Notre Dame, Our Lady, First Shot Across the Bow? Part 1

Holy Week being hit with another disaster — this time with the covid19 being used as an excuse to interfere with people coming together to honor Jesus for his great sacrifice. I just saw on the nooz that if people go to church or otherwise gather together, THEY ARE GOING TO WRITE DOWN LICENSE PLATES AND SEND THIS TO THE NON-ELECTED HEALTH DEPT OFFICIALS. Helloo? Can you say nazis? I knew that you could. It should be clear that this is not about a bad case of the flu, but power and control. It is about turning this country into a communist state with a few handfuls of evil people dictating to everyone else. THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. WE THE PEOPLE MEANS THREE-FOURTHS OF US HAVE TO AGREE TO SOMETHING BEFORE IT CAN BECOME POLICY, LAW, OR A RULE.

Here also is the piece I wrote awhile back about women as prophets, women as equals. Jeanne d’Arc was a prophet. Mary Magdalene was a Holy Woman slandered by the dark forces.


I have wanted to start this post a few times and always stopped because of the grave implications of what happened when Notre Dame burned.  My first thought looking at Macron press conference was “….this is your 9/11…”  to detract attention from the yellow jackets and pending revolution and the hidden hand of the satanic spiritual war.

First, if you are unfamiliar with Jeanne d’Arc, commonly referred to as Joan of Arc, here is the 1948 movie starring Ingrid Bergman which explains a lot of what happened to her.  I have seen an even better version on youtube that mysteriously disappeared.  It showed more of the underhanded dealings of the Church towards Jeanne when it was clear that she was not under their control, but being instructed by God, the Creator.

At first, the Church stated that Jeanne’s voices in her head were of God the Creator.  But the king…

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Notre Dame, Our Lady, Part 2 Russia and its implications **edited and UPDATE 6.19.19

I want to tell you a story of something spectacular that happened to me in Rapid City, South Dakota, while I was staying at the homeless shelter and being terrorized by the schizophrenic.  First, I don’t believe she was really schizophrenic.  I believe now that she was an operative.**   She was too skilled at lying and creating drama for it not to have been deliberate and calculating as only someone being paid to do so.  And she was following the script –repeating the same lies about me.   She was trying to get me pushed out on the street when I had done her no wrong.  It made no sense to me.  But that is how this evil works — you cannot fight against something when you do not know what the reason is or who is behind it!

**another reason I believe she was an operative is when I blogged about my ex and his family taking out life insurance on me.  SHE KNEW ABOUT IT.  Again, I am an empath and I feel people’s emotions.  She was angry that I had realized that a life insurance policy had been taken out on me.  Which confirms my suspicions that gangstalking is about money — she expected to get some of the payout if she could get me thrown out of the shelter and either I committed suicide or was murdered.  Wow, I just truly hope these evil people are exposed for what they have done.**

With all that said, a truly miraculous thing happened there.

I had coffee in the mornings with the gal who did the laundry for the shelter.  She started her mornings early and we would talk about the Bible and spiritual stuff before breakfast.

She was pro-Israel and hated the Palestinians.  So we had a rather lively discussion about it.  At one point, I said, “I don’t want to hate ANYBODY.”

And suddenly Jesus appeared to me there.  He was happy at my words.  It was truly a stunning moment.  I thought to myself, did that just really happen?

This shows three things to me:

  1. Jesus is real.  He loves us.
  2. Jesus is compassionate.
  3. Jesus does not hate the Jews.  If you recall, Jesus was raised a Jewish engineer.  Some say carpenter, but he was more educated than that, from what I have read.

The third one is VERY IMPORTANT for what I am about to say because there is a lot of hate in the world for Jewish people.

I have researched Russia with the whole kerfuffle about the elections being manipulated by Russia.

The media is not telling the whole story, and you will see why.  I suspect it was about who wants to control America, and George Soros, Hillary’s boss, wanted America, rather than Boris Berezovsky, who seems to be in control of Russia, albeit from a distance, and therefore, Trump’s boss.  Just my guess. I haven’t seen anything to confirm it.

First, viewing the documentaries below will explain a lot:


There are parts 2 and 3 to this.  The third one really set off red flags with them destroying perfectly good housing that the residents love, in order for the mayor’s wife to rake in the cash.  Where have I seen this?  Some say 9/11/01 was also done for the insurance money payout.  Remember that the eye of horus was at ground zero and the dancing Israelis as the buildings exploded!  Remember, too, that there were Israeli students allowed into secured areas weeks prior to the explosions.

I have traveled through South Dakota and have seen mile after mile of roadway torn up.  I am talking half the state!  And I could count on one hand the number of potholes I had seen driving through there.  The roads were really good and this tearing up of the highway was clearly unnecessary and somebody was making some $$$.

And I am sick of wonderful old buildings being torn down so somebody can make money building something new. Boondoggles.

Here is another set of videos on Russia.  Just a warning that the video intro is graphic.

It is really stunning what happened there.  Russia was an economically stable country before the oligarchs had everything privatized by “their” politicians.  Sounds sooo much like Indiana with the Indiana Toll Road being sold to the highest bidder, thanks to Bush appointee then-Governor Mitch Daniels, whom nobody voted for, who was an Eli Lilly executive before going to Washington, D.C.

Note the black suit, white shirt, and red tie.  This seems to be some sort of uniform for them.

