Fool me once…

Here is a good piece on dumping nuclear waste onto South Dakota.  As the article asserts, energy companies have a history of lying to the public about the safety and intentions of a project.  We all know how radioactive energy kills people.

We saw this just recently in Fukushima…where we are still seeing the devastation of this disaster.  We all know how the public officials lied to the public to cover up just how terrible this incident was.

Nuclear waste for a national nuclear dump in South Dakota would most likely be hauled on Interstates 90 and 29,

Yep. I already see this with the explosion of roadwork with paths leading from Interstate 90.  The pace for building this path of Death is at warp speed.  They clearly know that what they are doing is against public opinion, so they are working at a furious pace to circumvent public outcry and public resistance.   Creeps.

We see how even if all precautions are taken, nature can and does destroy nuclear power plants.  That is out of our control, for the most part.  Geoengineering is quite dangerous for its ability to manufacture weather.  As the article states, storing inside the Earth is also a crap shoot.  The record for safety clearly indicates that the fit will hit the shan at some point in time.

So…the common tactic by energy companies and politicians who sold out is to downplay the poisonous repercussions and promote it as a jobs creator.  This article mentions Heather Wilson, president of School of Mines.  Based on what I observe, the students have no respect for South Dakota, the Black Hills, and nature in general.  They trash the Hills with beer cans, plastic bottles, fast food wrappers, mattresses, broken furniture, and so on.   They clearly have contempt for the beautiful and spiritual Black Hills.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or rock scientist) to see that they don’t value the Earth, other than what can be extracted without giving back.  And no, putting nuclear waste into the Earth is not “giving back”, but further raping the Earth…


Spent Nuclear Fuel:
Spent nuclear fuel would be deadly for 250,000 years or more.
Spent nuclear fuel contains long lived deadly radioactive isotopes.
Isotope half lives are the time it takes for the radioactivity to decay by half the original amount.

Uranium – half life up to 4.4 billion years depending on what isotope of Uranium
Plutonium – half life 7000 to 80.8 million years depending on what isotope of Plutonium
Neptunium 237 – half life 2,144,000 years
Americium 241 – half life 432.2 years
Curium – half life up to 340000 years depending on what isotope of Curium
Iodine 129 – half life 15.7 million years
Technetium-99 – half life 211,000 years
Zirconium 93 – half life 1.53 million years
Cesium 135 – half life  2.3 million years
Cesium 137 – half life 30 years
Strontium 90 – half life 28.8 years


If our ability to grow food or breathe clean air or drink clean water is destroyed, having money in the hand from a job is not going to help us.  Like the Natives have said, you can’t eat money.

It is shortsighted in that our children and grandchildren will be paying the tab for one to have a job in the present.

This goes back to the prior post of The Gift — living in harmony with nature, not destroying it.


The world today

Black and Dixi

When I look at the state of the world today…my heart breaks.

My heart aches for our generation and the generations to come.

My heart breaks.

– Dixi

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Indiana teacher grants comfort the comfortable

To those not of Indiana–Carmel is the snob capital of Indiana and possibly the world…and Zionsville isn’t far behind, from what I am told…
They are the type of communities that if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. I have seen this happening for some time, however, as I was shocked when Lilly Endowment began awarding scholarships to children of well-to-do parents in the town I grew up in. They had more than enough money to send their 1.5 children to college, but were greedy in taking money that could have helped a poor but gifted child to attend college. No shame.

School Matters

You hear a lot about the idea that teachers should be rewarded with higher pay for agreeing to work in the most challenging school districts, the ones with the highest percentages of poor children.

We do things differently in Indiana. Under the state’s Teacher Performance Grant program, created by the legislature and included in state law, we are rewarding teachers in low-poverty schools.

It probably wasn’t intentional, but it’s worked out that way. The grants are awarded to school corporations according to a formula that includes the passing rate on ISTEP exams, high school graduation rates and year-to-year improvement on both.

In practice, the more affluent schools – which tend to have higher test scores and graduation rates – get the bigger grants. The school corporations decide how to divvy up the money among teachers who are rated highly effective or effective.

The Indiana Department of Education informed schools of

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The Gift

I am surrounded by such beauty that I can’t wrap my brain around those that toss their plastic shopping bags, trash bags, cups, and other un-natural stuff into streams, on to the land, and so on.

It reeeaaally makes no sense when these folks are out admiring the beauty of nature…then toss their trash on the ground.  Hello??

I can’t get enough of the beauty. I stand there in awe at the peacefulness.  The stillness…and then a bird sings its song.  The gentle water flows over the river stones. I walk along, and the energy of the more rapid water is felt as it crashes over the boulders.  A beaver wisely builds its home among the security of the stone hill.  A family of geese take note of the human and take off for the other shore side.  Baby loons ride on their mother’s back and she swims away to safety.  Trees as tall as three story buildings tower over me with their gentle shield.  Dogs come running by as they chase one another and plow into the water, as happy as can be.  Freedom.  A puppy sees the reed I am holding  (after using it to pluck yet another plastic bag out of the water), and comes running over, wanting to play with it.  “Twelve weeks old,”  the owner states, after I inquire to its age.

