Checking in…

So I updated the previous post with a picture of the truck that kept going back and forth in the parking lot and shining its lights on my camper.

After that, a couple nights later (? Sleep deprived, losing track of dates) — Again I get “visitors” abotu 9:30 at night.  There are 5 or so trucks parked near my camper.  NONE of them parked in a parking spot, but they grouped themselves together.  I sensed this was not a church gathering and got dressed and started to leave.  Just as I was leaving, a white truck with a flatbed pulled into the parking lot.  I have seen this truck over and over again.  He or she was driving up to the mountain every night for the gangstalkers’ meetings at 7 p.m.

So it appears that my instincts were right and something was going to happen.  It’s so easy to bully a single old woman, you know, when your buddies are around!

So I decided to seek help in getting into some housing.  I would have normally just waited until I had found a job, but with all that is happening, I wanted to get somewhere safe…

The “screening” person suggested I call a domestic violence shelter here.  I wasn’t going to because I had talked with them when I first got to town last year, and it seemed that I was being pushed towards drugs.  I don’t need drugs, I need a job that pays well enough that I can pay rent, utilities, and put groceries on the table…

But I kept getting harassed by little stuff — like sirens going off, car alarms going off (I think this is a jab at me for setting off the panic button on the truck when they hit my camper and climbed on top of it); and always sending someone around me with loud, booming music.  One chicka was playing her music loud in her car, and then dancing in the Walmart parking lot.  I told her to get away from my camper.  In normal times, I would have just endured it, but now, with them accusing me of sexual impropriety, I am taking a more assertive stance so that it is clear I do not want this person around me and have no interest in them.

So the cherry on top of the harassment is when I thought about the domestic violence place and decided that I needed to talk to them.

No sooner had I thought that, when the door locks on the truck began going up and down.  Up and down. Up and down.

You might recall this is a favorite intimidation tactic of the handlers/gangstalkers — remote control someone’s vehicle.  Nappy Head Roots video on that.  This is exactly what was happening to my vehicle.  Has never happened before and has not happened since.


And I have been seeing George Soros/Schwartz again in visions.  He is definitely behind what is going on.

I was supposed to talk to Housing today.  Just like clockwork, I get a terrible migraine yesterday.  Normally, they last for 3 days.  But I somehow beat it.  This is another favorite tactic of theirs — I “just happen” to get a migraine when I have:  a) job interview  b) first day of job  c)something important that may lead to people knowing me instead of thinking badly of me due to gossip, as in the domestic violence group.

And get this — “due to covid19, we are no longer in our offices. please call our number….”

Right on their handouts, they make the statement that it is difficult for some victims to reach out because their abuser listens in on their phone calls!  How in the world is a domestic violence victim supposed to get help??

So I guess it is better to be beaten, raped, and verbally abused so that you feel like nothing, just as long as you don’t get covid19, that 90% of the people recover from???


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