Notes from the road…

I don’t know how much more of this I can stand…

Every day.

So I was out of gas and no one to turn to but the kindness of strangers…

A woman in a Subaru stopped after I sat on the road for 8 hours with cars, trucks, motorcycles, and semi-trailers zoomed by…

She helped me get gas.  Kind person, but she immediately began the same questions every gangstalker has asked me — they start asking about my religion, then about if my children stay in contact with me, and other questions that are personal and normal strangers would not ask someone they just met.

So I am grateful for this woman helping me out.  I do not want to sound ungrateful.

But knowing that Eastern Stars drive Subarus because of the occult symbolism of their logo, I just have to question what happened to me afterwards…

So the truck is fine before she takes me to get gas.

After I get gas and get on the road again, the trucks brakes lock up.

I mean seriously lock up so that the tires squeal when I try to put on the gas.

This was in the town that she said she lived in, some 60 miles away from where she helped me with gas.

The tires were literally squealing like I was trying to do a burn out.

So I have no other problems as I kept going on the highway.

I saw a place that had a “Hiring” sign out, so I stopped in.

The brakes were even worse, just would not let go of their grip.  Everyone in the parking lot was concerned. A good man looked under the truck and said that a bolt was missing!!

Now how do you suppose that happened?

The truck was fine before the Subaru lady came by and took me away from the truck 7 miles down the road to get gas.  Plenty of time for someone to loosen the bolt.

They said two serious things could have happened:  the brakes could have locked up on the highway, sending me head over heels slamming on the top of the truck; or the wheel could have come off.  Either would have been devastating.  They looked with astonishment that the tire did not come off.  It should have with no bolt on the shaft (or whatever thingy it is).

Truly there are Good Hearts sent to help, but unfortunately, there are many more evil ones constantly harassing me making life very difficult if not impossible.

As a side note~I happened to catch Muellers testimony this morning.  If you have a chance, please listen to him.  Better yet, look at him as he is testifying.  At the very end of the testimony, his face is flushed.  MUELLER IS BEING RADIATED WHEN HIS FACE IS FLUSHED LIKE THAT.  This is a characteristic of the directed energy weapons.  My face looks the same way when I am being heated up.  And they knew ahead of time Mueller was going to be sitting in that spot, so they had plenty of time to direct the energy weapon at him.  So that must mean that Mueller is a Good Heart and he is being attacked by these evil ones for telling the truth and fighting against the evil.

If you still don’t believe in directed energy, look at the video by Boeing here.

And it goes on…

…the gangstalkers followed me through every.single.state. on my way here.

It is hard to describe the worst moment, but them at The Petrified Forest in Arizona had to be one of the worst…

I loved it when I stopped on my way back to Indiana…

In my prior life, I would have only seen a desert…with no trees.  And I did see that initially, but then as I spent time there and prayed, I saw a deeper beauty.  I saw that there was once water there.  Abundant water.  Abundant Life.

But the Life is still there…just in a different way and hiding under the appearance of being dead.

But this time?

Not a moment of peace.  I barely got out two prayers as I was LITERALLY CHASED FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER.

And here is how you know it was gangstalking—I arrived there an hour before closing.  I wanted to camp there.  It would have been the coolest thing to stay overnight in that spectacular place…but the park officials said because I was so late that they could only allow me to camp at one spot.  Then I said I didn’t have a tent.  Oops. Sorry. You cannot camp then.  And you can’t stay in your vehicle.  End of story.

So I thought well, I will go through and say prayers throughout the park as I did before.

Meanwhile, when I pulled into the park at an hour before closing mind you, six other vehicles also “just happen” to want to go to the park at that late hour.

And the couples “just happen” to be mix– one partner was black, the other was white.

Oh, but we’re not done yet…

As I was zipping through to avoid these cockroaches, I see a very distinct gangstalker cue–three vehicles in a row.  Almost always, there are three of them together.

As I was going along the road, I see a man in a newer truck bent over in his front seat, with a camera in his hands trying to appear that he was taking pictures.

Okay, you are in a beautiful place with outstanding views, and you are going to stay in your vehicle trying to capture that beauty??  Um, no.

Right away my instincts are kicking in.

On down the road, there are three vehicles exiting a side road right after I pass.

The man in the truck was their handler, telling them to get in their vehicles and get ready to follow me.

I seriously could not make this stuff up if I tried to think of a nazi plot.

Another handler was down the road, also driving a newer truck.  He had a military air to him, too.

So after dealing with them throughout my drive through four states, lack of sleep, exhaustion from driving, I had had enough.

Knowing that they can hear me as well as read minds, I really blew up.  I told them what I thought of them on a major rant.   I can’t remember everything I said, but “racist pigs” is one of them.

The white/black couples was a jab at me because of Nappy and liking Native folks, which they also refer to as the “n-word”.

Boy, are they and other racists going to be surprised when Jesus returns.  I’ll leave it at that.


