Done with medical

Sometimes God’s Helpers send you a little reminder if you forget that something is bad for you.

I wrote about my left arm going numb a month ago, thinking I was having a stroke. I had a migraine that lasted four days prior, along with severe neck pain. I could literally feel a swelling on the back of my neck, so I asked for a neck MRI. It showed spinal stenosis, which is a fancy term of bone deterioration. The bones are deteriorating and pressing on the nerve, causing my arm to go numb and causing pain.

Along with this, I was diagnosed with a bladder infection. Doctor prescribed a fluoroquinalone. My instincts were kicking in, so I looked up the drug online. It was the same drug that my mercury poisoning group members had warned about–Cipro. One of the side effects is…wait for it…numbness down the arms and legs with permanent paralysis as a possibility. I called the nurse and she said it was only a 1% chance of paralysis.

I said even if it is only 1%, it is permanent and I am already suffering from numbness. Not gonna take any risk.

In addition to this, the doctor referred me to a physical therapist to help with the neck pain and numbness.

A young man, he asked me questions for an hour, including asking about my relationship with my kids and whether I missed Indiana. Totally none of his business and nothing to do with helping alleviate the condition. These are questions that gangstalkers ALWAYS ask me. Red flag right there.

He also brought up the appt. I had made with a gyno. Another red flag right there. So after asking endless questions, he puts electrodes on my neck, which did nothing. I felt him get sexually excited as I lay on my back. I was sooo done with this so-called professional.

But it gets worse, as they called my insurance and were told ins would only pay $50 for the visit

They knew this before the visit, and did not tell me I was responsible for $75. This is UNETHICAL. Doctors are obligated to tell you the upfront costs of treatment and allow you to opt out. They knew ins would not pay DAYS beforehand and could have called. They didn’t.

I am sooo. done with the medical profession.

Here us a video on fluoroquinalones that shows this is an epidemic, not 1% of people suffering after taking this poison.

More thoughts…

To the actor–more insights for you–

I saw the evil photographer with the evil woman that encourages spirit cooking in Hollywood. Evil person. So that tells me that they are in cahoots together to control your soul.

You are moving in the right direction. Keep going. Ask for help from God and the Helping Healing Spirits to guide you when you are afraid or confused.


Edited to addressed:

Are you Rh negative? I was struck by how much you resembled Jesus with your long hair. It was a striking resemblance.

All Rh negative people are of the sacred bloodline. If you are AB- then you are even more of a target. This is a very rare blood type originating in the same region of France where Mary Magdalene fled to after Jesus’ murder. It is on the Shroud of Turin, Jesus’ burial garment.

So for that role, you took hormones to transform you to a woman. Do you realize how serious that is for your body, your psyche? Hormones are treated like there are no consequences for messing with them.

In my case, the drug Synarel shuts down the pituitary to throw a woman’s body in to menopause. This caused a stroke and mild heart attack for me in 1991, at 30 years of age. These drugs are harmful, not helpful. It was two years before pharma admitted they caused heart arrhythmias and stroke. They knew before the drug even hit the market that shutting down the pituitary shuts down more than just the reproductive system, as it regulates the thyroid, as well.

I am going in to this because this drug was essentially turning women in to men. The hypothesis is so ridiculous, as if turning women in to men would cure the endometriosis! Cutting out gluten and changing to a raw diet with fasting should have been the course of action, and let the body self heal. No doctor ever talked about any of that.

So think about that…why would they want to use such a powerful drug that essentially altered the very idea of who I am?

Because if they can turn people away from recognizing their inner self as God intended, then you are unable to know yourself. Knowing yourself is the basis of confidence. Confidence gives you the strength to push back when they are trying to control you and define who you are. This is critical for the evil ones to control your mind, and if they can control your mind, they can control your soul. Do you understand?

These drugs are very powerful. Think of MK Ultra. Michael Jackson, who was sexually and mentally abused. Look at pictures of him before he began changing his appearance. His skin color–the very essence of who he was–was bleached white. His nose. His voice became little -girl like. This has MK Ultra written all over. They did it right out in plain sight. To a famous rich person. And then when they were done using him, they killed him.

