Communications 101 – Class 2

I tried to click on the Press This button for Carol A. Hand’s blog on workers going to Mercury Nevada to learn about responding to nuclear attack, but wordpress no longer recognizes that I have a blog…(sigh).    Again, I am looking at workers dressed in thin white coverings that won’t protect them in the event of a blast.  But, perhaps this was all a dog-and-pony show, where in truth the workers and Very Important People will be safely tucked away in underground cities they have been building?  I also noted when visiting Wind Cave in South Dakota that it was once used as a Fallout Shelter during the 50s nuclear bomb terrorizing campaign….

Further in the video, they talk about all these false flag hysteria events and that they would like to sue the government to get them stopped.  They don’t say who they would sue, but my guess is the Military Industrial Complex, and specifically DHS.  DHS is just the Civil Defense on steroids.  The Civil Defense was disbanded in the 70s because of abuse of power and the very actions we see now.

Here is a broadcast message from that era that seems more designed to scare the bejeebers out of people:

This was all nonsense because by the time a nuke bomb was dropped and the public was warned, it was too late.  Radiation travels too quickly for these warnings to be of any use.  As one commenter stated, we used to joke about bending over and kissing your arse good-bye. There is NO WAY covering yourself with newspaper or a thin picnic cloth would protect you from radiation!!

I felt the same way when Bush was trying to terrorize the nation after 9/11 — and FEMA was telling folks to buy duct tape and plastic wrap…give me a freaking break.


Way to scare young children!  And it’s a lie that we could protect ourselves against it.

People were building bomb shelters in the 1950s because of this — and then they figured out that they couldn’t fit their entire family into one shelter; nor their dear friends; nor their neighbors…and it suddenly dawned on them that they didn’t want to live in a world where their family, friends, and community were horribly fried to death.

Note at 7:00 — the announcer says “we must obey the Civil Defense worker”.  First, the Civil Defense worker is going to be running away, not helping others, and secondly, nobody is going to care more about your health and safety than you, and you may know a better way/alternative than what you are being told.  As we know the government is heavily influenced by corporations, and they are going to tell you what the corporations want them to.

And they even take what should be a relaxing, enjoyable day with a picnic and terrorize people into being “always alert”…that is, always afraid…

Back to the first video — they talk about  a class action lawsuit and getting a hundred thousand signatures.  Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but we had over a hundred thousand signatures on the NO FORCED VACCINATIONS petition…which was completely ignored by the White House, with Big Pharma getting yet another chance to misinform the public.

There is one more comical Civil Defense film that I can’t resist putting up:

I mean, seriously, the puppet just makes it too comical to be taken seriously.  Kind of like the “zombie” films of the DHS.  And again, it was all a lie — if your livestock survived the blast, the resulting radiation would poison the food in the fields.  No feed for the livestock and no food for you beyond two weeks.  Even now, those that live within a twenty mile radius of nuclear power plants are likely to have thyroid disease and/or cancer.  Why weren’t they worried about that?  Why were films like The China Syndrome seen as anti-government, when the Civil Defense was telling people they needed to worry about nuclear radiation fallout?  It was clear that it wasn’t about nuclear bombs at all, but instead instilling continual fear into people in order to control them.

Three Mile Island, which nearly had a meltdown like the China Syndrome, happened not too long after the premier of the movie.  Note how the plant operators fled after the accident.


What the Thompsons say they found out during their time inside TMI suggests radiation releases from the plant were hundreds if not thousands of times higher than the government and industry have acknowledged — high enough to cause the acute health effects documented in people living near the plant but that have been dismissed by the industry and the government as impossible given official radiation dose estimates. 

The Thompsons tried to draw attention to their findings and provide health information for people living near the plant, but what they say happened next reads like a John Grisham thriller.


It includes the story of Jean Trimmer, a farmer who lived in Lisburn, Pa. about 10 miles west of TMI. On the evening of March 30, 1979, Trimmer stepped outside on her front porch to fetch her cat when she was hit with a blast of heat and rain. Soon after, her skin became red and itchy as if badly sunburned, a condition known as erythema. About three weeks later, her hair turned white and began falling out. Not long after, she reported, her left kidney “just dried up and disappeared” — an occurrence so strange that her case was presented to a symposium of doctors at the nearby Hershey Medical Center. All of those symptoms are consistent with high-dose radiation exposure

There was also Bill Peters, an auto-body shop owner and a former justice of the peace who lived just a few miles west of the plant in Etters, Pa. The day after the disaster, he and his son — who like most area residents were unaware of what was unfolding nearby — were working in their garage with the doors open when they developed what they first thought was a bad sunburn. They also experienced burning in their throats and tasted what seemed to be metal in the air. That same metallic taste was reported by many local residents and is another symptom of radiation exposure, commonly reported in cancer patients receiving radiation therapy.



Wing reanalyzed the Columbia scientists’ data, looking at cancer rates before the TMI disaster to control for other possible risk factors in the 10-mile area. His peer-reviewed results, published in 1997, found positive relationships between accident dose estimates and rates of leukemia, lung cancer and all cancers. Where the Columbia study found a 30 percent average increase in lung cancer risk among one group of residents, for example, Wing found an 85 percent increase. And while the Columbia researchers found little or no increase in adult leukemias and a statistically unreliable increase in childhood cases, Wing found that people downwind during the most intense releases were eight to 10 times more likely on average than their neighbors to develop leukemia.


In the vocabulary section below the story is this:

Strontium—a highly reactive chemical element whose radioactive isotope, strontium-90, is produced by nuclear fission. It takes the place of calcium in bones and can lead to bone disorders including cancer.

Ai,yi,yi — if you recall, Strontium is in chemtrails/geoengineering trails.  Gets even scarier, doesn’t it?

Finally, I leave you with another time and place when the media created panic:  This was on the radio when it was the only form of communication.  There weren’t any TV’s.  No internet. Certainly no cell phones.  And even with those forms of communication — whomever owns the station — be it defense contractor or Big Pharma — will control the message.

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    Reblogging this due to the nuclear energy/radiation they now want to foist upon South Dakota…one of the few states that does not have nuclear reactors. It’s interesting that they want to get at the states that don’t have nuclear power plants. And it’s not that South Dakota (read: Native Americans) haven’t been exposed to radiation…there is exposure from uranium mines:

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