Well, this is not good…healthcare worker tests positive **edited

…for Ebola.  Note how they immediately blame the healthcare worker for “breach in protocol”…without confirming what happened.

With what has happened with this hospital from the get-go, I’m not too confident with their assessment.

They sent Duncan home when he had a 103 degree fever…because he didn’t have health insurance.


This is the problem with for-profit medicine….thank you, President Nixon…and with hospitals run by CEOs instead of doctors.  Yes, young ones, doctors used to be in charge of running hospitals, before medicine became profit-driven.  Doctors used to run hospitals as they should be run–with compassion and an understanding of health issues.

They shove poor patients out the door before they are truly well enough to be dismissed, and here is the prime example of why this practice should be illegal….and why medicine needs to go back to how it was before Nixon thought HMO’s would be a great idea.

**edited to add:  I also question their blaming the victim for not following protocol, because as is reported, she was taking her temps twice a day.  She was being vigilant…so why would she break protocol when she obviously was aware of the risk and was monitoring herself?

More on ALEC

Reading the post from Diane Ravitch the other day, this caught my eye:

The “Property Insurance Claims Act,” on which both the Civil Justice and Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development Task Forces will vote, tilts the playing field in favor of property insurance companies. It would benefit those companies that are represented by the ALEC member Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCIAA). The bill would restrict the time frame for the insured to bring a claim, require the insured to submit to mandatory appraisal, and cut back existing law protecting property owners in many states. PCIAA’s vice president of state government relations, Joe Woods, is the private sector co-chair of the Financial Services Subcommittee of the Commerce task force, which will vote on the bill first. – See more at: http://www.progressive.org/news/2014/07/187796/alec-agenda-dallas-evisceration-medicaid-school-privatization-and-expansion-gas#sthash.yQQZCEtA.dpuf
The thing is…they are already doing this.  Like everyone else (that is greedy), they want to up your premiums…and then not pay when there is a claim.
When I still had my house, there was an issue with brand new eaves troughs I had installed by a so-called professional.  They ended up putting water into the house instead of taking it away.  But it was so gradual (and being mercury poisoned, not as “with it” as I would normally be), the damage wasn’t discovered until I noticed mold on several pairs of shoes, a book bag I used in college, and other stuff in a dark closet.
The insurance company refused to pay for the damage, even though the whole house had spots of mold, along with the attic.  The “inspector” they sent used a penlight…read that again: a penlight…to “inspect” the attic.  After which he proclaimed that he “didn’t see anything”.  Lied through his mossy green teeth…
I knew they were lying, but like I said, I was pretty toxic at the time and didn’t have the wherewithal to even think about how to fight back.  Nor could I trust any lawyer in my town, which my ex’s family owned.
I had been with this insurance company for decades, so I trusted them.  They had an A-1 rating by the insurance rating company…
None of that mattered when the fit hit the shan.
So…yeah…this may be news to y’all, but isn’t to me.
It’s a different world, folks.  They take your money and then refuse to pay a legitimate claim….after years of paying premiums.
Now ALEC will make sure they pay even fewer claims.
…because they want it all.
The Koch brothers and their ilk want it all.