Stay with it

This is a postscript to yesterday’s blog to the actor–

Last night was intense as well as they were attacking me even for writing the blog. Someone knocked on the door at 5 a.m. this morning while still dark out; then I fell back to sleep and dreamed I was walking in a factory (not the one I work in), and opened a door, there was a man I did not know hanging from a rope. Some other weird stuff happened that I won’t get in to, but sufficient to say that if I am being attacked, then you are, too. And I suspect it was because I saw you praying and gave you a hug. I hope you felt it.

You have taken that first huge step. Stay with it. You have a LOT of negative energy attached to you and healing will happen, but it happens in baby steps. You will get setbacks. You will feel abandoned by God. But take heart, God knows you are trying and will not abandon you. Keep at it. Be aware of the subtle ways that God will communicate with you. Ask to know who is good and who is evil in your life. You will be shown. When you are shown something, take notice, and time will show you that it is truth.

And, if I were you, I would get out of Los Angeles if that is where you are staying. Your atmosphere is evil and not helpful when trying to heal. If there are mountains with trees nearby, go to them and spend a couple of weeks. It is best if there is a clear stream to drink from and bathe in. Bless the water. Bless every meal. Bless every breath. Be grateful. Apologize when you have erred, and move on. None of us is without sin, and all we have to do is recognize that and apologize. That simple.

Be blessed.

Choosing the Good Way

This is a personal blog to the actor with serious health issue that I tried to help…

So, in the session, what you felt was God the Creator’s healing energy. That did not come from me, but from God. All I am is a lightening rod, so to speak, aiming the energy in concentration to help you.

What happened to me afterwards was pretty intense as I was attacked all night long. Literally all night until I gave up on sleep and turned the light on to make them go away, along with praying all night.

That tells me you are struggling with a LOT of negative spirits attached to you.

What you are doing with the robed ones is not good at all. This is not connecting with God, the Creator. The healing energy you felt with my session is what you should feel when you connect with God. It is wonderful, beautiful, and very positive.

I hope you will get the information you need so you will know who us good and who is evil in your life. You have to meet God halfway and do the work.

I hope my session was healing and you will take the lifeline you have been offered.

And as a side note to your actor friend who also came forward when I had the session with you, I have this to say:

You are a sweet soul underneath the exterior persona you put forth, but I once tried with you to help. You have surrounded yourself with those feeding evil, especially the photographer that rapes young women and boys. He is pure evil.

I will not come near you for a session of healing, because I won’t put my own soul in danger.

You have to feed the good side, not evil, and every time you feed the darkness, you give it more energy, therefore more attaches to you. You will have to ask for help from God and the Helping and Healing spirits. This is the mother of all self-help projects. It takes more work to be good, but it is soooo worth it.

Be Blessed. I wish the best for you and hope you make the effort.


Troops deployed to vaccine centers

So it has begun…Biden is pulling support out of Yemen…so he has more to deploy on the American public. Stay strong people. Tough times ahead. I was shown a period of darkness but then relief.

We have to poison you so you won’t get sick…

edited: When I was at the Indiana Dept of Health, we had a public clinic due to a food service worker testing positive for hepatitis in Marion, Indiana.

When I look at the pictures of the vaccine sites, I get chills down my spine.

At the clinic in Marion, there was a guy there that gave me chills.

He was tall, blond and blue eyed with hair style like the Nazis. And the way he was acting was like a director.

The whole scene was surreal. My instincts were kicking in even though I didn’t know what was happening. At this same time, they had tapped my blackberry phone, and were reading my emails. They censured me for talking with a former coworker about work stuff. This wasn’t sensitive information, but just the usual stuff one yaks about.

Since my job was public information officer, I knew I would be used just like the media is now. I left soon afterward. Thus was a good paying job and in the end it meant losing my house.

I miss my house every single day but I don’t regret walking away from that job. I would not want to lie or mislead the public especially to help the evil ones.

And I want to say that not all the German soldiers are alike. Again, one cannot make broad sweeping generalizations about an entire group.