Cowardice **edited

…means you are not honorable.

…means you use weapons on women, children, animals, the elderly, and others who don’t have the resources to defend themselves.  You use weapons that one cannot see.  You use technology to invade their homes, their bank accounts, their means of communication, whether it be by telephone or electronic.

….means you use others in their community to harass them continually to force them to your will.

Let me give you a brief glimpse of how they have been messing with me, a truth teller.  All I can say is that it means that I have struck a chord and what I am saying is true, otherwise they would not be harassing me continually.

  1.  I will not be getting my legal tax return refund this year.  I sent it to the appropriate address in March.  A month later, I get a letter, unsigned by any agent mind you, that says I have to call their 800 number because “they don’t know if this is you”  filing the tax return.  Mind you, they never questioned who I was when I filed a tax return in South Dakota.  I got my return with no problem.  So I call the 800 number and….wait for it…I get a recorded message (no human) that tells me I have to go to the web site.  I go to the website and ….wait for it…it says I have to call the 800 number to identify myself.  Yep.

Not only this harassment, but when I moved back to Indiana, the Housing Authority here demanded that I show them my tax return.  I know this is really stupid, but I was in a hurry to send my return in last year, so I didn’t make a copy.  Stupid, I know.

so….I went to ask for a copy of my return and the IRS was demanding $50 (!!) to send a copy of the tax return to the Housing Authority.  Housing claimed that they never received a copy, after waiting for six weeks.  I mailed another letter to the IRS, and never got a reply.

and no other Housing Authority has EVER demanded a tax return — not Fort Wayne (a superb agency), and not the two housing authorities I had dealings with in South Dakota.  One even said she had never heard of housing authorities asking for tax returns.  Good Lord, they get enough documentation on your wages (from the employer), documentation from food stamps, documentation from your landlord, and on and on.

By the time the Housing Authority here approved me, six months later, it was minus 14 degrees in the middle of January.  By that time I was so disgusted with their unreasonable, and probably illegal, demands, I never bothered to answer them.

And, as a side note, they were demanding that I not house any homeless folks.  Now I can see if you tried to move someone in and not report it, because you have two incomes and low rent.  But when I was in Fort Wayne, they were compassionate enough that if someone YOU KNEW was in trouble and needed a place to stay, they could stay with you on a temporary, two week basis.  I thought that was fair.  I never had anyone in trouble at that time, but it was nice to know if one of my kids were in trouble and needed a place to stay, they were welcome.  Knowing how bad things are when you’re poor and everyone hates you, I would have a hard time turning down the homeless.

So the goal for the nazis is making people homeless through no fault of their own. Check.

2.  The one headlight = one eye harassment.  Every time I go out now, there is the one headlight harassment. TWICE today, on a bright sunny, beautiful day, two people with their parking lights on, one light knocked out, were harassing me.  One chick in a SUV started speeding up like she was going to ram me!  I started slowing down so she would.  In the state of Indiana, if you hit someone from behind, the state automatically blames you for following too closely.

Same thing happened later in the day, same deal with the one parking light on and the other knocked out.  Another woman driver who again started to speed up to intimidate me.  Again, I slowed down.  Go ahead, make my day.   I will slam on my brakes.

I am the porcupine versus the python.  I will take you down with me!

3. Tampering with my phone.  So I finally got my own phone after starting working.  I assumed that since the grocery store was selling them, that they had local service.  Nope.  I had to get service from out of the area.  Which meant i had to pay additional fees for roaming.  Okay, so more expensive, but I had a phone, right?  Yeah, not so fast.  I found out from someone that I purchased something from that they were unable to contact me.  They said my phone was blocked and they could not ring me up.  They said they looked the number up online, and it said the number was a scammer!  Not only that, but they called the phone company to ask if it was a legitimate number, and the operator said there was no such number!!  You cannot make this stuff up!

4.  Emails not reaching me.  Enough said.

5.  The horse story. I know they were somehow blocking that by Hillary Clinton being elated by thanking satan for me not getting the horse.