Gangstalking in families

Here’s two pretty good videos on what is happening now to those of us who refuse to join the freemasons/satanists/nazis and how families are being torn apart.

The first one shows how evil these people really are towards their own children — it is hard to fathom this, but if you consider the story that satan deliberately planned to destroy the Connection to God, the Creator, by having satanic families infiltrate the spiritually connected to destroy their soul and therefore their faith in the Creator…

…and if some poor child continues to follow their heart…and the satanic parent destroys that soul little by little, as in the case below, by rape.  Remember the post on Patti Hearst?  I wonder now if she was deliberately kidnapped, raped and drugged with LSD to destroy her soul?  It kind of smacks of it, doesn’t it??

Pretty sad.

What saddens me the most is that my brothers and sisters were raised very strictly.  We went to church every Sunday, without fail.  They know all about End Times, and yet, they are being misled by satan’s manipulations.  I just don’t get it. (edited to add:  I don’t mean to sound like my brothers and sisters have worshiped the Evil One, but that they are not seeing what is going on as the Evil One’s manipulations and lies.  I truly hope they, like others being misled, will come to understand what is happening to them and the rest of the world.)

The next one also sheds some light on those of us whom have had lies told about us.

And a side note~ Not only did Stephen Spielberg name his character Indiana Jones, but he also used Indiana in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) which the main character, Richard Dreyfus, an Indiana utility worker,  sees “aliens” (which they mean demons) and is guided towards Bear Lodge in Wyoming.

They mention the North Face over and over again.  The gov’t is all over the place and spreading propaganda that there has been a poison gas leak and the public must evacuate the area.  In the movie, they spray some chemical over everyone and make them fall asleep.  The military guy in charge states that they get migraines from it, but it is “harmless”.  Ha.  Migraines are brain inflammation.  They are NOT harmless!!

Anyway, it is curious that Indiana is mentioned in both Stephen Spielberg films….and I believe Close Encounters was yet another Hollywood film where they have to tell about something before they do it.  Everything that is mentioned in the film is happening now.  There is definitely a negative energy with the north side of Bear Lodge.

I disagree with her assessment of Presbyterians.  That was my church growing up and I was lucky enough to grow up in the 60s, during a time of compassion and acceptance. I had a good environment of seeing people who truly treated others as they wished to be treated.  But like everywhere else, there were the ones who were pretenders — just there to have the Christian label, but not really believing in or modeling their lives after Jesus’ teachings.

So with that, she mentions Scotland’s ties to Judaism.  It isn’t Judaism, but people claiming to be Jewish but not truly of God, the Creator.  I read a comment of a Scottish man recently where he said Scotland was infiltrated by dark energies at that time and they haven’t been the same since.   They have not been able to get rid of them.

She mentions the firing from jobs and not knowing why…if you recall, my ex FIL and BIL were both working behind the scenes to get me fired from jobs.

Back to the video, I think she is a little harsh with condemning her mother for marrying two satanists.  She knows how devious they are and how manipulated her mother was by the story of the crazy way she acted about the dog.   My entire freaking hometown was FULL of freemasons and I had no freaking clue  why my family and I were outcasts.  I always thought it was because my parents were not raised there, so we were newcomers.

Now I believe it was because my grandfather was a freemason, but my Dad was not.  I believe now that we were being punished for not going along with the evil.  Because a funny thing happened after I began dating my ex…suddenly the popular girls whom had rejected me before suddenly began inviting me to go to lunch and other stuff.  And it also occurs to me that my ex always felt like we were outsiders.  Like I have said previously, the satanists know if you are not one of them, and then suddenly they become your “new best friend”…because they want something.

Another story–I ran out of gas on the top of a mountain in 100 degree heat.  An Air Force jet flies over in a very short period.  Then suddenly a young man shows up and offers to not only buy me gas, but give me a gas can, 2 gallons of water, and then he offers me cash.  I told him he had done enough, but he insisted since he was paid well.

He said he was a DoD Special Agent.


I was stunned, but he seemed like he was a good heart.  I sooo wanted to believe that he “just happened” to show up and offer so much assistance.  Nobody does that.  Not even my own family.  So a complete stranger, in the Defense department is going to show up and do so much for me?  Not a chance.  Oh, and I didn’t look at the amount of money he was giving me until later.  He had folded it up, and when I opened my purse, I about fell over.  He had given me $100.  Seriously.

So later as I thought about it, I wondered about what all of it was about…

…I could not shake the feeling that I had been on the worlds’ longest job interview.

They want me to work for them.  Yeah, I can’t get past the whole terrorizing me, destroying my reputation, destroying my family, and pretty much ruining my health….

…so that if I joined them, I could do that to someone else….and make big $$$ doing so…

Nope.  Not gonna do it.  I answer to God, the Creator, and will not join the others in the black robes.

