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A quiet night…

Last weekend, I stepped out onto the porch.  It was one of those summer evenings of perfect temperature–not too hot, not too cold.

I just stood there  listening to the crickets and other critters make their chirps.  The birds who usually sing their songs for me during the day have gone silent…with the exception of a robin that sounds the alarm.  She must have spotted me on the porch and is warning the others of the human danger…

A beautiful night…

The wind starts to pick up, and the air changes to that of an impending storm.  I feel a drop of rain on my shoulder…and the tree tops start to sway…but then, nothing.  Storm blows over without much evidence.

It’s one of those nights where you hate going inside….

Nature leaves a calling card…

…just to let us know who’s in charge…

We had a powerful thunderstorm with lightening that cracked so loud I jumped two feet off the bed.  Seriously, it was the loudest (and closest) that I’ve ever experienced.

So, naturally, it took out the phone box in back, the phone box attached to the house, and cooked the router.  I’m typing from my sister’s pc, and I hate it, so I’m just here briefly.

This is another instance where having a land line is a lifesaver–because your internet can get knocked out just like *that*.

Hope you all are doing okay.

Watch out for those lightening strikes…heh.

A nice summer day…

…so last week, I had the day off before the 4th and decided to take a nice ride on the country road…

There’s a great river that has managed to escape most of the toxic onslaught of my state.  (But, never fear, IDEM will allow toxins to be poured into this river–mercury being one of them.)

Dead tree under river july 2014

A huge tree just under the surface….dead to our eyes, but alive and offering shelter for the abundant life underneath the water.

Speaking of trees underwater, this is amazing.  Notice how the dead trees support new plant growth to feed the fish and offer shelter to the smaller critters.  And I noticed the wording of the article–saying that worms had damaged the trees underwater–but I think that is the wrong perspective to take–that these worms also provided food for the fish, too.  I’m sure the holes also played their part in some positive for nature.  I’m thinking of air pockets, but perhaps they’re too small for that?

Anyway, on with the pics…

Dead trees with snakes

If you look closely, you can see a black snake sunning itself on the far upper left dead tree.  I swear there was another snake, on the bigger logs, but I can’t for the life of me find it now.  Perhaps it swam into the water just before I snapped the pic.  Another time I was here, five snakes were sunning themselves.

the. river july 2014

Aaaaahhhh….serenity.  Makes you want to hop into a canoe, doesn’t it?  No?  You’ve never been canoeing?  You don’t know what you’re missing.  There is a different view of rivers from a slow cruise down the river.

Finally, I looked up in the sky and saw this:

Dragon in the sky july 2014

Dragon in the sky.  or dog blowing bubble gum?  Or eating cotton candy?  Anyway, look Ma, no chem trails in sight!

As a side note, it always seems that stuff happens when I have a migraine.  And this weekend was no exception…while I was laying there like a slug all weekend, the city had a visitor.  I don’t know more details than that because whomever it was is going to great lengths to keep their identity secret…although the method of transportation kind of makes it hard to *not* be noticed…

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the pics.