~~SEE Note below on FBI Mike Peasley and the Delphi murders 2.13.17~~

UPDATE:  This video shows how videos can be manipulated to make someone appear to be doing something they are not.  OR make them appear to do something they have not done.  This is really important as I have this feeling this technology is being used to portray Good Hearts as bad people so people will hate them and not mind if they are tortured or even killed.  Note how in the documentary, the Russian politician is forced out of office by a fake video of him with two women.  I believe him when he says it is not him.  Again, you should trust your own instincts and when something doesn’t feel right, TRUST THEM.



I take great issue with the documentary stating that “things have to change”, especially when you know that Russia is on solid financial ground before privatizing it so a FEW could become rich.    When the old system was taken away, Russian people did not know what to do.  They were given vouchers with no financial backing, like a gold standard, which would have kept the piece of paper a solid financial instrument.  One cannot make any piece of paper mean something unless there is something tangible, like real estate, or any physical item, attached to it.

They were given these vouchers that had NOTHING attached to them…so they were worthless to the individuals.  In the first documentary, the oligarch Berezovsky took their vouchers, telling the Russian people that they owned a piece of a new automobile factory he would run.  They were led to believe that they would receive dividends for their shares in the company, which is how it is usually done.  They received nothing. And had given up their vouchers.

It is really stunning how much they were trying to turn Russia into the West…making America culture their goal, it would seem.  Doing to them what they did to the Native American culture.  Or at least, what they tried to do.  They tried to destroy ALL of the Native culture, but thank God the Creator they were unsuccessful.   Not that they aren’t still trying to do so….

Destroying the family is a big part of this.

He brings up tobacco as being a precious commodity during the days of scarcity…

…which brings to mind this morning.  I went to purchase tobacco and was carded!  I first looked stunned at the cashier then kind of laughed and said it was quite obvious that I was over 18.

She then said that she would lose her job if she did not card me.  She HAD TO CARD EVERYONE.  And it wasn’t just looking at the ID to see for sure that this graying, wrinkled old lady was over 18…it was to scan in my ID card number.  For what reason?

Let that sink in for a minute.  I was buying tobacco.  Not alcohol.  Tobacco.

I had never been carded for buying tobacco before.  Never.  So what has changed?  Why are they treating it like they were a sin like in the 1920s with prohibition?  I suspect that it was not about what we were being told.  They do not give a rip about your health, because they make money off of you being sick.

So they do not care if tobacco makes you ill…what other reason could be behind them making it harder for you to purchase?  Because the Native American use tobacco in spiritual ceremonies, as a gift to Elders and George W. Bush himself has said that “there are not going to be any more Indians…”  A cryptic statement.


Al AQSA is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built over the site where Jesus was crucified.

For me, destroying the seed before it comes to fruition means destroying the goyim before they realize their full spiritual potential and Connection to God the Creator **see Standing Rock below.

It could also mean, if you believe as I do, that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and there is a bloodline whom have been kept ignorant about their heritage…

…this could mean destroying the bloodline.  Churches cannot control people if the people connect with God the Creator on their own.  The Shroud of Turin was tested and has AB- blood.  This is a rare blood type originating from a certain region in France.

Let me tell you another story:

When I was going through all the turmoil of losing my house, my girls, my health and nearly my sanity, I was looking for answers and help in stopping whatever was happening to me.  I turned to spiritual counselors whom were holding sessions on spirituality.  Native folks would call them New Agers.  I didn’t understand why Native folks were so against them, because I thought they were helpful in furthering spiritual paths.  But now I realize how very dangerous they are and how they are deliberately misdirecting people AWAY from spiritual connection to God, the Creator.

When I first met Myron, he did not greet me in a warm way as one would expect from someone who is spiritual.  He looked right through me.

During the first session, I kept seeing a phallis flash in my head.  I did not understand what was happening.  I would look over at the face of Jesus, on the wall, and pray for help.  I did not know at the time that evil ones could put images in one’s head, more on that in the video below.

I realize now that it was Myron putting the image in my head, as he had indecent thoughts about me.  I later learned that Myron had been accused of sexual misconduct with another person attending his sessions.

So during an afternoon session, Myron asked if anyone needed healing.  One man spoke up and said he felt ill and needed healing.  During the session, we all prayed about the man.  After it was over, Myron asked what we all saw in our minds.  I had seen a negative spirit was attached to the man.  I was the only one who saw it.  When I uttered the words that there was a negative spirit, Myron quickly cut me off without discussion of what I had seen and what it meant.

His attitude towards me completely changed after that.  We were made to stand in a circle, and every time someone was put beside me, they would complain of an arm or a leg hurting.  It was like high school all over again and after being forced to sing Amazing Grace, I left the room in tears.  Myron had bullied me and I did not understand why.

Now, with hindsight and God the Creator’s Guidance, I see that Myron was trying to destroy my spirituality, my confidence in telling the truth of what I saw in the man that needed healed.

Not only that, but they had stolen Native folk healing ceremonies to not only cause harm, but I think to draw people out to see whom was Gifted, and then make them targets of gangstalking.  Because this is a spiritual war we are in.

Edited to add:  I thought that I should tell the rest of the story of what happened to me after I got home from this particular session—

I did not realize that spirits could transfer by touching someone. As we were in an oval around the man, seeking healing for him, my ankle accidentally touched the man as we were praying.  I did not realize that the negative spirit had then entered me.

The next day, I went to open my closet door, and was stunned to feel the negative energy of that spirit in my closet.  I immediately shut the door, not knowing what to do.  So I yelled at the spirit to leave and go towards the light.  I also prayed for Jesus and Mother Mary to come and help.  I also burned sage as the Native folk do to protect oneself from negative energy or evil.

