Busload of Migrants in Chicago

I caught the theatre of the busload of migrants who came flooding across the Texas border, being sent to Chicago courtesy Governor Abbott.

Chicago mayor gets before the mic and states “we will welcome them”. Blah, blah blah.

What she means is “we will allow them to take away housing, jobs, and government handouts that would go to American citizens, and if we can’t do that, we will quietly send these folks on another bus to Indiana. Better yet, we won’t even let them off the bus, we’ll just keep it rolling across the state line”.

The money game and house update

They like to mess with your money, and it is going on again with depriving me of what is rightfully mine.

The Indiana legislature had decided to give a refund of $200 to everyone who filed a tax refund last year.

My sister and husband got theirs immediately. Others have gotten theirs a week ago.

And I haven’t received mine. My tax return was filed electronically so it should be sent on my card. Nope.

And I had two checks from insurance around $200 that were supposedly sent in May and I still haven’t seen them. Called customer service over and over and they say the checks haven’t been cashed but they’re not in my mailbox.

Its the same game they play by keeping money from you so you are desperate and can’t provide your basic needs.

I am dependent on my sister to take me places. I’m lucky if I get to go once a week for groceries. Only groceries. I don’t get to go shopping or traveling to the state parks or anywhere else for that matter.

I’ve been offered a job but it’s 25 miles away from where I am. My sister is refusing to take me to work.

I will literally have to walk or ride my bike 25 miles to get to work. I need this job not only for money but to get out of this house.

I stay in my room 99% of the time, only leaving to load stuff in my camper or wash dishes or use the bathroom.

More bad news is I went before the judge to get my house back. I had been told that they would notify all parties involved. So I waited six weeks to have my day in court.

Judge says the other parties were not notified so nothing is being decided.

He said I needed to send a summons. When I said that I was told by the clerk for the court that she would send out notification of the court date, he said he knows his staff well and she would not have told me that. And that there are misunderstandings sometimes and I just misunderstood.

No I did not misunderstand. I told her EXACTLY what I had already done, by mailing a certified letter to all parties involved and the man in my house now never returned the green card. I had not been given a court date when I filed, so I could not tell the parties that date., But definitely notified them I was filing a lawsuit for the property.

Only two parties involved sent the green card back.

Since I had not been given a court date when I filed the paperwork, all I could tell them was that they were parties to a lawsuit regarding my property.

So the secretary knew what I had done and said they would notify the parties of the court date.

So I fully expected everyone to be there. And they were not.

The judge said I needed to file a summons. And when I asked questions he would not answer them. He would not tell me anything else that I needed to do.

So I left there and went to the public library to look up legal documents to find the form needed. All other states have a standard form to use that is easy to find on the internet, Indiana does not. So I went by what I saw on other states forms and filled out everything for each party involved.

This took me two hours to finish and more money for copies and went back to the courthouse to file them. I asked the clerk about the summons being sent and how would I know they had been served ? She said I could look on in.gov “my case”

So I kept looking on the “my case” website during the day and nothing was showing up.

I called the secretary to the judge and was told the case was dismissed.

What? Why?

She read the judge’s statement that I didn’t follow trial rules of procedure.

When I filed the complaint I put on there I was filing Pro Se which means “without an attorney”.

A person who is filing without an attorney should have procedure laid out to them in order to protect their rights as a citizen. Instead, they are not told anything! And if you can’t get an attorney to help or if yours bails on you at the last moment, you cannot protect your rights or recover your property, as I am trying to do.

The judge could have said in court that day what was needed. He did not and opted to dismiss the case. This means I would have to pay another $187 filing fee plus send out registered letters to all involved again, another $40 in mailing costs.

I don’t have any money at all at this point, because of the evil ones interfering with my tax return and the insurance checks.

And a lawyer by the name of Bolinger, in Kokomo Indiana,is allegedly party to whatever is going on. I keep getting this feeling that he is part of the lawyer network .

And, get this, he was an instructor for Indiana University Kokomo for paralegal certification, where I went to get certified.

As I started to read the trial rules, I realize Bolinger didn’t teach me what was important for a paralegal to know. The trial rules are paramount for a paralegal and I remember Bolinger stating frequently that the attorney that hired us would teach us how to do our jobs because they liked it a certain way.

That was a crock as trial rules and filings are things a paralegal needed to know were severely lacking. If I recall correctly, procedure was a skimming of the material but nothing like what I am reading now of the rules.

I made a couple of friends in class, all of us around 40 years of age. One of them also had a college degree like me. None of us could get a job as a paralegal. Part of the reason I see now

was this lack of knowledge of rules and filing paperwork. Stuff that is imperative to being successful.

Additionally, all the paperwork I had on the foreclosure that was in boxes with all my stuff is missing. To understand that this had to have been taken on purpose, I have every important piece of paper dating back to tax returns my ex and I had in the 80s.

So I was responsible and kept records. But every bit of those records are GONE.

And a paralegal textbook I bought to help with procedure is also missing.

But wait, that’s not all.

On the in.gov “my case” website, it listed the original case against Argent (Ameriquest) and said it was decided in April 2015.

I read and re-read that. Because Argent sued me in June 2006. Sheriff notice said the property was being foreclosed and sold in sheriff sale in August 2006.

So Jennifer Graham, Indianapolis, was my attorney and never told me anything that I could do or that the property could be recovered. She actually wrote that there was nothing that could be done as she withdrew as counsel ten days before the hearing.

Even a person who has a lawyer may not be informed of her rights or what happens after foreclosure and if there are remedies. The other lawyer in Kokomo informed me that he could have got my house back if I had contacted him sooner. I cannot tell you how many lawyers I have contacted trying to get help. No one of the many lawyers in my hometown would help. I have seen them smirk at me as I fought for my rights.

