they come on the radio saying that the state wants to charge the owners of these sanctuaries if the state has to move in and take over.  Apparently, it cost the state $200k to feed the horses they took away.

Okay…color me stupid, but I don’t understand the problem…

Why don’t they take these horses down to Mission, South Dakota, where there is a need for transportation, especially by women of domestic violence whom have escaped a bad situation, but have no way to get around??

Surely, all the money directed towards supporting these horses kept in pens could be spent to help these women?  Having a horse would be therapeutic for them, as well, and would give the horse a permanent home.  It would be a step towards independence for the women.  And Native folk have been known for their care of animals, especially horses.  Indeed, it was Native folk who taught white folks that they could tame a horse without force or breaking its spirit.

There’s a solution here if they would just act upon it.  No-brainer.

Women as Prophets, Women as Equals ** edited

(This is taken from an earlier blog, with some additions and editing.)

I don’t recall much being said about the women prophets in the Bible in either the Presbyterian nor Catholic Church as I grew up nor as an adult.

The most striking memory I have growing up is the women of Salem who were accused of being witches.  The girls accusing them would fake convulsions or other behavior and then claim these women were “causing” them to do it.  And no woman was safe — one woman was a regular church goer who lived her Christianity as Jesus did, and yet she was accused and convicted solely based on the nasty girls’ word.  Apparently, the girls had forgotten the Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness” nor the “Thou Shalt Not Covet Another’s Things” (a judge accused a man of witchcraft — and had the man slowly crushed to death with stones laid upon his chest.  After the man was dead, the judge acquired his property.)

Women in the Middle Ages were persecuted and drowned by the Catholic Church for heresy — the Church wanted to punish them for being independent and not obeying their authority.  For all the church knew, these women were close to God and did not need the Church to tell them what to do or how to live their lives.  **edited to add:  I realized that I made it sound like the Catholic Church was the only one guilty of bloodshed.  EVERY church has blood on its hands for persecuting those that chose another path, including Presbyterians and Jewish.

Most churches did not allow women as priests/pastors while I was growing up.   And for the Catholic church, that has not changed due to some perceived deficiency.  I was really appalled when the Pope had visited the U.S. a couple of years ago and the nuns were walking behind the priests holding umbrellas over the priests’ heads.  These women are just as spiritual as the priests, yet they were relegated to servant status.

For me, personally, I could not get past the Confession.  Even though I joined my (ex) husband’s church, I truly did not realize what it fully meant.  The Confession, to me, was a barrier.  Nothing can be more personal than to acknowledge one’s sins/errors to God and then ask for forgiveness.  The Confession removed that close connection in my view.  And it also placed the priest in a position of power not only over the parishioner’s spiritual life, but their cultural life, as well.

Having said that, I can say that the Catholic Church at least acknowledged the extreme sacrifice Mother Mary made.  Although they stopped there, at least there was some acknowledgement of a woman of great spirituality.  That comforted me while I was a member.

Too bad they portrayed Mary Magdalene as a whore and prostitute…when there was no evidence that she was *ever* a prostitute.  And the way they went about correcting this smear campaign was by what some have referred to as a “page 11 retraction” in the newspaper.  That is, they went to great lengths to portray Mary Magdalene as a prostitute as if it were front page news, but then they further denigrated her by quietly saying she was NOT a prostitute by burying that news so that even today, people still believe she was a prostitute.

In fact, the more I learn of Mary Magdalene, the more I see that she had Jesus’ back.  She truly “got it” and that is why she was included in Jesus’ inner circle and she was the first person to see him rise…but again, the churches ignore her significance.

And not only was Mary Magdalene part of the inner circle, but Jesus and the Nazarenes were more egalitarian.

Mother Mary was not only Jesus’ mother, but she also was a prophet.  This bit of information I’ve just uncovered in recent months….and it’s one of those slap your head moments where you think *of course* she was a prophet.  She had to be.

I found a couple of good pages on women prophets:

Rediscovering the Prophetic Role of Women.

As I point out in my book, What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit, “The principles of 1 Corinthians 12 show the importance of the gift of prophecy. There it was emphasized that the Holy Spirit wanted to use the individual to bless and build up the whole Body. He wants us to grow up into Christ, for only as the whole Body is fitted together and united, with every part receiving a supply from the Head, does the Body grow to the upbuilding of itself in love (Ephesians 4:15,16). The love of 1 Corinthians 13 will also lead us to strive for prophecy above other spiritual gifts because it does more to edify the Church.”1 The gift is “available to any member of the congregation…. In fact, because of the edification of the Church through this gift all are encouraged to seek it.”2



Some Native American tribes believed that women were closer to God because of their ability to give life.

