Women who blame rape victims

Educated women, whom are supposed to know better, are wrapped up in the rape/violence culture, and blame victims, too. 

And if you think things would be better with Hillary Clinton as President, just because she is a woman...think again.

She not only got a rapist off, but laughed about how she knew he was lying…knew that lie detectors were unreliable from that point on.

Sea World stock tumbles

Well, now.  Voting with the pocketbook.  Go us!!

Of course, there are those who see only $$$, and exclaim that “something needs to be done”.  Um, yeah, the public has expressed their wishes through not buying tickets to see caged whales and dolphins entertain them…that “something that needs to be done” is taking Tillikum back to the waters he was stolen from and return him.  Even if he only lasts a day, he will have died a free being…and I’m sure that would be priceless to him after being held in cages most of the day–only being allowed out to perform.

You would think Sea World would take heed and set them free.  Nope. 




Why Hamas is launching the rockets…

DN! has a good report up this morning on *why* Hamas is not backing down.  Palestinians don’t necessarily support Hamas, but they are left without any other means to break the blockade of Israel the bully.  It impacts their ability to get supplies, water, wages, etc.  It affects every single thing in their lives.

As President Kennedy said–when you make peaceful protest impossible, then violent protest is inevitable….

DMSA and Big Pharma

The word is out that Big Pharma, masquerading as the FDA, has now classified DMSA, one of the chelators we have used for heavy metal chelation, as a prescription-only drug.

Never mind that I and others on the group have safely used the chelator in low doses for YEARS.

I’m sure they’re very, very, very concerned about people using DMSA inappropriately. /snark

They’ll trot out a few idiots who didn’t use it properly and became ill…and use them as a reason to take it away from all of us who were using it properly and getting well.

…because Big Pharma wants it all, folks.  They want it all. Billions and billions of dollars in profits is not enough.

Never mind that most drugs that Big Pharma puts out there cause more heartache and more physical illness with side effects.

90,000 go to emergency rooms due to psychiatric drugs.

6% of Americans hooked on Rx drugs.

Who’s paying your doctor?  While the Sunshine Act is a good start, it doesn’t appear to give the public all the information they need–what companies are the doctors invested in?  This will absolutely affect their prescribing and from the quote in the article, below, it will affect the very care people receive:

Even with all the new information coming online this fall, the Sunshine Act will not capture all the financial forces that motivate physicians. For instance, many interventional cardiologists are paid for each procedure they perform, such as implanting stents that prop open clogged arteries. The more stents cardiologists implant, the more they are paid.


So…what’s to stop the doctor from telling you that you have heart disease when you don’t?  How are you going to know that he/she got paid $$$ to put a stent in you that you didn’t need?

It’s no wonder that doctors are not recommending gluten free diets or more proactive prevention–those that are invested in drug companies or get paid for certain procedures aren’t going to tell the patient that there are ways to prevent it or even reverse the damage –through diet, exercise, and reducing your toxic exposure/load.

Related to this, I found a page on the poor animals being used for our entertainment…being drugged out of their minds to keep them complacent.  It is criminal what we do to animals.

It’s interesting that I’ve looked through pages of research terms for the amount of people dying from Rx drugs every year–and as yet have come up empty handed.  I’ll keep searching and be back if I find the info.

Petition for Whistleblowers and Freedom of the Press

The Progressive has this release:

Thursday, July 10, 2014<br>
CONTACT: Nikolina Lazic, <a href=”mailto:nikolina@prwatch.org“>nikolina@prwatch.org</a>

Tell President Obama America’s Best Reporters Should Be on the Beat, Not in Jail

The U.S. government is insisting that award-wining New York Times “national security” reporter James Risen reveal a confidential source — or go to jail. Risen says he won’t capitulate.

Now you can let this journalist and top government officials know that you’re in solidarity with his brave stand for a free press. Sign the petition “We Support James Risen Because We Support a Free Press at: http://act.rootsaction.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=9775&tag=CMD20140508&track=CMD20140508.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation has called the government’s effort to force Risen to reveal a source “one of the most significant press freedom cases in decades.”

