Another Hell night… **update 8.29.20

…so after the camper was hit and the scumbag climbed on top of it, I thought I had found a safe place to rest for the night…a church parking lot. (I asked permission)

Yeah, not so fast….

About 11:30 last night, I hear a vehicle with a loud engine going by.  Ears perk up.

I look out the window, and it’s an older red truck going back and forth in the parking lot.

It goes four parking lanes over. Stops. Lights on my camper.

It comes back over near me, again with lights aimed towards camper.

Then it goes back to the original spot.  Each time it goes back and forth, its lights end up on the camper.

After what happened, I called the police.

The police arrive and talk with them.  It was a man and woman in the vehicle and the excuse they gave the officers was that the man was teaching the woman how to drive a stick shift.

…and it was nearly midnight when the officer stopped them.

So their “plausible deniability” was that they were just out trying to learn to drive a manual….at midnight…when it was too dark to see the stick shift and what gear you were shifting into…um-hmmm…

But my gangstalking suspicions were confirmed when I later had a vision of the man….in a room with several others in a circle talking about me.  He was angry that I had called the cops and he got caught…

…but the drama wasn’t over yet.

I kept watch to 1 a.m., and then tried to get some sleep.

I noticed headlights in the camper, so I looked again to the parking lot.  Nobody there that I could see.  I kept scanning the area, and about a half hour later, the bum turned his headlights on and left.  He was across the highway running next to the church, hiding in bushes so I could not see him.

Scary that they are that determined…

I am able to upload the pics of his truck here:

But wait, there’s more!

After I had the vision of the angry man talking with his fellow gangstalkers, I saw Krystal Lee Kenny.  Yes, THAT Krystal Lee Kenny that played a huge part in whatever happened to Kelsey Berreth!

Holy #$%&!

And I can’t even go to the police and tell them about  the link to Krystal.  They wouldn’t believe me.  And like I experienced before, I believe that Krystal has some connections to law enforcement here and that is why she got away with so much.

From my prior post last year —

Anyway, after feeling all that energy directed at me, I was expecting to be arrested on false charges anytime.  And speaking of energy — I have picked up on Krystal Kenney’s energy.  She is part of the gangstalking and thought it was funny that the police are ready to move in.  Her energy was highly giddy that they were going to bring me down.  So that confirms to me that the plan to murder Kelsey Berreth was from these satanic evil ones and that gangstalking is being used to murder people.  My posts on that here and here.

I can echo again my feelings when writing this post — I am sooo ready for this to be over.  It wears on you day after day of just trying to survive.

This woman is a nutjob to the extreme.  A privileged nutjob who obviously has connections here and it confirms even more that she had a LOT more to do with Kelsey’s disappearance than the lame press would have you believe. So perhaps this is why God wants me here…dunno…still trying to figure that one out.  I know that I love this place and do not want to leave.  Even with all of what has happened, there is still a lot of good energy here and good people here.

Oh, and as a side note~ I have pictures of the truck, but could not post them on here because…wait for it…they stole my connection wire that I could take the pics off my phone and post them on the computer.  Unreal.  These thieves have stolen so much stuff from me it is unbelievable.  They say crime is up — well you know what I think?  It’s the gangstalkers getting away with stealing because their handlers are allowing it!

**Update:  So more information came to me last night.  Krystal appears to be related to a deputy sheriff.  I saw both him and her.  And not only that, but he gave her access to the intelligence community software that allows them to watch you through video!  Mindblowing.  This is just too, too much for me.  Murderers are given access to watch and harass innocent people who call them out!  Unreal.  Just cannot deal with this where evil ones are now acting like they are the law and have the right to judge law-abiding citizens.

This explains so much of what happened to Kelsey Berreth.  It also leads to huge questions of Krystal’s actions.  She was portrayed as a helpless person who went to a friend who worked for lawyers in town and nobody did anything.  And that Patrick was the mastermind and he was demanding she “clean up”.   If she is related to a sheriff’s deputy, she had all the resources right there to put an end to whatever happened to Kelsey.  She could have called her father the deputy.   She didn’t.  Like I said before, she is guilty as they come.  And the coverup surrounding her is mindblowing.

