MTA in New York forced to air racist ads

I have to admit I was kind of shocked that the New York Observer was printing this story, after the very slanted stories they were printing on Gaza.

The ads are false and offensive.  I clicked on the Pamela Geller link…she has a banner across the website of “atlas shrugged”…evidently, she’s a follower of sociopath Ayn Rand.  Meh.

Racist and self-absorbed.


Syria, again

So…been thinking about the whole situation in Syria….and I can’t get away from that bad feeling that something is not right.

Last year, the Russians moved warships into the area when we threatened Syria. They are again making statements that we should not mess with Syria.

My gut feeling last year was that if we went into Syria, World War III would break out, bringing Russia and the U.S into war against one another, plus the Middle East.

This year, I am still feeling the same, but now with ISIL, Saudi Arabia is threatened.  And they have threatened us, as well.  Now they have beheaded a British citizen, guaranteeing that the UK will be involved in any effort against ISIL.

And I don’t know what to say.  I hate war, as you all know.  But when diplomatic efforts are ignored or even laughed at, what does one do?

I have always maintained that violence is unacceptable–only in cases of self-defense, with someone coming at you with gun, knife, or fist– is that justified.  Here we have a group that is killing innocent people whom, to my knowledge, have done nothing against them.

I watched DN! the other day with Medea Benjamin (Code Pink) saying how terrible the U.S. is–and believe me, I’ve read People’s History of the United States, so I know we’re no angels–but when do you say that too many people have died?  She did not offer any evidence to the contrary of the innocent people being killed.  Would she have the same opinion of Nazi Germany?  Should we have left them alone, too?  Where is the line drawn?

The timeline on Syria.

There is so much more about the Middle East that I don’t know–the history, for one.  I’m trying to inform myself, but it is not easy.  The Middle East grew out of several of the areas in uproar right now–Syria being one of them.  There’s more history there than we Westerners know–blame that on our isolationist education–a comprehensive history not given nearly as much importance as Math, technology, and repeating facts from memory instead of thinking for yourself, via NCLB and Race to the Bottom.

Last year’s push for war.

Like I said, there is something nagging at me about this situation–something isn’t right.  And I can’t shake that feeling of dread of it escalating into a full scale war with Russia.


Israel seeking to cash in on destruction

If I am reading between the lines correctly, Israel is now seeking to cash in on the destruction it caused to Gaza.  My mind is just reeling. Disaster capitalism at the very worst.  Holy crap.

Yair Lapid announced a “diplomatic initiative” to increase efforts to “demilitarise Gaza and the transfer of authority in the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority (PA) while maintaining Israel’s strategic security interest.”

He called for Egypt to host a conference to be attended by the US, EU, Russia, Jordan, the PA and the Gulf States that would discuss Gaza reconstruction and establish “economic ties between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the Arab world.”

“The initiative also calls for the involvement of states which will provide economic support for the rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip and the creation of projects which will lead to long term economic cooperation in the region,” the statement from Lapid’s media advisor said –

– See more at:


So…we have a bully that bombs the hell out of a place, destroying homes, schools, hospitals…killing women, children, innocents sitting in a cafe listening to the World Cup…who now wants to greedily make a profit off of rebuilding that which they destroyed.

Are you effing kidding me??  WTH?
The writer is perpetuating the lie that Saudi Arabia supported the destruction of Gaza, when King Abdullah made a strong statement to the contrary, and he accused Israel of war crimes.
So I would be surprised if Saudi Arabia would go along with Israel’s scheme.
This also lends credence to Palestinian claims that Israel had no intention on seeking agreement with Gaza on their demands and that they walked away from the negotiating table while Palestinian negotiators were still attempting to reach agreement.  Israel has had other plans all along.
And, as a side note~~~I read that a senior Hamas official’s wife and 7-month-old baby were killed in an assassination attempt.  While I don’t agree with Hamas violence, I do feel for the people of Gaza.  I am so sorry.
If I could, I would help you rebuild with sustainable housing where you could live without worry of being dependent on Israel.  Perhaps earthships would work for you…sustainable housing with water, solar heating, and the ability to grow your food….

A rabbi condemns Carter for defending Palestinians

This piece is so slanted I nearly fell off my chair reading it….

Rabbi Shmuley chooses to ignore President Carter’s monumental act of getting Egypt and Israel to broker a peace deal…a peace that has lasted decades. And the hostages deal is a cheap shot.  They were deliberately held so that Reagan could claim victory…a piece of history that strangely is never reported by the brain-dead media.

