Hit last night…

…just a quick blog because I am severely sleep deprived and can hardly put two words together.

I was hit last night while trying to sleep in my camper.  Then the person climbed on top of the camper.  I think they were thinking of putting something down the air vent, but it is blocked.

I punched the panic button on the truck and got out of the camper.

Behind me was a 2002 (?) Camry with its lights on.  As I got in the truck, the Camry pulled up to be even with me and then turned around, with headlights towards me.  Then they took off.

I filed a police report but the officer said that the damage did not look like from a car.  Perhaps a truck.  I dunno, all I saw was the Camry behind me.

There’s a lot more stuff this weekend, but like I said, I am sleep deprived and not really with it.  And I believe this is a crucial time for the satanists because they have been coming to me in visions every single night.

I remember at this time last year was when the kid hit me from behind and bent the frame on the truck.  Don’t believe in coincidences, so probably was intentional, now that I look back. This is when Hurricane Katrina took place, also.  Lots of Hurricanes happened on 8/29.  So yeah, looks like HELL week for me and the rest of us Good Hearts.

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