6.3 magnitude earthquake off Oregon coast **edited

Did you hear the news? No?  Hmmm…have not seen a peep about the 6.3 magnitude quake off the Oregon coast, even though 700 people reported feeling the quake.

They are going on and on about the hurricane that surprisingly (or not)  is due to hit land on the 29th…amazing that hurricanes keep hitting land on August 29th.  Remember folks, that hurricanes were not that predictable until they started messing with the weather by cloud seeding, noted back in the 60s.  Indeed, there is a video of a Woodstock (1969) attendee who was an Army veteran whom stated that the rain that day was due to cloud seeding.

Anyway, I just wanted to put this out that there was a 6.3 magnitude quake which they are not talking about…things that make you go hmmm….

**Edited to Add:  Look at the Ring of Fire with all the earthquakes at 6.0 or higher magnitude.  One of the first visions I had circa 2008 said to pay attention to the Ring of Fire.  I even made an art piece with all black background with red circles in a circle pattern to signify the Ring of Fire.

Again I don’t know why the Ring of Fire is important.  I am not always given all the information in a vision — only to pay attention to it.  So I wanted to pass that along.




Epstein, Prince Andrew and the rest of the scumbag predators…. **update 9.1.19

The link between Prince Andrew and Epstein being something of a pimp for him in this video, although Andrew has tried to act as if he is above Epstein and condemning his actions.

But not-so-fast entitled self-appointed freemason royal family…

There is a brave warrior woman coming forward to say that not only is Andrew not innocent and above Epstein…Andrew did the same thing of preying on young women.  The woman making the accusations was a fifteen-year-old girl passed around like a doll to these horrible men.

It says in the piece that Prince Andrew believes he is above the law since he is a royal and they have given themselves immunity.  Ha.

In my freemason research, I had read the royals were also in a secret society and that the Tudors had stolen the crown.  And that they had participated in exactly what this woman is saying Andrew and Epstein did.

So let’s hope this is the beginning of the end of those predators in power finally having sunlight shine on the cockroaches who for too long have hidden in the shadows.

And I don’t believe for an instant that Epstein killed himself.  He was murdered to keep him quiet about all the goings-on.  It looks like a mafia hit to me.  Just my two cents.

UPDATE: 9.1.19  Okay, I am picking up on Epstein’s energy.  That tells me that he is still alive.  Now I have read a bit more and there are theories out there that Epstein was in intelligence agencies.  This does not give him any kind of credibility because of what I have seen, as in Mike Peasley, FBI Agent that I believe was directly involved in Abby Williams and Libby German’s satanic murders in Delphi, Indiana.

And I am picking up on him being closely associated with the Clintons, as well all know, but feeling Bill Clinton’s energy along with Epstein just confirms it for my personal confirmation.  And Epstein is associated with Israel.

Also, Ashkenazi Christian YouTube has a video up of Chinook helicopters flying towards Epstein’s NM estate.  She said this was frequent.


So…after I posted a couple days ago about the Israeli involvement in the destruction of the United States, I had a vision of Benjamin Netanyahu yelling at George W. Bush.

So it would appear that Netanyahu is very much controlling what is going on here.

And the gangstalkers have been hard at work here.  Without somewhere to stay, I have to use the public restrooms.  Up until this past week, I have been alone in the restrooms.  I was actually surprised because they usually send in young women or children to make it look like I am a creep.

So, yeah, they started sending in young women, probably to claim I rubbed my rear end against them, which I have not done!

And they send in children and have made allegations even if I walk past them.  Walked past them to get to wherever I need to go…

If I suspected someone was a pedophile, I sure the hell would not send my children anywhere NEAR them!! So what does that say about these horrible people who do this for money??  I would be investigating these parents!

So yeah, I had to avoid the restroom I usually go to in order to avoid being accused of something I did not do.

So I went to public toilets that were singles, so they could not harass me.

Apparently, that pissed of Benjamin Netanyahu, because man, I felt a wave of RAGE from that man last night!!

And that, my friends, is evidence to me that the Israelis are deeply involved with intelligence (at least the evil ones whom have infiltrated), and that I am indeed a target of them.

My God, the Creator, is bigger than your satan.  You will lose this spiritual war.  And there is still time for you to ask for forgiveness and stop doing what you’re doing.  God the Creator is loving and forgiving, but there comes a point when enough is enough, and then it is too late.  Better rethink what you are doing.

…more notes from the road trip…

So even though I broke my leg, and people were very kind and helpful, there is evidence of evil here…

The hospital sent me to a place that would help with finding housing while I recuperate.  That place said that they don’t admit normal people, but those with drug or alcohol addictions.  So they kindly put me up in a hotel for a night until I could talk to someone else.