So much is at stake: for whistleblowers, freedom of the press and the public’s right to know. And for democracy.

That’s why our team at The Progressive/Center for Media and Democracy is joining forces with RootsAction, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR), the Freedom of the Press Foundation and The Nation magazine to insist on protection for the confidentiality of journalists’ sources.

Amplify our combined voices. Click here to sign the petition to President Obama and Attorney General Holder: http://act.rootsaction.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=9775&tag=CMD20140508&track=CMD20140508.

Thank you for taking action!

— The team and CMD and The Progressive



The Progressive, Inc.
Publisher of The Progressive magazine
PRWatch.org, ALECexposed.org, Progressive.org,
SourceWatch.org, and PublicSchoolShakedown.org
409 East Main Street, Suite 100
Madison, Wisconsin 53703-4929
Phone: (608) 257-4626


Your ability to know what is going on in the world depends on the press being able to gather information without threat of jail.

A democracy cannot survive without the press revealing the facts that politicians and government officials would rather you not know.  The press has the right to keep their sources secret….especially in this age of no privacy, as we saw with the previous story on Brian Williams.  The ability to obtain information from sources without them being compromised is already in jeopardy without the threat of jail for reporters who managed to keep their sources secret from the NSA/CIA spying.

Cooper Harris

I was watching CNN’s coverage of the hearing for Justin Ross Harris, the Georgia father who left his child, Cooper, in a car during a hot Georgia day, claiming he “forgot” his child.

The hearing barely began and this guy’s actions revealed a depraved person.

As police officer Stoddard described Ross’ actions–he was more worried about how this death affected him, instead of how his poor child suffered. Same reaction in the courtroom that day–he sat emotionless as the police officer described Cooper’s condition upon arrival.  Nothing from this guy…until a witness began describing Justin’s reactions that day–which I’m leaning towards as staged–especially after learning that both Justin and his wife were doing internet searches on kids left in hot cars.

When I was watching Alex Hall testify, I was struck by his lack of emotion, also.  I mean, this is the son of your buddy, wouldn’t that make you cry that this poor child suffered and  is now dead?

I have not been for the death penalty for a long time, but this case is making me reexamine that–as they described poor Cooper with his eyes and mouth open and claw marks down his face as he evidently was suffering and unable to escape that oven–I want Justin and his wife to suffer as Cooper did.  I know I’m just being emotional right now, but God, I want them to be locked in a car with no ability to escape and suffer as he did.

I cannot even wrap my brain around such depravity.

Why not give the child up for adoption if you no longer wanted to parent him?  No, these narcissist sociopaths could not allow that…they wanted the life insurance money.



The shootings in Santa Barbara

(Side note~Migraine is gone…weird.  I felt like I was getting one Tuesday, and then it went away.  Probably due to the new stress of job and getting away from all grains and chocolate….it’s going to be interesting to see how my body re-adjusts, if my migraines are any clue.)

I got the rare chance of watching Melissa Harris-Perry this morning.  I don’t always agree with her conclusions, but do enjoy the stimulating program.  She talked about the Santa Barbara shootings and the gender bias of the shooter, Elliott Rodger.  She mentioned a video by him, but refused to play it, so I went looking for it on youtube:


Wow. Just Wow.  Two minutes into this video, and you can see why women rejected this guy.  Narcissistic. Self-absorbed. Playing the victim. Shallow. Entitled.

Over and over again, he claims rejection by women and doesn’t understand why.  Over and over again he says “these beautiful blonde women” are out with “douchebags”….when they should be out with “wonderful” him.  Women have great intuition (which they don’t always listen to) and probably could see this guy’s warped view of himself and the world and his negative energy towards them…as is now known by his murdering people.

MHP’s guest stated that this guy had a sense of entitlement.  I can see that in the video.  By his view, he was such a “terrific” guy, and was entitled to the beautiful women, but couldn’t get them….so he killed them.