I also called one of the New Age leaders of the session.  She said that this was a sad spirit who was lost and did not know where to go after death.  She said Jesus was there to help guide the spirit towards the Light.

It took me years after this to realize this negative spirit was the one that had attached itself to the man, making him ill.  It had attached itself to me, and I am thinking that he hid in the closet because he was afraid and lost.

This is another reason why New Agers are dangerous.  Nobody explained to me that negative energy could be transferred by touch.  Remember Nappy’s video on the woman pretending to be mentally ill, flashing the three 6 sign, and then purposely going to his vehicle, touching it?  I believe that she was attaching negative energy to it.  And from youtube videos on people touching complete strangers in public, I am thinking this is a purposeful act of the evil ones to make people ill with negative energy, and quite possibly destroying their connection to the Creator.  So please be aware of that.

Oh, and I did not have any more problems after Jesus came to take the negative energy away.  So prayer does work, folks, and even if you don’t understand what is happening to you, the Helping Healing Spirits do understand and will help you if you ask.

If there is anything I cannot stress enough is PLEASE PLEASE do not spend your energy hating Jews or any of the others.  Hatred only feeds satan.  Just keep in mind the Commandments, especially Thou Shalt Not Murder.   The Bible has examples that self-defense is allowed.

I am wary, however, of those perpetuating this evil and then demanding forgiveness.  I suspect that it is a way for them to escape Hell if a Good Heart forgives them for being evil.  Only God, the Creator decides what happens to someone’s Spirit after they pass from this world, but I for one, am tired of being victimized over and over and over again, so no, I am not willing to forgive those whom have had FULL KNOWLEDGE OF WHO THEY WERE WORKING FOR and perpetuated this evil.  That does not mean I hold on to anger, because that only feeds satan.  But I do not give a piece of myself, of my soul, towards forgiving those whom have KNOWINGLY CHOSEN to be evil.

I bring all this out so that people who are being misled will have the information they need to see who is helping satan and who is of God, the Creator.   And hopefully, will help anyone whom has sought out New Agers hoping to find answers there, but again felt lost, confused and even hurt and bullied like I was.

I especially fear and am saddened for my siblings, whom are unaware that we are of the bloodline and are, as I write this, being taken advantage of and misdirected by those whom are not of God, the Creator.


**forgot to add the note about the Israelis at Standing Rock.  As I was viewing the piece on Putin being a KGB agent and everybody believing he was an all around “good guy” — he used a technique called mirroring, where they just adjust their personalities towards yours, mirroring your viewpoints, etc., so you believe they are like you.

This happened to me at Standing Rock by an Israeli woman who just happened to show up wherever I was at.  She mimicked Native ceremony and either knew how to read minds or had the technology to do so.  She and two other satanists outed themselves, however, during the water ceremony, where we women sang a prayer together over the water.

We would walk together to the water, singing.  On this particular morning, when I sang the song with the Jewish women, they suddenly stopped.  Then they began singing a few moments later.  I once again joined them.  They again abruptly stopped in mid-sentence.  It was clear that they considered me beneath them and I found that really odd being we were in a Native camp trying to save their water source from poisoning.  In the Native world, there is no one above you, nor no one beneath you.  The Creator made us all equal.

So even at Standing Rock, the Israelis were present and probably part of the destruction of trust in the camp…your mileage may vary.

Not only that, but the FBI was also actively destroying trust.

Here is a video on Red Fawn, a MEDIC in camp whom had started a relationship with an FBI informant Heath Harmon.  She did not realize he was an FBI informant at that time.  Harmon left HIS WEAPON in a trailer that she was staying at the morning of police raids.  Yep.

I know that my own FBI “handler” was talking to other informants about me.  They probably spread disinfo about me, as well, so the others would not trust me.  Just a guess.  The yellow helicopter had circled my tent specifically when I did not see it do that to anyone else.  I left camp October 22nd.  The violent treatment of the camp began Oct. 27th.  I have felt guilt that it happened after I left.  But I had no other option.  I had asked for a tipi so I could have a fire to keep warm, but none was given to me.  It was getting too cold for me to continue sleeping in my car, so I left.  I was afraid of sleeping in a communal tent, as they wanted.  I feared either being attacked while I slept from what I know now were infiltrators/gangstalkers or being accused with yet another lie told about me.

So, about the uniform of black suit, white shirt, red tie ~~ FBI Agent Mike Peasley was wearing a black suit, white shirt and red tie on both the initial and year later press conferences regarding Abby Williams and Libby German, the Delphi Murders.  As I said previously, it was a satanic ritual murder.  I believe Mike Peasley was involved.



I had a strong feeling about him the first time I saw him in the press conference.  But it was confirmed to me when very recently, I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and just said a quiet prayer thanking the Creator.  Suddenly, Peasley appeared in a black robe.  And then Libby appeared, nodding.

And that is why I fear this case will never be solved.  The satanists whom have infiltrated the government will do their best to interfere with justice for the girls.  It will likely take Jesus coming back for the evil ones to be dealt with….

God Bless all of Us Good Hearts.  Keep the faith.








The Power of John Trudell #BlueIndians **edited


via The Power of John Trudell #BlueIndians

The above link is to a mindblowing post on John Trudell, a Native American who was one of the founders of the American Indian Movement (AIM) in the 70s.  Wounded Knee was occupied by the Native folk wanting to hold on to their traditional ways versus their own BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) and tribal police.  It did not end well, and that is another post.

John was eloquent and outspoken for their rights.  He was in Washington, D.C., when someone set fire to his house, killing his pregnant wife, their children, and his MIL.  His wife was active in Native rights before AIM.  A post on her here.