And a couple came in to the parking lot last night in a huge RV.  At first I was thankful, but now they appear to be part of the stalking.  They “just happen” to come outside the RV just as I was leaving this morning.  More lies to tell of how I was acting pervy, when I was minding my own business.



It just never stops…

…so I am pulling into the library parking lot, and I see a woman with a tattoo half-circled around her eyes.

So  she went into the library, and I take a while to get my vehicle situated.

So…she should have been in the library, going about her business, right??

Well, she was.

Then as I come up the ramp they have to get into the building, she comes from inside the library, and stands in the hallway of the ramp.  The ramp leads directly into the main lobby.

So, let me be clear — she was in the library. She came to the door I was coming in and just stands there…with her phone pointed at me, of course.

Scum.  That is what you are. Scumbags.

Last weekend…

I am still very tired and sleep deprived, but wanted to get this out –I  wanted to get it on the record before I forget.

So I had to do laundry.  And I was aware that they would send in gangstalkers but this was nothing like before — it was a zoo.  You could not turn around in the place.

Every woman that came in there had 3 or 4 kids with her.  You know they are gangstalkers because no sane woman is going to bring her kids with her to the laundromat.  She is going to leave them at home with her husband or with a friend or her Mom, etc.  Nope, they brought their kids with them.  You know, to use their kids to make money….teaching their kids unethical, immoral behavior.

So a blonde with orange top and black pants (Halloween colors, get it?) immediately tries to start stuff with me.

I don’t know this person at all.

She stands in front of me, holding her phone up to take video of me while I sat knitting a sock.

So the minute I get up to take the wash out and put it in the dryer, she sits in my seat.   Not only is this bullying behavior wanting to start stuff, but I am older and it was a blatant disrespect of your elders.  I have seen a LOT of that lately, but folks here are usually respectful of their elders.

So I said to her that was my seat.  She knew it and she had three other chairs to sit down in, but she was deliberately trying to start something.  Normally, I would just sit in another chair, but I have had enough of these bullies and so I stood up against her.

But she wasn’t done yet.

She then continues to stand in front of me, with her phone recording me, and telling her friend that I called her a “bitch”. Nope.  Didn’t happen.  I called her one when I got back to my camper, but not to her face.  I’m seriously not one to start confrontations.

And I lost a ring there, so yeah, not a good day and it got worse…

So I found a parking spot with trees that I stayed in last year.  So this spot is known to the FBI as somewhere that I stayed.

Along comes a couple in a small white suv.  They stop briefly and then go on.

I decide to move to another location.

Here comes the same couple again…driving by.

Then they come by a third time.  That combined with the bullying that happened earlier, plus just being overwhelmed by the continued onslaught since I got here, I had enough.

I took off after them.   I followed them for several blocks, and they pulled over in a grocery parking lot.

I asked them why they were harassing me.

Of course, they had a ready excuse that they were geocaching.

I wanted to believe them, but with what happened the other night when I was hit, I have to lean towards them gangstalking and the geocache is just a false justification for being where they were.

So what happened was that after they hit my camper and then climbed on top of it, I felt the woman had knowledge of it.  So that tells me she is in communication with those that hit me and climbed on top of the camper.  She is part of the gangstalking.

They need something called plausible deniability.  This means that a person can deny they are doing something (like gangstalking) with a ready excuse they were doing something else, such as geocaching.  I mean, seriously, who has the money to drive around all over the place wasting gas and while it is so friggin  hot at 95-degree heat??

And of course, I look like a nutjob for calling them out on it.  Which is what the FBI wants.



Hit last night…

…just a quick blog because I am severely sleep deprived and can hardly put two words together.

I was hit last night while trying to sleep in my camper.  Then the person climbed on top of the camper.  I think they were thinking of putting something down the air vent, but it is blocked.

I punched the panic button on the truck and got out of the camper.

