UPDATE on post of Our Lady and deepfake videos

I have added a video to the post on Our Lady,   Russia and Its Implications.  There is a segment with the manipulations of video to appear a politician was doing something he claims he did not do.

But this software to manipulate videos to appear to be true is extremely dangerous.  Think about all the false flags and how they could use the software to make someone appear to be shooting people or setting off bombs or any number of scenarios.

This absolutely could be used against Good Hearts by evil satanist gangstalkers to make it appear they have done something bad.  I highly suspect this is the case for me.  This is why I don’t do Fartbook nor have my photo on this page.  Another reason is that I believe the evil ones can use your image to do magic on.    They need to look into your face and eyes, I believe.

Another UPDATE for the post on what happened to me with the New Agers, too.  I tell the rest of the story of what happened after the spiritual sessions.


Notre Dame, Our Lady, Part 2 Russia and its implications **edited and UPDATE 6.19.19

I want to tell you a story of something spectacular that happened to me in Rapid City, South Dakota, while I was staying at the homeless shelter and being terrorized by the schizophrenic.  First, I don’t believe she was really schizophrenic.  I believe now that she was an operative.**   She was too skilled at lying and creating drama for it not to have been deliberate and calculating as only someone being paid to do so.  And she was following the script –repeating the same lies about me.   She was trying to get me pushed out on the street when I had done her no wrong.  It made no sense to me.  But that is how this evil works — you cannot fight against something when you do not know what the reason is or who is behind it!

**another reason I believe she was an operative is when I blogged about my ex and his family taking out life insurance on me.  SHE KNEW ABOUT IT.  Again, I am an empath and I feel people’s emotions.  She was angry that I had realized that a life insurance policy had been taken out on me.  Which confirms my suspicions that gangstalking is about money — she expected to get some of the payout if she could get me thrown out of the shelter and either I committed suicide or was murdered.  Wow, I just truly hope these evil people are exposed for what they have done.**

With all that said, a truly miraculous thing happened there.

I had coffee in the mornings with the gal who did the laundry for the shelter.  She started her mornings early and we would talk about the Bible and spiritual stuff before breakfast.

She was pro-Israel and hated the Palestinians.  So we had a rather lively discussion about it.  At one point, I said, “I don’t want to hate ANYBODY.”

And suddenly Jesus appeared to me there.  He was happy at my words.  It was truly a stunning moment.  I thought to myself, did that just really happen?

This shows three things to me:

  1. Jesus is real.  He loves us.
  2. Jesus is compassionate.
  3. Jesus does not hate the Jews.  If you recall, Jesus was raised a Jewish engineer.  Some say carpenter, but he was more educated than that, from what I have read.

The third one is VERY IMPORTANT for what I am about to say because there is a lot of hate in the world for Jewish people.

I have researched Russia with the whole kerfuffle about the elections being manipulated by Russia.

The media is not telling the whole story, and you will see why.  I suspect it was about who wants to control America, and George Soros, Hillary’s boss, wanted America, rather than Boris Berezovsky, who seems to be in control of Russia, albeit from a distance, and therefore, Trump’s boss.  Just my guess. I haven’t seen anything to confirm it.

First, viewing the documentaries below will explain a lot:


There are parts 2 and 3 to this.  The third one really set off red flags with them destroying perfectly good housing that the residents love, in order for the mayor’s wife to rake in the cash.  Where have I seen this?  Some say 9/11/01 was also done for the insurance money payout.  Remember that the eye of horus was at ground zero and the dancing Israelis as the buildings exploded!  Remember, too, that there were Israeli students allowed into secured areas weeks prior to the explosions.

I have traveled through South Dakota and have seen mile after mile of roadway torn up.  I am talking half the state!  And I could count on one hand the number of potholes I had seen driving through there.  The roads were really good and this tearing up of the highway was clearly unnecessary and somebody was making some $$$.

And I am sick of wonderful old buildings being torn down so somebody can make money building something new. Boondoggles.

Here is another set of videos on Russia.  Just a warning that the video intro is graphic.

It is really stunning what happened there.  Russia was an economically stable country before the oligarchs had everything privatized by “their” politicians.  Sounds sooo much like Indiana with the Indiana Toll Road being sold to the highest bidder, thanks to Bush appointee then-Governor Mitch Daniels, whom nobody voted for, who was an Eli Lilly executive before going to Washington, D.C.

Note the black suit, white shirt, and red tie.  This seems to be some sort of uniform for them.

~~SEE Note below on FBI Mike Peasley and the Delphi murders 2.13.17~~

UPDATE:  This video shows how videos can be manipulated to make someone appear to be doing something they are not.  OR make them appear to do something they have not done.  This is really important as I have this feeling this technology is being used to portray Good Hearts as bad people so people will hate them and not mind if they are tortured or even killed.  Note how in the documentary, the Russian politician is forced out of office by a fake video of him with two women.  I believe him when he says it is not him.  Again, you should trust your own instincts and when something doesn’t feel right, TRUST THEM.