All of this relates to the protests in British Columbia, Canada, by the Unistoten and other tribes protesting yet another pipeline project across their pristine beautiful land.

Coverage by Vancouver Sun here.

Here’s a good synopsis of events leading up to this.

This kind of leads back to what John Trudell says in the video in the above blog — we are all from tribes.  You might recall my recent post on my ancestors, the Irish, whom were very spiritual and therefore the Church nor the English could control them….so they tried genocide by starvation as I blogged about here.

Some of us have had our tribal spirituality beaten out of us over 1,000 years ago…satan has been around a loooong time.

A person is given the choice between joining them or be killed.

Well, for me, I would rather be against evil than with it.  Are you with me??

**edited to add:

I was thinking about this post and thought perhaps I might add the spiritual things that have helped me so perhaps it might help others.

  1. satan feeds on anything negative. Fear. Anger. Jealousy. Selfishness. Greed.  Bad thoughts.   Guard against this.  Every time you start to have bad thoughts, redirect your thinking to something else.  I think this is a segway (a portal?) for satan to try to control your brain, and your heart and soul.  One way that I deal with it is to breathe in and out, asking the Healing Spirits to take the negative away from me.  I do this until I feel better.  It is truly amazing to see what happens.  The Elders at Standing Rock warned us of cussing.  I have to admit that I was a little put off by that because it is how I vent when I am angry.  And I felt like a little kid being scolded.  But now I see their wisdom, in that the cussing is another segway, especially the G.D.  In my church, G.D. was taught as a sin and I never said it before I began dating my ex.  I have written about that in prior posts, so I won’t go into here, only that it was that first step of giving my power away because I thought my ex and his family were better than mine.  And it is hard to stop cussing once you start.
  2.  Don’t give your power away.  Women are particularly vulnerable because the evil ones have convinced us that because of Eve, we are less-than men.  We are not.  The Creator sees us as equals to men.  To put men on a pedestal and be obedient to them is actually idol worshipping that goes against the Commandment against idol worship.  A woman should only answer to her Creator and no one else.  If I had done this, I would not have been vulnerable to my ex.  I would have walked out two months after we were married when I first experienced his cruelty.  Owning your power is the protection against the evil.
  3. Ask for help.  You must ask for help.  A wise Miami/Cherokee friend told me when I first began my journey back to tribal spirituality, to be careful who I called to me.  He warned me to be very specific to ask for the Helping/Healing Spirits to help me.  Otherwise, the bad spirits would come.  I ask God, the Creator, and the Helping Healing Spirits to help me understand what I don’t understand now, to help me to know what I need to know, to help me to get what I need even if I don’t know that I need it (this was given to me by the elders at Standing Rock — Thank You!); and finally to get the nurturing that I need so that I may be comforted and healed.  One example of this is when I was at the Trail of Courage (Death) Rendezvous where they commemorate the forced removal of Chief Menominee from the Potawatomie lands here in Indiana.  This was about three years ago, and I was struggling with my spiritual growth, not knowing what the Creator expected of me.  I was having visions and strong dreams at this time, but told no one, I was afraid someone would call me a witch, which I am not!    I was about to leave because I was angry and I didn’t know why and I didn’t want to spoil things.  Suddenly, during the tribal dance, the announcer said they wanted everyone to come in a tight circle and say a prayer together.  I was reluctant because of how I was feeling, but I went in anyway.  We all gathered around, and the main guy started to say “listen to your dreams and visions…”  (I think he said be grateful for the visions and dreams, but my memory is foggy on that.)  As we stood there and prayed, I suddenly felt overwhelming love.  Pure, non-judgmental love.  It was how I felt when I was visited and shown Heaven when I was about to lose my house and attempted suicide.  This was exactly the same joy and happiness I had felt when seeing Heaven. After thinking about this, I noticed that every.single.time. that I was at the Rendezvous, this anger came out of nowhere.  Now I believe it was satan working on me.  It happened too many times.
  4. Touch the Earth every day.  I mean really be aware of all of Creation and all that God has given us.  I believe that God put his Spirit in everything He created and it is easier to stay connected to the Creator by feeling his Spirit in every living thing.
  5. Humble yourself and be grateful.  I take a bite-size piece of each food of my meals and set it aside as a humble “thank you” to the Creator.  I place it on the ground and say a quiet “thanks”.    I give thanks for every glass of water; for the snow; for the trees; for the birds, and all of Creation.  You will be amazed how this humble, simple act gives you such joy.
  6. Take care of your body, a walking miracle.
  7. Forgive yourself for mistakes.  And try to do better.  None of us is perfect, but the evil ones are having us judge each other harshly, believing some are better than others, so that satan can convince us to kill those deemed “beneath us”.  As John Trudell had said, this has happened throughout history, and the ones who are killed are the ones who will not give up their spirituality and their connection to the Creator.  They are not willing to join the evil ones, so they are killed. I would rather be killed standing against the evil than remain alive going against my heart and soul.  And let me stress this — your body may die, but your spirit goes on!  And nobody dies alone — you are surrounded by God’s Helpers and your own earth family when you pass, so that you are not alone and your fear fades away.  I’m not saying that you don’t have any fear — the Creator built that into us to protect us here on Earth — but once you realize the Creator is there with you, the fear is gone.
  8. Realize that satan uses things that appear to be good but the true intentions hidden.  Every church, every charity, every environmental group, every single thing that was good in the past has been infiltrated by satanists.  And they keep their motives hidden for a long time.  Sex and humor have also been tools.
  9. Stay connected to the Creator always.