Rabbi Shmuley chooses to ignore the interference of food, water, jobs, paychecks, and the ability to earn a living that Israel has imposed on the Palestinians…leaving them little choice.  He also ignores Israelis’ own bloody history of killing innocents to gain control of what was once Palestinian land.  And he ignores Palestinian wishes for a two-state solution.

Carter states in the video that he does not agree with bad things Hamas has done.




Americans protests of Israel bombing/blockade

In New York City, protesters staged a “die-in” at an Israel bank.  The article is slanted towards Israel…saying that the protesters were siding with terrorists…so what else is new?

…people who kill innocent people cannot claim innocence nor can they claim to be the victim here.

The destruction of Gaza

Global News has photos up on the utter destruction of Gaza.  I can’t even imagine what they must feel like.  Well, I take that back–I do know how it feels to lose your home, but not by bombing.

My heart goes out to the Palestinian woman crying over losing her home.

The 7th photo shows an ambulance driver’s charred body from being hit by an Israeli rocket.  I’d like to see Netanyahu explain this away–he’ll say that the ambulance driver was a member of Hamas, I’m sure…./snarky to the extreme

Warning for the next photo–children who were bombed by Israel.  It is horrible.  I’m sure they were members of Hamas, as well/snark with disgust

Before, this, they were starving them.  Interfering with their ability to earn a living or blocking paychecks.  Now I learn that they were also restricting their water!  Water!

Do unto others as you would have done to you.

Blood on your hands, Israel.  Blood on your hands.


And the killing goes on in Gaza…

330 dead now.  The picture here just makes my heart ache.  Awful.

What the mainstream media is not telling the public is that the tunnels that Netanyahu is claiming are used for launching the rockets have been used by the Palestinians to get food and medical care without Israeli interference.  It’s their only way to circumvent the starvation tactics of the Israelis.

While claiming to want peace, the Israelis have used extreme force against anyone protesting their treatment of the Palestinians.

A good report here on DN!  How does Israel justify bombing a hospital?  They know it’s a hospital.  They know because they called them ahead of time to tell them they are being bombed…so how can Israel justify that?? Be sure to follow the other stories–raise a lot of questions as to Israel claiming “victim” status…and Glenn Greenwald’s take on the doormat media not uttering any negative press on Israel.

Rachel Corrie died while standing in front of a bulldozer plowing down Palestinian houses.  This article states she burned the American flag–this is the first I’ve heard of it, and I just want to say that I don’t agree with that.  The Flag has been co-opted by the neocons and rightwingers to mean aggression and war, but to me, the flag (and Eagle) represents ALL Americans…those of us who want peace, as well.  But I do admire her for her compassion and bravery.

Related to this, it should be noted that an American flag was present at the memorial services in honor of her.  That speaks volumes to me.

As you see in this piece, the Israelis claim that the rebels were firing from the wells.  Really?  How does one manage to fire from a deep well full of water?? It seems an excuse to destroy their water supply…

And you can also see that Rachel Corrie was used to putting herself between the Palestinians and Israeli army…some of it sounds pretty boring–sitting on a truck for hours.  So one would naturally assume that if she puts herself in front of a bulldozer…that it will stop.  It didn’t.

Caterpillar makes these bulldozers, and that is why I was glad to see the Presbyterian church divest itself of Caterpillar and others that help the Israelis’ destruction.

This is just stunning:

Midway through the service, an Israeli tank pulled up beside the mourners and sprayed them with tear gas.


After 15 minutes of cat and mouse, Israeli bulldozers and apcs rolled in, firing guns and percussion bombs and putting a quick end to the memorial.


How callous can one be?

On May 2, James Miller, a 35-year-old Briton filming an hbo documentary along the Egyptian border, was shot in the neck and killed while walking under a white flag toward an Israeli apc.


Again with targeting journalists….

An update here on her family seeking justice from the Israelis.

A foundation has been established in her name here.

Related to the latest in Gaza, are the flotillas that have tried to reach Gaza ports only to be intercepted by the Israelis.  A report here on the treatment of the media–once again, Israel trying to control what gets out.



Michael Hastings interview

I found this really interesting interview with Michael Hastings–note how the Gen. Kimmitt, who is now a private defense contractor, is blowing smoke about how “great” Iraq was, post-war—lying through his mossy green teeth about the situation.

I thought this was particularly relevant given the present situation in Iraq and the Middle East:

It shows how Michael was telling the truth as a journalist and how his slamming the lame “journalists” who just accepted whatever was fed to them about the wars. Piers Morgan’s actions here show that.

I agree with Michael’s statement that there were many reasons besides sex that should have forced the general to resign.  I really don’t give a crap if he had an affair–that’s between him and his wife–I care more about him lying to the White House, and the mischaracterization of Iraq before the war (their society was much more diverse than was portrayed).