So my hometown was not one where they accepted and welcomed newcomers like my family, but a strange thing happened where a banker and his real estate agent wife moved to town in the 80s and they were instantly with the “in” crowd. (Saying “in” crowd makes me laugh now.  I wanted to be cool and be liked and now with my eyes open…shake my head at being misled by satan into believing the “in” crowd was all that and something to be admired, instead of something evil to run away from….)

This banker and his wife proceeded to start directing how we were going to do things in this town.  And they were friends with my ex father-in-law, if that tells you anything.  Did they choose him because he was popular around town?  Schmooze up to him to get in the “in” crowd?

They were also behind forcing a roundabout in this small town, as I wrote about before.  It was unnecessary and they cause accidents instead of preventing them.  A four-way stop is more efficient.  You can see what is in front of you, too, at four way stops.  And the worst part is if there is someone walking or riding a bike and you cannot see them because roundabouts have blind spots, so you are coming around a curve, and boom, there is someone trying to cross the street.

So back to gangstalkers infiltrating families…

My sisters husband is definitely a gangstalker and part of the neighborhood gangstalking association.  He regularly meets with an agent from DHS and FBI who have been here in town since December 2017 and June 2015, respectively.  And it is like watching a parade when all of the neighborhood gangstalkers leave their homes at the same time to go to the terrorist morning meeting.  Every day.  9:00 a.m. and again at 3 p.m., they all leave.

I recently found out where they were meeting at 3 p.m….as I drove by the county Historical Society, there were 5 sheriff vehicles, plus ordinary vehicles lined from one end to the other….I wish I had the presence of mind to take a picture, but alas…it didn’t occur to me that this was the gangstalkers meeting.  Then I thought “3 p.m., 3 p.m.” Oh, right…their 3 p.m. meeting.

So my sisters husband interfered with my last full time position here.  It was a position that I really loved and woul have stayed if it had not been for the gangstalking  He and a coworker were deliberately spreading the lies told about me.  I knew that he loved to gossip, but I still had a hard time believing that this creep would deliberately join in the character assassination to get me fired.  There must be a high bounty on my head…ready to pay off whomever gets me to commit suicide…I hope that you get back ten times the pain and misery and suffering you have caused me.

I also realize something that this creep was doing…he was grooming me…more on that below…

The irony is that the DHS or DoD guy happened to be checking in a motel when I was filling out an employment application.  I did not know he was DHS/DoD.  He had on military fatigues.  I actually thought he was attractive and took notice of him.

I overheard that he was only going to be here a couple months…well, if there is any comfort in that, I guess I outlasted the evil liars longer than they thought…(because I did not leave until May 2018)…that it was more difficult for them to get people to lie about me.  That is why I don’t think EVERYBODY in Indiana is in on this evil — there are still some good folks with street smarts who recognize what is going on.

I had a clue that my sisters husband was a satanist in 2015 when he continually kept killing things.  He ENJOYS killing living things.  Some examples:  I had grown a sunflower from seed in front of my window.  I looked forward to going out in the morning, giving Thanks to the Creator for another day, and looking over at my sunflower.  It was nearing the maturation and all that was left was for the seeds to develop.  This jerk told my sister’s grandson to go over and chop it in half!  He also poured poison on my sister’s pear tree, trying to kill it, and on an acorn that I had planted and it had just sprouted 2 oak leaves when he killed it, and he cut down a beautiful silver maple tree for no reason at all.

He has destroyed a butterfly bush, pokeberry bushes, rose bushes,blackberry bushes, and on.

He shot a possum that was eating the outdoor cat’s food.  He claimed the possum bared its teeth at him, but knowing how  how much he lies,and how much he enjoys killing things, I don’t believe him.  He killed the possum for eating the cat food, end of story.  It just always seems that the cats disappear….no explanation.  No concern.

I went to a nearby town to apply for a job opening.  My sisters husband knew I was going as I had been invited for an interview and told my sis the happy news.  It is a 40 minute drive on a highway.  As I am driving along, I see a dead hawk on the side of the highway.

I always feel sad at seeing animals hit by the side of the road.  And I have a particular fondness for hawks.  They disappeared from Indiana until being reintroduced by the Dept of Natural Resources about ten or so years ago.  So I am always grateful to see them flying back where they belong.

As I drive along, I see another dead hawk by the side of the road.  Hmmm….

…and another dead hawk by the time I get to the job interview.  Seriously, if you see one dead hawk that is unusual.  They are pretty wise to vehicles and manage to avoid them.  Seeing three dead hawks was definitely NOT normal and I suspected was an ominous message to me.  It was confirmed that it was the evil gangstalkers when my sister comes home that very day, knocks on my door, and is standing there with a hawk feather!  She has NEVER taken an interest in collecting bird feathers like I do!  Nor is she particularly fond of hawks.

