In the Twilight Zone… *Updated 10.17.21*

They just never stop…

After being gone for fifteen years, I am back in my hometown in Indiana. I found a way to get my house back. A clear case of fraud perpetuated by Argent Mortgage. They sold the mortgage to Deutsche Bank in March 2006, but they falsely claimed ownership and sued me in June 2006. *Update 10.17.21: I consulted with another attorney willing to fight these crooks. He said if I had consulted him at the time I lost the house, in 2006, he could have gotten my house back. He had successfully sued the banksters for the fraud. It was a deliberate scheme by them to make it impossible for the homeowner to get their house back by this convoluted plan of several companies having a piece of the ownership. It is difficult to understand how they could say company A owns a piece, company B owns a piece, and so on. This makes it extremely difficult to sue them because there are so many involved. I asked about Quiet Title. The attorney said I could do that, but it is expensive and you must name every person or company that has a claim on the property. A judge will not accept half-assed work and if you go in to court without everything, a judge will dismiss the case and rule against you. Well, you all know by now that I don’t have the money for a title search and doing it on my own without help by knowledgeable people is likely not able to find everyone I need to sue. Just wanted to keep those interested updated. God Bless those of you praying for me to be successful in getting my house back. The attorney agrees that fraud was perpetuated. )

My former lawyer, whom must have taken a kickback from my ex’s family, dropped me THE DAY BEFORE the court date, so that I couldn’t possibly get representation with another attorney.

I spoke with a free legal service attorney. He at first sounded like he was going to help me fight this, but then he calls my former attorney in Indianapolis, and is persuaded not to help me either.

Like I have posted—people are persuaded no to help me.

Another case was with a friend from high school days who wanted to help, too. She was persuaded by another high school chum not to help me. (now beginning to see them for what they really are. Pretenders. Not nice people at all although they had me fooled all those years ago.)

So I am trying to make a go of it, getting a job (already they have tried to get me off the job. First day.) And looking at people here with the rose colored glasses off.

A brazen gangstalker, a woman my age, with her grandson. I am walking to the dollar store, minding my own business. She sends her grandson ahead of her as I am walking towards the door so that he is in my line of vision. Again, I am not looking at him or otherwise acting like a predator, and I see her hang back, and I knew yet again a nutjob was taking my picture.

She reaches the door at the same time and is smiling. SMILING!!

And she is holding the door for me!!

At the same time, she is telling her grandson that she got my picture!!

She actually said, “It’s okay, honey, I got her picture!”

What kind of person would do that?

Such mentally ill behavior…if you thought someone would harm a child, you wouldn’t put that child near them! Nor would you smile at them or hold the door for them.

The twisted road of evil

Always look beyond what you are told, folks. God Bless the truth tellers and truth seekers.


Wow, I am constantly amazed at how things that seem to be unrelated connect together and how the Holy Spirit continues to lead me towards exposing the evil.

So I was just revisiting lookoutfacharlie’s youtubes on electronic harassment/morgellons:

and I noticed he also had this video on James Holmes, the cinema shooter:

Intrigued, I continued along to the many videos related  to it.  Here is a video of James Holmes giving a speech before entering college.  Pay close attention to what he is studying and what he states his instructor is interested in.

He is a technology nerd.  And there was a Slate article I read where it specifically stated Holmes was not computer literate.  WTH?  The guy was a science and computer student!

Here is a neighbor who knew Holmes from childhood:

“I felt in my gut he was being picked on…”  trust your instincts, folks.

Being smart and…

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Gabby Pettito. UPDATE 9.23.21

UPDATE 9.23.21:

So they say they found her body. It’s a lie. I still feel Gabby’s energy, but it has changed. I had another vision after my post, where Gabby was on a hotel or other room, and law enforcement or other officials took her from the room, like they were arresting her. This was at the same time they were saying on t.v. that she was dead. She is not, but no longer enjoying the attention, but is frightened now. That concerns me greatly. She is in trouble. How to help her when officials are lying saying she is dead?!

Pray for the truth to come out.

End of Update.

You might have heard about the young woman who is now missing after breaking up with boyfriend Laundrie.

There are a bunch of utubes. I follow East Idaho newsfeed.

The thought is that Laundri just left her there at their last stop, two weeks ago and she has succumbed.

I just wanted to say that I have felt her energy and she is very much alive and laughing about all the attention she is getting. Sick.

If I were the police I would check the hotels. She is not in any way suffering.

if I am right, I hope that they are put in jail for awhile to help them understand this is not a joke.