The ouija board and portals

I have been meaning to write about this for the younger generation who may not be aware that this is NOT A TOY.  This so-called game is a tool for conjuring evil ones.

I am not pointing fingers, okay?  This was introduced to us Boomers as a fun game to see the future, blah, blah, blah.  We and our parents did not realize it was a tool of satan.

So I got another “nudge” this morning to write about its evil intent. Please don’t think it is a game or innocent.  It is not.

Also, I wanted to post on roundabouts.  They are the new fad, the new “in” thing…but they, too, are far from innocent and I believe they are being used as portals.  One must go around them counterclockwise, and I could be wrong, but I believe that is opening a portal to demons.  And I have noticed that in my hometown, a couple I believe are satanists were actively promoting roundabouts even though this is a town of less than 20,000.  No need for them at all.

And I have found a piece on the roundabouts being actively promoted in Carmel, Indiana.   Now you have to know that most folks in Indiana think of people in Carmel as brown-nosers.  This state is mostly rural folk.  Carmel, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and South Bend are the biggest cities in the state and the rest of the state is farmland with spots of industry.

So, yeah, I found it highly interesting that Anderson Cooper decided to drag a film crew all the way here to Indiana to make a video on the roundabouts in Carmel.  And it is quite interesting that his show is named 360.  Three- sixes, get it?


I like how politicians always try to frame it as beneficial to us…but from what I hear, the majority of people do not like them and they cause more accidents, not prevent them.  There is nothing wrong with four-way stops and stoplights.

In fact, Indiana is pretty boring when it comes to traffic mishaps.  Take the dashcam videos, for instance.  I watched other states’ dashcam videos and then watched Indiana….and I had to laugh because we were so boring compared to other states.

Now boring means that we are courteous and careful drivers, for the most part.  The person making the video was complaining about another driver who made an innocent oops and it wasn’t that big a deal, as in causing an accident, like other state videos.

I have traveled all over, and I can tell you that hands down, Indiana has the best drivers.

Anyway, with roundabouts, I have that wary suspicion that they are not as being portrayed.  Like I said, I think they are being used either as portals or a way to give power to the negative, since it is going in the counterclockwise direction…

…your mileage may vary…

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