And this Gift was just given to us…no payment required…just live in harmony with nature, and it’s there forever.

I don’t believe that we were commanded to be lords over nature and destroy it…or see it as an adversary, like we were at war with nature, as I posted here.

Why would we be commanded to destroy something God created?

My belief is that part of the Spiritual War going on now is to destroy nature….because *Who* would want to destroy something that God created?

Who would want to put nuclear waste in the Earth to further destroy the Earth?  Well, we know the War Industry benefits off of nuclear weaponry…so…

It’s like God gave us a gift and we said “F” you…



Shutting down communications

You know, the first thing that a country does to another when they are at war is to shut down communications.

When you think about the lack of true reporting in the media, one can see that breaking communications is a very effective tool.  Americans are deliberately kept in the dark about what is happening in their own country.


I’ve been experiencing unprecedented interference with my personal email account.  All of them have prevented me from readily accessing them.  All at the same time.  There is no such thing as coincidence.

I have also noticed an unprecedented denial of information across the internet.  This I have noticed increased within the last six months.  But truly, it has been longer that information has been denied — with Yahoo! and Google deciding for me what information I will see.  They always couch it in terms of “preferences” to give the viewer a “better experience”.  Um-hmmm.  Did I ask google or Yahoo to do this? NO.  So why do they pretend that they are performing some service when the viewer has not requested such?

Why, if they are truly concerned about security, would they *even* have a “keep me logged in” box??  That is a great security risk.

MH 370, the dream, and the *evidence*

Okay, so I’m still following the story of MH370, the Malaysian flight that disappeared.

Reports are saying that the airplane blew apart the minute it hit the water. This is based on a piece of a torn plane that they guess is part of MH370…then they guess that the plane blew apart because of that piece.  They have been saying that all along the plane blew apart when it hit the ocean…based on nothing.  Now we suddenly have pieces of *A plane* showing up years after the plane disappeared.  How convenient.

We saw that a huge plane like that land on the Hudson River and remain in one piece…so it is not impossible.  They ruled this out before having any evidence to support the plane breaking apart upon impact.  That is beyond irresponsible.

There have been many plane crashes over the years and this debris could be from ANY of them.  Notes on crashed flights TWA 800, PanAm 214.  It should be noted that both flights were manufactured by Boeing, but different models.  I couldn’t bring up pictures of the 747 or 707, but I would guess that they both have the same markings as the Boeing plane of MH370.  In keeping an open mind, one could say that although PanAm214 crashed on land, the debris could be planted somewhere else.

My dream was so powerful, that I am standing by it.  What I saw was the plane at the bottom of the ocean, everyone still strapped in their seats, with the exception of the three bodies I saw float to the top.  The feeling that I got was that they had something to do with the plane going down.  These people were seated in the left side of the plane as one faces the front.  They were possibly seated in the first three seats as one enters the passenger area.  I’m also sensing there was one behind a row or two…so either two were seated in the first three seats, or all three were…a little fuzzy there.

That dream was as lucid as any I have ever had.  There was a reason that I was shown this.  Sometimes I don’t always know why I am shown things, but with the suspicious nature of the plane’s disappearance and the link to the Rothschilds, one has to be open to dark motives.

I stand by the dream, as it came from God.  I trust in God, and do not trust in men and women who may be working for the Dark side.  Time will tell what and why I was shown this…


Ginger Bug

I read a post on fermented lemonade…it sounded so yummy, but I cannot tolerate whey (not recommended on GAPS diet nor on the autism diet against gluten, dairy, soy, and corn). So I went searching for another way to ferment lemonade, and found this wordpress page. I can’t experiment with it right now, but plan to as soon as possible…fermented lemonade sounds refreshing as well as good for you with probiotics. Enjoy.

The Zero-Waste Chef

Click here to jump to the recipe

I have posted pics of my ginger bug on Instagram a couple of times but without directions. When people then ask how to actually make the ginger bug, they probably want more guidance than “mix some ginger, sugar and water together and add more daily for about five days.” But really, that’s about all you do.

Like a sourdough starter, to make a ginger bug, you transform basic ingredients—rather microbes covering the ginger and floating around in your kitchen transform them—into wonderful yeasty goodness that you can then use to ferment your recipe. Also like a sourdough starter, your ginger bug needs regular feeding. I would love to take on more starters but I have hit my limit at four. They are like pets. I don’t want wind up the crazy cat lady of fermentation.

If you have been yearning to concoct some…

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