There’s something happening here…

…what it is ain’t exactly clear… (Buffalo Springfield)

Well, I would say it is clear if you know there is such a thing as Good vs. Evil.

As I was watching the video below with David Paulides, Missing 411, I was struck by the common points with the girls Abby Williams and Libby German, who were murdered on Feb. 13, 2017:

1.Victims were taken in broad daylight, just like Abby and Libby.

2. There were people around them, but they were separated from them.

3. The victims were found later in areas that were already searched.

4. The victims were believed to have been taken and held somewhere and then placed where they were found.

5. Most were found near water.  Libby and Abby were thought to have been forced across the creek near the bridge and their bodies were found near the water the next morning.

6.  I have read reports that they thought Libby and Abby were awake during their ordeal but were defenseless, as they were likely drugged with the date-rape drug that seems to paralyze the victim.   This sent chills down my spine as I had the flash of the girls being aware of the evil ritual they were experiencing.

It also brought back the memory of the night that I awoke but could not move.  I was aware that I was awake, but I literally could not move.  I tried to make my eyes move and pushed them upward with a lot of effort, as soon as I stopped forcing them upward, they fell back down. (I was on my side, fortunately. I hate to think of what would have happened had I been on my back and swallowed my tongue.)

It was so long ago — I was still in my house — that I can’t recall if I was at a public place that night and could have been drugged.

7. Nobody sees anything happening.  This is where the gangstalking comes in because there are enough of them around to thwart anyone who comes close enough to see anything.  If someone were to try to cross the bridge that horrible day, a gangstalker could be there to tell them the bridge was off limits or unsafe, etc.  There also could have been so many cars around that identifying a car that stood out would be more difficult. More people around means trampling of the crime scene, as it happened when “volunteers” came to help find the girls.  More likely, they were there to contaminate the scene or take away evidence.

8. The FBI is there on the scenes of the missing persons almost instantly.  So were the Green Berets, as in the case of Dennis Martin in the Smoky Mountains.  The Green Berets being there but not communicating nor wanting the Rangers help.  This means one of two things: the Berets were members of a secret society and were sent in to cover up the sacrifice of this young boy — or they suspected the Rangers were members of a secret society  and did not want the Rangers to hide evidence.

Remember, John F. Kennedy was murdered in broad daylight just six years prior.  I would say that was the beginning of the end of the innocence and ethics in this country.  Kennedy was murdered because he had a change of heart for peace and against war.  Remember that his father, Joseph Kennedy, helped the satanist nazis in WWII.  Kennedy was expected to follow in his shoes, I suspect, when he found God and turned against them.  Kennedy’s death was the shot heard around the world.  To me, it was if a signal was given to those members of these evil societies…that if they could murder the President of the United States in broad daylight and nothing was done…that they had enough members whom had infiltrated the government and they could get away with it.

The things that unnerved me and made me suspect that what happened to Dennis Martin was planned from the start–

–this family from nowhere comes to this same field and claims to have the same last name. Now, perhaps they do, because Martin is a common name.  But keep in mind that predators/gangstalkers like to mirror their victims to gain their trust so they will let their guard down and ignore their instincts.   So the strangers’ child makes the suggestion that they play hide-and-seek and Dennis goes behind a bush.  Mr. Martin still had his eye on the bush the entire time.  Yet Dennis still vanished…most likely by someone waiting on the Appalachian trail just a few feet from where the boys were playing.

–the other family named “Key”.  They may or may not have been part of it, but I am leaning towards them being members of this society.  Why?  Because of them making statements about seeing a man with something over his back, after hearing a blood curdling scream, and…then they just left!  Nobody would just leave a place after hearing a scream.  And them asking a Ranger about places to see bears.  My instincts are telling me this was to get the Rangers attention that would place them at that location, and that the Ranger would remember them.

–the FBI factor.  Lying to Mr. Martin after promising they would let him know the evidence they had found when they did not.  The FBI was at the Delphi, Indiana crime scene almost immediately…and yet, almost three years later, there is no arrest. And I stand by the vision I had of Mike Peasley, an FBI agent in charge of investigating the crime, was involved in this satanic sacrifice of Abby and Libby.  If you look at the press conferences on the Delphi murders, Mike Peasley is dressed in a black suit, white shirt and red tie on BOTH press conferences of 2017 and 2018.

Keep in mind, also, how the sheriff in Indiana is involved.  Twice now I have seen evidence of their involvement — after I posted about the pentagram being place in a public park when the sheriff cars suddenly started appearing everywhere I went and when I went home after work, there was a sheriff vehicle sitting at a crossroad that I always went through every day for nine days straight.  Then I saw the gangstalkers meeting at the Historical Society, with five or six sheriff vehicles along with cars lined from one end to the other.  My sister’s husband, who terrorized me with gangstalking me, was good friends with the sheriff.



Next is a mindblowing press conference with Kevin Gannon, a Detective whom also has been researching murders with apparent secret society connections.  It is stunning that FINALLY police are admitting there is something very evil going on in this country.  He speaks about it about 4 minutes into the video:


“This is an organization that revels in killing young men…”

Stunning words, eh?

Too bad that they are just focused on young men, which to me is ignoring all the women whom this has happened to, also, but they were not taken as seriously.

They don’t want to admit this has been going on as long for the women, too, but were ignored because they might have been prostitutes or had been drinking, just like these men.  And if the date-rape drug were given to women, it was assumed that it was “just” about rape or sex, but now see there is a much bigger picture involving satanism.

And nobody wants to admit this is what is happening.  They don’t want to come right out and say it.

But this officer coming forward does give me hope.  Not all of them are involved in it.

****Edited 2.8,20–I was watching this again and it occurred to me the reason they might be holding the victims for those days between when they went missing and when they were found….

…the police emphasized that not all victims had the date rape drug in their systems.

So, what if the reason they were held all those days was to allow the drug to be eliminated through their bodies and then they were placed by the water or in the water to further remove any evidence pointing back to the perps?

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