So for her to stand there holding this hawk feather and presenting it to me was too much.  I politely declined.  I knew then that the dead hawks were definitely a message from the evil sh*theads.  Bastards.  At this point in time, I don’t know my sisters involvement.  I suspect she knows more than she admits to, but I don’t know if she fully understands what has been done to me and what her participation level is…

I used the last of the gas in the vehicle to drive to my hometown and leave a note for someone I had grown up with to see if he had a job for me.  I know that he called my sister’s husband and was told God-knows-what.  He never contacted me.  So once again he kept me from even getting a job.  He was deliberately keeping me from earning an income…I was in my room 24/7.  A prison cell.  I don’t say that with any exaggeration.  I literally was in my room all day and all night, only going to the restroom or cooking a meal.

So I managed somehow to get a job as a cook at a local eatery about 20 minutes away.  They sent in someone the very first day.  I am getting so good at spotting gangstalkers that I can see them from the getgo.

Her name is Nikki. Bleach blonde.  Waitress.  She drives a new or nearly new black Chrysler 300 or Sebring with blacked out windows, Indiana license plate number 464 TEG.  She brazenly jabbed her index finger into my chest the first day, claiming to have seen me “somewhere before…at the Potawatomie Trail of Courage?”  It was bullshit.  I had never seen her before.  They do that to pretend they know you and want to be your friend.

She also took my picture the third day I was there, without my consent nor acknowledging what she was doing.  She was holding the phone up over the cubby hole to pass plates through so that she could get a clear shot of me.   I am so used to it that I can spot them doing it.  I think they don’t get paid unless they can prove they have been near you.  Just my guess.  And it is also a nazi tactic to let you know they are keeping watch of you with those around you.

So I knew she was going to do something and was mindful of that.

And she did.

She pulled the same freaking stunt the others have done…by brushing up against my rear end and then claiming that I had done it to them!!

Both times it was impossible for me to have done anything to her.  I was washing dishes, bent over an industrial sink, when she comes by me brushing my rear with her hand.  The second time, I was over a hot grill fixing food, when she again comes through, brushing against me.  This was clearly a set-up because I had my own hands busy at the times she did it.

She can harass and molest me, folks, and get away with it.

But for me, they take innocent acts and turn them into something wrong or dirty.  As with bumping into someone in a small space, which was the start of this when a young woman claimed that I had rubbed my rear end against her.  Nope.  The opposite happened where I was putting away bedding for the next day, and she had stepped away, then stepped back in, brushing her butt against me.  I had a migraine and was about to throw up, so asking her what she was doing I just did not want to get into.  I just wanted to finish up and get out of there.

So this attention seeking narcissist thought she would destroy my reputation for fun.  She turned the story around to me being a creep.  There are a LOT of problems with this — first, there was a room full of people when this happened.  Secondly, she was laughing about it with her older sister.  As far as I can tell, her older sister told her to tell the truth.  And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Back to the present,  I saw Nikki’s handler in the restaurant one day when washing dishes.  I looked out to see this man studying me like a hunter studies its prey.  I felt like a deer about to be shot.  They study you to see where you might be vulnerable so that they can create a false allegation against you.  I ended up quitting after two weeks.

Remember about the post about the Russian spies, and how they study you, and then mirror you so that you think they are like you?

Well, when I thought about my sister’s husband, I came to realize he was a predator and he was studying me to mirror me!  He was studying his prey.  More on that below.

And to add to this– do you remember two years ago, when I once again came back to Indiana after being harassed?  I started a job as a waitress and fell ill after one week?  I had a 101° fever and ended up having a small seizure where my hands and feet were drawn up.  Three young women who also worked there had seizures, also, with one never having seizures before or since working there!  I thought perhaps it was the 3 TV sets and WiFi in the place, but I got sick AGAIN after working just a week in this latest job.  I had another fever, and TMI alert, really thick white nasal discharge that was literally like GLUE.   I was sick for a week and it took another four days to get up and around.  I kept getting zapped during the night with electronic harassment along with other harassment so that I could not get a restful sleep.  I was exhausted after two weeks work.  This is not normal.

Tell me, how is someone supposed to survive when their home and land is stolen from them and they cannot buy more land because their ability to earn any money is destroyed?

So back to my sisters husband — The creep was sitting on the porch when I came home from applying for a job.  I turn the truck around to face the outer roadway ever since the other gangstalking creep started brighting my room at 3 a.m.

I thought by turning the truck towards the road, that I would set off the panic alarm with blaring horn if he did it again.  Anyway, my sisters husband has always creeped me out and those instincts were in high gear, and I did not want to get out of the truck until he finished his cigarette and went inside.  I can feel his leering gaze on me at times, and did not want to put up with it that day.

So, as I have posted, the evil ones have tried to make false evidence so that people think I am a pervert.

Her husband just sits there on the porch, coolly smoking his cigarette.  And I waited …and waited…

So the neighborhood children are out riding their bikes and stuff and they start to come off the paved road to ride in front of the house….you can tell where this is going…I knew something was up and started to get out of the truck even though the creep was still dragging out smoking his cigarette…

…and behind me, I suddenly hear one of the older kids say “Mom says to get home right now!!”  in a tone of voice of near hysteria.  The other kids are yelling “why?”