6.  My every move is watched. The men in black have visited at least three places I have been to.  They’ve even been to my place of work.   It’s gotten so I have to make jokes about it so I won’t freak out.  I call the drone that follows me “droney”.  I have seen it shoot across the sky as I would leave for work.  I would hope that it is not all bad — that there are those who still are good and are fighting this evil and they are looking out for me.  And I could be full of it, too, hoping that there is still good in the world.

7.  Using directed energy on me and my sister’s little dog.  I know this will be hard for people to grasp because you cannot see the weapon, which makes it all the more cowardly.  You cannot see it coming at you so that you can defend yourself.

Three times I have been assaulted by this weapon.  Each time they were “zapping” me, my heart was beating so fast it was if I were running the marathon.  I was sitting or laying down each time this happened.  The last one I nearly passed out.  The room began to darken.  It took me a few days to recover –weak legs and off balance.

But then they did it to the dog.  I was in another part of the house, when I hear doggie screaming like she had been hit by a car. I went into the room, and she was lying on the floor as if she had been hit by a car.  My sister stood there, stunned.  Finally, doggie stopped but she just lay there.  And when she did eventually get up, she was wobbily like she had a seizure.  She hasn’t been the same since.  Cowards.

Her main weapon is her bark.  Which is why I think they attacked her.  If they were to try to mess with us, she would forewarn us.  (My sis thinks she is just getting old and it was a biological seizure.  I had a dog that was epileptic and he NEVER screamed like that.  Ever.  Not in four years that I had him.  It was a seizure, but it was NOT a biological process.  It was directed energy.  Fuckers. Excuse the language, but I’m pissed.)

And if you still have doubts about directed energy weapons being used on American citizens, this will remind you:

**edited to add:  I watched another video of Wendy Williams and she does not look well.  And she has exhibited the same behavior that I have when directed energy is used — getting overheated like a hot flash, pulling up your skirt to cool off.  They try to say it is menopausal, but there is no way in hell that hot flashes go on for three years that I have experienced.

**edited to add:  7.10.18 — Now that I have moved around a bit it is even more clear to me that I have been hit with directed energy.  When I first left Indiana, it was like normal again.  I slept normally, my body was behaving normally, I felt like I did before this horrible nightmare started.  But after being in the same spot for a week, I began noticing the hot flashes were back, sleeplessness, etc.  And it happened three more times as I moved around.  I felt good — for the first few days I was in a location, and then it would start all over again.  This last location, in a 1950s built motel, after I had been there a week, I woke up one morning with a severe headache and both of my cheeks were swollen.  My head felt hot, like someone used a blow torch on it.

This is as bad as I have seen to date.  It was clear that they had used directed energy while I slept.      What utter scumbag cowards!!

I imagine that the reason I feel good at first is because it takes them a few days to zero in on my physical location.  But those first few days are WONDERFUL!  I feel like my old self.**

And if you didn’t believe that this is the BIG one — a spiritual war going on, I hope that my story will help you to realize that it is real.  And that you need to open your eyes.

End times prophesied everything that is happening now.  What you had been taught to believe will be exposed for a lie.  The evil ones have turned bad into good, war into peace, taken on the parenting role, interfering with nurturing to control people (because we all need to be nurtured— if they can prevent parents from giving the nurturing a child needs, the child will be open to manipulation by the nanny state, which will give faux “we care” nurturing to take on the “parent” role.)  Feminism (I used to be one) was a false movement that stripped women of their roles of caretaking and nurturing while stripping men of their warrior roles.  Mind you, warrior does not mean go kill anyone for any reason– the Indians hated wars.  The warriors were fierce but also tender towards their own.  When the men returned from a war, they had a ceremony where the men would be on the outside of the circle, and then slowly take off their battle garments and weapons, to undo the psychological trauma of battle.

Be prepared for having to choose between Good and evil.  You won’t be able to sit on the fence.  Trust in the one, true, God of Creation.

Bless the one true God, the Creator, forever and ever.   Amen.



USGS downgrades 5.7 point earthquake

Dutchsinse has this up on the Hawai’i volcano, and some followers put in comments that in California, there was a 5.7 downgraded immediately to 3.3.  Quite a significant drop.  In addition, they are turning off cameras in Hawai’i and other places using lame excuses.

