Selling out the Earth via Keystone Pipeline


Well, this is news I didn’t need to wake up to today.

Methinks the writer is an oil industry proponent…by the slanted view of this piece.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said last Thursday that he was prepared to bring a measure approving the pipeline to the Senate floor despite the administration’s continued reluctance to determine the project’s fate.

Reid is no fan of the pipeline, but he is feeling heat from his own members to bring the issue up for a vote – possibly this week – provided Republicans agree to support a separate energy efficiency bill drafted by Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Rob Portman (R-OH).


Ever heard of “just say no”, Harry?  Tell me, what price is a soul going for nowadays? $10,000?  $100,000? $1,000,000?  Because the Keystone XL is the end of us.  The Earth cannot take any more–we are at the point of…

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The Pee and Poo Show **edited


The title is funny, but the subject is serious — flushing human waste into clean drinking water just doesn’t make sense.  I was thinking that you could only utilize a composting toilet in the country, where you could have room to separate compost piles by year.  But I was wrong, as this  brilliant couple illustrates.

I love how they have utilized their space to raise vegetables and fruit and bees and collecting rainwater.  Absolutely sustainable.

Who knew we could save the world through poop?😛

If you look at the comments, someone has added a link to the humanure website.  They also question separating the pee and poop–I think this gal wanted to use the urine right away for the nitrogen to fertilize her vegetables and such, but everyone has different goals, so separating it may not be a big to-do for them.

From Joe Jenkins, author of the Humanure…

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Ohio River and the West Virginia spill

Just an example of what happens when toxins are dumped into rivers…it travels to other comunities that had nothing to do with the toxic spill nor receive any economic benefit nor clean up dollars as we saw in the Traverse City blog. No matter how much money is thrown at it…it is never enough. Never. So a wise person would say that it would be a wise choice to not pollute in the first place.


So…the spill in West Virginia in the Elk River has gone into the Ohio River and is headed our way…so I went looking to see how the authorities are dealing with it…

I found that the Cincinnati folk are right on this–

When I looked for Indiana authorities’ action on it…nothing.  No surprise there.  The Indiana Dept. of Environmental (MIS-) Management allows businesses three years between inspections.  West Virginia could happen here. (and probably already has, but without nary a peep from anyone who knows about it.)

But I did find this disturbing report.  Indiana is guilty of dumping 15 MILLION pounds of toxins into the waterways.  Good Grief!

Here’s yet another disturbing report of BP once again poisoning a body of water from the Whiting, Indiana, refinery…you know, the petcoke we’ve talked about.  This time,  it’s our wonderful Lake Michigan they’re dumping mercury into….where is the media coverage here? …

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Pipeline rupture report of 2009 buried

Reblogging because of the similarities with DAPL. The Native nations also have the right to refuse the pipeline being built, but again, they were ignored.


Warrior Publications has this up on a report of yet another pipeline rupture that was buried since 2009.  Accidentally, of course…/snark

Nathan Lemphers says “it’s hard to guess intentions” as to why this report was buried….

…yeah, I’m not buying it, either, that it was an “oversight” that the damning report was never to see sunlight.  There are too many incidents of the oil industry interfering with freedom of the press and freedom of speech for it to be unintentional.

Let’s not forget the Arkansas oil spill that we wouldn’t have heard about, if it were up to the mainstream media. Or the massive devastation of the Gulf that BP tried to hide (and unfortunately, did a pretty good job of interfering with photographers and having dead dolphins carted away before they could document them.)

The tide was turned against the Vietnam war through the media…once one sees how devastating…

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If you see an Eagle…

Oh beautiful…for spacious skies….for amber waves of grain…for purple mountains majesty above the fruited plain…


…thank an environmentalist!

They sounded the alarm about DDT affecting the eagle’s reproductive abilities.  They would have surely been extinct by now.

(Just doing my part to counteract the constructed prejudice of environmentalists-as-terrorists.)

Bald eagle wallpapers 8

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10 Biggest Oil Spills in History

Reblogging this for obvious reasons.


We don’t hear a lot about oil spills in other parts of the world…we’re lucky if we hear about ALL of them in our little corner of the world…so I thought I’d post this on the worst that has happened.

From the Gulf War in Kuwait:

The largest oil spill the world has seen exacted little permanent damage on coral ecosystems and local fisheries, according to a report by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission at Unesco. The study concluded that about half the oil evaporated, one-eighth of it was recovered and another quarter washed ashore, mostly in Saudi Arabia.


I found it hard to believe that this spill had not done a lot of damage…especially now that there are cases of MERS in Saudi Arabia that are on the increase.

Could oil spills from over a decade ago be impacting the immune health of the folks there? I don’t know…

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Why you need to fight for the environment…


Traverse City, Michigan.  The industry that poisoned the land and water is looong gone, but today, 2015, they are still cleaning up from environmental contamination during the years of 1955-87–dry cleaning until 1987.

Tetrachloroethylene (PCE)   (PERC) Note that it took only four hours to reach toxicity for rabbits, rats, and mice if I’m reading this correctly.  It’s also very interesting that this toxic chemical can cause hepatitis.

Trichloroethene (TCE)

1,2 dichloroethene (DCE) Note that the toxicity of rabbits, mice, and rat was also at 4 hours exposure.

Vinyl chloride  Note that toxicity can include death.  Ataxia is best described as walking like you’re drunk.  You run into walls, you lose your balance easily.  This is part of heavy metal poisoning and resulting leaky gut, as well.

And so we have the neocons/neolibs fighting EPA once again for cracking down on polluters….whining they are being too haaaard on…

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