Gaslighting Autism Families: CDC, Media Continue to Obscure Decades of Vaccine-Related Harm — The Most Revolutionary Act

By Children’s Health Defense Team The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest autism report, once again, attributed the rise of autism to “more awareness” rather than a true increase — and as usual, mainstream media fell in line with that narrative. Media and public health officials perpetuated their entrenched practice of gaslighting autism families […]

Gaslighting Autism Families: CDC, Media Continue to Obscure Decades of Vaccine-Related Harm — The Most Revolutionary Act

I can testify that I experienced autistic symptoms when heavily mercury poisoned after dental amalgam (50% mercury fillings) were placed in 1994. I did not want to leave my house. Ever. That is the opposite of my previous personality. I still have autistic symptoms, after clearing a lot of mercury, but apparently, there are still issues as I have a difficult time adjusting to change.

I also believe the forced MMR I had to take in order to go to college is also affecting me. I should have never been forced to take the vaccine after I had already had measles, mumps, and rubella as a child. This is KNOWN by the medical professionals that vaccines cause serious health issues when the person has already had the disease.

Remember, folks, the root word of Pharma means sorcery.

Prepare Ye

I’ve mentioned my affection for the songs of Godspell even though I now see pagan symbolism within the videos, presented subliminally.

With that said, I love the songs and play them on my youtube channel music list. I was listening to “Prepare Ye” this morning, and the bells began pealing when he sang “Prepare Ye…”

I had no idea the church next door still rang its bells. It was such a stunning moment. Can’t be coincidence. Creator Bless all of us Good Hearts dealing with the evil with strength and courage and wisdom. And I hope that we all jump into fountains dancing with glee and happiness.

The Christmas Tree, revisited

I’ve been thinking a lot about Bear Lodge, the giant tree turned to stone, in Wyoming, and what cutting down live evergreens really means at Christmas.

I know that December 25th was a pagan holiday that was adopted by Christians. I still liked to celebrate it because of tradition and not really knowing Jesus’ birthday (which I think is September 11th). I loved the ornaments my children made and the ones we had put on the tree through the years.

We had cut a live tree for a few years while I was still married, but mostly, we had plastic trees to put up every year. It was always a fun challenge to figure out which “branch” went where.

The first year of being in the house that I lost, my children and I planted a small evergreen in the ground. The nursery I bought it from advised me to dig a hole before the ground froze, and only bring the tree indoors for no more than three days, which I did. That tree, if they haven’t cut it down yet, is now soaring about 50 ft in the air, if not more.

So I wanted to lay that groundwork of my close attachment to the Christmas tree, before I go into what I’m about to say next. I want you to understand that it did not come lightly to me.

I previously wrote about the Sacred tree of life. I believe the stone tree in Wyoming is that tree! They keep trying to say it is magma boiled up from the Earth, but anybody with a brain and eyes can see that it is a TREE. Trees can turn to stone — think about the petrified forest in New Mexico. Very beautiful, if you can make the trip, it is worth it.

I also believe this stone tree is mentioned in Daniel, Chapter 4. It’s couched in terms of a dream that Daniel had, but reading between the lines, I feel that it was satan that cut the tree in half. And like I previously posted, there were many gravestones with tree stumps. So much information has been kept from us and we Good Hearts have been misdirected by the evil one.

So I was in a motel room after leaving Indiana again, and they were showing the live Christmas tree for Rockefeller center pulled on a truck. This big, beautiful, wonderful tree that had lived probably a 100 years, was killed to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

I thought, “there is something very wrong with this picture…”

And to me, it is a sin for people to cut down live trees when there have been so many forest fires. In both South Dakota and Idaho, there are bald spots where lush thick trees once stood.

While thinking about all of this, and Christmas trees, it occurred to me that we were partaking in cutting trees in half the way satan did. Stunning moment. It’s just one of those moments where everything looks clear, with all the clutter and blinds pulled away. Good Lord!

So please pray about this and listen to your heart and conscience. I could never cut down a tree unless I was needing a fire to keep warm, or to build a log home. There would have to be a good, solid reason to kill a tree.

The Gangstalking Network

So I made it back to Indiana. I was sleeping in my truck, trying to make the gas last by just turning her on for 10 minutes to warm up enough to keep from freezing.

Someone helped me get a night in a motel. I don’t want to go into specifics because these evil ones will punish us if we help one another (Good Hearts helping Good Hearts). Evil bastards.

I was awake all night because of another migraine with throwing up.

At 3:47 a.m., someone knocks on the door. Then a second time. Finally, a third time knocking. I figure it’s the owner trying to tell me something, like there is a fire or other emergency.

There is no one in front of the door when I open it. This younger man steps out from the next door way, holding his phone up to be filming me, and says, “Oh, I thought this is where my buddy was staying.”

I immediately slammed the door shut. I knew something was wrong — either he was trying to rob me or gain access to the room or a gangstalker.

The gangstalker fits perfectly.

Here’s why:

  1. Phone in his hand, holding it up to film me.
  2. Hiding out of view of the room’s peephole.
  3. I’ve heard those exact words before — in Idaho!! I mean, you could not be any more blatant that it was a gangstalker because they were using the exact same words in the exact same way (a motel in Idaho I was staying in with the same actions/words.)

