We have to poison you so you won’t get sick

The 4th Amendment to the Constitution: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.—-
This means that it is un-Constitutional for them to enter your home, for any reason, without a warrant issued by a judge. This was put in to place for the very reason we are seeing now — a gross overreach of power where they are going to demand that people wear masks in their own homes. I heard this morning that they are also going to demand vaccination if you want a driver’s license. This evil can only come from satanists. Imagine satan injecting you with poison might make it easier to fight back….


...the utter madness of Big Pharma/FDA is apparent in pushing yet another flu vaccine.  This time, they’ve got the elderly in their crosshairs.  The elderly make perfect victims because any illness they develop will be chalked up to their age instead of the horrible vaccine.

As I’ve noted before, unless someone is tested, the medical professionals don’t know whether you have had the particular flu they are vaccinating against.  If you are vaccinated after already having the disease, you will likely develop a chronic illness such as rheumatoid arthritis….and this is known because they list rheumatoid arthritis as a side effect of flu vaccine on the package inserts.

This report states that squalene was used in the vaccines for the soldiers in the Gulf War.  And we know what happened afterwards…Gulf War Syndrome– where the soldiers developed chronic illness.  If you recall, they were experimented on with injecting them…

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Vaccine Gestapo in Hawaii

Another blog on forced vaccination here. Seriously, we don’t need this vaccine for something that has a 90% recovery rate. Insanity.


Like Indiana, Hawaii Big Pharma toady legislators are trying to ram through a bill to force vaccination not only on children, but adults.  Like Indiana, they are targeting healthcare workers to force them to get the flu shot, even though the flu shot has a 19% effectiveness rate.  That is, it is 81% INEFFECTIVE in preventing flu and is linked to rheumatoid arthritis and chronic illness.  My prior blog on that here.

My blog on the right to informed consent here

Here is a youtube on it:


And in case you need a refresher on how devastating vaccines can be, here is the Freedom Wall from the National Vaccine Information Center: 

Date Posted: Feb 24, 2016
I went to Broadway Elementary to apply for the first come first serve enrollment for the Spanish Immersion program. My application was complete but my MD medical vaccine waiver was NOT accepted. It…

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It’s My Body….

Time to reblog this…those who are now pushing for a vaccine for an illness where 90% of the people survive is outrageous and stupid. I have the right to decide what goes in to my body and God has already given us what we need to be healthy and fight off any illness, including cancer. Our bodies were designed by the Creator to self-heal, if we follow the rules God set up by drinking clean water, breathing clean air, eating unprocessed, un-genetically modified food, resting, and exercising, and of course, prayer. God Bless us all.


…I have the right to decide what goes into it.  An excellent commentary on the right to refuse vaccines here.

I just wish there was as much outrage over forced vaccination as there is against anti-abortion people by those that call themselves progressives.  Instead, I’ve been on progressive sites that openly ridiculed people advocating for vaccine right to refuse and informed consent. Women are being targeted…especially women who belong to strong unions, such as the teacher’s and nurses’ unions….and yet…*crickets* from the left.

I don’t know which is more outrageous.

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The Mysterious Murder of John P. Wheeler III: Part III – Netflix Reignites Interest via ‘Unsolved Mysteries’

Reblogging this to help keep eyes focused on this case. Jack Wheeler, by all accounts, was a true patriot whose last words he was said to yell that he was not going to go along with whatever THEY were planning. He was murdered shortly afterwards. Beau Biden was the attorney supposedly looking into this. Then he ends up dead. Supposedly. Biden’s actions during his son’s funeral, he was seen smiling, leave me to wonder if it was not staged so Beau did not have to answer questions, or whether it has a deep dark meaning that he was injected with SV40 to give him cancer so that he was conveniently out of the way??


“In such a tumultuous present, examination of the past is a relative luxury.”

“A solider that loves ballet? I just thought how lucky I was. I loved him with all my heart. I really did.” -Katherine Klyce

This December will mark the 10th anniversary of the strange, unsolved murder of John Parsons Wheeler III (Jack to his friends). Wheeler was no ordinary man – his life was as extraordinary as the circumstances surrounding his death.

If you have not read the first two parts of this story we wrote in 2011, you can find them here [Part 1 – Intro] and here [Part 2], but we will attempt to be as complete as possible here, too.

Jack Wheeler was murdered between the hours of 8:42pm on December 30, 2010 and about 4-5:00am on December 31, 2010. The world found out he was dead at 9:56am when…

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Godspell subliminal **Updated with videos

They have been at this a looong time, folks…

Watching videos of long ago favorite songs like Day by Day, Prepare Ye. By My Side..

.I was shocked to see the subliminal messaging of the evil ones.

So Godspell was seen as a a way to reach people that they may have not been able to reach through and reading like the King James version of the Bible that are difficult to understand some of the passages so when Godspell came out, late sixties early seventies it was seen as a way of making Jesus more accessible so it was welcomed and it was celebrated as being more modern you know of course that was pushed the more modern thing is being the more desired thing so it was very popular among Christians

Even though I love the songs I still consider them inspirational even though I know you know now how this is being twisted it’s how I my intentions with the song needs to me my youth.