The Sacred Tree of Life **edited and pinned


For all the people of the Earth, the Creator has planted a Sacred Tree under which they may gather, and there find healing, power, wisdom and security. The roots of this tree spread deep into the body of Mother Earth. Its branches reach upward like hands praying to Father Sky. The fruits of this tree are the good things the Creator has given to the people teachings that show the path to love, compassion, generosity, patience, wisdom, justice, courage, respect, humility and many other wonderful gifts.

The ancient ones taught us that the life of the Tree is the life of the people. If the people wander far away from the protective shadow of the Tree, if they forget to seek the nourishment of its fruit, or if they should turn against the Tree and attempt to destroy it, great sorrow will fall upon the people. Many will become sick at heart. The people will lose their power. They will cease to dream dreams and see visions. They will become unable to tell the truth and to deal with each other honestly. They will forget how to survive in their own land. Their lives will become filled with anger and gloom. Little by little they will poison themselves and all they touch.

It was foretold that these things would come to pass, but that the tree would never die. And as long as the Tree lives, the people live. It was also foretold that the day would come when the people would awaken, as if from a long, drugged sleep; that they would begin, timidly at first but then with great urgency, to search again for the Sacred Tree.
The knowledge of its whereabouts, and of the fruits that adorn its branches have always been carefully guarded and preserved within the minds and hearts of our wise elders and leaders. These humble, loving, and dedicated souls will guide anyone who is honestly and sincerely along the path leading to the protective shadow of the Sacred Tree. (from The Sacred Tree: Reflections of Native American Spirituality.)

If you read the book of Daniel, chapter 4, it speaks of a giant tree whose roots reached to the center of the earth.  This tree was cut off, supposedly by  a messenger from heaven.

Daniel tried to claim that the tree was King Nebuchadnezzar and the tree cut off meant his kingdom was coming to an end.

I have a lot of issues with this passage.  It describes cutting off the trees branches.  Now where have we seen that recently?  The supposed tree goddess who mated with baphomet is represented in cemeteries as a stone tree with its branches and its top cut off.

I had issues with that story from the start, because the satanists supposedly worship her along with baphomet.  satan hates the sacred feminine.  It didn’t make sense that they would worship a feminine deity.  But after reading Daniel 4, and how they cut off the tree’s branches, as is seen with statues of the tree goddess, it came to me that perhaps King Nebuchadnezzar was actually satan on earth before he became arrogant and thought he was God, the Creator. He was, after all, king over Babylon.

After all the lies told to us, I have to rethink everything, so this makes sense if you look between the lines.

Perhaps that sacred tree is right here and is the difference between losing Earth to the evil ones who want to destroy her, and those of us fighting against the evil…

Perhaps she is dying and needs prayers for God/Creator to return her to the way she was before evil came?

Perhaps if she is returned to her original state, God/Creator will wipe evil off of earth?



No Blogs for awhile

So my time at the motel is up.  Haven’t been able to find another job quickly.  I knew it was a longshot, given how the evil ones have followed me from town to town to make sure I did not get hired, and was very grateful for the job I had.  I loved that job.

So the FBI agent is still following me around everywhere I go.  I recently visited an Amish grocery, and whatever he told the Amish girl made her hate me so much I could feel her negative energy.  Bastard.  So, yeah, I did not do anything. I am not a pervert. I am not in to young women.  I was married 12 years and had 3 kids, but these people don’t let a little thing like facts to get in the way of their warped thinking.  I think my ex-husband thought I should be a whore in bed, and when I resisted his warped ideas, yeah, I’m sure he complained to his father.  Yep, his father was so controlling he practically told us how many days a week to have sex.  And it was his father that quickly went around our small town and spread the idea that I was gay.  The fact that I, the mother of his grandchildren, wasn’t sleeping around with men, bothered him.  Can I get a witness?  He actually was putting me down because I wasn’t sleeping around.  He made me out to be gay because I wasn’t setting a bad example for my girls. Creep.

So yeah, I haven’t had sex going on 26 years.  I think that is a virtue instead of a character flaw.

And I really hate having to talk about my personal life like that, but am forced to because of the lies and half-truths being told.

Edited to add:  And I have a family member who is gay, and if anyone messes with them, God help you.  Self-righteous people like to claim gay people are going to hell, but this passage from Isaiah 56 says differently:

1This is what the LORD says:

“Maintain justice and do what is right,

for My salvation is coming soon,

and My righteousness will be revealed.

2Blessed is the man who does this,

and the son of man who holds it fast,

who keeps the Sabbath without profaning it

and keeps his hand from doing any evil.”

3Let no foreigner who has joined himself to the LORD say,

“The LORD will utterly exclude me from His people.”

And let the eunuch not say,

“I am but a dry tree.”

4For this is what the LORD says:

“To the eunuchs who keep My Sabbaths,

who choose what pleases Me

and hold fast to My covenant—

5I will give them, in My house and within My walls,

a memorial and a name

better than that of sons and daughters.

I will give them an everlasting name

that will not be cut


So I won’t have easy access to internet to write blogs, so I’ll say God Be With You all Good Hearts.  I’ll write when I can. If I can. God Bless.

How the evil ones manipulate people…

So I am standing at Wounded Knee Memorial at the gravesite of Lost Bird, post on her here, expressing my sadness of what happened to her.  I suddenly hear the word “n—–ger” in my head.  WTH?

This was the beginning of understanding that words and thoughts can be put into someone’s head by the electronic means the intelligence community has now.

