Eye Candy

Gah, I kept missing the pics of lovely Canada, but managed to get them today.  Enjoy.

Eye Candy

This week’s photos of lovely Canada…

Number 1 is awe-inspiring….the wonder of it all…

#4 is so wonderfully serene…letting go of the worries of the day…

#7 shows the paradox–the seals have adapted to our intrusion into the natural world, landing on top of the dock (or whatever that thing is that they’re on)…while the huge ship floats behind them.   We give very little care to how we have impacted nature…while nature does its best to adapt.


#10 – another great pic of a beach that is unspoiled–no plastic bottles or trash to be seen. Wonderful.

#12- a horseback ride on the beach at sunset…awesome.

#13 – Bunny!

Funny story–I was out in the yard doing yard stuff when a bunny was frightened by my presence.  I joked with my daughter that I scared the foo-foo out of bunny foo-foo. Haha.

#22 love the rainbow, natch.

#24 looove this picture–a quiet water, but there is so much more underneath….

Another awesome view on #28

Enjoy. 🙂