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I’m putting my posts on fake nooz all on one page for easier reference:

Was this what Michael Hastings died for?

So….I’m looking at more Fake Nooz videos, and one of the videos links to the Today Show fake victim of the fake Virginia on-air shooting and someone posts this link to the Military Industrial Complex making it LEGAL for them to air propaganda to the American public. (!!)

The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public

Michael B Kelley

May 21, 2012, 5:11 PM 116,765 64

The newest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes an amendment that would legalize the use of propaganda on the American public, reports Michael Hastings of BuzzFeed.

The amendment — proposed by Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) and Adam Smith (D-Wash.) and passed in the House last Friday afternoon — would effectively nullify the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which explicitly forbids information and psychological operations aimed at influencing U.S. public opinion.

Note the date:  May 21, 2012

Note who exposed it:  Michael Hastings, who died in a fiery crash that many, including myself, believe was no accident.  Knowing what I know about cars being remote-controlled, I am almost certain that is what happened to Michael’s car.  Also note that his crash was almost a year to the day that he exposed the Military Industrial Complex for…fake nooz.

But to put the blame on Barack Obama is unfair, because George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and probably George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan also were doing it, but we were sooo naive that we didn’t see it.   But it’s easier to blame the Black Guy for everything, see?  That’s why they want a woman in the White House next…so when this country collapses…they can blame it on That Woman occupying the WH.  People have short memories, and don’t see the back too far to all the white guys that occupied that space before that led to the state of the country as it is now.  And this is not to put down white guys, but to highlight the tired narrative of white guys with white hats coming to save the day… a la those horrible “Indian” movies that I grew up with…

And I agree with the previous blog’s video on the fake South Carolina shootings and labeling anyone with a gun as a terrorist.  It’s quite obvious by now that they are trying to circumvent the 2nd Amendment by getting us to destroy it ourselves. I am truly heartened by those whom have caught this and are waking up.  Even those of us, like myself, who want peace and really hate guns have woken up to the evil around us that we cannot control.

Like I’ve said in the forced vaccination posts…the nazis claimed the poison they were injecting into someone was medicine…and now we have Big Pharma paying off legislators to force vaccinations upon people WITH NO EXEMPTIONS.  Not even if you are Celiac or have leaky gut, which vaccination is absolutely contradicted with sound medical practice.  Not if you are religiously opposed to abortion and aborted fetuses are part of the material in vaccines.  We have seen that a woman in the Middle East is going door to door, with armed guards, forcing vaccinations upon children whom she does not know the medical history and she has done it without parental permission.

Related to this–I can absolutely testify to the fact that DHS is about creating scenarios that labeled environmentalists as terrorists, because of the training that I witnessed while working for the Dept. of Health.  And by what we’ve seen with the Canadians labeling the Unistoten native tribes as terrorists for wanting clean air, clean water, and clean soil so that they could fish, hunt, and breathe; AND PROTECT their land from Big Energy invasion.

If one is labeled a terrorist, it creates cognitive dissonance because good people don’t want to feel sympathy nor associate with a terrorist.  See the psychological play here?  Remember the nazis used psychiatry to mess with people’s minds so they were convinced the Jews were the cause of all their problems and if they just get rid of the Jews, everything would be perfect.

Labeling anyone as “against us”  (George W. Bush) is creating that psychological dissonance.  It’s another play on a passage out of the Bible…but again, twisting the wording around to mean something completely different than its intent.  My interpretation of it is that those that are feeding the Dark, like George W. Bush, cannot also feed the Light.  As Jesus said, one cannot serve two Masters — one must choose money or God.  Big Pharma is about making money off of people’s suffering.  God is about healing people, as Jesus, Paul, and others, did.

Without further ado, the 9/11 video:

The moment the “witness” states the towers coming down “due to structural damage because the fire was too intense…” you know right there it was scripted.  But again, your mind doesn’t want to accept it because of the horror of that day.

I think it’s important to say that people aren’t saying the towers coming down was fake, but that they came down because of planes crashing into them WAS a false story…as the  Architects and Engineers for Truth have been saying from day one:

Note while you’re watching the video, who is telling the truth of that day — witnesses calling into radio stations and DAN RATHER who tell of it appearing to be a demolition and hearing *booms*.   There is much made about Dan Rather being fired from CBS because of his putting the story out there about George W. Bush being drunk and AWOL while “serving” stateside during the Vietnam War….methinks he was fired was because he saw and spoke the truth as he saw it on 9/11, which is the bigger fish.  George W. Bush doesn’t strike me as someone who gives a rat’s behind what people think of him.