Behind me was a 2002 (?) Camry with its lights on.  As I got in the truck, the Camry pulled up to be even with me and then turned around, with headlights towards me.  Then they took off.

I filed a police report but the officer said that the damage did not look like from a car.  Perhaps a truck.  I dunno, all I saw was the Camry behind me.

There’s a lot more stuff this weekend, but like I said, I am sleep deprived and not really with it.  And I believe this is a crucial time for the satanists because they have been coming to me in visions every single night.

I remember at this time last year was when the kid hit me from behind and bent the frame on the truck.  Don’t believe in coincidences, so probably was intentional, now that I look back. This is when Hurricane Katrina took place, also.  Lots of Hurricanes happened on 8/29.  So yeah, looks like HELL week for me and the rest of us Good Hearts.

2 Chronicles 17

1Jehoshaphat his son succeeded him as king and strengthened himself against Israel. 2He stationed troops in all the fortified cities of Judah and put garrisons in Judah and in the towns of Ephraim that his father Asa had captured.

3The Lord was with Jehoshaphat because he followed the ways of his father David before him. He did not consult the Baals 4but sought the God of his father and followed his commands rather than the practices of Israel. 5The Lord established the kingdom under his control; and all Judah brought gifts to Jehoshaphat, so that he had great wealth and honor. 6His heart was devoted to the ways of the Lord; furthermore, he removed the high places and the Asherah poles from Judah.

A couple more things —

Some things people said this week were sad to hear.

A woman said to me that this whole covid19 “crises” , is God’s punishment to us.

God is not the one causing what is going on.  Try a little lower. Those who are evil are doing this. All negative energy is satan.  All positive energy is God’s.

And God knew this was going to happen and gave us everything we need to have healthy bodies. It is we whom have poisoned our water.  It is we whom have poisoned the air.  It is we whom have genetically modified food and other things that God created.  Food is medicine.  Good, clean, chemically and biologically correct food.

Using their kids

So Tuesday, I found a spot to park my truck/camper that was shaded and away from people.  It was in a business district that was not a busy place.  I thought it was a great spot because the stalkers were once again trying to make me out to be doing something creepy while parked in a city public parking lot.

So I am relaxing in the camper because with 95 degree heat, that’s about all you can do.

I hear a young girl say “do we knock?”  then she says “hello” in a low voice.  I knew immediately she and her parent were gangstalkers.  She positioned herself outside my camper in line with my window, across the street.  The curtains were pulled closed.  They hung around a few minutes, trying to get me to look out my window, so it would appear I was “looking” at them.  (nice way to teach values to your kid, too — harass innocent people and make money doing it.)

I had had enough, and grabbed my phone and put it on camera mode.  But as soon as I did that, the creeps disappeared.  I mean immediately, before I could get out the door.

Like I said, the FBI has a camera and mic installed and they use the electronic technology to read your thoughts.  They forewarned these creeps that I was going to take pictures of them and get evidence, which is what they do not want!  They do not want their actions to be documented.  They do not want to draw attention to themselves.

And again, because the FBI has a camera, mic, and electronic mindreading technology, they already know EVERYTHING I do, so they know damn well that I am innocent.  This should make everyone pause to consider what I have been saying — that they are satanists and are using coercion to get me back to Indiana for their satanic rituals.

Like the prior post on Stephen Schroeder’s excellent video on what they are trying to do in downtown Indianapolis–bring and end to the world.

And while thinking about this, I am pretty sure it means bringing in a 1,000 year reign of satan.

Like I said before, satan hates women and only uses them for his own evil purposes.

Checking in… **edited

So I wanted to check in with y’all….

I left briefly, but only got about 5 hours away, and turned around.  God definitely wants me here…

So I have been applying for positions and waiting for responses.

Meanwhile, I seriously cannot move without one of the evil ones following me wherever I go.  The hysterical ones are the worse, as there is one hispanic chick who is obsessed with me.  I saw a sticker on her car with a person kneeling and a gun held to the head.  I forget the exact words above it, but paraphrasing it, death to pedophiles.  She actually means let’s all murder pedophiles.

