Last weekend…

I am still very tired and sleep deprived, but wanted to get this out –I  wanted to get it on the record before I forget.

So I had to do laundry.  And I was aware that they would send in gangstalkers but this was nothing like before — it was a zoo.  You could not turn around in the place.

Every woman that came in there had 3 or 4 kids with her.  You know they are gangstalkers because no sane woman is going to bring her kids with her to the laundromat.  She is going to leave them at home with her husband or with a friend or her Mom, etc.  Nope, they brought their kids with them.  You know, to use their kids to make money….teaching their kids unethical, immoral behavior.

So a blonde with orange top and black pants (Halloween colors, get it?) immediately tries to start stuff with me.

I don’t know this person at all.

She stands in front of me, holding her phone up to take video of me while I sat knitting a sock.

So the minute I get up to take the wash out and put it in the dryer, she sits in my seat.   Not only is this bullying behavior wanting to start stuff, but I am older and it was a blatant disrespect of your elders.  I have seen a LOT of that lately, but folks here are usually respectful of their elders.

So I said to her that was my seat.  She knew it and she had three other chairs to sit down in, but she was deliberately trying to start something.  Normally, I would just sit in another chair, but I have had enough of these bullies and so I stood up against her.

But she wasn’t done yet.

She then continues to stand in front of me, with her phone recording me, and telling her friend that I called her a “bitch”. Nope.  Didn’t happen.  I called her one when I got back to my camper, but not to her face.  I’m seriously not one to start confrontations.

And I lost a ring there, so yeah, not a good day and it got worse…

So I found a parking spot with trees that I stayed in last year.  So this spot is known to the FBI as somewhere that I stayed.

Along comes a couple in a small white suv.  They stop briefly and then go on.

I decide to move to another location.

Here comes the same couple again…driving by.

Then they come by a third time.  That combined with the bullying that happened earlier, plus just being overwhelmed by the continued onslaught since I got here, I had enough.

I took off after them.   I followed them for several blocks, and they pulled over in a grocery parking lot.

I asked them why they were harassing me.

Of course, they had a ready excuse that they were geocaching.

I wanted to believe them, but with what happened the other night when I was hit, I have to lean towards them gangstalking and the geocache is just a false justification for being where they were.

So what happened was that after they hit my camper and then climbed on top of it, I felt the woman had knowledge of it.  So that tells me she is in communication with those that hit me and climbed on top of the camper.  She is part of the gangstalking.

They need something called plausible deniability.  This means that a person can deny they are doing something (like gangstalking) with a ready excuse they were doing something else, such as geocaching.  I mean, seriously, who has the money to drive around all over the place wasting gas and while it is so friggin  hot at 95-degree heat??

And of course, I look like a nutjob for calling them out on it.  Which is what the FBI wants.



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