Communications 101 – Class 2

Reblogging this due to the nuclear energy/radiation they now want to foist upon South Dakota…one of the few states that does not have nuclear reactors. It’s interesting that they want to get at the states that don’t have nuclear power plants. And it’s not that South Dakota (read: Native Americans) haven’t been exposed to radiation…there is exposure from uranium mines:

**edited to add:  another link on trying to turn South Dakota into a nuclear dump (I swear I didn’t know of this site before mentioning Yucca Mountain in the previous blog):


Here is another good video on spotting fake nooz.  CNN and MSNBC are so bad now that it’s hard not to laugh at the hysteria they are trying to create.  If it weren’t so serious, I would be laughing…but, alas…

They touch on Ebola, the time in which this tape appears to have been made.  At the time, it was alarming to me how cavalier the medical professionals involved were acting — now I understand why.  It never occurred to me that they would fake a medical event like this.  Vaccine hysteria I could see, but I gave them waaaay to much credit for ethics in that they would *never* fake a medical emergency.  It is too important, I thought.  But as they analyze it, I start to think about the nurse that refused to stay quarantined and how the nurse who contracted Ebola at the Presbyterian hospital did so…

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