One of the biggest clues is the pancaking of the entire building.  As the engineers stated, it would be impossible for the building to collapse equally as it did unless there was no resistance — in other words, the entire support system had to have been severed, which is not possible with one single beam being damaged, as claimed.

Think about molten steel…and how hot those furnaces have to be to melt them.  Kathy McGrade, the metallurgist, makes the point that an office fire cannot possibly be hot enough to melt steel…and yet there was molten steel…

…and those investigating it ignored that inconvenient fact.

Which brings me back to what Santilli was getting at in the previous blog on Fake Nooz — why would they have fake nooz?  Why put these “crisis actors” on the tube?

As the 9/11 video shows, you can control the message and what gets out to the public by inserting actors with scripts.  But Dan Rather, the radio hosts and callers, and others told the truth about explosions and seeing what looked like a controlled demolition.

You can make up your own mind.  But it’s hard to step outside the comfort zone of wanting to believe the press is telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…because if they aren’t telling the truth, that leads to a scary thought of what the hell is going on?  Why were the WTC towers targeted?


More Fake 9/11 Nooz

I can’t hardly stand to look at these videos…I get a sick feeling looking at them.  And all the questions going  unanswered.

Here’s one by the folks who had the previous video on CGI graphics:

The video below shows very clearly that the planes were inserted via CGI:

Good God.  Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the whole of them murdered 3,000 people.  And you hear the actors pretend screaming when the pretend plane “hits” the building.

All soulless bastards who participated in this fakery while people died…

…while our Constitution died…


Architects and Engineers and other of conscience examine SCIENCE BASED evidence of 9/11 fakery:

I capitalized “science based evidence” because politicians like Nancy Pelosi and others beholden to Big Pharma like to put down people who question vaccine injuries and protest forced vaccinations as being “anti-science”….

…well, I’d like to turn the tables on them and ask why they are ignoring the science supporting the 9/11 WTC towers coming down from controlled demolition?  There is no science supporting vaccination as being safe nor effective, but here we have architects and engineers who have actual science to back up their assertions that there were no planes, but a controlled demolition of the towers.

I like that they have opened their eyes and seen what I have seen with the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Because the Bush family is associated with both catastrophic events.

More on the eugenics and Bushes and JFK assassination below.

David Rockefeller is also said to be pulling the strings behind the scenes. He is associated with the Bushes as oil men and as eugenicists. I kept wondering about the association because I had read this over the years…but like most folks, I didn’t want to accept that there was evil here.

I certainly thought the eugenics movement was long put to rest with the defeat of the Nazis.  Little did I know….

…but one of the things that kept bothering me was the lack of enforcing the Sherman Act — I didn’t get the connection.

This law was put into place to prevent corporations from becoming Too Big Too Fail.  As we have seen with the economic collapse…they can bring down an entire economy and then expect to be bailed out by the taxpayer.  So Wall street make a profit off of credit default swaps — betting on people losing their homes — then when too many people lose their homes and then the economy collapses, the TBTF’s expect those people to pay for their greedy, unethical, and immoral business practice.  They lose nothing and gain everything.

So what does that have to do with David Rockefeller?  Standard Oil was owned by the Rockefellers…which was broken up by the government...

Senator Frank Church — was blocked by Nelson Rockefeller when he wanted information on the CIA overreaching its bounds.  He, along with Senator Birch Bayh (Indiana), was targeted by the neocons/evangelicals…who were spearheaded by Paul Weyrich, who doesn’t believe in Jesus or God at all, and in fact has been trying to sew the seeds of disharmony amongst churches so that they implode.

And Paul Weyrich is connected to the Council on Foreign Relations that was chaired by…wait for it…David Rockefeller.  Note on the wiki page on Standard Oil that it does not mention the Rockefellers as owners of Standard Oil.  Interesting, don’t you think?  Rockefellers have done a pretty good job of keeping their names out of the spotlight.

Here’s a quick look at the octopus of David Rockefeller.  Note his enthusiastic endorsement of free trade agreements.

And you’re probably wondering why bother about the Bushes?  Even if Jeb Bush doesn’t get into office, or Hillary Clinton (because the Bushes and Clintons are very much intertwined)  — the Bushes still are connected like umbilical cords to the CIA.

Or Dick Cheney– I mean, he’s out of office, right?  Cheney is out of office, but he still very much holds un-elected power and he has access to everything the CIA has access to.  That is, he can gain access to your emails, internet searches, telephone calls, etc.  He is working behind the scenes without the endorsement of the American public.  I suspect that Thomas Drake, the so-called CIA whistleblower, is working for Cheney directly.

