Why not seeds?

Why don’t you give people seeds to grow their own food?  Why don’t you give them coupons to use at a farm co-op?

I don’t trust Trump any farther than I can throw him, and I certainly don’t trust him to choose what food I should eat each month, especially when they mention pasta!  Pasta!  Are you kidding me?  What about those on gluten free diets?  What about the connection between gluten and ADHD?  or gluten and immune system issues?  or having fresh fruits and vegetables which offer the best nutrition with enzymes that we need to be healthy and keep weight under control?

Canned meat?  Well, with the disappearing homeless and eerie mentions of cannibalism here and there with no shame or remorse, I’d be inclined to not only decline “canned meat” but probably wretch, as well.

How about the creepy Big Brother aspect of this?  “let the State choose what food you will eat.”


Reblog: Power of Televised Pictures

Reblogging this again because of its importance today, as ever.  With all that I am learning in recent days, getting away from the grasp of those using media to control minds is critical.  Every time I watch a video I have to be an active viewer, picking up on any subliminal messages or uneasy feelings.  I trust that instinct….if something makes me feel uneasy, even though it seems benign, I trust those feelings.


via The Power of the Televised Pictures

A vision – Hillary Clinton

I had a vision the other day that shocked me…even though I know that she is not a good person, I didn’t realize the depth of her depravity.

Okay, first we need to address the politics issue.  Please, people, stop being led around like lambs and don’t make this about politics.  It is not.  It is not.  It IS about saving the country, saving the Earth, fighting the Darkness.

So the vision I had was of Hillary Clinton, dressed in a red robe,  performing a ceremony to either honor satan or ask satan’s help to destroy those of the Light.  To me, she appears to be the Anti-Christ.  And I am on her radar.

She has cleverly used the women’s movement to make women think she is an advocate for women.  She is not.

The vision was unnerving, to say the least.  I knew she was a bad person, I just didn’t know how bad.  Or how powerful she has become through satan.  I would go so far to say that she is in power, but behind the scenes so everyone’s attention is turned away from her being in control.

Pray.  Just pray.

More on Q Anon

From the article linked to under the video:

AT&T and Verizon, two of the country’s largest telecommunications companies, have both announced plans to roll out 5G coverage in the US this year. AT&T told Axios that work to launch 5G service in the United States “is already well down the road.”

What this tells you is that this wringing of hands is all for show…that it is already in place.  Think about all the road construction on roads that were not in need of total reconstruction.  I had read sometime back that they were going to put electronic wiring into the roads.  I didn’t understand completely but apparently, it is to implement 5G.  Perhaps to control vehicles’ computers and electronics?  Lock doors? Kill engines? Make transmissions fail?  We know that they can already do a lot of this with stuff like OnStar and other remote access capabilities in vehicles.


What a mess…

In the past few months, I’ve become aware of someone supposedly in the Intelligence community calling himself (herself) “Q Anon” that posts supposedly secret knowledge about what is going on in Washington.

Someone posting as Paul H in Dutch’s chatroom mentioned Q and everything coming out, blah, blah, blah….so I went to look up what was being said.

I had my suspicions about Q being a propaganda agent and after listening to a video spouting how “good” Q was…and how Trump is a target and a victim…I couldn’t listen anymore…I know that Q is a disinfo, propaganda agent and Trump is NOT A VICTIM BY ANY MEANS. He is VERY MUCH a part of what is going on.  This particular video was saying that NSA has ALL THE INFORMATION and that we, the people, don’t need to know everything…that we should not be asking questions and that we just need to trust them.  Big Brother much?

If that is so, then why are they trying to prevent people like me and dutch and others who are trying to shed light on Directed Energy, Chemtrails, Poison Vaccines, genetically modified food that is destroying our health, Big Pharma Mafia, Banksters, the violence perpetuated against the Native Americans and water protectors at Standing Rock…and on.

People, don’t be misled by this tactic. DON’T GIVE YOUR POWER AWAY TO ANYONE!

A red flag that this is a propaganda agent is them still trying to create a rift between us!  There is no republican party! There is no democratic party!  ANYONE in political office now is bought and sold by the same people whom are controlling it now and trying to destroy the United States.  I know that doesn’t make sense to a lot of people — it was hard for me to deal with it, too.  I could not understand why anyone would destroy their own country! It was just inconceivable to me.

And yet, they are helping outsiders to destroy us.  Look to Israel and Saudi Arabia and Germany and Britain as players in all of this.  I’m not sure about France.  I suspect they are not willing participants and are looking for another Jeanne d’Arc to come and save them…

But at the heart of all of this is satan.  satan is behind all of it, and people just go along without questioning if what they are being told is of the Light. You need to ask God for help to get the information you need to ask the right questions so that you will know who is feeding the Light and who is feeding the dark.  Be prepared for what you are shown and have an open mind.  Trust in God.

Over and over again, satan has used the same tactics for centuries:  create a false enemy to deflect attention from satan; tell lies and half truths about someone who is good so that no one will listen to them; use money to manipulate people; use fear to manipulate people; destroy all the good things God has given us and interfere with our connection to God.

satan hates everything God has created and wants to destroy it.

Who hates women and their ability to give life?  Who rapes them, disrespects them, dishonors them?

Who hates children?

Who hates nurturing?

Who hates basically everything that is good in the world?