Mary Magdalene, The Healer

by eagle

Why is it that the sacred women whom have sacrificed their lives are not as prominent as Jesus?

One might ask why Mary Magdalene and Jeanne d Arc are hardly mentioned at all for their sacrifice. Indeed, Jeanne D’Arc was known by Joan of Arc, not her real name of Jeanne (pronounced jahhn).

Both of these women gave their lives for God and the people by standing up to the Church fathers. They both followed God’s instructions, not man’s. They were obedient to God, not man, not the Church.

I don’t believe the story that Mary Magdalene stayed in a cave peacefully after Jesus’ murder. She was beheaded, as evidenced by the celebration by the Catholic church, parading her skull around the town, still saying she was a saved prostitute. This is the biggest lie about her that the church still promotes.

We know of Jesus healing others, but NOTHING of Mary Magdalene being able to heal, as well. There is a story of her hand being taken to a forest fire by monks and the out of control fire died out. There are other stories of her relic being taken to heal. Those whom have touched her hand say it feels like a living hand–warm, soft and smelling sweet like Myrrh.

One has to wonder why these women are not talked about with the same respect and admiration as Jesus.

Who would want to keep this knowledge from us?

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