A Native woman named Theresa heard those thoughts while they were trying to do it to me when I was in Mission, SD.  I had said nothing to her, but the Native folk have a keen sense of things and she said to me, “Those are NOT your thoughts.”

I knew they were not my thoughts.  Theresa was confirming that.  But how were those thoughts getting into my head?  I knew nothing of the sophisticated electronic means they have now, or if I had heard of it, I dismissed it as impossible.

But there it was.

People who don’t know themselves, who don’t know their soul, can be tricked into believing those thoughts are their own.

The evil ones are using this electronic means to influence us while we are most vulnerable — when we are asleep.  They have been using subliminal messaging for decades.  It doesn’t take a big leap to see they would use it while are defenses are down and  cannot actively fight against it.  (the movie The Body Snatchers comes to mind, where people went to sleep and when they woke up, their personality completely changed. Remember folks, they have to tell us when they are doing something, and movies have been a big part of “telling” us.  Look up subliminal messages in disney movies. Walt Disney was a 33rd degree freemason.)

Two things have happened recently to make me aware they have been doing this to me while asleep —

1. One morning, just before consciously awakening, while in that not-quite-asleep-but-not-quite-awake state of mind, I heard the words “Hail ——” to the Evil one. I reject you satan and all of your works.(I need to say that because the phrase is going through my head. Please do this if it goes through your head, to block the evil one.

2. Just this morning, about 1:30 a.m., I was awakened again by noise. I sometimes will pray when I am awakened at night.  The evil ones had put a picture of baphomet (man with goat head) in my mind and I could not shake it.  I kept trying to pray but they blocked me and kept putting the image in my head.

Leading up to this, I had not slept for 3 nights in a row.  The person next to me had their TV on all night long.  And it is just on the other side of the wall, so it was like hearing someone chattering all night long.  Those people that cannot stop talking have actually given me a migraine because the constant noise continually vibrates the inner ear drum.  It needs a rest, like everything else in your body.  And this person next to me is part of the gangstalking.  Every.single. person that has rented that room has either had a TV blaring or were slamming doors or making some loud noises like knocking on the wall.

Anyway, I believe the sleep deprivation is a way for them to weaken your spirit and therefore, weaken your resolve.   They hope you don’t put up as much fight when they can weaken your mind, body, and soul.

God has given us free will, but the evil one has done everything to force one to succumb to his evil.

There are people who consider themselves satanists, but I don’t believe they have truly given their soul to the evil one.  They are kind and compassionate.  I don’t think they realize how truly evil satan is.

They are like those people who are freemasons and have no knowledge of the 33rd degree evil amongst them.  I am still amazed when I realize that someone I thought was kind was actually into satan.

They aren’t aware of the evil, but soon will be, with covid19.  I believe this is a way for the evil ones to get rid of those unwilling to truly give their soul to satan.  Those whom have been led to believe that satan was a fun guy who just wanted to have sex and was cast down from heaven for sex.  and please don’t believe that sex = love.  That is the biggest lie of satan.  So I think the “vaccine” for covid19, which they cannot make because you cannot make a vaccine for a virus. It is impossible because viruses continually mutate. Anyway, the vaccine will have poison in it — heavy metals, and probably a live version of covid19 or whatever this is, and will deliberately make people sick, just like the flu vaccine. My blog on that here.

And the so-called “relief” money is another ploy by them.  I never saw a dime of that money. And from what I heard on my job, there were many people who were not given that money.  It’s the “carrot” to reel people in, I am convinced of it.  The ones that worship satan were given the money, or ones who are on the fence right now, were given the money as an enticement.  They probably think “satan can’t be all bad if I am given this money, now can he?”  Yes, yes, he can and is evil and you won’t know this until you are sucked in.

Also, I wanted to mention Donald Trump (won’t call him our president anymore since he was put into office BEFORE he was supposedly elected. I blogged on that previously. We did not choose him.)

So Trump said recently that there would be “a 1,000 year reign…”  this made my ears perk up because I recently found this video on a “1,000 year reign” of evil.  This is related to downtown Indianapolis, where there is a brown rectangular ritual site right in the open of the American Legion Mall.  The whole area has been made out to be about honoring soldiers, but in truth, is a ritual site to bring about the end of the world.  Pretty heavy stuff, I know, so if this is new to you, take your time with it.  And pray for guidance.

And, like always, satan is trying to make women out to be the evil ones.  satan really hates women, but uses them for his purposes. He thinks all women are whores. So it appears that he is trying to usher in a reign of evil of a 1,000 years.  So when Trump mentioned the 1,000 year reign, I knew what he meant. It confirmed he is a satanist, too.



Disney manipulating people with subliminal messaging.  I cringe at the reference to The Beast. My oldest daughter loved Beauty and the Beast.  She even dressed up as Belle for Halloween. This was before I was awake.  I don’t celebrate Halloween anymore, as I recognize it was a segway to pull people towards satan.  What little kid could resist dressing up and going door to door to get candy?  Halloween illustrates the mask thing, too…







Fauci is a criminal

Out of his own mouth, Dr. Fauci is on camera stating that there was going to be a SURPRISE epidemic.

Um, how can it be a surprise if he already knows it is going to happen??


So all of you blaming non-mask wearers for making your loved one sick, please take a step back and look at this criminal who engineered covid19.

This piece of garbage, along with buddies, is responsible for this!

And as I am watching this video, I am thinking about my Dad, an osteopathic physician, who risked his medical license to give his patient Laetrile, a cheap drug made by apricot pits, that was shown to kill cancer cells in the labs at Sloan-Kettering.

