Checking in… **edited

So I wanted to check in with y’all….

I left briefly, but only got about 5 hours away, and turned around.  God definitely wants me here…

So I have been applying for positions and waiting for responses.

Meanwhile, I seriously cannot move without one of the evil ones following me wherever I go.  The hysterical ones are the worse, as there is one hispanic chick who is obsessed with me.  I saw a sticker on her car with a person kneeling and a gun held to the head.  I forget the exact words above it, but paraphrasing it, death to pedophiles.  She actually means let’s all murder pedophiles.

Except that I am not a pedophile. I am not a predator. I am not a criminal, unlike a lot of YOU gangstalkers who were recruited out of prison or a judge said you could do “community service” and that translates to gangstalking innocent people.

So I guess if an FBI agent tells you that a person is a predator, then you just accept what you are told?  You would murder someone who is innocent just because someone else told you they were a bad person???

**edited to add:  This Hispanic chick worked at the motel I was staying at.  She was making the allegation that I was “looking” at her out of my rear, bathroom window.  The only reason she knew I was in the bathroom was because the light was on.  At that time, I was taking a bath.  (Don’t judge about the bath — I have used less water than if taking a shower.  Don’t believe me?  Plug up the bathtub while you are taking a shower.  You will see that you use more or the same amount of water as a bath.  They are very soothing for my aching muscles and joints.)

So the window in the rear is just at the top of my head, so I would have to stand on the toilet in order to see out.  ….and a little thing like the window being open!  The windows have the kind of glass that is mottled so no one can see in.  But this little detail escaped this lying sack of poop!

And please, if you are Hispanic, don’t take this as a racist rant.  Like I said before, I actually thought it was okay for the Mexican folk to come here to escape their country.  I also took 2 years of Spanish at college and I volunteered briefly for teaching English to Hispanic folks.

The Hispanics involved in gangstalking are not nice people, as this lying piece of work testifies to.  No ethics. No morals.

And by the way, she is driving a newer vehicle than mine.  How’d you get the money to buy that on your maid’s wages, honey?  Yeah, I thought so.  Got that vehicle with the money you are paid to lie about someone whom has done you no harm!!

Back to the original post —

I had left town to go to the mountains nearby.  I LEFT TOWN.  I was AWAY from people.

And they followed me there.

It was a secluded spot where I could get cool from the unrelenting 90-degree heat. I could get water. They parked in front of me, a block away, and then claimed I was looking at them!!  I was a block away.  They followed me there!!

september 2020 006

This is just insane!!

**edited to add a little more — so it was an ideal spot because of the terrain.  I had what amounts to a private little water hole.  The hills on the other side were too cumbersome for anyone to “just happen” to walk by.  Like I said, they like to put themselves in front of me, and then claim I was “looking” at them.   Not that they didn’t try.  It was kind of funny, actually, to see their little plots foiled.  A white stalker came with her girls and tried to swim in the creek….and the creek is icy cold.  You can’t stay in it for very long.  She let out a yell…and then took God’s name in vain.  Yep.  I had to laugh at their little plan of putting young women in front of me to make me look like a predator.  F.U.

So the spot was just w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.  And the mountain is very healing…did some great cleansing there.

**edited to add: The thing that irks me the most is that all of the gangstalking is unnecessary.  The FBI agent has been harassing me and destroying my reputation for the past 5 years!  He has “bugged” my vehicle and my camper.  They have cameras on my at all times.  They have listening devices, too.  So the gangstalking is not even needed. They know what I am doing at any given moment in time.  They only need gangstalkers to harass me continually.

But there was also a negative energy associated with the site that was a block away that they kept sending stalkers in to make me look like I was “looking” at them.  (I finally just shut my window shade and put a page of newspaper up in my truck so I could sit in it and do my wordfinds or crosswords or knit.  I actually got it cleaned out, which was something I meant to do but never got around to it. I used to clean my vehicle every weekend.  And had it steam cleaned once or twice a year.  Nobody would believe that now if they could see her.)

Anyway, so there was a negative energy associated with that site.  I felt very very uncomfortable going anywhere near it.

So last night, I am trying to fall asleep but the wind keeps knocking a tree limb on the top of my camper, so was still awake when I saw the FBI agent in his black robe.  That is what the satanists where when they are performing some “religious” ceremony or black magic.  So I am waiting to see what they do, and the negative energy began increasing and increasing.  Very negative. Evil.

So I had to leave there after dark to get back to town. I didn’t want to stick around to see what they were trying to do.  Put me under a spell? Mess with my head?  Don’t know at this point.

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