Hey all, just wanted to put up a reminder of February 13-14th being  a day of sacrifice for one of the evil societies.  Abby Williams and Libby German were victims of this.

So the 3rd anniversary of their murders is coming up.  I’ll post more on that as information comes forward.  I just want to say that there is more than one person involved; that a date rape drug was used; and that this is not the first time that a satanic ritual was involved in murder in that community.  I have not heard this from anywhere in any of the multiple postings on the case.  Back in ’75 or around there, a young pregnant woman was murdered during a satanic ritual.  Her baby was forcibly born by her murder.  And yet nothing is being said about that.  There is an evil presence there and Superintendent Carter acknowledges as much during the 2018 press conference where he gets a chill down his spine.  My sister and I went to Delphi on New Year’s day last year and we both felt that evil there.  It is palpable.  We both had visions the night before but my sister refuses to acknowledge that it was a vision.  My family is Gifted but they all refuse to acknowledge it.  satanists know it, though, and actively try to thwart anyone connected to God, the Creator.

That said, I just wanted to remind the Good Hearts that the date rape drug is odorless and tasteless.  Please do not let anyone prepare your food or drink for you.  Never let it out of your sight. If something tastes off to you, stop eating or drinking it.

And as always, trust your gut. Trust that God the Creator is going to send you subtle messages and that the evil one is going to try to thwart it by confusing you or making something seem good when it is not.   And just because something bad happens to you, don’t believe it is because you are being punished by God — all the bad stuff is satan’s.  All the evil and negative energy of this world is satan’s.

God is all loving and all positive energy.

Priest slaps baby

So I guess this video has been out there a year, but I have just seen it.  It was after I clicked on the Pope slapping the hand of the asian woman.    (She made the sign of the cross just before the Pope got to her.  She probably stood out there for hours. She had a pleading tone to her, so I wonder if she were pleading for help from religious persecution?  Homelessness?  Starving?  I really would like to know what she was saying.)

So I saw this title for the video and clicked on it.  What I saw was appalling!!  I wanted to grab that baby away from this abusive #$%&!

Like most commenters, you question the parents’ judgment in letting this go on so long.  Especially after he slapped the baby and then it appeared like he was trying to suffocate the poor child. The child was crying for a reason and that should be honored.

But I can’t be too hard on the parents because….that was me when I was younger….I would have not said anything even though my instincts would be kicking into high drive to get my baby away from that horrible man!

I also agree with the guys who said they as fathers would have stepped in a lot sooner.  My ex should have done this when I wanted to breast feed, when I did not want my son circumcized, and when stuff like this happened, like when my ex FIL gave our kids sips of alcohol.  Or when I was in labor with our last and was screaming from the Pitocin induced contractions and the doctor could not care less.  You men need to step up and be the warriors that you are.  Being a warrior does not mean being violent, but it does mean standing up for women and children who are being bullied.

And another thing with this is the lady in the video is black.  What you don’t understand about white culture is, like John Trudell says in the blog at the near top, some of us have had our instincts (tribal culture) beaten out of us 10,000 years ago.  White people don’t trust their instincts like black folk do.  Women especially have been trained to go along and not stand up for what our instincts are telling us is right….if it goes against what everyone else is saying or doing.  Or NOT saying or doing.  Just ask any white woman whom has awakened to her instincts, although late in life, and then honors them by going against what she perceives as wrong.  Ahem.

(I also would have never spanked my children.  I got it right with my last one, where she might have gotten a quick swat to the rear if she put herself or others in danger — such as running out into traffic.  But she got more time-outs, stuff taken away,  and that sort of thing.)