NASA released bacteria-filled balloons during the solar eclipse **edited again **update

Just in case you all have forgotten about Nazi NASA releasing bacteria in 2017….along the 33rd Degree parallel…33…that freemason number again…is it much of a stretch that they released the coronavirus? Remember that they created AIDS in a lab. This bacteria that they openly admitted they released is indestructive. Only insane sociopaths would release a bacteria into the air on purpose…


Reports here and here.  **see the added video below — it shows where the balloons were launched from, and I was right about being subjected to this in South Dakota —

**Yet another video added below outlining how serious this bacteria threat is — it kills honeybees!  So much for no threat to the environment or living things!!

The Verge article sounds like it was written by a high school kid who doesn’t ask hard questions or know enough to question what is being fed—

The bacteria that will fly to the edge of space is a particular strain called Paenibacillus xerothermodurans. It was first isolated from soil outside a spacecraft-assembly facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 1973, says Parag Vaishampayan, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. These bacteria form shields of spores that allow them to survive even when conditions turn deadly…

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The Skulls secret society

So…things come to me in pieces.  I get bits of information a little at a time, so as not to overwhelm me, I think.

I got a piece of that this weekend watching the movie Skulls, about the Skull and Bones secret society that George H.W. Bush was a member of when at Yale.  It is said that the OSS, which later became the CIA, was created in the walls of the Skulls.  Think about that.  Satanists created the CIA. A satanist was the president of the United States….

The FBI man that I knew while a young woman in my hometown is definitely a Skull.  And he takes pride in being one. He has gone to stores I have visited to spread the gossip that I am not a good person.  He has entered my motel room, probably using his credentials as a Federal agent with some made up story that I am a terrorist or a pedophile or any of the other lies they have told.  He and the others have been behind all the bad things that have happened to me.  They were at Standing Rock to cause distrust and paranoia and destroy our goal of stopping the pipeline.  (It has leaked again, by the way.)

The Skulls have been manipulating me and others for decades.  I would guess as long as satan has been around, they have.

Personally,  I believe they have people in every town, manipulating things behind the scenes.

But I have felt their sting at least since my divorce, that I can tell.  The attorney for my ex is probably a member,based on him focusing on the number 13 during my custody hearing…and him smirking every time I saw him when I would go back to my home town.  The smirk is thing with them…they are all in on it.  And I haven’t quite figured it out, but they are behind the two biggest years of divorces: 1975 (my parents) and 1994 (my own divorce).  It cannot be coincidences.  I don’t believe in coincidences any more.  I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but there is something there — especially with the year 1975.

I was repulsed by what I saw in the movie and what I knew they were not telling the whole truth in the movie — they made it look like they were just a group of folks that help out each other…but it is much deeper and more sinister than that.  The movie did not go far enough to show that they are satanists and they are behind the gangstalking going on.  And I am sure they are not the only secret society doing it.

I recognize the gangstalking as a tool of theirs to force someone to join them.  Or drive them to suicide as a sacrifice to the evil one they worship.

With that said, please pray for me for courage, strength, wisdom, and knowing what tools and resources God the Creator has granted me to fight the evil ones— with my Gift, they want me to join them.   So again I reject you satan.  I will not join the Skulls. I expect things to get worse.   They will probably put something dead somewhere, like they did with the dead hawks while I was on my way to a job interview in another town.

God Bless all of us Good Hearts who will not be part of this.


School Nurse speaks out on vaccinations

I think it’s time to reblog this. The coronavirus hysteria machine is in full swing and people have no clue how much they are lied to. God the Creator gave us everything we need to be healthy — fresh air, clean water, organic food as medicine (before our food was hybridized and genetically modified), sunshine, and bodies that can actually heal themselves if left alone (fasting). My blog on how compromised the CDC and health depts are here:

I have a real fear now that the coronavirus is going to be used to force us to vaccination OR to isolate us by quarantine. If we can’t work, we can’t take care of ourselves. I’ve seen a couple of suspicious actions of UPS drivers who appeared to be targets. They probably discovered the plan and were not going to take part in it. So they were suicided. Just my hunch.


via School Nurse speaks out on vaccinations

Reposting this because of the once again Big Pharma mafia pushing legislation through their paid-off toadies to force vaccination on the American people who do not want it!

More in the following video of a mother’s observations and not trusting her instincts.  We have been brainwashed into accepting authoritay (sp) figures opinions instead of trusting our instincts.  I wish I had known this before vaccinating my own children.

And the thing she says about the eyes is SPOT ON.  The eyes will go off center from poisoning by heavy metals.  I have seen this with my own eyes –they became off center once the dental amalgams had leeched enough mercury.

Do not trust the so-called experts to tell you the truth.  My dentist looked me in the eye and denied that the amalgams were causing my painful migraines…that started one year after amalgam…

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Cars, door locks and gangstalking

So for those still having trouble that gangstalking is real…

…the next video by Nappy is bound to wake you up to what has been happening to those of us who won’t join the evil ones.

And it lends credibility to this blog that I posted on their ability to remote control vehicles.  Our vehicles are computerized and all the major systems can be disabled by the evil ones behind the controls.


For those of you who don’t believe conspiracies…

Nappy Head Roots has posted this video that Kobe Bryant was to die in a helicopter crash…

…seven years before it happened…

…and Kobe’s daughter died at age 13.  Thirteen is a big number with these evil secret society members.

At my custody hearing, my ex’s attorney kept bringing up the number 13, over and over again.  He made a point of my parents divorcing when I was 13.  And my youngest daughter was 13 at the time of the custody hearing.  She was happy, didn’t know a stranger (friendly without fear), had above average grades, active in sports.  He got custody of her, she spiraled down into depression, started drinking, fooled around with boys, grades went down…you get the picture.

Also, I passed my 13 year anniversary before the divorce was granted, even though I had filed at 12 years of marriage.

I can’t say that I have quite figured it out, but there are no coincidences, so somehow they are manipulating people.

I knew when I heard about the accident that it was no accident.  Again, my instincts were kicking in…

Here’s the video.  God Bless you, Nappy.