Lab Results of chemtrails: France, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia **updated

…were included over TWO DECADES of lab testing of whatever it is that they are spraying on us.  And it ain’t pretty.  Just think about the so-called bacteria that NASA released in the balloons during the solar eclipse…how do we even know it was bacteria? Because NASA said so?  What if it was the horrible stuff talked about in this video — that gets into your lungs and destroys them?  These people are psychopaths at the very least and satanists if nothing else.  They have convinced themselves that they are God and they have the right to “engineer” people and all living things on Earth!

Lyme or Morgellons, whatever name you want to give this synthetic crap, is characterized by some ill patients as having strings coming out of their skin, pictured here  (warning — may make you want to barf).    It’s not a long shot to see the connection between microfibers being released into the atmosphere and the body developing string-like things coming out.

And how do you like the name they give themselves? Futurist…what a play on words, as this technology can only mean the end of life on Earth.  Douchebag would be a more apt name for these psychopaths.

Here is a video showing the fibers clearly:


It’s also interesting to note the glue-like quality of the Morgellons/Lyme.  As discussed in the video below, a fungus develops with this, and it is very difficult to get rid of because of the glue-like quality of it.  When I am detoxing, the sand in my eyes becomes very difficult to remove — very sticky like glue.



So they are now trying to say that they are spraying to combat climate change and the sun and clean water….

…if they were so concerned about clean water, then why did they employ Blackwater/TigerSwan to violently stop the water protectors at Standing Rock?






Yellowstone not looking good

Mary Greeley has the latest on Yellowstone, and it’s not looking good, folks.  In the comments, Mary talks about the 7.3 earthquake in Iraq Sunday affecting Yellowstone.  Kinda makes you see that complex picture of how the natural environment works — something on the opposite side of the world affects us and vice versa.