And they do not denigrate women’s menstruation as Christian and Jewish churches do, which claim that women are dirty and the blood is a curse that God gave them because of Eve.  I personally feel that if God truly wanted to punish women, the gift of giving life would have been taken away.

Traditional Native girls have a ceremony to celebrate their first menses.  There are some social constraints, however, and women on their “moon” are not allowed to prepare food or participate in some activities.

This, for me, also ties into women being given the gift of prophesy.  If God considered them  *less than* men– I don’t see that God would have given them the gift of prophesy, as well.  So clearly God sees women as equals.

Before the European invasion, women were treated as equals in the Native tribes.  Those women who were prophets were given the same respect as Medicine Men.  It was only after the missionaries came and destroyed the women prophets’ respect in the community that they lost their equality.  What is really bad is that some Native men of today will claim that there are no medicine women!

**edited to add:  In the Native tradition, the women and men prophets were not treated any differently than the rest of the tribe.  That is, they weren’t put on pedestals and dressed in gold and fine cloth.  They were just ordinary people who were given a gift by God.

I was thinking about a childhood friend who had her “come to Jesus” moment many years ago.  I was still in my questioning mode of whether there was a God, so I didn’t understand something she told me:  she said that she put God first, her husband second, and her child last.

This bothered me because I thought children should be equally as important as a spouse.  It felt like to me that she was putting the children’s needs last.  This is especially important to acknowledge when a husband is jealous of the children.  I can see the children’s needs neglected to satisfy a husband’s immature expectations.

Looking back, I still feel the same about the children, but now with wisdom of years and prayer, I see exactly what she meant in putting God first.  The connection with God is a woman’s own.  It’s her strength.  It’s her source of courage to stand up for what she knows is right even though men are telling her differently.

Agent Orange at Apache Reservation

What a bombshell of an article!  So I was right in my belief that they were spraying Agent Orange over forest fires!  Holy crap.

What is really upsetting is the I-don’t-care attitude of those in charge — whether it be on the Apache reservation or not.  It is nothing short of evil to watch people get sick day after day and claim that everything is okay.  You’re either really stupid or getting $$ for looking the other way.

And once again, people in this land are being sprayed with substances that are known to cause health issues…

The history behind Standing Rock

You know, I barely know my own family’s history.  We just didn’t talk about it.  It was as if we just *poof* started our story with our parents…but here we have Native Americans who know their family’s history.

Reading this story, as I read the first couple of paragraphs, tears came to my eyes…ashamed of the massacre of innocent people who were different.
And the greedy ones used them being different to drum up hatred of them so they could massacre them without too many people condemning them for it. But I guess the real reasons the Cabal wanted to kill the Indians was because they stood in the way of gold…trees…oil…uranium…you name whatever riches the earth has, the Native folk have fought against taking it out. I mean, you can see that every place that the Native folk ended up…oil or some other resource was discovered…and suddenly the Natives were a “threat” and had to be moved. I am ashamed to say that I once owned Black Hills gold…before I read about what happened and how the Hills were captured under bloodshed.
Perhaps lumber is the only one that is renewable resource, but that was taken without consideration of all the life that trees support: oxygen for all living things on earth; shelter for the winged ones; food for both the winged ones, four leggeds, and humans; and shade from the sun. It was only recently that lumber companies were held accountable for that. I look up at the beautiful Spearfish Canyon and the mountaintop looks like someone with patches of hair missing.  There are significant patches of bare land where trees were cut down.
I was in Wyoming and listening to the radio as I drove along the beautiful prairie state, and the announcer came on and warned that it was not a good day to go out if you have breathing difficulties. I’m wondering why because there is no smog here. I walked around a National park there and realized that I was affected by low oxygen after I returned home. Wow. It hit me how serious the situation is — the lack of trees producing oxygen can cause the same difficulty as chemical pollution. They have cut down so many trees that the oxygen supply is seriously low. Wow. Just wow.

Back to Ladonna’s story –

I read her passion of the Cannonball river and her relatives and her own history with the place, I know what she is talking about–

There was a place in Indiana, a Presbyterian camp called Geneva that is a sacred place (the picture at the top of the blog is a campfire at Geneva that I roasted marshmallows and hotdogs at as a child). I tried to tell a few of the Presbyterian church members that they needed to keep it the way it is, but alas, they have decided to make it a money-making venue. It’s like charging for God’s gift.

I don’t believe it is the only place in Indiana, or the United States, either. If you destroy the environment, they destroy the special places that God has given us for life and for connecting.

You know, when I was at the Spearfish Canyon public meeting on the land grab, many of the folks who spoke against the land grab mentioned that they had been here for generations — some as many as five generations. They looove this place. I thought of the Native folks, who said the exact same thing when defending their land from the Europeans.  I wonder if the folks whom have been here for generations understand and empathize with the Natives, who truly loved this land and its connection to their families?


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