Keep plugging the petition against forced vaccinations

We’re on our way with the petition against forced vaccinations.  It’s interesting that the petition to remove anything other than medical from the vaccine exemptions is still prominently displayed on the website, with only 211 signatures, while this petition, with 34,000+ signatures has been buried below –requiring one to click on the “allow” button to see all the petitions.

So I’m putting it up here again in hopes we can meet and exceed the goal.  We have a right to decide what goes into ours and our children’s bodies.  We have a right to all the information against vaccines that is currently being buried.  We have a right to know what goes on in “vaccine court” that is presently not being publicized.  We have a right to address Big Pharma and force them to acknowledge vaccine injuries and to be forced to suffer the legal and financial consequences.

Also, gang, I am “sticking” this to the front page.  You’ll have to look for new posts beneath it.

Yoga for lymph system


I’ve had some interest in this blog recently, so I’m reblogging it. It’s Spring (I don’t care what anyone else says!) and that is the traditional time to detox the sludge out of the body.

I found an additional video on youtube that I like a lot:

I have noticed when I do these exercises, that I start getting sinus drainage with neck/shoulder/knee massage…interesting….

Originally posted on Dolphin:

Did you know that the lymph system is as important for circulation as the respiratory system?  I sure didn’t.  The lymph glands in my neck have been swollen since 1995.  I had one amalgam placed in 1991, and the other three that did me in, in 1994.  One year later, I began getting the monthly migraines.  I also was exposed to melted plastic when I worked in the office of a car parts manufacturer.  We were attached to the factory, and someone had a machine on that molded plastic parts.  I never got the full story of what happened, but the accident had to have been huge, as I smelled burnt plastic in the office.  My glands were swollen from then on.

So…I’ve noticed when I’m chelating, that the glands go down to normal size.  When I stop the round?  Back to swollen again.  This seems to be an issue…

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We did it!! 100,000+ signatures against forced vaccinations!

Petition.Against.Forced.Vaccinations.3.3.2015 100k signatures

There are signatures from every state in the union!  I encourage anyone feeling alone in the fight to keep our right to what goes into our bodies to read the list.  It was really heartwarming for me to see all the folks out there.  Now they will not be able to say there are just a “small group of people” against forced vaccination.

We still have three more days before deadline, let’s see how many more we can get!

Fudging the Petition numbers… **UPDATE

So…I noticed Sunday that the numbers had not moved on the petition.  I thought it was strange because it had been growing steadily….

It hasn’t moved since Saturday, so I decided to check and see if it would count me with a faux name.  It has not.

I thought perhaps it was because it’s the same IP address, but then I thought that would be unfair because several people could live at one address and use the same computer IP.

So the logical conclusion is that the numbers are not correct and people are not being counted.

I could be wrong, but unless I see differently….

***UPDATE:  Well, what do you know….suddenly we have 20,000 new signatures in a few hours’ time.  Imagine that….hmmm…

California Senate Bill SB-277 to force vaccination

Report here.

More reason to sign the petition above.  We’re at 56,000. If it gets to 100,000, they cannot say that there is a “small group” of American citizens who do not want vaccination.

We have a right to decide what goes into our bodies and our children’s bodies.  Please sign the petition.  Don’t let Big Pharma and their henchmen scare you into giving up this basic right.

Iraq war resister gets no reprieve

A European court refused to grant Andre Shepherd asylum for going AWOL in Germany in protest of the Iraq War, which he felt was illegal and immoral.

So…let me get this straight…Andre Shepherd protests what he feels is an illegal war, but does not get recognition and asylum for it, but George W. Bush, et al, go unpunished after lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Something is very wrong here.

Jimmy Kimmel, Big Pharma toadie

I don’t watch Kimmel’s show, so I don’t know how much of his show depends on Big Pharma advertisements, if any.  If not, then he is doing their dirty work for free….can’t get any cheaper than that.

Let’s take this apart, shall we?

The first few seconds of his speech, Kimmel insults people are likely Celiacs.  Or if not Celiacs, at least concerned about eating gluten, which one should be, especially if it is genetically modified.