Why not fly a drone overhead so folks can see for themselves instead of being fed USGS’s version of events?   Are they trying to hide Directed Energy causing the fissures in Hawai’i?  I’m just asking, I don’t have anything to prove or disprove that theory…

In the meantime, I have had daily stuff happening to me since posting about the pentagram in this small town Indiana downtown.  I visited the small town I moved to after losing my house.  There is a sacred place there that my Miami/Cherokee friend told me about.  I went there to pray.  I was not even to the river near it before someone in a maroon truck with blacked out windows sped up, skidding to a stop, staring at me as I went to the river.  He (or she) just sat there.  I left my keys in my truck, and not knowing what this dude was doing, I left not too long after getting there.   I didn’t even get to pray more than a quick prayer over the water.

Today, again, I was at a local town spring, getting water.  A Hitler Youth dude shows up and starts questioning me about getting water.  Do I normally fill up here? Yes.  Why do you ask?  Oh, no reason.  Do others’ fill up here?  Yes.

He even looked like a Nazi with the sides of his hair shaved and long hair on top.  Got a very bad feeling from him, and luckily I had filled my containers, so I left.

Oh, and to confirm what others have said about being harassed by those in cars with one headlight (one eye=eye of horus)….when I was in that same town last week, it was rainy so I had my headlights on.  One of them is out.  And guess what happened?  A guy who thought I was one of the creeps doing this evil gangstalking gave me a thumb’s up as I came up behind him at a stop sign.  I would not have understood what he was giving me the thumb’s up for if I did not know about them harassing people by psychological means using one eye = one headlight.

And after every post like this, I pay for it dearly, just so someone knows.  Now they’re going after my sister’s little dog.  More on that later, if I am able.


Your world crashing down…**edited

…so, since I posted about the pentagram funded by public funds in the downtown here, the sheriff has been at a certain intersection that I usually cross to go home after work.  Yeah, just suddenly decided they were going to park at that spot after I posted about the pentagram.  **edited to add:  the sheriff was at that intersection almost every day for nine days.  Never, in all the years I have been in the area, have I seen a sheriff vehicle anywhere near that area.  And I also think the former mayor of the town is very much a part of this.  I recall his child marrying IN ISRAEL.  He is also a slumlord, so that speaks of his character.

Yeah, I think it is more widespread than I previously thought.

…and I also found out that not one, not two, but three former classmates are also part of this…whatever *this* is…and I always thought of them as good guys.  I never saw meanness or cruelty from them, so I am really at a loss for how they got caught up in this evil sh*t.

It really saddens me.  And it confirms the others who said that Indiana was full of freemasonry.  I never knew.

Intimidation and being strong and connected to the Creator

I’m going to start using the Creator for God because apparently satan has co-opted God’s name as himself.  He actually believes he is god.  Nope. Not by a long shot.  I think satan has manipulated people into thinking that he will raise them from the dead, as Schroeder asserted in the apothoesis.  But only the Creator can raise someone’s spirit after they pass from the physical world.  Only the Creator will decide what happens to one’s spirit.  Not satan!

And I can assure you that your spirit does go on.  Where it goes depends on what you do here on Earth.  And if you are willing to stand against satan even while he is using people to humiliate you, torture you, and even kill you.  From my understanding, the Creator has noted those who stand against satan and they will get to come back to earth again when the Creator comes again to sweep the evil from the earth.

Matthew 24 tells Jesus’ vision of the end times.  He emphasizes staying faithful to the Creator until the end.  Even if your body dies, your spirit does not, and I believe that the Creator will allow you to come back to earth once He cleanses the earth of all evil.

Stay connected to the Creator at all times.  Be thankful for every bite of food, every drink of water, every breath, every sunrise, every rainfall (natural rain, not manufactured rain).  See the Creator’s spirit in everything that is natural, and treat it with respect.


