Testimony of Directed Energy Victims

Website here. Video is below.  It’s a dog and pony show where Obama, like FDR, seeks to placate victims by organizing this panel that can clearly give a sh*t about how they are suffering.  At one point, the MC is heard snickering to another panel member.

At the end, they are trying to shut down the conversation when more people wanted to testify.  A security guard appears out of nowhere and stands in front of them.  WTH?

This panel was convened in 2011.  Nothing has been done to stop this illegal, immoral activity.  Like I have stated before, these people are immoral satanists and they are a part of it.  EVERYTHING these people are testifying about I have personally experienced.

The last two women to testify particularly troubled me because they mirrored so much of what I and my family have experienced.

Millicent Black testified about multi-generational targeting.  Father was admitted to a national hospital (the VA?) for pineal gland cancer, but left with a plate in the back of his head.  She questions this because the pineal gland is in the front of the head.  She states that her father experienced horrendous treatment at the nursing home associated with the hospital.  She brought suit but a judge told her attorneys to drop the case.

I also suspect that my Dad was experimented on at the Indianapolis VA.  I had a vision after his passing that he fell on the floor of the hospital and the nursing staff stood around him, laughing as he lie there helplessly.  I recall that when my sister and I were visiting him, there were several staffers including a physician, who kept walking past the door, looking in nervously.  I didn’t understand at the time, but now it seems they were trying to see if Dad was telling us about their cruel treatment.  I know that on a couple occasions, it was difficult to speak with Dad.  And one time when I did talk to him, he quickly hung up the phone when a staffer came in the room.

Plus there was the thievery of the nursing home owner of Dad’s things.  And her taking out four life insurance policies out on my Dad.  We called attorneys in Indianapolis and locally.  Nobody would help us.

Millicent makes the remark that she feels this is directed at blacks.  No, sweetie, don’t make this about black/whites because as you see by the testimony, whites are being targeted too.  I am an example of that, too.  They try to pit us against one another so we won’t see that we’re both victims and could join together to fight the bastards.

The last testimony hit home the hardest.

Connie Marshall, also a black woman, former mayoral candidate of Louisville KY.  Never involved in any criminal activity, like me.  Found a note in her BANK file that said no one should answer any questions until they consulted with federal government about her file.  8 year victim of directed energy/surveillance.

—body overheating

—body extremely cold

—heart pain. heart racing.


—itching behind eyes.  eyes burning.

—hair falling out like she had chemo. (look at the white light they have put in front of the sun. This is particularly noticeable as the sun rises.  It will be a natural orange color and then morph into an unnatural white light.  The sun is NOT white, but yellow.  We are being radiated.)

—involuntary movement of limbs.


—speeding heart rate

—being placed in a hypnotized trance state

—tracked by drone

—sleep deprivation

—voice 2 skull (V2K)  voices in your head

—muscle spasms

—being made to fall down

—sexual stimulation.  (being made to feel you want sex when you don’t)

I can confirm EVERYTHING she has said.  I have experienced all of it.  And we don’t know one another.  How is it possible that we could describe the exact same symptoms if it were not true?

The saddest part is that Obama is a part of this.  As I was watching the video, I thought about how he signed into law forced vaccination just before he left office and how we got over 100,000 signatures on a petition to the Obama White House against it.  We were completely ignored and Obama used the opportunity to promote Big Pharma.

So this commission was another disruptor to weaken people’s speaking up for their right to autonomy.

And what is really infuriating is they keep couching it in the terms of “research”.  NOBODY has the right to experiment on anyone!!  THIS IS NOT RESEARCH.   It is a planned destruction of people’s bodies, minds, and eventually their souls.  It is satanic.

I reject you satan and all of your works.

I reject you satan and all of your works.

I reject you satan and all of your works.

Be gone from here.

Be gone from here.

Be gone from here.



**edited to add this comment on a book by a CIA operative Robert Duncan.  I don’t trust ANYONE from the CIA.  Nobody leaves that organization without punishment.  But I was reading the comments and this one just resounded with me:

Robert Duncan’s books about the bad guys are mostly true. I am a TI. I was kicked out of NSA after a background check revealed I was a religious pacifist…and that because I believe Jesus was a pacifist…after they fired me because of religion they continued to follow me around and made many entrapment attempts…and even one framing attempt…not sure why…maybe they were afraid I would sue them…the funniest entrapment attempt was when I blogged that I dug Thor. The very next day a fed with a blonde beard kept trying to catch my attention in Panera Bread…I just ignored him..Unable to get me to sin with porn mail and sleasy agents they began to attack me under MK Uktra in which they have tried to give me strokes and heart attacks. Their main focus seems to get everyone to sin, and when they can’t, they enjoy torturing the person to death. Making a person homeless is part of it. They especially like to fry you when you are doing good deeds. They mock you with devastating comments, like, “Why doesn’t your god defend you?” I was a librarian and learned nothing of fed covert ops while at antichrist central. What I have learned from their entrapment attempts after being kicked out: they can read your email, your blogs, they see what you google and what web pages you look at, they know what you watch on tv, they send out porn to try to entrap you…your yahoo news page may be heavily edited…your blogs may be deleted…or you may be blogging on the dark web, so that you will be the only person to see what you write…they can put wireless pinhole cameras everywhere, even in the forest, they can track you using not only by your batteryless cell phone but by your car keys as well, they can put microwave guns in your car and furniture to fry you…(did they think this up at Family Home Evening?)…they put stuff in your drinks…they pretend to be your congressman or senator…(this is why only God can destroy them)…some of the bigger stars you see at night are really drones equipped with infrared…whar is ma laser?!? Staticot fiber blocks their emf…And when the antichrist get bored with r-ping you, they turn their equipment at Lockheed Martin over to computers on weekends, federal holidays and the midnight to 8 shift, Texas time. Your fate in the hands of a souless machine with no one to hear you scream. Right, Comey? Right, Keith? Thanks for the porn. What did satan offer you?

Yes…what did satan offer you?  I would say that YOU are satan’s useful idiots because he makes promises that will not be kept.  When you are done being useful, satan will no longer need you to do his dirty work, and you will be treated the same as the rest of us who stood up against evil.