After a meeting with then-Pres. Nixon, Sloan-Kettering destroyed the evidence and then began slamming any doctor who prescribed Laetrile as a quack.

Tell me, if the evidence proved Laetrile would not work, why did they bury it?

My Dad risked his license on the line the line to heal people.

Dr. Fauci and his ilk purposely brought forth a lab-created disease to kill people.

Fauci should lose his license and be put in jail!

Here’s a brief video on Laetrile.  It is not as well done as another video on Laetrile and the destruction of lab studies proving it was effective, but it helps one to understand that there are evil people in the world who want to kill people, not heal them.  And it’s been going on since the 70s, when Laetrile was all over the news about its healing power, then about it being a quackery drug.

Like I have said before, your body is an amazing healing machine when it is given what it needs to heal — fasting to allow it to use that energy towards what needs healed; good food, clean air, and sunshine and rest and prayer.  And no toxic crap like chemotherapy and radiation or GMO food or vaccines.  I knew of 6 people who had chemo and radiation.  All six died, and the time they had left they spent so sick and tired that they could not enjoy what little time they had left with their families.




Live Free or Die

…or wear the mask or die…

So without any evidence that masks actually prevent disease transmission and no verified cases on our office campus, my employer required masks be worn at work. No exceptions.

This was announced Friday and masks were required on Monday.  They had to be snug without gaps.

I thought about it all weekend.  You might have guessed it with my posts.

As I reviewed other’s feelings about the masks, I came across a video of the spiritual war going on and how the masks are a important part of the occult worship.  I can only wonder at what — keeping your satanist beliefs hidden; or presenting a false face to the world; or denying your true self that God, the Creator, made, with your unique personality and beautiful soul; who knows?

With that in mind, I could not find any reason to wear the mask nor bend to my employer’s will. There is no reason to demand an employee wear one. None.

So I tendered my resignation.

It is interesting that they are so worried about people’s health and then allow heavy metals like mercury be dumped into the waterways or allow aerial chemical spraying over crops (which made me very ill for the months of July/August in Indiana); or GMO food that alters food so much that the body doesn’t recognize it and it causes inflammation, which causes illness.  Over time, inflammation will kill cells.  And then there was the firepower at Standing Rock, when we were trying to prevent the poisoning of water…

So, yeah, the concern for health is not genuine.  And the fact that they are paying hospitals $40,000 for every patient diagnosed with covid19  screams of driving up numbers to make it look like a lot more people have it than they do.

With all this in mind, I could not go along to get along.  It has grave consequences for me because once you don’t have a job the evil ones think they have the right to harass you even more.

As what happened today…when I left my room just to go see about trading some coins (not worth anything).  A man in a gray luxury car pulls next to me and stays steady with me as I go down the road, minding my own business.  The look on his face was not one I will forget soon.   I admit that I lost it after the stress of the last few days and said some choice words.  I have had enough of these criminals harassing me.

So that is a taste of what is to come.  Hunger Games.

To a loyal friend…

This is a more personal blog to a long lost friend…

I saw you crying in a vision. God Bless your Good Heart.

What happened to me was the evil ones’ fault, not anybody else’s.  I know that you would never deliberately try to hurt me.

Please know that you helped me by standing by me in those dark moments when I had no idea what was happening nor why.  You stood up for me in court, which I will never forget.  I did not realize the true extent of the evil surrounding me.  But my instincts were urging me to get out, and as time goes on, I realize those instincts were spot on.  Not only to save myself but my children, as well.

These are very dark times and I wish I could talk to you, but I have to be where I am as it is God’s wishes.

God Be With You.  God Be with All of Us Good Hearts.



Federal Judge Son Killed

You know, I read a report on this and went searching further for more information.  Before I even viewed the video below, I wondered if the Clintons were connected.

A few minutes in, I got my answer — this judge was recently assigned the case of Deutsche Bank investors lawsuit….and its lending to Jeffrey Epstein.

Bingo.  Clinton connection.

And the murder was so bold, that it had to have been done by someone who doesn’t fear the law or being held accountable.


The Clintons fit that with all the “suicided” people.  A post on Waco, with the Clintons own bodyguards killed execution style in a satanic sacrifice of women and children, just like what happened to Native folk at Wounded Knee.

This post is on the NYPD officers being “suicided” after viewing a video that was on Anthony Weiner’s laptop of his wife and Hillary Clinton torturing and raping a young girl. Here is the follow up post to that, with a better video explaining it.

And Jeffrey Epstein is not dead.  He is still alive. I felt his spirit and saw him laughing at the nooz saying he had committed suicide and then later that he had been killed.  The guards were drugged that night, and the post mortem revealed it was impossible to break one’s neck by what Epstein had available in that cell.  The person in that cell, if there were a person in that cell in the morning, was possibly someone with cosmetic surgery made to look like Epstein.  My post on sensing him with the Clintons here.

So about 3 minutes in, we have the former Secret Service agent, with a star behind him, throwing schtuff out there to see what sticks.    Knowing how much Washington is involved in the occult, I will withhold judgment of whether he is a Good Heart or not.  He does make the statement that this could be 5 years back.  The Clintons could still be involved if it were 5, 10, or 20 years back…

This was an attack on whomever opened the door.  It was to send a clear message. If the judge had been killed, then the next judge would think twice before accepting the case.  But killing the judge’s son is enough for her to excuse herself from the case and send fear to any other judge that takes the case.  Mission accomplished, if the judge does not stay on the case.  It would be hard for me, if it were my child.  But I would also trust in God that my child did not suffer and went quickly.  And as I have said in prior posts, nobody dies alone.  Your relatives come to you to bring comfort when you pass.

