And it goes on…

…the gangstalkers followed me through every.single.state. on my way here.

It is hard to describe the worst moment, but them at The Petrified Forest in Arizona had to be one of the worst…

I loved it when I stopped on my way back to Indiana…

In my prior life, I would have only seen a desert…with no trees.  And I did see that initially, but then as I spent time there and prayed, I saw a deeper beauty.  I saw that there was once water there.  Abundant water.  Abundant Life.

But the Life is still there…just in a different way and hiding under the appearance of being dead.

But this time?

Not a moment of peace.  I barely got out two prayers as I was LITERALLY CHASED FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER.

And here is how you know it was gangstalking—I arrived there an hour before closing.  I wanted to camp there.  It would have been the coolest thing to stay overnight in that spectacular place…but the park officials said because I was so late that they could only allow me to camp at one spot.  Then I said I didn’t have a tent.  Oops. Sorry. You cannot camp then.  And you can’t stay in your vehicle.  End of story.

So I thought well, I will go through and say prayers throughout the park as I did before.

Meanwhile, when I pulled into the park at an hour before closing mind you, six other vehicles also “just happen” to want to go to the park at that late hour.

And the couples “just happen” to be mix– one partner was black, the other was white.

Oh, but we’re not done yet…

As I was zipping through to avoid these cockroaches, I see a very distinct gangstalker cue–three vehicles in a row.  Almost always, there are three of them together.

As I was going along the road, I see a man in a newer truck bent over in his front seat, with a camera in his hands trying to appear that he was taking pictures.

Okay, you are in a beautiful place with outstanding views, and you are going to stay in your vehicle trying to capture that beauty??  Um, no.

Right away my instincts are kicking in.

On down the road, there are three vehicles exiting a side road right after I pass.

The man in the truck was their handler, telling them to get in their vehicles and get ready to follow me.

I seriously could not make this stuff up if I tried to think of a nazi plot.

Another handler was down the road, also driving a newer truck.  He had a military air to him, too.

So after dealing with them throughout my drive through four states, lack of sleep, exhaustion from driving, I had had enough.

Knowing that they can hear me as well as read minds, I really blew up.  I told them what I thought of them on a major rant.   I can’t remember everything I said, but “racist pigs” is one of them.

The white/black couples was a jab at me because of Nappy and liking Native folks, which they also refer to as the “n-word”.

Boy, are they and other racists going to be surprised when Jesus returns.  I’ll leave it at that.


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