Then he goes on to insinuate that every doctor agrees on vaccination.  They don’t.  As I’ve posted, there are plenty of medical professionals speaking out…at great risk to themselves with the threat of losing their licenses.  And yet, they still speak out.  That says more for them than the foul-mouthed doctors appearing in this video.  According to Dr. Suzanne Humphries, they did not learn about vaccines in school, only the vaccine schedule they were to follow.

Then Kimmel puts forth the fallacy that doctors are taught about nutrition in med school.  They actually have very little instruction in nutrition.  The fact that they have parroted the USDA food chart speaks volumes.  A diet high in breads and cereals is detrimental to health.  Diet and more importantly, an organic food diet, is the best medicine a person could use for prevention.  A healthy gut is imperative for immune health.  Funny how Jimmy Kimmel skips over that very important component of the ability to fight off disease.

I wonder how many of these pro-vaccine parents and medical professionals are feeding themselves and their children sodas, microwaved meals, processed food, high sugar, high chemical-ladened food, and so on?

Kimmel then goes on to tell the biggest lie of all:  that if a parent doesn’t vaccinate their child, they are hurting everybody else.  He states that babies, who are too young to be vaccinated, are particularly at risk.

Tell me something….how is it that I, my parents, my grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on, managed to survive as infants and grow up?  How come they, who were not vaccinated, somehow fought off disease? How did I have chickenpox at six months of age, and survive it without developing pneumonia or other complications?  Because babies get some immunity while in the womb, and the rest they get from mother’s milk, the best weapon against disease ever.  What we are seeing is the vaccinated Mamas are not truly immune to disease, so they are unable to transfer that immunity to their babies.  Get it?  Although my mother did not breast feed, she did pass along some immunity from chickenpox….BECAUSE SHE HAD THE CHICKENPOX DISEASE.

Kimmel mocks those that question doctors by saying that we should just believe whatever doctors say…while he ignores the doctors who ARE speaking out against vaccines.

It’s truly inflammatory when he states that people against vaccines should not be allowed to send their kids to school and that they should not be allowed to go to the doctor anymore.  Actually, that’s not a bad idea, as doctors like those featured in this video have stopped thinking for themselves.  They have lost the healing part of medicine that recognizes the body is a miracle and if given proper nutrition, fresh clean air, good exercise, it will highly likely be able to take care of itself.  (In case you missed the part in the Dr. Suzanne Humphries videos, she talks about proper wound care, and how one doesn’t necessarily need a tetanus shot if a wound is allowed to bleed (to remove toxins naturally), and cleaned properly, as in splinters removed completely to prevent toxins from harming the body.).  Kimmel again insults anti-vaccine people by snarkily saying they know more than their doctors…because we should *always* do as we are told, and *never* question someone whom is going to shoot aluminum, mercury, genes from monkeys and cows into our bodies…./snark

Then we get to the part in the video featuring the doctors.  We immediately see the lie that there are “almost no downsides to vaccination” .  Miscarriages going up 700 percent after swine flu vaccination is NOT almost never.  Diabetes going up in correlation to vaccination rates is NOT almost never.  ADD, ADHD, and autism rates also going up in correlation with vaccine rates is NOT almost never.

Next, a doctor states the the medical community is “in absolute, full agreement that there is no reason not to vaccinate”.  Another lie.

Then the foul-mouth cutesy stuff begins….my father would be appalled at this lack of professionalism.

They go on to state how many years they spent in med schools…but fail to state how much of that was in Chemistry and Nutrition….

…and how they are missing “breaking bad” ….a TV show!  A TV show that glorifies a drug dealer.  Again, my father would be appalled.

Next, we have the insult that anti-vaxxers got their information from a freaking email.  And that we’re all a part of some conspiracy.

I never got my information from a freaking email.  I am not  a part of some huge conspiracy.  I don’t know ANY anti-vaxxers.

I am the only one in my family, and in my community that is speaking out.


Because I am fighting to regain my health after being freaking poisoned by coal dust that contains arsenic, lead, mercury; from dental amalgams that contain 50% mercury, from three Rho-Gam shots that also contained mercury, from tetanus shots that contained mercury, and I can only wonder what else I have been exposed to.  I juice carrots and beets.  I eat organic food.  I exercise. I limit processed food, if any at all.  I do this so I can be healthy.

I was like most ignorant people in that i believed whatever my doctor and my dentist told me.  I’m the daughter of a doctor, so it has not been an easy thing to go against the medical profession.