So it appears by the case notes that my house was not lost to me forever.

Never mind the fraud and omissions involved.

There is definitely a concerted effort to keep the public from knowing their rights, exercising those rights in a court of law, and information being kept from them.

Oh and as a side note, I was hit with another migraine on Wednesday, the court day, and have had one every day since. And I am hit with one every time there is something important like a job interview. If you recall, I have had migraines for a good job in Elkhart. Another job interview in Kentucky where the employer was willing to put me up overnight in a motel because of the six hour drive. The job in Twin Falls Idaho where I had to walk/ride my bike because my reliable truck suddenly decided it didn’t want to start. And I had a migraine then too.

Too many coincidences and not too many Good Hearts coming forward to help.

Anne Heche

They claim she was brain dead and kept her on life support to harvest her organs.

Yet, I saw the live report. She sat up, flailing about as she was fighting for her life. Not brain dead by a long shot.

The FBI uncovered organ harvesting for profit.

Doctors are not healers anymore. Show’em the money.

Anne was murdered. Her organs were likely used in ritual sacrifice.

The video was tampered with, no doubt when you compare it with the drag strip videos in my previous post.

In the video of Anne’s vehicle, you can’t even see anyone driving it.

And it is statistically impossible for a vehicle to be going that fast thru urban areas with all the traffic and buildings, etc. A vehicle needs an amount of time and space in order to get up to that speed. In the middle of the night, perhaps, with no traffic but still would be difficult without a clear street.

Finally, there were plenty of stories of Anne’s mental issues. People were stating it as a fact when they didn’t have firsthand knowledge, and that is gossip.

One more thing I want to touch on is Anne’s relationship with a woman. She was quoted as saying that she had never been in a relationship with a woman before. She had not been attracted to women. She also made a point to warn other women about dating the woman she had dated.

I’m thinking Anne was under mind control and possibly hypnotized. She shows all the symptoms of gangstalking targets.

As I’ve said before, they have technology to sexually stimulate someone thru their brains. It’s detectable because the person doesn’t feel it through their soul. Hard to understand if you’ve never experienced it, but that’s the best explanation I can give at the moment.

That’s why I think Anne was a target. She didn’t want to be in a relationship with a woman and fought against the evil ones. God the Creator Bless her and all whom have been so utterly messed with in this evil control.

**Edited to add. Word is that Anne Heche was working on a film on human trafficking.  Jackie Walorsky was helping with information gathering, as Elkhart, Indiana is alleged to have human trafficking going on.  Elkhart is Walorsky’s area.

They put Rudy Yakym, a Hebrew, in Walorsky’s seat.  Evidence points to Israel involved in trafficking.

Rudy Yakym

They’ve chosen this man to replace Jackie Walorsky, the representative from Northern Indiana. She died in a car crash that was first reported that the other driver crossed the center lane, but then hastily reversed a day or two later to say it was Jackie’s driver.

It’s just a little too convenient for me.

I believe she was murdered in order to put someone in that seat who is loyal to Israel not the United States of America.

Yakym is a Hebrew name.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this, but Israel has agents in my home county in northern Indiana, as well.  They are in direct contact with two Hispanic women in the court clerk’s office.  They are particularly interested in my fight to get my house back because they are fighting against it in their sneaky behind-the-scenes way.

Remember, Roland Arnall, an Israeli businessman, swindled millions of people out of their homes via Ameriquest.  They destroyed the middle class with fraudulent loans.

And it looks like Israel wants to take over the state.

Walorskys area was Elkhart, and the farmland that Israel bought is near Knox, Indiana, and is in two counties, Pulaski and Starke. I only today found the area because news coverage here is abysmal and even the Associated Press coverage would not name where exactly the 13,000 acres were located.

If this isn’t a big deal, then why would the Ambassador of Israel attend the ceremonial groundbreaking?

There is a lawsuit against the deal because of the parties involved keeping it from the Indiana public.

Three of the council members involved have financial interest in the land or lease, one doesn’t live in either county.

And the elephant in the room is why Israel was even allowed to buy or lease Indiana farmland??

Link here. https://www.pharostribune.com/news/article_28eec3e6-0771-11ec-a40b-5b5d831b2711.html

I found a great website for Pulaski county fighting their representatives:




A sweet moment of JFK

(sorry utube won’t allow it. It’s from the channel HelmerReenburg with August 31, 1963 in the title)

s, folks, presidents actually drove their own cars.

JFK just looks like a normal dad taking his son out for the day. Notice the friend blowing bubbles. That was a thing when the boomers were young.

We lost all of this November 22 1963.

America had a coup and we didn’t even know it. The evil forces were hard at work behind the scenes.

In JFK’s words. ” It’s not too late just remember that”.

Smart milk

Pardon my taking an overused nonsensical term for every appliance and twisting it for the un-new.

A little background—

When I was growing up in the 60s, folks had milk delivered daily. We had a metal box about a foot square where the milkman would put the glass milk bottles and take away the empties.

Milk was not homogenized meaning the cream would rise to the top. Folks could make their own butter, like Grandma Feral in this video.

She did it the hard way, because that is how we did it those days. But now you could put it in a round jar and just roll it around on the floor or shake it to make butter.

Also, when my child’s class visited a local dairy, the farmer said he had been drinking raw milk for twenty years. My jaw literally dropped and I said something stupid like “and you didn’t get sick”??

It gave me courage to try it and I survived. I’ve had it in South Dakota, and Indiana, and nothing bad happened.

It doesn’t make any sense that the FDA will not allow raw milk to be sold, but will allow factory farms that are filthy and unhealthy for the cows, and not allowing them to eat grass, their natural food the Creator gave them.

And homogenized milk is not for health but purely stupid appearance.