Not all is lost…

Just a note to say that I think some people have been misled by satan in that they were falsely told that God, the Creator, had abandoned them and that is why they had “x” happen to them…

This is where it gets a little tricky because the Creator gave us something called Free Will, and that means a “hands off” approach where we are allowed to choose for ourselves how we live our lives.

But I also believe the Creator has plans for each of us.  That we were given a Gift, but it is up to us to CHOOSE to use that Gift.

So I believe that people are waking up to see that satan  is not their savior and they are waking up to how truly evil satan is.  Up to now, they may have benefited financially or some other positive thing in their lives and now satan has revealed how truly evil he is and they don’t know what to do.

Just pray.  And listen to the answer.  Stop helping satan. Like RIGHT NOW.  If it feels bad to you, listen to those God-given instincts.  If it goes against the Ten Commandments, then it is not coming from God, the Creator.

To put it in more simpler terms, all positive energy comes from God.  All negative energy comes from satan.

And no, we DO NOT have to have both positive and negative energy in order for the world to function as satan has tried to delude people into believing….the world was once ALL positive energy, and I believe it will be again, IF we do the work of fighting against the evil ones.



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