I only came to be anti-vaccination when all these stories over and over, with the same heartbreaking results, came up when I researched vaccines.  I know of my own struggle to regain my health. I know what these children, whom had autistic symptoms after vaccination, are going through.  Inside, they are screaming “I’m here!  I’m here!”  But all they can do is stare into space, locked inside a brain that is malfunctioning because mercury and aluminum are interfering with the signals and connections in the brain that make coherent thoughts.  Their thinking is not in a straight line — rather, their thoughts are jumping all over the place, unable to be connected in a logical way.

I know all of this.  I’ve lived it.    I’m just now to the point where I’m starting to feel more like my normal self, but I’m still chelating in hope of regaining that which has been lost.

I used to play “Classical Gas” on the piano at lightening speed.  I lost that.  I lost all ability to play the piano.  I had to get out my mother’s teaching materials to try to relearn it.  It’s frustrating as hell to sit down at the keyboard and not be able to play like I used to.

I used to sew my children’s clothes, their Halloween outfits, and my own clothes.  I lost that ability too.  I would try to follow the directions, but could not understand them.  I could not cut straight anymore.  I could not sew straight anymore.  At that time, I didn’t know what was happening to me, and I gave up in frustration.   I am happy to report that those skills are coming back, which is a joy on those days I’m feeling creative.

So, no, I didn’t arrive at being anti-vax because of some “movement”.  Jenny McCarthy didn’t come to my home and threaten to have me arrested if I didn’t become anti-vaccine.  I’ve lived what these children are going through, and since they don’t have the voice that I do, I will speak for them.

Finally, just reading the horrible, horrible comments to this video sends me reeling.  The hatred here is not unlike the racist and sexist comments I’ve read on other topics.  Truly astonishing.

Scott Walker: The Sound of Cowardice

Gov. Scott Walker, of the Koch Party, has actually compared the peaceful protestors in Wisconsin to ISIS terrorists who behead people and burn them alive….

If he’s afraid of moms, dads, nurses, teachers, fire fighters, police, veterans….then he has no business in the White House.  Only a coward would be afraid of the peaceful public raising legitimate grievances against their government.

More here on the “Death by a Thousand Cuts” strategy the Koch party is using against unions.  Note the Heritage Foundation’s involvement…most folks don’t realize every time they see a person from Heritage Foundation, they are seeing the Koch brothers’ goons.

In case you missed it, here’s the piece on the fight in Wisconsin right now with the “Right to Work” legislation.  This same law was pushed into effect by another Koch toadie, Gov. Mitch Daniels.  And Indiana is one of the lowest wage states now.

From the PRWatch article:


The argument that the bill would protect workers from “forced” unionization is a red herring. The U.S. Supreme Court has long stated that nobody can be forced to join a union, or be forced to pay unions dues, or to have their dues go to political campaigns. What current federal and Wisconsin law allows, and what the right to work law would make illegal, are “fair share” agreements and fees in union contracts that make all represented workers, including those choosing not to join the union, contribute to the costs of worker representation on the job. 

Sen. Robert Wirch (D-Kenosha) cut through the verbiage: “There seems to be a double standard here. The Chamber of Commerce insists that you pay dues to enjoy the services you provide. Do you care to elaborate?” Fitzgerald did not. The flustered bill sponsor had “no further comment.”

- See more at:


Related to this is the Koch Party here in Indiana now going after construction job wages.


Supporters of the repeal say it would save tens of millions of tax dollars each year through an estimated 10 percent to 20 percent price cut on public construction projects by allowing more contractors to pay wages below union scale. Opponents argue the change would hurt many Indiana-based companies by opening the door for low-paying, out-of-state contractors to underbid on projects.


Anybody seriously believe this??  I personally want to know what buildings, highways, bridges, etc., are being built by minimum wage construction workers….because I will avoid them like the plague.  We’ve already dealt with this circa 1970s, when they were trying to go cheap on construction.  Reports here, here, here, and here.

Note that the bridge collapse in Washington was neglect of inspection.  This is just as bad as cheap construction by greedy contractors.

And let’s not forget the Bangladesh factory collapse….because owners who want everything cheap always make the rest of us pay.

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