My sisters husband has his phone in his hands…

…the scumbag narcissist has sent out a neighborhood alert on me…for sitting in my truck…while the kids are out playing.  Fucking nazi!

I could not believe what had just happened.

This man does not know the meaning of telling the truth, nor boundaries nor morality nor ethics.  He used to claim to be a Christian, but has broken more Commandments than he has kept.  And my sister tells me now that he does not believe in Jesus.  But she still idolizes this man as if he were her Lord.

He certainly broke a Commandment that day with bearing false witness. And it always comes down to the sex thing…he wants in my skirt, like every other woman’s, and I want nothing to do with this disgusting creep.  That just shows his depravity at going after his wife’s sister.  He has sleazily mentioned my sister’s daughter’s panties.  Yep.  And this lying sack of poop is participating in neighborhood watch!  A predator acting like he is the law.

And it is clear that I would not put out, therefore, he was going to destroy my reputation.  Narcissist lying bastard.  This has happened more than once to me, so it must be a pattern with these narcissists.

Another sad realization that day was that one of my brothers, who lives two hours away, was also notified by this neighborhood watch.  I could feel his hysteria.

And why would my brother be notified?  He is 50 miles away…if they thought children were in danger, someone two hours drive away is not going to be any help!  And why wouldn’t my brother question why there was a neighborhood alert on his sister?   His wife is extremely jealous of me.  Breaking two commandments.  Go figure.

But wait, there’s more!

A week or so after this incident, in the middle of the night, I hear a noise at my door, like somebody is messing with it.  I sense her husband is standing there in the kitchen, right next to my room.  He doesn’t move for a bit, as if waiting to see if I heard him.  Finally, I hear his door close to his room.  The next morning, I get up….and my door is unlocked!!  Like I said, this guy has always given me the creeps and I keep my bedroom door locked ALWAYS.  I did not even get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom like I normally do, so the door could not have been inadvertently left unlocked.  Unreal.  Just utterly without any boundaries, any decency, any guilt, any conscience!

Raping women in their sleep seems to be a thing with these satanists —violating her when she cannot fight back nor give her consent to destroy her trust in anyone and her connection to God, the Creator.

So…as I suspected…this is a pattern with these sick bastards and their sick spiritual beliefs.  From the Jiverly Wong letter posted on this website:

[quote]Undercover cop usual coined some nasty was not true about me and spread a rumour to the receiver and some people know me conduce toward many people predudiced and selfish to me…cop made me lost my job…cop put me became poor. [/quote]

So the undercover cops spread nasty rumours that were not true, to the reciever being people who believed the rumors, and then some people, even the ones who knew him acted prejudice and selfish towards him. He says they caused him to lose his job, and made him poor. (This is common stuff that happens to targets, to the average public this will just look like the ravings of a crazy man.)
[quote]Let talk about when I live at the 28 Baker St. 2nd Floor, Johnson City, New York 13790. It terrible when I live there such as…cop wait until midnight when I off the light and went to the bed. Cop unlock my door and came in take a sit in my room ((cop did it thirteen time on the year 1994 )) on the thirteen time had three time touch me when I sleeping. One time stolen 20 dollar in my wallet. One time used electric gun shoot at the behind my neck. (That time I did not know English) [/quote]

He then goes on to talk about the harassment that happened when he lived in New York, which followed him from California. He says the cops waited till midnight when he turned off the lights and went to bed. The cops unlocked his door and came to sit in his room, this was done to him thirteen times. (As strange as this sounds, other targets report the same things, including Ramona Lopez who woke up during a sexual assult.) He says this happened to him in 1994. And he says they touched him 3 times when he was sleeping. Once they stole 20 dollars from him. Once they used an electric gun to shoot his neck. I don’t know if he means a taser, or stun gun or something else here.


My sister’s husband was also stealing money from me when I was here previously. I was saving up money to buy a camper so I would have a place of my own.  I  had noticed $100 was missing, counting twice.  And after I noticed it missing, it mysteriously showed up again…

I wanted to get a decent camper to live in.  Her husband also interfered with that, saying that the truck would not haul it.  It was a lie, because the truck specs say that it can haul 3000 pounds.  It was under that.  And it was in decent shape for a 70s camper.  I would have had a place away from this asshole.  I was truly terrified around that man.  Especially when my sister is ignoring everything going on.

