MTA in New York forced to air racist ads

I have to admit I was kind of shocked that the New York Observer was printing this story, after the very slanted stories they were printing on Gaza.

The ads are false and offensive.  I clicked on the Pamela Geller link…she has a banner across the website of “atlas shrugged”…evidently, she’s a follower of sociopath Ayn Rand.  Meh.

Racist and self-absorbed.


Syria, again

So…been thinking about the whole situation in Syria….and I can’t get away from that bad feeling that something is not right.

Last year, the Russians moved warships into the area when we threatened Syria. They are again making statements that we should not mess with Syria.

My gut feeling last year was that if we went into Syria, World War III would break out, bringing Russia and the U.S into war against one another, plus the Middle East.

This year, I am still feeling the same, but now with ISIL, Saudi Arabia is threatened.  And they have threatened us, as well.  Now they have beheaded a British citizen, guaranteeing that the UK will be involved in any effort against ISIL.

And I don’t know what to say.  I hate war, as you all know.  But when diplomatic efforts are ignored or even laughed at, what does one do?

I have always maintained that violence is unacceptable–only in cases of self-defense, with someone coming at you with gun, knife, or fist– is that justified.  Here we have a group that is killing innocent people whom, to my knowledge, have done nothing against them.

I watched DN! the other day with Medea Benjamin (Code Pink) saying how terrible the U.S. is–and believe me, I’ve read People’s History of the United States, so I know we’re no angels–but when do you say that too many people have died?  She did not offer any evidence to the contrary of the innocent people being killed.  Would she have the same opinion of Nazi Germany?  Should we have left them alone, too?  Where is the line drawn?

The timeline on Syria.

There is so much more about the Middle East that I don’t know–the history, for one.  I’m trying to inform myself, but it is not easy.  The Middle East grew out of several of the areas in uproar right now–Syria being one of them.  There’s more history there than we Westerners know–blame that on our isolationist education–a comprehensive history not given nearly as much importance as Math, technology, and repeating facts from memory instead of thinking for yourself, via NCLB and Race to the Bottom.

Last year’s push for war.

Like I said, there is something nagging at me about this situation–something isn’t right.  And I can’t shake that feeling of dread of it escalating into a full scale war with Russia.


Michael Hastings interview

I found this really interesting interview with Michael Hastings–note how the Gen. Kimmitt, who is now a private defense contractor, is blowing smoke about how “great” Iraq was, post-war—lying through his mossy green teeth about the situation.

I thought this was particularly relevant given the present situation in Iraq and the Middle East:

It shows how Michael was telling the truth as a journalist and how his slamming the lame “journalists” who just accepted whatever was fed to them about the wars. Piers Morgan’s actions here show that.

I agree with Michael’s statement that there were many reasons besides sex that should have forced the general to resign.  I really don’t give a crap if he had an affair–that’s between him and his wife–I care more about him lying to the White House, and the mischaracterization of Iraq before the war (their society was much more diverse than was portrayed).

Hillary Warren…

…er, I mean, Hillary Clinton has once again morphed like a chameleon to put on the false face of concern over the general American public….what an opportunist.  Pfft.

…cause, you know, she was poor once, too. /snarky to the extreme

My post on the case against Hillary as President here.  In the non-ad, McCain says that she “gets attention when she arrives”  Really? That’s a qualification for running the most powerful country in the world?  Because I could gain attention when I arrive, too, by tripping down the steps.  *snort*

And the comments about her flying all over the world?  What’s up with that??  Yeah, I’d take trips all over the world if I could charge it off to the American taxpayer.  (Not really, I have more ethics and scruples than that.)  But one has to wonder what exactly she was doing on those trips…because they never really quite get around to telling us that, do they?

And if Henry Kissinger gave me “very high marks”, I’d want a recount. He doesn’t hold humanity in high regards.

Finally, in the end, when President Obama is slobbering over her, I begin to wonder if this isn’t as much a political ad for Israel’s chosen candidate as it is America’s….

Hillary and Bill Clinton with Eli Broad, who wants to destroy public education.  Note pictures of Arne Duncan and Michelle Rhee with the Broads.  Poor impoverished Hillary Clinton…she must have had to use the drapes, a la Gone with the Wind, to make her dress…../snarky, for sure

$31 million.  Pocket change, apparently, for Hillary Clinton (along with $200k speaking fees).

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren, among others, came out against the Keystone XL.  You won’t hear that from Hillary, as you see in my other posts on her–she is all for it.

The Third Way, Clinton Democrats….not to be confused with real Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton, Rose Law Firm, Bill Clinton, and Monsanto.  This, alone, should be reason enough not to vote her into office.

Finally, a recording of Hillary Clinton laughing about how a rapist she represented as a lawyer was not convicted…and she knew it and was laughing about the lie detector test that he passed.  Note also her description of someone on the “wrong side of the tracks”…clearly a poor/racial prejudice.

She got a rapist off with time served…two months.  For raping a 12 year old girl.  And bragged and laughed about it.




Iraq and Walorski

Well, the radio station here has given Jackie Walorski even more free air time.  When I say that, I mean, not only do they “interview” her (by letting her go on and on without nary a hard question), but they repeatedly play soundbytes at every newscast.  And you never hear an opposing voice….you would think everyone in this entire area agrees with the opinions aired.

Well, hey, at least they have local news…

Anyway, the first newscast, the radio newsguy asks her how she would define success in Iraq.  Then he plays the soundbyte where she starts saying  (paraphrasing) “I don’t know how Obama defines success in Iraq.  It’s not news that ISIS is in Iraq.  It’s not news that fundamentalists are in Iraq. ”  She repeated that a couple more times.

Do you see where she completely avoided the question of her definition of success in Iraq?  Do we bomb the hell out of them?

What is her definition? She doesn’t tell us….because the minute she defines her idea, it would be much harder to backtrack on if  it failed.

Instead, she tries to get around it by bringing up Benghazi.  “We don’t want another Benghazi where people were left…”

Say what??

I’m sorry, I don’t get the connection.  Just another irritant to throw out there to assuage her rightwing bosses…

She also brings Saudi Arabia into the conversation–saying that they were financing the fundamentalists.  This is an inflammatory statement. By this account, it was not the intentions of the Saudis.  When President Obama expressed concern over Prince Bandar’s involvement, he was removed, and Prince Mohammad bin Nayef replaced him.  Prince Mohammad has been successful at quashing al Queda.  Just as all Americans don’t think alike, not all Saudis think alike.

And no, I’m not happy about what happened in Benghazi.  But I hold Hillary Clinton responsible for that.  She was warned.  They asked her for help.  But you know, she was impoverished and worried about her own finances…so you know, she can’t be held responsible. /snark

What difference does it make?

Yeah, that about says it all about the thoughtlessness.


More on the Middle East

I’ve read a few good posts on the Middle East-– Iraq and the U.S.’s role in the mess there.

I have to agree with the writer’s premise–that we have made a mess of things and they need to work this out for themselves without us riding in on a white horse to only make matters worse.

They know how many Americans feel about Muslims–led by a biased media willing to portray them as all thinking alike.  That is as stupid as portraying all women as thinking alike. Or anyone, for that matter.

My other posts on Iran here and here.

Palestinians cry for help.

Presbyterian Church divests itself of U.S. corporations helping Israel to destroy the Palestinians.