An agency helped me get a motel for a week, and then sent me to another agency that provided help for women.  This agency was supposed to be a compassionate one.

I was ill with a migraine and nausea from having to eat food with gluten in it, so I was pretty much in bed when I wasn’t trying to do what I had to do to get settled here.

I was with 5 or 6 other women.  The one that I had to room with seemed to think I was invading her space.  Like I said, I was only there a day.  One day.  She and the others were tearing me down by her urging.

I was feeling like I was going to throw up, and she kept coming back to the room.  At one point, she says to the others, “She hasn’t moved, I think she’s dying!”  To which they all started cracking up laughing.

At that point, I thought “I have to get out of here.” I thought about going out to my truck to sleep because this abusive woman was making me so nervous that I did not want to sleep in the same room with her.  I was awake most of the night, expecting her to try something…

…so I left in the morning as soon as I could.  One of the nice women begged me not to go, but I just came from abuse, and I am putting up with gangstalking, and I have to put up boundaries to protect myself.  There was no way I was staying.

So I took off and wandered around for a week, trying to find a job.

Here’s how you know you’re being gangstalked:  I went to a hotel in the small Nevada town I was in.  The manager there said they had an opening from 11-7, Front Desk.  I told her that I could do those hours, but they were hard on me, so I wanted to check with another hotel I had put an application in, and would check back in a couple days.

Funny thing happened…two days later, she suddenly only has housekeeping positions open.  And knew that I would not be able to do that until I had my cast off, weeks away.

So that is how you know you’re being gangstalked…when people ignore their own good instincts–because she liked me until she was told whatever they are telling people–and she did not trust her instincts.

So while traveling from place to place trying to find a job, I took note of a Middle Eastern trucker who acted guilty when I saw him at a truck stop.  Red flags were going up because he acted like he did not want me to see him.  Then he rushed to the door to open it for me, being overly attentive.  It was not jiving with how he tried to avoid me seeing his face.

So I went out to the truck, and could feel the negative energy from him and the cashier that I had just spoken with asking for permission to stay there for the night.

This Middle Eastern bastard was talking me down — he was a trucker gangstalker.

Probably a Saudi, or perhaps an Israeli.  There is a reason I mention Saudis.  They have, with the satanists in our gov’t, been keeping track of me, going all the way back to 2013, when I was still in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and I was strongly against us going to war with Syria.  Saudi Arabia wants us to go to war with Syria…and I wrote against it, so there ya go.  I was put on their radar.  And they have a very, very close relationship with the Bushes, Clintons, etc. And they don’t like blog writers who speak out against them.

At first, naive me thought that Saudis paying attention was a good thing –not knowing their push for war with Syria–I naively thought this was the beginning of peace within the Middle East.  I was thinking about End Times and how it could go one way or another—depending on us.  And please don’t laugh when I say that I thought that perhaps my Gift would be used for peace in the Middle East.  Remembering Menachem Begin, those that try to bring Peace are murdered.  Yep.

So…there is a lot more to the story but this will have to do for now.  Just be aware that the Saudis and Israelis and Nazis and the evil element that infiltrated our government are actively trying to destroy not only the United States, but all that is Good in this world.

God Bless all of us Good Hearts, known and unknown to me.

The broken leg…

So, yeah, about the broken leg…

I had first come to this town a day or two before.  I was just floating from city to city to see how they treated me, if I could find housing and a job…I was going on the biblical saying when Jesus said if people don’t accept you, kick the dust of the town off your feet and keep moving…

So I was actually leaving this town, but decided to stop at a mountain stream that looked sooo inviting.

If you have never just sat by a stream and experienced the serenity and beauty of Creation, I highly, highly recommend it.  They call it Grounding.  Indeed. 🙂

So I spent the day there and was just having a great time.  I was going down a ten or twenty foot hill, when I slipped on loose gravel, rolled my ankle, and heard a “pop”.

Instantly I felt immense pain and my leg swelled twice its size.  Not a good sign.

There was a couple with two young ones next to me the entire day.  I did not have interaction with them, although the man kept hovering around me, which bothered me because he was giving a negative energy off.  Just how negative I would find out later…

So the little boy of this couple heard me cry out when I fell, and he came over to find out what happened.  He saw me and I asked him to get his parents–that I needed help.  Believe me, I don’t normally ask for help from anyone.

So this little boy went to his parents…and I heard the man say “she probably just wants money…”


Surely he had to have heard me cry out in pain?  Could someone truly be that freaking heartless to ignore cries of pain?

So I sat there, not knowing what to do.  Every time I moved, the pain was incredible.  I tried to kid myself that it was just a bad sprain and everything would be okay if I just remained still.

Should I stay there all night, I wondered?

Nah, I thought, I needed to get help.  The sun was edging towards the other side of the mountain and I knew it would soon be too dark for anyone to see me, so I had to get my behind up the hill towards the pavement so I could flag someone down.