Here is another victim testimony from StalkinVictim youtube.  It does seem to start with being in relationships with controlling narcissists:

Back in 1996, I dated a man with who was very irrational and had a temper. Because we had been friends for over 20 years, I had disregarded warnings from others not to date him. This man had stalked and harassed another girlfriend a few years ago, turning everyone against her – but I wasn’t aware enough to make a connection between his reports and the outrageousness of his response to her. His name is Christian Coleman, and lives currently at 3840 Lake Avenue Apartment 6, Rochester, NY 14612. Back in 1998, Christian had accused me of cheating on him several times, though this was not at all true. During our relationship, I terminated two pregnancies. Christian and I parted under less than amicable terms. The reason I am bringing up all of this will be apparent in a minute.   In late 2000, I began working for Monroe County NY as a Housing Specialist. I should have thought it odd that he showed up next to my car one day as I was leaving with a friend to go to lunch. He pointed out how he had lost weight and that he was actually there to meet up with a friend who also worked with the County. The interaction was pleasant as some time had passed. I continued on my way to lunch and didn’t think again about it.
Early the next year I was promoted by examination to the position of  Intake Examiner (a position that I held until the end of 2004)  and was subsequently transferred to another office. This is when I think this horror started – not in 2006 when I was informed that I would be broken, but back during my tenure with the County. After my transfer to a new office building and new team of workers, I discovered that Christian was working at the building right across the street from mine- a Charter School currently no longer in existence. Stupid me missed the friendship. Christian and I hung out a few times.
The last time we spent time together, another worker – Tanya Wheeler had a telephone conversation the next day rehashing detailed interactions with Christian. Suffice it to say, I had told no one of having been with Christian the previous evening. Suffice it to say, I was more than unnerved. Then, the workplace mobbing started. I was blocked by groups of females when trying to get between the interview area and my desk, the lead Examiner and one of my co-workers yelled at me as I passed them in the PUBLIC interview area “Ve te a banarte” spanish for  “go take a bath”. I experienced forced isolation, no action from my supervisor, no redress within the organization.
I took my complaints to the NYS Board of Labor. They warned me that I might not want to make an enemy of the County and asked me several times whether I wanted to file a formal complaint. I insisted. One of Tanya Wheeler’s “group” members – Deidre Williams decided to take point in harassing me. I knew that this girl was a second generation employee at the County, so I wasn’t surprised when my complaints about her were ignored. In addition, one of the guards that was supposed to be safeguarding our welfare during interviewing decided to hover around me each time I had to stop near the area where I let clients back into the waiting room area. He kept getting close to me and sniffing. I reported him also.
During this time I experienced two medical leaves from work due to my blood pressure being consistently high – and according to my doctor it was due to stress (the top number was above 160 consistently no matter what appointment I went to – internist, gynecologist, etc.). I was diagnosed with dysthymia, or a protracted low level depression lasting more than two years, and my doctor and I began to monitor my blood pressure. Then, one day I had enough. The new leader, Deidre Williams, spreading lies saying that I had been or was at that time a prostitute. I intended to have words with her after work. I left on time, but waited for her in the parking lot. When she came out with her group, they immediately surrounded her when they saw me. I was so angry but reasoned that if I could deal with the leader of what was happening that I could nip it in the bud. I had had no help whatsoever from my employer. I had heard nothing from the State. The non-violent incident resulted in my being asked to leave the job and I was forced to go to the County’s doctor for evaluation. The man saw me for 15 minutes and said that I was delusional – I was automatically put on leave for 12 months which means I lost my position.
What I haven’t yet said is that the head of the County’s Special Investigations Unit became involved. His name is Perry Wheeler, and his sister is Tanya Wheeler. The same Tanya Wheeler who rehashed my social interaction with Christian Coleman. Well, regardless of what had already been done to me, do you know I still blamed myself? I went to intensive therapy for 2 years, group and individual, and all these people could come up with for a diagnosis was depression and anxiety. Not a delusional disorder. I got a new job at a financial institution in Pittsford, NY. Within two weeks after coming out of training, I was informed by the white male security guard at the desk the HE WAS DEIDRE WILLIAMS’ FIANCE. Two days later, she showed up at my new job.
As I walked out into the parking lot on my break, I was treated with applause – just like they did to me at the County, the same thing, exactly. After she showed up at my new job, people who had previously been cordial turned cold, and then the gaslighting started. I left that job.   During this entire time, I had never heard anything remotely like “voices”. Everything that had been done was strictly “in your face” type of harassment. In the winter of 2006, as I was coming home from another part-time position as a Mental Health Peer Advocate for an agency affiliated with Monroe County Hospital, a man said distinctly in my ear, “I can break her.” When I looked around me, no obvious person was there who could have said anything. I have been the victim of neighborhood harassment, gang stalking, gaslighting, employment and economic sabotage with a vengeance ever since.
The reason I take this all back to Christian Coleman as the origin who started all of this (but he doesn’t have the resources to keep it going) is the nature of the “voices” or V2K. Distinct phrases about killing two children (terminations), not being a woman (I was cornered by Christian’s mother and sister once and was subjected to a conversation about how I was not a woman – yet), their objections to my daughter’s previously long hair now being much shorter (according to them I cut it off because I was jealous – not true!), that I was not feeding my children (I didn’t cook large meals for small children while with Christian, I cooked what my kids would eat – healthy but not large and fattening), that I was a prostitute (Christian and I both had a friend in common from years ago who actually was a prostitute), that I was an unfaithful woman (Christian constantly accused my of everything – looking over my shoulder meant that I was in communicado with a person on the street that only HE was aware of), and the connection with those at the County CANNOT BE A COINCIDENCE.