There are so many things tied to Elliott Rodger’s view –one of which is the society’s rape/violence culture against women.

Rodger focuses on rejection by beautiful women.  I would lay bets that there were women who liked Elliott…but they weren’t “beautiful” on the outside.  He probably treated them badly…as he claims he was treated.  It’s okay, you see, to treat women who are “ugly” by society’s standards in a disrespectful and dismissive tone.  This makes me so angry I could spit nails right now.

They brought up that Elliott was autistic.  Okay, you all know what I’m going to say next…he was a high functioning autistic, with apparent aggression and rage — both tied to mercury poisoning.  Will anyone explore that possibility while investigating this case?  Probably not.  And another chance at recognizing mercury/heavy metal poisoning/toxicity’s influence in crime is ignored.

From the first link:

Studies involving a large sample of autistic and schizophrenic patients found that over 90 % of those tested had high levels of the milk protein beta-casomorphine-7 in their blood and urine and defective enzymatic processes for digesting milk protein(92,93,83), and similarly for the corresponding enzyme needed to digest wheat gluten(92,94)

Due to the large number of vaccinations that are now containing mercury thimerosal, most children have been documented to receive mercury exposure far above the government health guideline for mercury, and the number of causes of autism has increased over 600% in the last decade[81,A,43b].



A group of violent criminals had signif. higher levels of hair lead and cadmium levels than non violent controls(62b)


Studies at the Argonne National Laboratory found that the majority of delinquents and criminals had high metals levels such as cadmium and lead, and to fall into 2 categories. One group with high copper and low zinc, sodium potassium tended to have extreme tempers, while another group with low zinc and copper, but high sodium and potassium tended to be sociopathic(115). But it was found that treatment of delinquent or violent prone individuals for metals related problems including nutritional therapy usually produced significant improvements in mood, violent behavior, and functionality- with complete cure in the majority of cases (115,119,120).


A note here about hair analysis–Dr. Cutler is of the belief that hair levels are helpful, but not 100% indicators of toxicity.  Time and again, mercury poisoned folks have tested low mercury on hair tests — NOT because they are not poisoned, but rather, because their bodies are not secreting mercury.  They lack the ability to efficiently rid the body of mercury.  Once they began to chelate, and their poor bodies were able to function half-way decently, their hair tests have changed to high mercury levels.

It is almost a rule that on the mercury support group, that we are gluten and dairy intolerant–lack of enzymes since mercury interferes with it.

It will be interesting to see the developing story.  God Bless the parents and loved ones who lost someone.

Let My People Go…Free Tillikum and all in captivity

California has a bill up to force Sea World to stop using orcas in its shows and release them from their tanks.

They are too large, too intelligent, too socially complex and too far-ranging to be adequately cared for in captivity,” said Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist with the Animal Welfare Institute, the bill’s sponsor.


“That argument is not based on credible peer-reviewed science,” said John Reilly, president of SeaWorld San Diego Park. “It’s based on emotion and a propaganda film.”


Really?  Because I’m pretty sure a marine mammal scientist knows the behavior of the orcas.  Anyone with two eyes can see how the behavior of Tillikum is directly related to being held captive.

Even if there is no “scientific” standard, it’s just not right to keep an animal in captivity for the amusement of humans.  We would not want to be treated that way.

Canadians are also moving to release dolphins and orcas from captivity.  Good for them.

Run, Lucy, Run **updated

Lucy the emu made a break for freedom on Monday…

As I read “her owner would like to catch her and bring her home…”

…I thought “she already IS home…”

Funny how because they can’t speak about their wishes…that those wishes are ignored.  No human being wants to be caged–and yet…here “she” is making a break for it, so her/his wishes are clearly to be free, as she/he was meant to be.

**updated 3.25.14 — poor Lucy was captured.  The article and a commenter stated that she/he was now “safe”.  Hello?  She may be safe living in captivity, but is she happy?  It never ceases to amaze me how frightened people would rather be caged and “safe” than free and taking the risks that go with that….and they project that onto wild animals.