In Honor of the Warriors…

…in uniform, as well as those of us not in uniform, but fighting the good fight against evil wherever we may be in the world.

Being a warrior does not mean wanting to fight but being ready to fight for what is right….in a good way.  It means fighting the evil but not becoming the evil you are fighting against.

Trevor Hall, Warrior:

A warning to the Native folks:  Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo di Caprio, Jane Fonda, and the rest of the celebrities as well as Bernie Saunders  and Jesse Jackson are not your friends.  They used you as a photo-op for their attention seeking goals.  They are part of whatever this is….I have sensed DiCaprio and Ruffalo also have access to the technology and are “in on” whatever is going on.  Many celebrities have that access.  I have also sensed Kevin Costner, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, as well.  Fakes.  I seriously think that the movie Hunger Games was a documentary rather than a movie.  Remember, folks, they have a code that they must tell us what they are going to do….just like all the references to destroying the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Here is a great video that is one of the best documentaries of a woman warrior that risked her life and paid a dear price in the end.  Nancy Wake, woman warrior in WWII:

The rich folk were supporting both sides of the war.   Pitting sides against one another so they could profit off of the carnage.  satanists destroying life and profiting off it as well.

Bless the brave women who are often forgotten in ceremonies honoring the warriors.

Bless the warriors who do not love war and violence, but will fight for what is right.

The Native folk knew what true Freedom was and is.  There’s a great line spoken by John Trudell in the movie, Thunderheart.

Lavoy (FBI agent) : What makes you such a threat?

(Trudell)A: We choose the right to be who we are…
We know the difference between the reality of freedom and the illusion of freedom. There’s a way to live with Earth and a way NOT to live with Earth.
We choose the way of Earth.
It’s about power, Ray.

As our world becomes more controlled, I understand this quote more deeply.  Spirituality must have freedom.  Freedom must have spirituality.  It has to be a choice made without forcing someone to make that choice.  Honoring the spiritual means making a choice with responsibility and consequences in mind.

I leave you with this video, taken of my very first protest ever.  When I walked up and saw the police in riot gear, I nearly left.   I was frightened.  But something told me to stay.

This video was taken by Todd Darling, Media Bridge Dispatch, with assistance from Myron Dewey, of Digital Smoke Signals (love the name — for those who don’t know, Native folk used to send messages to one another using smoke.  They would hold a blanket over and wave it to make puffs of smoke go up, which were codes).

Myron stresses that some of the officers did not want to be there.  They actually did not want the oil pipeline to cross the Missouri River.  But yeah, some of the officers were scary because I felt a real negative energy from them.

And yes, I am in this video.  I was still wearing pants at the time.  I have since began wearing skirts and dresses.  Bless the Grandmothers who showed me that it honored the feminine. And you can be feminine and nurturing and strong all at the same time.  That was truly inspiring seeing strong women who were not violence seekers.

Knowing now that some of the officers there are from the defense contractor TigerSwan, which is based out of Saudi Arabia, is chilling.  The money and firepower is unnerving.  We were unarmed and praying.  As the one guy’s sign says:   “I’m not a terrorist, I just want clean water.”

And now Saudi Arabia has bought a controlling interest in Boeing, a defense contractor….right after several of their planes crashed to make their stock plummet. Saudis got a bargain price on the stocks.  Who made those planes crash?  No way that all those planes just suddenly crashed one right after another.  Remember that there was a blip on a nooz feed where some people were warned not to get on the first plane that crashed?  How would someone know to warn them unless it had been sabotaged?