And by the way, I have requested my FBI file.  It’s called a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA).  I was sent a letter that stated my file “had been destroyed”.  Then I went online recently searching my name, and there are two websites stating there are 10 traffic or criminal reports on me.  Since I know that I am not a habitual traffic offender, it has to be criminal reports.  I HAVE NEVER BEEN ARRESTED NOR CHARGED WITH ANYTHING IN MY LIFE.  I AM NOT A CRIMINAL.  I AM NOT A PERVERT.

If I have had a criminal charge against me, it is my Constitutional right to know what charges have been brought, who is making these charges, and having my sixth amendment right to face my accusers in a court of law to refute the lies and half-truths.  The above youtube channel, StalkinVictim, states that he, too, has never committed a crime and in fact he has been treated much worse than a criminal.  I agree.

Here’s another T.I.’s testimony. It is always about money, power, and land…

Well, this story below has a familiar ring to it — wanting someone’s land….

Dennis Staser
9 months ago (edited)
Chante Moody, I’m experiencing same here in New Albany, Indiana. Complete with 24/7 noise harrassment campaign ,covert harassers trespassing through my yard, vehicular intimidation.I now know who the conspirators are who set everything in motion. I have several,ser’s former land in Union County Kentucky,where he leased oil to SUNOCO and methane to the Kentucky Natural Gas Corporation before WW2.

In the years 1941,1942, The government of the U.S. moved to acquire approximately 36,000 acres of fertile (farming) top soil land , comprising three counties: Union ,Webster and Henderson in (Western Kentucky) so to build the U.S. army camp:Camp Breckinridge. Pyro nine and Peabody number two,Peabody coal’s two top producing coal mines,are located directly beneath my grandfather’s former land. The people of the three counties were forced to sell their farms,houses and property with the promise that they ( the former land owners)would have the first opportunity to repurchase their respective properties at the end of WW2.

However, instead, the lands were auctioned off to high bidder energy companies in Chicago,Illinois ,far away from the tri county area of Union,Webster and Henderson Counties in Western Kentucky. In the year 1981(may 20th) the issue of appropriation for the compensation of the oil and minerals beneath he former landowners properties went to the floor of the Congress of the United States,Until legislation was finally passed on November, 30th,1994.

The legislation gave the former landowners the ability to sue the U.S. gov’t for compensation for the oil and minerals located underneath their respective former lands.The issue would then remain in effect as a federal class action lawsuit until 2008,when a three judge panel denied any compensation to the former landowners. My name is on signed in ink inheritance documents with now, two different law firms in regard to the issue of compensation.

On April 9th, 2009, I underwent the first of two week apart procedures for cataract removal and lens replacement,for mature double cataracts at a local eye care facility here in New Albany ,Indiana. And during the first procedure a high tech microwave transciever (such as the device written of in the internet article : Microwave technology and it’s uses against humanity) was placed into my (right ear canal) while I was unconscious, having been put under full general anesthesia.

There was no prior advisory or consent that the device was to be placed there. And I would not know that the device had been placed there for a device reads emitted extremely low frequency (E.L.F.) brainwaves at 14 hz near the prespeech area of the brain, before transmitting outward to pickups driving the predator vehicles( the high tech microwave transciever can read thought,dreams, speech,visual stimuli and hearing.After the surgery, I would not know that the device had been placed there in my right ear canal for eight years until a quite unusual amount of vehicles began to drive past my residence with names painted on the back of them which allude to people who I’ve been acquainted with for several decades and various other alludings pertaining to female acquaintances and personal history , events ,including various automobiles owned by my family etc.

Included by the conspirators is the threat of sexual exploitation and physical abuse of my past female acquaintances, including one female in particular, a girlfriend of the year1971, in a covert effort to cause me to remain silent. ( The perpatraitors will first drive a red vehicle past my residence,indicating for me to stop conversing ,any red vehicle indicates that I should stop. the If I do not, then a green vehicle is driven past indicating that since I did not stop, the greenlight is on for sexual abuse and exploitation to start. Also high speed motor bikes are driven very loudly and at a high rate of speed over the I 64 began state to indicate that sexual exploitation and or physical abuse has began.

Since 2014 , there havr been no less than 5 attempts by perpatraitors driving pickup trucks to strike me near intersections that I just happened to be walking or riding my bicycle.Also several vicious k9 attacks have occured. And two other acquaintances of mine were either struck with vehicles or threatened in 2017. And many strange incidences have occured dating back to 1970s.


Let me tell you a few things of my life when I had a life:

When I was first divorced, I bought my sister a car.   If I had not provided a car for her, she would not have what she has today.  I bought that car when she first started the job she is at now, some 40 minutes away from our home town.  Without a car, she would not have been able to get back and forth to work — end of job.

