Vaccines Cause Gulf War Syndrome

Anyone who’s been following me for awhile knows this, but for the newbies, this is something you need to hear.

The first three minutes of the video is phenomenally powerful.  She recognized the harm that vaccines were causing the troops (that the politicians are so quick to praise, but lack in compassion).  Note that she emphatically states that the soldier she talks about NEVER WENT TO THE GULF…therefore, the soldier could not have contracted an illness from being in combat (or exposed to bioweapons, as has been alleged).  Good on his grandma for speaking out.  (Another reason to stop the dismissal of the elders who speak out on what they see as wrongdoing.  That’s what the Cabal wants — see the Boomer generation in a derogatory way so that they are ignored or laughed at.)

Dark suits showing up to “re-educate” her is chilling, to say the least.  Blackwater…?

It’s incredible that she was bullied by her own unit for raising the questions.  This goes along the lines of the “you’re harming the community” by going against the groupthink and pointing out the Emperor has no clothes!  She became a pariah.  This goes with the gangstalking outline — isolate, isolate, isolate someone so that no one will listen to them.  Keep them from making connections so that people won’t hear them and fight back. Not to mention them alleging she was *crazy* for observing and reporting on what she saw.  We have seen this before, where people who were whistleblowers were alleged to be crazy.

She states at one point that she should have gone to CNN.  *snort*  CNN is bought and paid for and will not do anything against the Cabal.  If you recall my other posts on vaccines and how CNN was actively spewing the propaganda that vaccines did not cause harm, despite overwhelming evidence from medical professionals such as Dr. Suzanne Humphries, whom have spoken out against vaccines.

Anybody with two brain cells to rub together sees the connection between vaccines and suddenly their health goes spiraling downward.

She makes some allegations about keeping soldiers sick for a couple of reasons:  soldiers cost them money when they retire: pensions and benefits; and soldiers with consciences see things and come back and talk about what they have seen.  Powerful reasons for harming them and keeping them ill, as she states in the video.  As someone whom has been made very, very ill, to the point of every day being a struggle just to get through it, making and keeping someone ill means they won’t have the strength to fight back.

It is sick and disgusting that they are using kids in child protective services as guinea pigs.  This is the first that anyone has alleged this, but yeah, it’s been something I have wondered about, as well.  I also wonder about women in domestic violence shelters.  In one of the shelters I was in, they had a *cough* healthcare worker come in and give a speech about STD, alleging there was rampant STD’s in this rural, sparsely populated area.  My instincts were telling me not to participate in them taking blood from me, like they did the others.  I now wonder why they were insistent on taking blood samples.  I wonder about what tests they were performing on the blood sample.  I don’t believe for a second it was about what they were alleging.  I have seen too much of Big Pharma evil to take things at face value anymore.


Martin Luther King, Jr.

My former posts on MLK, An Inconvenient Hero, Beyond Vietnam, a speech he gave a year to the day he was murdered.

And I would like to once again bring up Shirley Chisholm, the first woman presidential candidate…unbought and unbossed.

Incredibly, I read a piece on President Obama yesterday in which he wanted us to have pity on the poor white guy who was puzzled at the dismal finances….say, what…?

The poor white guy who will now have to trade in his Mercedes for a Ford….

The poor white guy who will have to cut down on going out for drinks to two days a week instead of three…

The poor white guy who might have to let his Country Club membership go…

The poor white guy who will have to vacation in Florida this year instead of the Bahamas…

The poor white guy who may have to sell his second home…

You get the point…

Nothing about poor white women or non-white women struggling to pay the heat bill, and buy groceries…




Nurses and medical professional refuse flu vaccines

Story here.

Of course, it’s all about money.  Big Pharma has a grip on the health of this nation by buying off doctors and apparently, hospital CEO’s.  Again, this is about the right to decide what goes into one’s body and the 4th Amendment — the right to privacy and against government intrusion into our personal lives.

The bottom line is that the federal government squeezed hospitals by requiring hospitals to report the rates of yearly influenza vaccinations of both hospital staff and hospital patients, including these two measures in a global calculation of hospital ‘quality.’ A hospital’s ‘quality’ number determines approximately 3.75% of its overall Medicare reimbursements rate in 2017 (with yearly adjustments to this number).  In the healthcare industry, 3.75% is enough to make a hospital sink or swim.  The hospitals, predictably, acquiesced by demanding their employees be vaccinated or fired.

