Dutch talks fracking and propaganda


Racing Snails

I found an old January 1993 copy of Organic Gardening and wanted to share this funny story I found in the “Letters to the Editor”.  It made me chuckle.

I hate writing letters, but since no one else has told you how to live in peace with slugs and snails, I guess I’ll have to.

My husband (who is weird but lovable) took a liking to snails when we lived in Seattle.  I would be in the garden getting slimed and he would come along and tell me “Don’t kill ’em.”  “Fine with me,” I’d say, “I don’t like killing anything, but they can’t stay here.”  So he took them away.

Later, I realized he had been going outside about an hour after dark every night and spending a half hour out there.  So I followed him—he had the flashlight with him and was headed for a narrow strip of soil between the sidewalk and rock garden.  And there they were—scores of slugs and snails chowing down on broccoli stems, an old carrot and wilted weeds he had pulled earlier in the day.  He had a snail in one hand and a paint pen in the other.  He was putting the number 83 on the snail’s shell!

There are lots of numbered snails running around (well, sliming around),.  As I soon discovered, they came to that spot at the same time every night where he would feed them!

The soil was improved from all that snail and slug poop, my plants were left pretty much alone, my husband had a cheap hobby that took him out in the fresh air every night, and I no longer had the moral dilemma of killing those slimy critters.

The key here is wilted veggies.  Put them in the same place every night and the same time they will come. 

Toni Branham,  Silverado, Colorado

(Editor then wrote:  I’m calling the police.)

Also, in this issue was a great hint on natural pest control:  using grapefruit seeds — or any citrus seed to control potato beetles.  You dry the seeds for a few days and then grind them up.  Then add water.  The article states that it makes something of a paste, so getting the right ratio of water that won’t gunk up your sprayer but not too much that it dilutes the limonin (that is the ingredient that repels them).

USGS Not reporting earthquake **edited

Dutchsinse has a video up on the current state of earthquakes around the globe.  There was an earthquake, I think it’s a 4.1, in the bay south of California.  Mexico authorities reported it. But as of 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard, there is no report by USGS.  Along with those they are not reporting at Yellowstone….things that make you go hmmm….

**edited to add this map of the Sedan Crater — a nuclear blast created this, folks.  A radioactive nuclear blast!  You can click several times to pull away from it, and it is still visible!  WTH are they thinking??




Veterans and the urge to claim depression

So I turned on the local radio station here that is owned by a conservative repub who regularly gives free airtime to Joe Donnelly who is in deep with the Cabal.  Note that this same radio station NEVER airs opposing viewpoints.  Ever.

So…I catch only part of what Donnelly is saying, but enough to turn my stomach.  He is advocating for vets coming forward to call someone about depression.  Ugh.

As we are seeing with the false flags, they are pushing HARD to take guns away from the American public.  Some say that is why Texas is getting hit so hard by chemtrails and created hurricanes is because nearly everyone there has a gun and knows how to use it.

You have also noticed with these false flags is that they always try to bring in a mental health issue as the cause…while killing the person so we cannot hear their testimony and cannot judge for ourselves whether this person was mentally afflicted.

This also makes it easier to deny someone access to guns because of a mental issue.

So this brings me back to Donnelly and why they want veterans to claim depression and therefore it will be easier to deny them gun ownership.  A veteran with a gun is more of a threat, you see…

So please, if you are a veteran, I would do detoxes with raw food, coffee enemas, fasting, before ever consulting with a so-called professional about depression.  Depression is clearly linked with toxic overload and if you were given vaccines, you were given toxic substances that destroy your immune system and pollute your liver.  A congested liver will make you depressed.  A polluted liver, kidney and adrenal gland will make you anxious.

And I am not a healthcare professional, please consult with your calcified medical professional who was taught by Big Pharma to pump you with drugs and not make you well, but manage symptoms.




The Earthquakes

…really trying not to scare the wits out of people, but this stuff is coming so fast that I can barely keep up with it all.  So again, stay connected to God.  Stay alert and aware.

The video below is by dutchsinse.  He explains about the earthquakes,and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) trying to hide evidence of quakes by going so far as to put them behind a password so the public cannot get access to the information. And they are probably behind getting dutchsinse’s youtubes pulled.  If you have nothing to hide…

One reason they might be doing this is the close ties to fracking…as we all know, fracking is directly correlated to earthquakes.

When I listen to the part about our area, I am very concerned because he says that when things go quiet is the time that bigger earthquakes happen.  Well, I’ve been watching the New Madrid fault for awhile now, and there have been earthquakes around 2.0 on the richter scale almost every day.  Things have suddenly gone quiet and if you look at those arrows of directional force, one from Texas and one from Oklahoma, they are pointing directly towards Illinois/Indiana.  So yeah, I’m a little concerned New Madrid is going to do some shakin’.

Lab Results of chemtrails: France, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia **updated

…were included over TWO DECADES of lab testing of whatever it is that they are spraying on us.  And it ain’t pretty.  Just think about the so-called bacteria that NASA released in the balloons during the solar eclipse…how do we even know it was bacteria? Because NASA said so?  What if it was the horrible stuff talked about in this video — that gets into your lungs and destroys them?  These people are psychopaths at the very least and satanists if nothing else.  They have convinced themselves that they are God and they have the right to “engineer” people and all living things on Earth!

Lyme or Morgellons, whatever name you want to give this synthetic crap, is characterized by some ill patients as having strings coming out of their skin, pictured here  (warning — may make you want to barf).    It’s not a long shot to see the connection between microfibers being released into the atmosphere and the body developing string-like things coming out.

And how do you like the name they give themselves? Futurist…what a play on words, as this technology can only mean the end of life on Earth.  Douchebag would be a more apt name for these psychopaths.

Here is a video showing the fibers clearly:


It’s also interesting to note the glue-like quality of the Morgellons/Lyme.  As discussed in the video below, a fungus develops with this, and it is very difficult to get rid of because of the glue-like quality of it.  When I am detoxing, the sand in my eyes becomes very difficult to remove — very sticky like glue.



So they are now trying to say that they are spraying to combat climate change and the sun and clean water….

…if they were so concerned about clean water, then why did they employ Blackwater/TigerSwan to violently stop the water protectors at Standing Rock?