Notre Dame, Our Lady, First Shot Across the Bow? Part 1

Holy Week being hit with another disaster — this time with the covid19 being used as an excuse to interfere with people coming together to honor Jesus for his great sacrifice. I just saw on the nooz that if people go to church or otherwise gather together, THEY ARE GOING TO WRITE DOWN LICENSE PLATES AND SEND THIS TO THE NON-ELECTED HEALTH DEPT OFFICIALS. Helloo? Can you say nazis? I knew that you could. It should be clear that this is not about a bad case of the flu, but power and control. It is about turning this country into a communist state with a few handfuls of evil people dictating to everyone else. THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. WE THE PEOPLE MEANS THREE-FOURTHS OF US HAVE TO AGREE TO SOMETHING BEFORE IT CAN BECOME POLICY, LAW, OR A RULE.

Here also is the piece I wrote awhile back about women as prophets, women as equals. Jeanne d’Arc was a prophet. Mary Magdalene was a Holy Woman slandered by the dark forces.


I have wanted to start this post a few times and always stopped because of the grave implications of what happened when Notre Dame burned.  My first thought looking at Macron press conference was “….this is your 9/11…”  to detract attention from the yellow jackets and pending revolution and the hidden hand of the satanic spiritual war.

First, if you are unfamiliar with Jeanne d’Arc, commonly referred to as Joan of Arc, here is the 1948 movie starring Ingrid Bergman which explains a lot of what happened to her.  I have seen an even better version on youtube that mysteriously disappeared.  It showed more of the underhanded dealings of the Church towards Jeanne when it was clear that she was not under their control, but being instructed by God, the Creator.

At first, the Church stated that Jeanne’s voices in her head were of God the Creator.  But the king…

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How you all doing?

Hope everyone is hanging in there…

I have a sense that the FBI agent that has been harassing me is now in the building where I work.  I mean, literally in the building where I work.  I have sensed him there.  Don’t know what’s going to happen from here on out, but wanted to get this posted.

Please don’t allow your family members to be placed on those death ships.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, see about the death ships used during the Civil War. They said they were floating jails…but they were floating dungeons and they threw away the key.  People suffered greatly until death came as a welcome release…

I am now being shown dead dogs every.single.time. I log onto the yahoo nooz page…every time.  If you recall, my sister’s doggie, a miniature schnauzer, started screaming in pain and then fell over as if she had been hit by a car.  She was wet from a bath, which intensified the electro-magnetic waves.  THEY don’t like dogs because dogs will protect their owners.  And they knew I would get the message they were sending.  Only I wouldn’t shut up and I would not join the satanists. God Bless those of us who will not join.

So, yeah, each page that I click on that has those stupid “ads” which aren’t ads as much as propaganda…has a dead dog pictured on it.  So for those of you saying that it is an ad, why am I raising a fuss?  Why on Earth would you have to picture a dead dog for any ad?

The same with those horrible commercials for the SPCA that shows dogs suffering?  Why on Earth would you show that??  This is supposed to be an organization meant to stop the torturing of animals, and yet you show these poor animals suffering?