This also shows that Idaho gangstalkers are talking with Indiana gangstalkers about how to mess with me.

And something I wanted to note was that the motel owner did not turn on the lights to the outside hallway, as they usually do. I’ve stayed there often, and cannot remember when they did not have the outside lights on, for security. This bothers me because it made identifying the perp harder to do.

And I know they were operational because I had to get something out of my truck earlier, and the lights were off when trying to stumble my way in the darkness, but then turned on a few moments later. Very weird. And concerning because motel owners are participating in gangstalking. Not all, but too many.

Mary Tyler Moore and flu shot

Scaremongering has been a part of media for awhile. At this time, I don’t believe Big Pharma had purchased as much air time as now.

The commercials then were more varied, like cars, tires, grocery, etc., so a station could be more independent and practice journalism.

As the saying goes, “he who pays the piper calls the tune.”

I blame TV personalities for wanting $$$ salaries. They put the stations in vulnerable positions so that they would have to get bigger ad bucks…and the little guy couldn’t afford that.

Bombshell Lawsuit: CIA Covered Up ‘Deep State Pedophile Ring’ — The Most Revolutionary Act

NWO Report Source: RT The CIA covered up evidence of a Deep State pedophile ring operating within its own agency, according to newly released documents. The bombshell revelation was reported, surprisingly, by BuzzFeed News, which obtained hundreds of internal CIA reports through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits. According to the documents, one of the 10 […]

Bombshell Lawsuit: CIA Covered Up ‘Deep State Pedophile Ring’ — The Most Revolutionary Act

Gangstalking and traveling

Traveling has become even more difficult in the past six months.

(I mentioned the trouble with my debit card refusing to release my money so I could get gas, that is part of this. I actually told the lying customer service reps that I did not need their permission to travel!!)

When I first left Indiana in 2015, people were more friendly, but cautious. Truckers kind of looked out for me, a single lady. They have changed. I now recognize some truckers are in on gangstalking. The one that tried to run me off the road in Wyoming…and more close calls on the way back to Indiana. I don’t believe in coincidences.

But there are still some not willing or unaware of the gangstalking evil going on. I thank you for being Knights. Two black men truckers helped me get the last few miles home. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I ask the Creator to Bless you 100 times over for your kindness and compassion. I ask that for everyone whom has helped me, known and unknown to me. It keeps me going on.

I stopped in Nebraska trying to find somewhere to live and work. A kindly policeman told me there was a good shelter in town and he encouraged me to stay and said they would help me with my disability claim.

The mere word “shelter” sends chills down my spine. I shook my head “no”. He said to think about it because the bigger city, Omaha, is terrible. He definitely would not recommend going to any shelter there. I left and then decided to go back and at least give it a try.

I was met with a stone wall. The director of the Mission, calling himself a Christian but his words were anything but…

He emphasized this was a WORKING MISSION meaning that if I were disabled and couldn’t find work, I was not welcome. I told him that I had a sewing machine and I would be willing to help the others with clothing repairs or sew quilts for the mission. He totally ignored my pleas and pretty much dismissed me. He would not even give me a food box or water to take on my trip as he brushed me off. I was lucky that he gave me lunch.

And they wonder why people have turned away from Jesus.

I would like to say that the good people of Idaho who helped me out greatly with food boxes and clothing store are living the Christian way. They give without making you feel like a low life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nebraska is just not a place to be in if you are poor.

While I was there, I witnessed a young woman get hit by a car. She survived. She was hit in a way that her leg was pinned against her chest and her body acted like a door stop, preventing the tire from going over her and crushing her head. It was the most sickening sight. I sat there and bawled as I tried to get through to the Emergency Dispatcher. The girl was screaming at the driver to get off of her. The driver, a young woman also, in her 20/30s, was apathetic. I could not believe her attitude. She actually told the victim that she was crossing against the light, and she had the right-of-way. Pedestrians always have the right-of-way, regardless of the light.

Anyway, I had a couple of visions of the young lady and I saw her in surgery for a couple hours, prayed that the surgeon’s hands be guided to make needed repairs. Then I had a vision later of her sitting up in the hospital bed, so I take that as her being okay. It is truly a miracle she was doing okay.

Her Helpers had to have been there at the accident to prevent more serious injuries. There was a person with medical training, too, as she was right there and asked pertinent questions to assess her injuries.

The apathy of the driver really got to me. I was dumbstruck at her lack of caring. The same thing happened to me in Idaho when the young man stuck me. He didn’t apologize nor seem to care of what he had done. He even smirked at me a year later when he saw me at a traffic stop. And he was the son of a judge!!

A final note~ When I was leaving, I had my final check from the gaslighting coworker place, and saw a man my age with a sign asking for help. I gave him a few dollars (wishing I could give him a $100), and this guy looked at my camper like it was the Taj Mahal. He said he was sleeping in a tent — in 40 degree weather. He has stayed on my mind. I pray for him to be warm and safe and dry. He was asking for help in the Peoria suburbs in Illinois.

Creator Bless all of us fighting against the evil with strength, and courage, and wisdom, and being made poor by not accepting the mark of the beast.