Right in front of our faces…

So last Christmas, I was at the local drug store picking up some things when I got in my vehicle, I looked across the street and see a star projected onto the building next to it.  It looked like a pentagram, but I shook it off because I thought “…it’s a Christmas display, so I am mistaken…” I didn’t give it much thought afterwards.  (I had not realized that the evil ones like to mix the sacred with the profane, as Stephen Schroeder has asserted.)

But then I was at the same drug store and look across the street and see it again….and realize that it is indeed a pentagram!!  In a public park FUNDED BY PUBLIC GRANTS.

I went by there last night and it is STILL being lit at night with the sickening satanic symbol onto the building next door.  No worries about the business next door being trespassed upon…by the plaque proudly proclaiming who contributed to this evil, this business has funded it.  Along with that are prominent people:  Lions, Elks, the mayor, and a bank president.  This particular bank has an upside down star on its logo.  I kid you not.  I noticed it awhile back, but thought they perhaps did not know its significance.  But then I see the bank president’s name prominently displayed on the plaque underneath the pentagram….hard to believe he does not know its significance.  He obviously is a willing participant. Along with the Economic Development Foundation of this county.  And the local communications company, which showcases a video talking about this park –a video that sneakily moves around the pentagram so folks cannot see what they have planned.  Every time the video is in the area of the pentagram, the camera angle is such to evade detection.

It is so bold.  The freemasons/illuminati have a hold on this city/county, but I don’t believe that most folks here go along with it.  But they have infiltrated positions of power and finance to control and push their views upon the majority.

I always wondered why Bill clinton came here to campaign for killary.  He was in good company, apparently.

Only God, the Creator knows a person’s heart, but if one stands by and allows evil to go on without resistance, one is as bad as the evil ones themselves.  That is why things are so bad right now.  Don’t think that you can sit on the fence.  As someone said — satan owns the fence.


April 19th **edited

…seems to be a day of violence.

The video below is long, but worth the time.  I understood very little about Waco when it happened.  Two things leapt out at me:  these were religious people and they were portrayed as fanatics…but no evidence to prove that is provided…it’s all gossip;  Secondly,I kept asking “why?”  why attack these people with such violence?  If they were as armed as ATF said, why couldn’t they defend their home?  And then the more horrifying thought comes:  they were not armed as stated, and they were attacked by false flag reasons.

**edited to clarify:  Methinks the real reason is bill and hillary clinton wanted to keep those men who were the bodyguards during the campaign from disclosing…what? that they are satanists?  Or they could testify to some criminal activity the bodyguards witnessed?  The execution style shooting of them was done by the mercenaries amongst them, in my opinion, especially after witnessing the man being shot at by his own people.

This was, in my opinion, the beginning of the shadow government that infiltrated our chosen government.  This was the beginning of the destruction of the good folks within.


At 27:56 – 28:02 in the video, it appears that an agent is shot by own men;

Then these men were killed:  Conway LeBleu, Todd McKeehan, Robert J Williams,
Steven Willis, three of whom were bill clintons campaign bodyguards.

Williams, Willis, and  LeBleu   “…had almost identical wounds — a shot to the left temple that exited through the rear of the head, execution style”

31:00 talk about agent in body bag, but looking at video footage at 42:45, it appears to be a dummy — similar to those in the false flags being staged now, like Boston bombing, where they are shown pushing a dummy in a wheelchair down the street.

42:35 – reporter beaten.  This is when we had a real news reporters, folks.  Remember those days?

April 19th was the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.  Terrence Yeakey, an police officer, saw something that did not fit the narrative and he was murdered for not going along.  They say it was a controlled demolition, like the World Trade Centers and Building 7.


April 19th, 1948 is also the date that Israel was formed by the Kharzans, who are not Jewish by DNA blood tests.  The Palestinians, ironically, have more Jewish DNA than those claiming Jewish heritage.  The Kharzans, as I wrote in the previous blog, are from an ancient country of satanists who Russia commanded they quit.  They murdered the Russian Czar and then pretended to become Jewish, while continuing to practice satanic beliefs.  They ended up with Israel as their state.

I have to emphatically state that this is NOT all Jews!  Some Jews are of God, and some are calling themselves Jews while worshiping satan in secret.