And there is a personal angle here, as Deutsche Bank is the one that ultimately took my house.  And it was so cleverly hidden that until last year, I did not know that Deutsche Bank was involved in stealing my house.  Tell me, how does a bank get away with throwing someone out of their house illegally?  Why is someone else living in my house after paying HALF of what it was worth? Why is there no remedy to this?  That house belongs to me!!



In their own words…face masks

Video here on how they were telling us we would not be protected by face masks:


Several things popped into my head watching this:

–The guy with the water jug over his head will be breathing his own exhalations, including carbon dioxide.  Putting a plastic bag over the head is one way that some people have committed suicide.

–Our immune system is a perfect machine that adjust to anything that is thrown at it.  It was designed to destroy the bad things, when we take care of it by getting fresh air, sunshine, non-chemically raised food, clean water, exercise, and rest.  As I wrote before, I have two breast lumps.  In my family, my grandmother died of breast cancer. Two uncles had cancer.  Two grandfathers had cancer.  My Dad had cancer.  So it is very prevalent and we are susceptible to it.  So I don’t take it lightly that a change to eating more raw fruits and vegetables, fasting, and prayer have helped reduce those lumps from one inch to a quarter inch and the other one disappeared completely.  They  are stubborn and persistent because they have been around since 2011.  Probably earlier than that because I had a lump in 1998 that disappeared.  It was biopsied and declared benign.

My immune system was nearly destroyed by heavy metal toxicity brought on by dental amalgams.  I had good health until I had that horrible poison put in my mouth.  I was forced to take an MMR vaccine in order to attend college.  I realize now that after I had that vaccine, I showed the exact symptoms others have reported after vaccine poisoning.  Brain inflammation is one of them. The heavy metals set me up, and the MMR vaccine destroyed or I should say nearly destroyed the rest.

Don’t let them force you to take a vaccine. Ever.

And what he says at 6:58 is absolutely the truth.  It has already been put into place with Pres. Obama.  The last thing he did in office was sign into law that these self-important satanists could force you to take a vaccine.  That is why I and 125,000 other Americans signed the petition against it.

Petition.Against.Forced.Vaccinations.3.3.2015 125k signatures

Alan Dershowitz is a piece of work saying that you have “no right to endanger the lives”.  Clever way to put it, so it seems like you are the problem, instead of you asserting your rights as a human being.  It is a lie, by the way, because throughout medical history, it has been ILLEGAL TO FORCE someone to undergo ANY MEDICAL TREATMENT AGAINST THEIR WILL.

This was brought to a head when the horrible medical experiments the nazis did on the prisoners.  They were satanists causing pain and suffering for their sick twisted minds.

The trials of the doctors who experimented on them reinforced the rights of we humans to make medical decisions with full knowledge of what was being done to our bodies.

We as citizens of a democracy have full and unalienable rights to decide what is best for us.

And, drum roll please, Dr. Fauci is employed by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Bill Gates is a  eugenicist and has been advocating forced vaccination for years.  And he is not advocating vaccination to help anyone, but to get rid of people he believes are defective.  That is, anyone who does not worship satan.



Live Free or Die

Somehow, human beings have managed to survive illnesses for over 10,000 years…without masks.  There is absolutely NO PROOF that a mask will help stop any illness and may even contribute to health issues by us breathing in our exhalations.   There is a reason we are exhaling that air — it is carbon dioxide and other things that are toxic to us — that is why we are designed to exhale them.

Live Free or Die.

The Native folk have a great saying “A Great Day to Die…”  It means that dying while standing up for what you believe in is an honorable and courageous thing to do.

I would rather live while I am alive then to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death.  (last part was a great quote I read)


They know no boundaries…

So, I forgot to add this last week for examples of how these creeps operate and how they use half-truths to make something appear legitimate.

I was walking back to work after eating lunch in my truck, which I usually do to avoid them in the cafeteria.

So I’m walking along and suddenly see movement in my peripheral vision.  Someone who wasn’t there a minute ago has suddenly appeared and is keeping pace with me, trying to get in front of me.  They do this so they can say that I am “looking” at them. Like I said, just because I look at you doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you.  Their always about sex, as the next story will illustrate…

So I slow my pace so that she will do one of two things: slow her pace, too. Or she will have to enter the building so she will miss getting paid whatever it is they are paying these horrible people.  (I have seen a LOT of paper plates on cars lately.  This is a common phenomenon with gangstalkers.   They appear to have funds for new cars even though their jobs don’t pay enough to afford such an expense.)

The next story is truly shocking at how far they will go to shock and embarrass me.

Again, I went to my truck to eat my lunch.  I notice a man in a black truck parked at an angle.  It bothered me immediately because it was at such an angle to look like the intention was to block me in.  I thought…here we go…

But that wasn’t the intention, after all.

The man’s door was wide open as I approached, and he was  with a woman.  He closed the door and she starts to lean over him and then her head completely disappears, if you get my drift.  And if you don’t get my drift, you are too young to be reading this blog.

I got in my truck and got the hell out of there.  Emphasis on the hell.

Unreal.  I still can’t believe this happened in broad daylight and this couple was so bold.  I had no doubt they were part of the gangstalkers, but a phone call I received later in the day sealed it.

The woman made reference to the very act I saw in the parking lot.

And no, I don’t believe in coincidences.   She made several vulgar statements about the company I work for, and then she made reference specifically to that sex act.  No way that it was coincidence.

That is how vulgar these people are and how there are no boundaries with them.  Think about that for a second.