Notes from the road…

I don’t know how much more of this I can stand…

Every day.

So I was out of gas and no one to turn to but the kindness of strangers…

A woman in a Subaru stopped after I sat on the road for 8 hours with cars, trucks, motorcycles, and semi-trailers zoomed by…

She helped me get gas.  Kind person, but she immediately began the same questions every gangstalker has asked me — they start asking about my religion, then about if my children stay in contact with me, and other questions that are personal and normal strangers would not ask someone they just met.

So I am grateful for this woman helping me out.  I do not want to sound ungrateful.

But knowing that Eastern Stars drive Subarus because of the occult symbolism of their logo, I just have to question what happened to me afterwards…

So the truck is fine before she takes me to get gas.

After I get gas and get on the road again, the trucks brakes lock up.

I mean seriously lock up so that the tires squeal when I try to put on the gas.

This was in the town that she said she lived in, some 60 miles away from where she helped me with gas.

The tires were literally squealing like I was trying to do a burn out.

So I have no other problems as I kept going on the highway.

I saw a place that had a “Hiring” sign out, so I stopped in.

The brakes were even worse, just would not let go of their grip.  Everyone in the parking lot was concerned. A good man looked under the truck and said that a bolt was missing!!

Now how do you suppose that happened?

The truck was fine before the Subaru lady came by and took me away from the truck 7 miles down the road to get gas.  Plenty of time for someone to loosen the bolt.

They said two serious things could have happened:  the brakes could have locked up on the highway, sending me head over heels slamming on the top of the truck; or the wheel could have come off.  Either would have been devastating.  They looked with astonishment that the tire did not come off.  It should have with no bolt on the shaft (or whatever thingy it is).

Truly there are Good Hearts sent to help, but unfortunately, there are many more evil ones constantly harassing me making life very difficult if not impossible.

As a side note~I happened to catch Muellers testimony this morning.  If you have a chance, please listen to him.  Better yet, look at him as he is testifying.  At the very end of the testimony, his face is flushed.  MUELLER IS BEING RADIATED WHEN HIS FACE IS FLUSHED LIKE THAT.  This is a characteristic of the directed energy weapons.  My face looks the same way when I am being heated up.  And they knew ahead of time Mueller was going to be sitting in that spot, so they had plenty of time to direct the energy weapon at him.  So that must mean that Mueller is a Good Heart and he is being attacked by these evil ones for telling the truth and fighting against the evil.

If you still don’t believe in directed energy, look at the video by Boeing here.

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