The War on Feminism and The Normalisation of Misogyny in Australia

This is so freaking outrageous I can’t even get beside myself. We already live in a rape culture and this asshole is putting gas on the fire.
In the last month, I have seen a woman with two black eyes, another woman with a black eye and missing front teeth; another woman with a bruised cheek and missing front teeth; others whose scars are spiritual wounds and are hidden from view….
So, no, I don’t want to give this piece of work more publicity that he craves…please do what you can to counteract the rape culture. Educate yourself on verbal abuse (a good book is this: ); read books on boundaries….we have been conditioned to ignore boundaries and respecting others’ rights to be let alone and to have their own space and their own privacy. And if you are able, please help domestic violence shelters. A good one in need is White Buffalo Calf Woman Society in Mission, South Dakota. They need your donations.

Unload and Unwind

gender_equality_scale_450Since I was a young girl I believed I lived in a world where my gender made no difference whatsoever.  I was raised to see myself as a person whose worth was measured by my deeds, my achievements and my failures.

As I grew older I continued to see the world through this lens.  As a someone who attended a girls only private school those teachings were re-enforced.  The subject of whether or not I was in anyway less capable or deserving than my male counterparts was so unheard of that it didn’t even bear mentioning.

While studying history I learnt about the long fight for women’s rights and their battle to be seen as equal in our society but to me that was all it was History.  Even at university where I was introduced to a much deeper appreciation of the legacy that those who have come before us let…

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One thought on “The War on Feminism and The Normalisation of Misogyny in Australia

  1. Thank you for the re-blog and I agree with you about giving this man anymore attention so I have tried to put it in such a way as to use it and some other groups as examples of how we are losing ground in gender equality as well as basic human compassion. I will take a look at the shelter you named however being in Australia makes it harder to assist them other than by donation. I do pro-bono work for a number of privately funded shelters [government funding is few and far between] and provide what assistance I can give to them.

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