Keep plugging the petition against forced vaccinations **edited **UPDATED 9.16.15

We’re on our way with the petition against forced vaccinations.  It’s interesting that the petition to remove anything other than medical from the vaccine exemptions is still prominently displayed on the website, with only 211 signatures, while this petition, with 34,000+ signatures has been buried below –requiring one to click on the “allow” button to see all the petitions.

So I’m putting it up here again in hopes we can meet and exceed the goal.  We have a right to decide what goes into ours and our children’s bodies.  We have a right to all the information against vaccines that is currently being buried.  We have a right to know what goes on in “vaccine court” that is presently not being publicized.  We have a right to address Big Pharma and force them to acknowledge vaccine injuries and to be forced to suffer the legal and financial consequences.

**edited to add:  I’m adding the link to the National Vaccine Information’s page on pending legislation for all the states.

***edited again to add the page to Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet’s death investigation fund for what appears to be murder.


UPDATE:  Well, as of July 28, 2015, they closed the petition.  This date is questionable because of new legislation giving the Pharma Gestapo more power by eliminating proof that a product is safe and effective before unleashing on to the American public; and by Rep. Posey going before Congress yesterday; and the news that there have been many alternative doctors winding up dead…especially in Florida.

With regards to Dr. Bradstreet’s murder (I’m calling it that), news has come out that he was treating autistic patients with GcMAF.  The FDA raided his office, specifically looking for any GcMAF that he might have, the patients that he gave it to, any and all files related to it.

A couple of videos:

(A note here–Dr. Doom has other videos out but I don’t feel comfortable putting them up.)

And a video explaining what GcMAF is:

There are two parts to this video.

Given the heavyhandedness of the Pharma Gestapo to force vaccination, disregarding a persons’ right to refuse medical treatment, given the George H.W. Bush*** Administration allowing HIV to be inserted in mycoplasma in vaccines given to the military and prisoners, and given that so many children have been seriously and permanently injured/disabled after vaccination…if Dr. Bradstreet discovered that GcMAF would counteract the horrible ingredients in vaccines…and the FDA (Big Pharma) raiding his office specifically looking for that treatment….

***correction from Clinton Administration, which also forced experimental drugs on the troops.

Well, you are intelligent enough to draw your own conclusions.

I’ve been reading about other dead doctors related to this, most notably Dr. Sievers, an M.D. who used natural methods to cure her patients.

UPDATE 9.16.15:  I found an interview of Dr. Bradstreet’s family here:

Also, gang, I am “sticking” this to the front page.  You’ll have to look for new posts beneath it.

Protected: Sound of Silence

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Acidic and Alkaline Foods

I found this list of alkaline and acidic foods and thought I’d pass it along — I have read about cancer cells not being able to grow in an alkaline environment, so it’s a helpful list in that respect.  It’s also helpful in pointing out food that is just plain bad for us.

I’m discovering a lot of information about the Rockefeller connection not only to the Bushes, but to our increasingly draconian medical system.  Everything makes more sense now with forced vaccinations and the denial of natural methods for treatment.  Gotta make more money, more money, more money….and they really don’t care that their “treatment” creates more problems than it cures.

Be well, my friends.

Paris “Attacks” False Flag – Exposed

Okay, so my hunch on the newest Paris “attack” has more evidence of a False Flag.

Below are some pretty good videos that expose the fraud:

Young Philosopher has this:

This is my favorite of all of them because it shows how ridiculous the guy with the cell phone looks as a “witness”.  I mean, the grape juice stain is freaking hilarious!  And when the narrator says “Samsung gets free advertisement” — my ears perked up.  Can you say product placement?  I knew that you could.

And it’s interesting that Thomas Roberts, of MSNBC, specifically mentioned a *cough* victim with blood all over her shirt.  They’re getting wise to the missing blood, folks….we’ll probably see more fake blood in the fake videos.

Not only is there product placement for Samsung, but perhaps a “thanks” for putting cameras in TV sets without warning the American public?

