A Little Fun for a Friday Night….

A smile for these times. It was great growing up during this era. Gas was fifty cents a gallon. I remember we were shocked when it reached a dollar. Ha.

My poor mother…I burned so much rubber…:)

We cruised to a shopping center that was at the edge of town, parked and talked with school buddies.

I fondly remember a time when I stopped to talk with the guy who would become my husband, and someone I knew parked on the other side of my car, so I rolled down my other window. Then someone my ex knew pulled on the other side of his ’72 Le Mans, and that continued until there were twenty or so cars lined up and we all had our windows down so we could talk to each other, like the game telephone. Nothing like that ever happened again.

Enjoy the time of joy and innocence. I feel bad for the younger ones who have no idea how powerful cars used to be, as well as the fins and styles.

Edited to add:

So I was thinking about this post, and I thought that I left the impression that I had one of these classic cars and was well off and spoiled.

Okay, so at the time of cruisin’, I was three years out from my folks’ divorce, and still trying to make sense of it all while going through puberty, no less. Very trying time, when I thought if I didn’t get out of the house, I was going to burst. My Mom had traded in the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser for a ’76 Cutlass and let me go out.

At this same time, she was serving cheese soup over crackers as my dinner on more than a few nights. This was quite a change for me, as we had never worried about money before and I just wasn’t grasping why Mom was feeding me crackers as my supper.

So, yeah, cruisin’ was my escape and I could feel normal for a time.

Just wanted to clarify. I am sick of reading comments about how some folks didn’t get to cruise, and those of us who did, were spoiled brats. Most of us cruisin’ were not the rich kids of our small town.

Definition of Treason

So if someone is saluting a flag other than the red, white, and blue with stars that is our accepted national flag, isn’t that the definition of treason?

Thin Blue Line Flag Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Hitler created a flag separate from the German flag, too….um-hmmm….

Like I said, it was Trump supporters who threw snowballs at my camper in January. I didn’t even vote last November. Nor did I support the other side. I may talk about politics, because everything has been politicized, but really, I am SICK of politics and the deliberate action of dividing us through “if you’re not with us, you’re against us baloney”.

It feels like the Civil War all over again. I say that because after 9.11.01, I began noticing a lot of southern folk had moved into Indiana. I saw more confederate flags there than I had ever seen in my entire lifetime of growing up there. The warm and compassionate people of Indiana began to be turned to meanness. I see the same thing happening to Idaho. Idahoans will tell you that things have changed for the worse in the last 17 years…about three years after 9.11. Can’t be coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences.

Additionally, I believe that Israel was directly involved in the controlled demolition of the WTC and Building 7 on 9.11.01. Israelis were in the buildings before the explosions. And the so-called air strikes that leveled a building in Palestine on 5.11.21 looked EXACTLY like the controlled demolition of Building 7.

Israeli agents were on the ground at Standing Rock, working against the Native folks by interference and provocateurs.

Even more curious is this flag above has the same colors as the Israel flag. You will see Benjamin Netanyahu wearing these same colors.

I am an American. This is not the united states of Trump or any other politician or public servant or Israel. I am repeating all of this because it points to who is involved and I am fighting with words for my country.

God Bless the United States of America, long may she stand.

Who are you working for, NBC?

Two days ago, I watched a video on Israel’s *cough* air strike on a building. It looked EXACTLY like Building 7 of the World Trade Center going down on 9.11.01.

And I wasn’t the only one who noticed the stark similarity. Many others posted on youtube that they had saw it, too.

So now the video has been completely erased from NBC’s youtube account.

And this controlled demolition, because it was NOT an airstrike, was on….the 11th!!

As I have written before, Israel was in on September 11th. And there were Israeli agents at Standing Rock pretending to support the Native folk against the oil pipeline crossing the Missouri river.

And NBC has removed other posts on their youtube site that they apparently didn’t agree with or did not go along with their agenda.

I posted on the video of Liz Cheney being voted out of her position and how Trump supporters had thrown snowballs at my camper in January. I did not even vote this past election and I had said nothing in support of the other side.

Who are you working for, NBC? Israel?? Trump??