Adzuki Maple Bars with Matcha Maple Frosting

This just sounds sooo good for a winter’s day. Those of us with gluten intolerance would need to make gluten-free bars, naturally.


maple-bars-w-azuki-and-matcha-frosting-nMmmmm – matcha green tea and sweet adzuki bean paste – a flavor combination we love add a Japanese twist to an American classic. Just the thing with piping hot green tea after a cold morning of birding.

Matcha green tea powder and adzuki beans may not be in everyone’s pantry, but they are always in ours. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that this flavor combination makes a regular appearance in our kitchen. When a friend gave me a recipe for maple bars, I couldn’t help imagining them stuffed with sweet adzuki bean paste (directions to make the paste here), and changing up the frosting recipe to include the zip of spiced matcha tea along with maple syrup. I think the original maple bar recipe somehow reminded me of cinnamon rolls. I’d made a version of cinnamon rolls where the adzuki bean paste was spiraled into a dough which in…

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Man shoots drone peeping tom…but HE is arrested; Fourth Amendment

It is a sad day when doing something good — checking on residents during a fire alarm –and being treated like a criminal. Kudos to those of us whom have stood up to this violation of our 4th Amendment right to privacy.


A drone was flying over this man’s property, so he shot it down.

And he was the one arrested!

He sounds like a reasonable person to me.  He didn’t shoot it down when it was farther away…but after it crossed his property lines, he felt within his rights to shoot it down.

Merideth told WRDB: “Well, I came out and it was down by the neighbor’s house, about 10 feet off the ground, looking under their canopy that they’ve got under their back yard. I went and got my shotgun and I said, ‘I’m not going to do anything unless it’s directly over my property.’


Notice how the writer characterizes his method as “draconian”.  Since when is protecting one’s family draconian?  It wasn’t like he shot a person.

And homeowners do own the airspace above them…so yeah, he was well within his rights to defend his family and his…

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Will Prayers and Ceremonies Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline?

Spirituality IS at the heart of this battle. Zigzag mentions Donald Trump…if Donald Trump were to observe his Presbyterian spirituality, in which they believe that nature, the environment, is God’s Creation, and therefore, we should take care of it…then he would not pollute it. So, you see, spirituality is at the heart of all of this. Prayer is powerful. Connecting to God is powerful and is the only way to resist the dark side. In your passionate response to the dark side, it is important not to feed the dark side. Nor become that which you are fighting against. The dark side feeds off of negative energy and waits for the opportunity to replace the good in you with the bad.

**edited to add:  This response was so well put that I wanted to paste it here:

–I was taught that prayers and ceremony are something that you hold and carry with you through your thoughts, words, and actions, they dont stop at the end of attending an event. Prayers dont always work according to our time, place, and conditions. I feel to state or suggest that prayer was a failure because it did not meet your expected results within your preferred time frame is a bit shortsighted and I also wanna say a bit selfish.

I was confused by the blog piece because you downplay native spirituality and the practicality of prayer for the first 90% of the article then on last paragraph say that you believe in them. For most Nativez prayer and spirituality is something we live and walk with all our life, not something we “attend many times.”

I understand the sentiment you are trying to get across about not being physically idle but I think you do more damage to the reputation of Native spirituality than you do encouraging the common people to ante-up their self-defense game and mobilization.

Peace nocniuh.—-

Warrior Publications

ghost-dance-1 “Hope Springs Eternal–The Ghost Dance,” by Howard Terpning

By Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, December 23, 2016

Over the last few months there’s been a lot of noise made about the power of peaceful prayers and ceremonies in resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. According to many participants, it was this emphasis on prayer that stopped the pipeline dead in its tracks, and paved the way for a historical victory.

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Truthout: “The Great Unwinding of Public Education: DeVos and Detroit”


Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos is President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for US secretary of education.

America would do well to learn all it can about her and about the DeVos influence in the privatization of public education in Michigan, particularly the ed privatization Petri dish of Detroit.

The following are excerpts from a rather extensive, December 23, 2016, Truthout article, “The Great Unwinding of Public Education: Detroit and DeVos,” by retired professor and writer, Joseph Natoli, about the effects of “gentrifying investors seek[ing] to put price tags on what was previously public domain.” DeVos is a key player in such privatization games.

The excerpts illustrate how the games work. America needs to pay attention.

Bankruptcy following the collapse of the jobs that fueled the “Motor City” has exposed Detroit to the dynamics described by Naomi Klein in The Shock Doctrine. A crisis, either arranged or accidental, precipitates a rush to…

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