This video also points to a crisis actor that has the worst luck — I mean, really, how many disasters can a poor girl take?  /snark

And the two coffee cups on the table?  Anybody remember about the small earthquake in D.C., where people were freaking out because their coffee cups were turned on their sides?

Finally, Geraldo Riviera’s daughter “just happens” to be there….at a soccer game.  Oops.  Like the guy said — you just can’t make this stuff up.  :p

Here’s another video with more detailed info — note at the end when he says “courage” — if you have seen the movie Wag the Dog, you might remember the “courage Mom” part of the whole fake nooz of the fake war hero.  Interesting, don’t you think?

Is it just me, or does the Charlie Hebdo guy look like CIA?

There are more people questioning the first Paris “attacks” as being false flags, too.  The fact that the guy shot on the sidewalk does not bleed, nor does he even have a head wound after being shot…witnesses said police came later and put fake blood around him…

When you look at the pictures from yesterday’s AP “coverage” of the story, it’s scary as hell when you look at it through a different lens.  They had armed troops covered in black from head to toe, complete with weapons and riot gear.

And they instituted Martial Law.

This should be unnerving to anyone.  Martial Law is a serious move to deny people the right to move about or even leave the country if they are concerned with their safety.  It also infringes on the basic right to privacy (but we already know that right has been suspended).

It is an extreme power grab for a situation…especially a false emergency.

Boy, am I glad I followed my instincts and left the State Dept.of Health, under DHS.  I would have been part of this farce.  I truly cannot understand how these so-called journalists can look into the camera and lie their asses off.

Have Faith, my friends.



Transcribed: Walmart’s Anti-union Employee Orientation Video


Walmarts have destroyed small town America. I avoid the place like the plague…but I wonder for how long? If people keep patronizing this business, how long will the other places be able to remain open? Don’t people think about this when they shop there? Every town looks alike now because the independents have been put out of business. And I don’t get the thought you can save money there — when I’ve had to go there because of no other option, I haven’t seen a great price difference between them and the chain grocery store I patronize. And the quality is not there, either. Send your money to China, folks!

Originally posted on deutsch29:

In my November 11, 2015, post about former US senator Mary Landrieu’s becoming a “strategic advisor” for the very-anti-union Walton Foundation, I included the following nine-minute Walmart employee training video, which came to public attention in May 2015:

The video was made public, then disappeared, then returned.

Lest the video permanently disappear, I decided to transcribe the entire video so that the content is preserved. Plus it makes for some eyebrow-raising reading.

The video is a very telling account of the Waltons’ efforts to influence new employees to avoid signing an agreement to allow a union to represent them in labor negotiations. The video is entitled, “Protect Your Signature– New Associate Orientation.”

The primary message is that unions are out to make a buck, and that working at Walmart is ideal because all one must do to resolve any issue is speak to a leader. End of story.

But those…

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An animated cartoon about charter chains


Mark Fiore at his best — he really captures the for-profit public-ish schools run by rightwing/neolibs who look at your children with dollar signs in their eyes. Pfft.

Originally posted on GFBrandenburg's Blog:

This cartoon is pretty heavy handed but makes valid points.

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Bush, Cheney, and the Rest: Greatest Generation?


The Military Industrial Complex would like you to believe that they got useful information out of torturing people. Here we have veterans saying that they got useful information without torture. Only a psychopath would enjoy torturing people.

Originally posted on Mike the Mad Biologist:

The Washington Post has an excellent story about the WWII interrogators of high level Nazis. Unlike the minions of Little Lord Pontchartrain, they managed to gather intelligence without torture:

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Paris “Attacks”

There have been yet more *cough*  attacks in Paris, France.  Run!  Hide! Be verrrrry verrrry scared!

These terrorists must be stopped!  We must go to war!

Oh, wait….

Yeah, if you believe this was yet another attack, I still have that oceanfront property in Indiana I have to sell.  For some reason, I can’t get any takers. :P

So here we have the first crisis actor:

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