Weather and discouragement

So here in Idaho, the first week of June, we had 5 days of 90 or near 90 degree heat with some days at 95 degrees. This is not normal. I was very ill after the 5th day of it and my spirit was down.

Suddenly I see Hillary Clinton in her red robe again, smiling, like “we’ve got you now”.

To those thinking I am being political, that is not the case. I didn’t vote in the last election and did not support either side. I am done with politics as far as that goes. Since they have politicized EVERYTHING, I have to examine the political sides of things.

So I have had previous visions of Hillary Clinton worshiping the evil one, and posted on that here:

Back to the weather — this is, in my opinion, directed energy plus a satellite used to concentrate heat. I have felt my skin burn when it was only 60 degrees outside. Last October, when the temperature was dipping, my skin was burning badly so that I could not do anything like walking outside, exposing myself to the satellite. It gave me a migraine and the pain was so bad that I ended up throwing up in my truck. Suddenly, I have a vision of then president Trump nodding his head. Things that make you go hmmm….

I had very little money left, and had to use that precious resource to get cover for a couple days so I could recover.

For those who say “conspiracy theory” , please do your own homework and look up defense contractors youtube posts on directed energy. They openly talk about these weapons ability to hit targets from far away and go through buildings. There is also a youtube on the huge satellite that the Chinese are using to fool people into thinking it’s the moon. Openly talking about this stuff.

So again there is a 5 day prediction of 90+ weather. Yesterday they said it was 99 degrees here. My camper said 105 degrees. And this is June. It can only get worse through the rest of the summer. I used to love summer, but now I am hating it. Being 60 years old, and with heart damage, I can’t take the heat like I used to.

With the vision of Clinton being happy that I was poor in spirit, can only mean one thing to me: you either join us or we will destroy you…

Well I will not take the Mark of the Beast. I would rather die than worship the evil one. And God the Creator has given me power. Not the evil one.

So I have found two razor blades outside my camper in the last week. One was new, and I know it was not there before. Subtle hint to slit my wrists and end my life….

Still being constantly gangstalked — cars constantly going by even those this is a quiet street because of a u-turn configuration — you end up where you started. As soon as I turn out my lights, no matter if it is 9, 10, 11 p.m., people walk by carrying on conversations. Dogs barking. One dog is barking constantly. It wants to be with the people in the house, and it sounds like it is tied up outside. I don’t know for sure, because if I went to check on the dog, they would lie and say I was stalking them or “looking” at them.

And when I sought relief in the shade next to my camper (old truck for sale by owner), a girl with long black hair and her gangstalking buddy, come by. Of course, they claim whatever they claim to make me look like a perv, but again, they put themselves in front of me, and then claim to be victims of a predator or stalker (oh, the irony of stalkers calling me a stalker when I just want to be left the hell alone.)

This same girl with the long black hair literally followed me around Walmart the previous day to coming down my street. And she wasn’t the only one trying desperately to make me look like a perv–people were practically throwing themselves in front of my cart. I would move faster just to cut them off at the pass and they would speed up to get in front of me. It would be comical if it weren’t such an evil act of destroying someone’s reputation with lies and half-truths. The girl with the long black hair followed me out of Walmart, and purposely went in the lane next to mine, so she could walk in front of me and then went to her vehicle that was in the same lane as mine, and she should have reached it without having to go in front of me. For those that don’t know, half-truths are telling something that is partially true, but then creating a lie with it. This is even more evil because it can sound credible. This same girl was taking my picture as I walked down the street to my camper around this same time. Clearly a stalker.

I wish I could leave. I never received my stimulus money, while a coworker in January said he got his $600 instantly in his account. Unreal.

I have yet to hear from Social Security on my disability. I think they want to wait until August, so I’ll be dead by heat stroke and they won’t have to pay anything out at all. After Covid, nothing surprises me about killing people.

And speaking of Covid, a family member had the vaccine, and was ill for days. Had a bad migraine. She has epilepsy and that is a contraindication for vaccine. Just like they did me — forced me to take the MMR vaccine in order to go to college, even though I already had measles, mumps, and rubella. One should NEVER get a vaccine if you have already had the diseases. These bastards know this. Which shows they don’t care about health. It’s all about killing people for the eugenicists agenda, and making money in the process. Just like those that profit off of war — killing people while making money.

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