So I scooched up the hill.  Man, that was painful.

Just as I got to the pavement, I heard someone coming, and started waving my arms.  It was a sheriff!  This is why I no longer believe in coincidences.

He radioed for help.  In the meantime, he kept me talking so it would take my mind off my pain.  Good man. 🙂

When I told him about the couple next to me ignoring my cries of pain and asking for help, he got a look of disgust on his face and said that he had just a short time before he retired and he looked forward to it because of people behaving like that.

He said there has been such a change here in the last five years.  Strangely (or not) the taxicab driver who brought me back to my truck said the same thing — only he said it has been fifteen years of rapid growth in this area.  More thoughts on this below–

So I was pretty far out there and they sent a helicopter.  But…wait for it…the helicopter could not land because the people who refused to help me were blocking the only available space for it to land.  The sheriff told them to get a move on and get their stuff packed and out of there.  They were absolutely dragging their feet in clearing the area…shake my head…

The ambulance took 45 minutes to get there to take me back to the city I had just left.

I sat there and thought…well, maybe this is where the Creator wants me for now.

I didn’t know what to expect with no money and no insurance, but I was given good care by the hospital.

An added bonus was that the doc seeing me was an Osteopath (D.O.) like my Dad.  I can’t help but feel Dad was there with him (and me).

So the x-ray showed that there was a break.  It was kind of in a corkscrew pattern — and the orthopedist said this was normal.

I eventually got a cast on later in the week, but I think they wanted to wait until the swelling went down a bit before applying the cast.

Man, I tell you what, breaking a bone is some major pain. I sat there thinking this is as bad a childbirth!

So I have two more weeks (she says hopefully…) until I get off crutches and can walk like a normal person again.

It has been a humbling experience, I tell you.  I really appreciate the automatic doors and the improvements for disabled folks.

And the city that I wanted to leave?  It has been astounding how differently people here have been since breaking my leg.  Very, very nice and helpful in opening doors and asking if they could help in any way.  Melted my heart.  🙂

So…about the changes here that the sheriff and taxicab driver remarked about…got me thinking about Indiana and the changes there, after 9/11….and I have to think that the same thing happened here that happened in Indiana –infiltrated by satanists–going by that man next to me.

…more notes from the road…

You know, it is really hard to explain what is happening me to the Good Hearts who are still asleep and cannot fathom the evil surrounding us…

More truck sabotage —

A couple days ago, my tire looked a little low.  I went to the restroom and when I got back it was completely flat.  Totally out of air.

I knew immediately that someone had let the air out of the tire.  I normally don’t think like that, but when I left to use the restroom, four or five white vehicles all showed up at the same time.  I suspected they were gangstalkers, but trying not to let them get to me, I went to go do my business…

…and then the tire is completely flat.  I could see it from half a block away by the way the truck was listing to the side.

So instead of falling apart, which is what these evil ones are hoping for, I just shrugged my shoulders…oh, well, just something else…

A nice person stopped by to see if they could help.  And help they did.  A helpful police man had stopped by and offered suggestions of what to do–he recommended a tire place that might fix the tire free of charge.  So I contacted them and they said that I had to have air in the tire and bring the truck to them.  They would send a mobile unit with air.

Except for time going and using the restroom, I sat in that truck all day long.  Nobody showed.

There was someone nearby tending to landscaping and that person didn’t see anyone putting air in the tire, either.

But when the tire place was called, they insisted that the guy had been by already and if the tire was not holding air, it was beyond their help.

But she said she would send the guy back out again.  It was clear that I was a nuisance.

The guy came and insisted that he had been there.  I told him that I had not left the truck all day except to use the restroom.  He insisted he had been there and the tire was bad and would not hold air.

A side note~a taxi cab driver stopped and asked about the tire.  I did not get a good feeling from him.  I thought afterwards to not let anyone around my vehicle nor touch me even if they present themselves as good people.  Because I could not see what the taxicab driver was doing when back looking at the tire.  He could have stuck a knife in there for all I know. **edited to add:  the reason I did not get out of the truck to see what the taxicab dude was doing was because I broke my leg two weeks ago.  I’ll post on that later.

So the mobile guy gets there and puts air in the tire.  I drive to the tire place, terrified that the air is coming out faster than water and I did not want to ruin the rim.

I get to the tire place and…the tire still looks as full as when he put air in it.

An half hour later…tire still looks good.


So this morning, dreading looking at the tire…I go around back, and it is still full…as of this moment…

So someone is a liar.  And it ain’t me.  He never did fill up the tire.

And now my mind is just swirling…did the police direct me there because they are both freemason?  Why would the mobile unit lie about filling up the tire?  What else have they done to the truck?