Except that I am not a pedophile. I am not a predator. I am not a criminal, unlike a lot of YOU gangstalkers who were recruited out of prison or a judge said you could do “community service” and that translates to gangstalking innocent people.

So I guess if an FBI agent tells you that a person is a predator, then you just accept what you are told?  You would murder someone who is innocent just because someone else told you they were a bad person???

**edited to add:  This Hispanic chick worked at the motel I was staying at.  She was making the allegation that I was “looking” at her out of my rear, bathroom window.  The only reason she knew I was in the bathroom was because the light was on.  At that time, I was taking a bath.  (Don’t judge about the bath — I have used less water than if taking a shower.  Don’t believe me?  Plug up the bathtub while you are taking a shower.  You will see that you use more or the same amount of water as a bath.  They are very soothing for my aching muscles and joints.)

So the window in the rear is just at the top of my head, so I would have to stand on the toilet in order to see out.  ….and a little thing like the window being open!  The windows have the kind of glass that is mottled so no one can see in.  But this little detail escaped this lying sack of poop!

And please, if you are Hispanic, don’t take this as a racist rant.  Like I said before, I actually thought it was okay for the Mexican folk to come here to escape their country.  I also took 2 years of Spanish at college and I volunteered briefly for teaching English to Hispanic folks.

The Hispanics involved in gangstalking are not nice people, as this lying piece of work testifies to.  No ethics. No morals.

And by the way, she is driving a newer vehicle than mine.  How’d you get the money to buy that on your maid’s wages, honey?  Yeah, I thought so.  Got that vehicle with the money you are paid to lie about someone whom has done you no harm!!

Back to the original post —

I had left town to go to the mountains nearby.  I LEFT TOWN.  I was AWAY from people.

And they followed me there.

It was a secluded spot where I could get cool from the unrelenting 90-degree heat. I could get water. They parked in front of me, a block away, and then claimed I was looking at them!!  I was a block away.  They followed me there!!

september 2020 006

This is just insane!!

**edited to add a little more — so it was an ideal spot because of the terrain.  I had what amounts to a private little water hole.  The hills on the other side were too cumbersome for anyone to “just happen” to walk by.  Like I said, they like to put themselves in front of me, and then claim I was “looking” at them.   Not that they didn’t try.  It was kind of funny, actually, to see their little plots foiled.  A white stalker came with her girls and tried to swim in the creek….and the creek is icy cold.  You can’t stay in it for very long.  She let out a yell…and then took God’s name in vain.  Yep.  I had to laugh at their little plan of putting young women in front of me to make me look like a predator.  F.U.

So the spot was just w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.  And the mountain is very healing…did some great cleansing there.

**edited to add: The thing that irks me the most is that all of the gangstalking is unnecessary.  The FBI agent has been harassing me and destroying my reputation for the past 5 years!  He has “bugged” my vehicle and my camper.  They have cameras on my at all times.  They have listening devices, too.  So the gangstalking is not even needed. They know what I am doing at any given moment in time.  They only need gangstalkers to harass me continually.

But there was also a negative energy associated with the site that was a block away that they kept sending stalkers in to make me look like I was “looking” at them.  (I finally just shut my window shade and put a page of newspaper up in my truck so I could sit in it and do my wordfinds or crosswords or knit.  I actually got it cleaned out, which was something I meant to do but never got around to it. I used to clean my vehicle every weekend.  And had it steam cleaned once or twice a year.  Nobody would believe that now if they could see her.)

Anyway, so there was a negative energy associated with that site.  I felt very very uncomfortable going anywhere near it.

So last night, I am trying to fall asleep but the wind keeps knocking a tree limb on the top of my camper, so was still awake when I saw the FBI agent in his black robe.  That is what the satanists where when they are performing some “religious” ceremony or black magic.  So I am waiting to see what they do, and the negative energy began increasing and increasing.  Very negative. Evil.

So I had to leave there after dark to get back to town. I didn’t want to stick around to see what they were trying to do.  Put me under a spell? Mess with my head?  Don’t know at this point.