Patrick Frazee **updated

So if you don’t know because the media is too wrapped up in the never-gonna-happen-impeachment (just like Bill Clinton’s)…Patrick Frazee’s trial has started.  You might recall that I wrote about someone in law enforcement knowing that I was researching Frazee and that I had a vision that Kelsey Berreth was released in a wooded area that was unfamiliar to her.  I had a flash vision of police officers finding her.

I believe that police officer was Patrick’s brother, who appears to be disgusted with him and his part in what happened to Kelsey.  I am guessing that he went to Patrick to ask where the wooded area was that Kelsey was released in.  Again, I don’t have anything to base that on, only that I saw her in the woods and I saw police going to find her.

I am hoping that it will come out in the trial that she is still alive.  I imagine that they are trying to keep it quiet for her safety, which I understand.

UPDATE:  Frazee found guilty. The psychopath was apparently not done with his killing spree as he was trying to get the ex fiancee bumped off too.

It is confusing that they talk of Kelsey as if she were dead…but no body.  And no talk about Frazee being questioned of where the body is or more substantial physical evidence to prove she is dead.

It is hard for me because of the visions of her alive, her being rescued by the police, her in a hospital with her mother next to her, praying for me…and them continuing to say that she is dead.

I don’t understand right now, but God the Creator always reveals things in His time, not mine.  So I’ll wait to understand about the visions…


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