I also gave her my kitchen table and chairs (sturdy and expensive), my rolltop desk, my sewing cabinet, solid oak coffee table, two lamps, and her daughter has three of my chest of drawers, even though I said she could have two.  Her husband just took off one day with the other chest I left outside because I was too exhausted to bring it indoors.  Her other child has my queen bed that I had.  So yeah, she and her children have my entire household.

This, along with everything stolen from me in the storage unit — my nice Pioneer stereo, Gateway computer, luggage, VHS vcr, video camera, vacuum, CD’s, and on and on….being stolen from my storage unit after losing my house.  The gangstalker neighbor across from my house I highly suspect stole bikes, a tent, a very nice newer Sears reel mower, among other things, all while pretending to be morally superior.  She always had garage sales and I could never figure out how she had sooo much junk to get rid of…

I’m really quite tired of these scumbags stealing from me and then trying act like they are morally superior.  Self-righteous Hypocrites.

So by the time you read this, I will be gone.  Hopefully out of Indiana.  I really don’t know where because gangstalkers follow you everywhere you go.  Like I said — you either join them or they kill you.  Either through your own suicide or through years of stress, causing your health to deteriorate or outright murder.  And I am really tired now.  No matter what I do, my health is getting worse.  I am ready to go Home.

My hope for exposing all of this evil…I may go down, but not without shining a light on these evil ones.

Oh, and there is a website for these nazis to report on their neighbors anonymously, but I cannot bring myself to put it on here.  Freaking nazis!

For those of you going through this and hanging in there, God Bless and Keep You safe and warm and dry.

The ouija board and portals

I have been meaning to write about this for the younger generation who may not be aware that this is NOT A TOY.  This so-called game is a tool for conjuring evil ones.

I am not pointing fingers, okay?  This was introduced to us Boomers as a fun game to see the future, blah, blah, blah.  We and our parents did not realize it was a tool of satan.

So I got another “nudge” this morning to write about its evil intent. Please don’t think it is a game or innocent.  It is not.

Also, I wanted to post on roundabouts.  They are the new fad, the new “in” thing…but they, too, are far from innocent and I believe they are being used as portals.  One must go around them counterclockwise, and I could be wrong, but I believe that is opening a portal to demons.  And I have noticed that in my hometown, a couple I believe are satanists were actively promoting roundabouts even though this is a town of less than 20,000.  No need for them at all.

And I have found a piece on the roundabouts being actively promoted in Carmel, Indiana.   Now you have to know that most folks in Indiana think of people in Carmel as brown-nosers.  This state is mostly rural folk.  Carmel, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and South Bend are the biggest cities in the state and the rest of the state is farmland with spots of industry.

So, yeah, I found it highly interesting that Anderson Cooper decided to drag a film crew all the way here to Indiana to make a video on the roundabouts in Carmel.  And it is quite interesting that his show is named 360.  Three- sixes, get it?


I like how politicians always try to frame it as beneficial to us…but from what I hear, the majority of people do not like them and they cause more accidents, not prevent them.  There is nothing wrong with four-way stops and stoplights.

In fact, Indiana is pretty boring when it comes to traffic mishaps.  Take the dashcam videos, for instance.  I watched other states’ dashcam videos and then watched Indiana….and I had to laugh because we were so boring compared to other states.

Now boring means that we are courteous and careful drivers, for the most part.  The person making the video was complaining about another driver who made an innocent oops and it wasn’t that big a deal, as in causing an accident, like other state videos.

I have traveled all over, and I can tell you that hands down, Indiana has the best drivers.

Anyway, with roundabouts, I have that wary suspicion that they are not as being portrayed.  Like I said, I think they are being used either as portals or a way to give power to the negative, since it is going in the counterclockwise direction…

…your mileage may vary…

Not all is lost…

Just a note to say that I think some people have been misled by satan in that they were falsely told that God, the Creator, had abandoned them and that is why they had “x” happen to them…

This is where it gets a little tricky because the Creator gave us something called Free Will, and that means a “hands off” approach where we are allowed to choose for ourselves how we live our lives.

But I also believe the Creator has plans for each of us.  That we were given a Gift, but it is up to us to CHOOSE to use that Gift.

So I believe that people are waking up to see that satan  is not their savior and they are waking up to how truly evil satan is.  Up to now, they may have benefited financially or some other positive thing in their lives and now satan has revealed how truly evil he is and they don’t know what to do.

Just pray.  And listen to the answer.  Stop helping satan. Like RIGHT NOW.  If it feels bad to you, listen to those God-given instincts.  If it goes against the Ten Commandments, then it is not coming from God, the Creator.

To put it in more simpler terms, all positive energy comes from God.  All negative energy comes from satan.

And no, we DO NOT have to have both positive and negative energy in order for the world to function as satan has tried to delude people into believing….the world was once ALL positive energy, and I believe it will be again, IF we do the work of fighting against the evil ones.