On day by day, they showed Jesus as a clown that’s kind of subliminal right there then he is painting a an upside-down star on a bus during this video and then a third thing that kind of raised red flag was at one point somebody plants a small tree in a pot and then another person comes along and puts an even bigger Tree in same pot and the subliminal message was it Jesus watered the plant and so therefore it just grew phenomenally in just a few moments in and then the girl looks all starry-eyed turns and starts towards Jesus and it was kind of like a mocking of his abilities to perform miracles and his followers.

And this may come as a shock to some, but Jesus wasn’t the only one who could heal others. There are credible Native American tales of people being brought back to life by their Holy Men and Women. So God granted others the ability to heal.

The video where are you going on the the main girl singing with the red hair she has one eye highlighted–very clearly a pagan symbol and Satan symbolism and then another actor has the lightning painted on his cheek also another sign associated with the evil one so they were clearly mocking Christians in Godspell.

And I don’t know that the cast knew what this meant or they were in on it. You know I don’t know only God knows that and it’s just another example of how the evil one love to mock Christians and love to mix the sacred with profane.

I am pretty sure this character is John the Baptist. And it is interesting that the lightening is painted on his cheek. And that he is not singing with the rest of them in Where Are You Going? In the book, The Expected One, the author makes the statements that there is a secret society worshiping John the Baptist. They carry around his skull, supposedly. I have often wondered if the Skulls from Yale University are also Baptist worshipers? They like to make the claim that John the Baptist was the real Messiah, and that Mary Magdalene was a whore/prostitute. So they clearly do not see that she was a profit and a sacred woman. She was the first person to see Jesus rise and she was there at his death when the other disciples ran away.

What is troubling is that John the Baptist is holding the hand of… is that Nike/Victory/Ishtar, the Goddess of War/Sex statue?? If it is, this is even more troubling for the blatant inyourface to God and the Good Hearts…

edited to add: so I found this fountain at NY Central Park, and it is called Bethesda Terrace. I f you look up the map, from the sky view, you can see of the design. And looking st the street view, the stairs on both sides certainly looks like going up temple steps…

Yep, I think this is Ishtar, Nike, or Victory, whatever name you give her.

Priest slaps baby

Time to reblog this… Don’t ever let anyone be abused by going along with authorities. Please look up my other blog on the doctor who did research and paid father’s to have sex with their daughters. This is where a monumental shift towards evil began in this country where rape is a tool by the evil one to Dave the soul as a sehway to weaken ones connection to God the Creator.


So I guess this video has been out there a year, but I have just seen it.  It was after I clicked on the Pope slapping the hand of the asian woman.    (She made the sign of the cross just before the Pope got to her.  She probably stood out there for hours. She had a pleading tone to her, so I wonder if she were pleading for help from religious persecution?  Homelessness?  Starving?  I really would like to know what she was saying.)

So I saw this title for the video and clicked on it.  What I saw was appalling!!  I wanted to grab that baby away from this abusive #$%&!

Like most commenters, you question the parents’ judgment in letting this go on so long.  Especially after he slapped the baby and then it appeared like he was trying to suffocate the poor child. The child was crying…

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Beware the Nazis/Karen’s

So I finally got my paycheck which seemed like an eternity because of everything that could go wrong…Murphy’s law, you know…truck needs a new fuel pump and they had to take off a drive train and now no 4 wheel drive…

But looking at the good side, at least I am working and able to pay for repairs. But that alsomeans staying in the camper when I was hoping to be in an apt or motel room next week, but not gonna happen

So I had to get heat in here so I found a space heater at a used appliance store.

I was wearing a mask going in but the owner wasn’t so I took mine off. I seriously have issues with low blood oxygen and feeling woozy. I have to mentally tell myself to breathe deeply so I can get enough oxygen. This is ridiculous when 90% of the people recover and I am 60 yrs. old so I should be worried but I am not. Somehow our ancestors made it through all kinds of plagues and we are still here.

So I am without mask when a blonde , blue eyed Karen comes in the store pretending to ask whether the store carried large appliances, which clear the moment you walked in that it didn’t. She was a Nazi there to take note of us rebels who are not wearing

masks. I have seen the Nazis standing outside stores taking note of those not wearing masks. Outrageous.

Party time

So I am severely sleep deprived, and working an exhaustive job (temporary)…and trying to sleep without heat. It got to 15 above here last week and I thought I would freeze to death…but my daughter’s super warm sleeping bag kept me alive. ..but really I am ready to go, asking God to take because I have had enough. I am done.

I broke down and cried, begging God to show me what to do…

Since the Nazis can hear everything that goes on, it was a source of amusement for them. They had a party to celebrate it. Not kidding. They were thrilled that they broke me.

As a side note, please don’t think that whomever is elected will change things. Do not trust anyone in Washington…