More thoughts on gangstalking and satanic activity – Delphi Murders **edited

I touched on satanism and gangstalking with my post here.  In addition, I posted briefly on the Delphi, Indiana, murders of Abby Williams and Libby German on February 13, 2017 (Indiana State Police info here).

My strong feeling is that it was a satanic ritual — I had a vision of it.  It happened on the 13th is very key because of the date.edited to add:  Libby was murdered on the 13th, but Abby was murdered on the14th, which is key because that is some sort of special date for these evil ones.

So thinking about that, and the circumstances surrounding the crime, it just boggles the mind that these girls were taken in broad daylight…and nobody saw anything.  The press would have you believe that the area was isolated and no one was around.  According to Libby’s sister, there were 40-60 people there on the trail that day, so the girls were not out there alone.

That is where the problem lies…there were people around…but nobody saw anything…?

It was broad daylight, not after dark, very troubling.

With my experience with gangstalking, I am leaning towards this being not only satanic but a gangstalking crime.  I believe there were people there who were used as lookouts and interfered with anyone who might come close enough to see anything.  Mike Patty said that he passed a man on his way into searching for the girls and he asked the man if he saw them.  The man replied no.  **see note below**

Now, the man could have been telling the truth…and then again he could have been part of it and knew where the girls were being held but lied to Patty.  I have seen some comments that the girls were held somewhere else until dark and then were murdered.  If this man were lying, there was still time to rescue the girls.  So even if he did not participate, he still has blood on his hands because he could have told where they were and they could have been saved.

If this were a satanic ritual, even those who wish to come forward have probably been threatened.  I know that I have.  I have sent tips to the police and have had a vision of being buried alive.  This frightened me of course, but prayed about it and realized that I could not let satan frighten me into silence.

If I were buried alive, I might suffer a little while, but God the Creator would take my spirit to be with Him.  He would not let the suffering go on.

Here is one of the best videos on the case.  She is a good reporter, and does not gleefully get into what happened.  It sickens me to see how many creeps are using the girls murder for clickbait on youtube.  I think the difficulty of solving this case lies in the nature of it.   People either are involved and not going to come out about it, or they are in disbelief that anything this evil could happen here.

**Edited to add this video by Gray Hughes.  I think it confirms that there were more than one killer.  When he shows Bridge Guy at the spot Libby took the pic, I think they are being herded.  She is off the bridge at that point, and for some reason she turns to take the pic.  Her excellent instincts are kicking in.  God Bless her.

What I think happened at this point is that another man suddenly appears from behind a tree or somewhere hidden, and that Abby and Libby are concerned and turning around to get away, when they see Bridge Guy….no where for the poor girls to go.  They were entrapped.

It bothers me, too, that there is no one else on the bridge, when Libby’s sister stated there were over 40 people there that day.  It gives weight to the gangstalking theory by someone blocking others from going on the bridge.

**Update on the Pattys: The first time I came back to Indiana, October, 2021, I had another vision on this. And I have written before about Libby and Abby coming to me. They came to me and were very upset and concerned something was being planned against me.

So the vision that I had is very troubling. Both Mike and Becky Patty are involved. Evil. Becky especially put on a good show of crying and pretending to mourn the girls. First rate actress. And the vision included them coming after me because I have zeroed on it being satanic. Truly awful, evil beings that did this to them.

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