Make-up of gut microbiome may influence COVID-19 severity and immune response

(hat tip to Most Revolutionary Act) — You won’t hear this on the hysterical nooz. The gut is very much a part of the immune response. The GMO grains helped destroy guts and cause inflammation. Hard not to think this was part of the plan, if Covid and the vaccines are killing people as is being reported. God Bless all Good Hearts getting the truth out there.

The Tatty Journal


Originally published 11th January 2021

Imbalances in type and volume of bacteria may also be implicated in ‘long COVID’

The variety and volume of bacteria in the gut, known as the microbiome, may influence the severity of COVID-19 as well as the magnitude of the immune system response to the infection,suggests research published online in the journalGut.

Imbalances in the make-up of the microbiome may also be implicated in persisting inflammatory symptoms, dubbed ‘long COVID’, the findings suggest.

COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory illness, but the evidence suggests that the gut may also have a role.

As the gut is the largest immunological organ in the body and its resident microbes are known to influence immune responses, the researchers wanted to find out if the gut microbiome might also affect the immune system response to COVID-19 infection.

They therefore obtained blood and stool samples and…

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