I have put my own theory about who murdered John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 — thinking it was within the CIA and since Kennedy had fired Allen Dulles, the head of the CIA, my thoughts went to him as being mastermind of it.  I suspected, also, that the Military Industrial Complex was involved because of Kennedy had cancelled million dollar contracts for missiles.

However, the documentary below goes deeper than that —

If you can suspend your own beliefs (remember, this and “values” are the means of persuasion in Communications) — that certain people *could not have* done such a heinous act because of their positions of power in government — you can put things together, just by examining the facts.

For instance, I had read over the years that the WTC towers were an elaborate hoax, but until I saw proof of the plane’s wing going behind the building, instead of in front of it as it should have, I didn’t have proof that they had used computer graphics software to make it look like planes had crashed into the buildings, instead of them collapsing from controlled demolitions.

And if you follow what is said in the documentary below, it stands to reason that it would be a perfect set up — the nazi Bushes could do this horrible deed and blame the Jews, hoping to start a nazi control over America.  And with the Gestapo-like tactics I and others have noticed (Naomi Wolf mentions how they are following a nazi playbook in closing down our free society see her youtube The End of America)…it seems that is exactly what is happening.

The Bushes were absolved of their involvement with the nazis during WWII — it was made to seem they were just innocently caught up in the war’s machinations.  But this documentary portrays a different picture where Prescott Bush was deeply involved with financing the Nazis and very much a willing participant.  And that there was a network of nazis helping him.

Wow.  I was correct with my theory of CIA involvement, and Allen Dulles was involved, but not the master of it.  George H.W. Bush denying he was in the CIA is extremely important — especially when you consider how the media carefully crafted this fake persona of George H.W. Bush as a wimp — it creates a cognitive dissonance when you see him as harmless on the surface, but something entirely different behind closed doors.

They also did it with George W. Bush, as a buffoon.  Those in the know reported him to be the opposite — with quite the temper — who would have gone off on anyone provoking him (like war protesters).  As a child, he also was known to insert firecrackers into frogs, and throw them into the air to explode.  You know what they say of children who kill animals — future murderers such as Jeffrey Dahmer.

What’s really disturbing about all of this information is how many people have known about it…and did nothing.  I’m not talking about the ones who spoke the truth and were ignored — but rather, the ones who knew and were in positions to bring the charges against George H. W. Bush, Allen Dulles, E. Howard Hunt, and the rest that were involved.  Same with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and the rest, who lied to the American public about weapons of mass destruction and tortured people while lying about it.

They will tell you that it was in the best interest of the country.  Bullsh*t.  The country has suffered tremendously since Kennedy’s assassination.  It’s like we all were wounded that day and have yet to recover until those involved are brought to justice.  Kennedy was about peace and wanted to dismantle the CIA and the Military Industrial Complex.  Bless his soul.

Not only that, but I believe it has gotten worse — with anyone standing in the way of the Bush crime family as being taken out.  John “Jack” Wheeler being only one of many…

Where does it end?

Doesn’t anyone have the cojones to put an end to this?

How many people have to die?  And why are there so many people dying around Rockefellers, Bushes, Clintons,  Cheney, and God Only Knows who else…

And they want to put yet another Bush in the White House?  Are you freaking kidding me??

And no, putting Hillary Clinton in the WH is not the answer, either, as you will note how deeply involved with the Bush camp the Clintons have been from the beginning.

Bernie Sanders seems to have sold out, so no, I wouldn’t elect him, either.  It has to be someone not beholden to the above…

Nixon being involved didn’t shock me that much.  His administration denying people the information and possible cure for their cancer (laetrile) –a cheap treatment that would interfere with Big Pharma profits — is a heinous act in itself.

And as a side note ~  I found it incredibly rewarding that an informed American public did not elect George H. W. Bush for his failed attempts to get into Congress.

Note how No Child Left Behind was instituted by the Bushes — what better way to interfere with the good educations this country was known for than to purposely dumb us down?  These children are not being taught History like my generation and those before us were — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math….no mention of history or art or music, eh?  History, as we see here, not only tells us mistakes of the past, but helps us understand what is happening right now.  The context here is incredibly important.

George W. Bush showing up at the Montgomery memorial of the Civil Rights march popped into my head as I watched this — what a galling act and shows just how these racists think it’s all a big joke.

It also lends credibility to the argument that the slow response to Katrina in New Orleans was overtly racist, as I had suspected all along.