I take great issue with the documentary stating that “things have to change”, especially when you know that Russia is on solid financial ground before privatizing it so a FEW could become rich.    When the old system was taken away, Russian people did not know what to do.  They were given vouchers with no financial backing, like a gold standard, which would have kept the piece of paper a solid financial instrument.  One cannot make any piece of paper mean something unless there is something tangible, like real estate, or any physical item, attached to it.

They were given these vouchers that had NOTHING attached to them…so they were worthless to the individuals.  In the first documentary, the oligarch Berezovsky took their vouchers, telling the Russian people that they owned a piece of a new automobile factory he would run.  They were led to believe that they would receive dividends for their shares in the company, which is how it is usually done.  They received nothing. And had given up their vouchers.

It is really stunning how much they were trying to turn Russia into the West…making America culture their goal, it would seem.  Doing to them what they did to the Native American culture.  Or at least, what they tried to do.  They tried to destroy ALL of the Native culture, but thank God the Creator they were unsuccessful.   Not that they aren’t still trying to do so….

Destroying the family is a big part of this.

He brings up tobacco as being a precious commodity during the days of scarcity…

…which brings to mind this morning.  I went to purchase tobacco and was carded!  I first looked stunned at the cashier then kind of laughed and said it was quite obvious that I was over 18.

She then said that she would lose her job if she did not card me.  She HAD TO CARD EVERYONE.  And it wasn’t just looking at the ID to see for sure that this graying, wrinkled old lady was over 18…it was to scan in my ID card number.  For what reason?

Let that sink in for a minute.  I was buying tobacco.  Not alcohol.  Tobacco.

I had never been carded for buying tobacco before.  Never.  So what has changed?  Why are they treating it like they were a sin like in the 1920s with prohibition?  I suspect that it was not about what we were being told.  They do not give a rip about your health, because they make money off of you being sick.

So they do not care if tobacco makes you ill…what other reason could be behind them making it harder for you to purchase?  Because the Native American use tobacco in spiritual ceremonies, as a gift to Elders and George W. Bush himself has said that “there are not going to be any more Indians…”  A cryptic statement.


Al AQSA is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built over the site where Jesus was crucified.

For me, destroying the seed before it comes to fruition means destroying the goyim before they realize their full spiritual potential and Connection to God the Creator **see Standing Rock below.

It could also mean, if you believe as I do, that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and there is a bloodline whom have been kept ignorant about their heritage…

…this could mean destroying the bloodline.  Churches cannot control people if the people connect with God the Creator on their own.  The Shroud of Turin was tested and has AB- blood.  This is a rare blood type originating from a certain region in France.

Let me tell you another story:

When I was going through all the turmoil of losing my house, my girls, my health and nearly my sanity, I was looking for answers and help in stopping whatever was happening to me.  I turned to spiritual counselors whom were holding sessions on spirituality.  Native folks would call them New Agers.  I didn’t understand why Native folks were so against them, because I thought they were helpful in furthering spiritual paths.  But now I realize how very dangerous they are and how they are deliberately misdirecting people AWAY from spiritual connection to God, the Creator.

When I first met Myron, he did not greet me in a warm way as one would expect from someone who is spiritual.  He looked right through me.

During the first session, I kept seeing a phallis flash in my head.  I did not understand what was happening.  I would look over at the face of Jesus, on the wall, and pray for help.  I did not know at the time that evil ones could put images in one’s head, more on that in the video below.

I realize now that it was Myron putting the image in my head, as he had indecent thoughts about me.  I later learned that Myron had been accused of sexual misconduct with another person attending his sessions.

So during an afternoon session, Myron asked if anyone needed healing.  One man spoke up and said he felt ill and needed healing.  During the session, we all prayed about the man.  After it was over, Myron asked what we all saw in our minds.  I had seen a negative spirit was attached to the man.  I was the only one who saw it.  When I uttered the words that there was a negative spirit, Myron quickly cut me off without discussion of what I had seen and what it meant.

His attitude towards me completely changed after that.  We were made to stand in a circle, and every time someone was put beside me, they would complain of an arm or a leg hurting.  It was like high school all over again and after being forced to sing Amazing Grace, I left the room in tears.  Myron had bullied me and I did not understand why.

Now, with hindsight and God the Creator’s Guidance, I see that Myron was trying to destroy my spirituality, my confidence in telling the truth of what I saw in the man that needed healed.

Not only that, but they had stolen Native folk healing ceremonies to not only cause harm, but I think to draw people out to see whom was Gifted, and then make them targets of gangstalking.  Because this is a spiritual war we are in.

Edited to add:  I thought that I should tell the rest of the story of what happened to me after I got home from this particular session—

I did not realize that spirits could transfer by touching someone. As we were in an oval around the man, seeking healing for him, my ankle accidentally touched the man as we were praying.  I did not realize that the negative spirit had then entered me.

The next day, I went to open my closet door, and was stunned to feel the negative energy of that spirit in my closet.  I immediately shut the door, not knowing what to do.  So I yelled at the spirit to leave and go towards the light.  I also prayed for Jesus and Mother Mary to come and help.  I also burned sage as the Native folk do to protect oneself from negative energy or evil.

I also called one of the New Age leaders of the session.  She said that this was a sad spirit who was lost and did not know where to go after death.  She said Jesus was there to help guide the spirit towards the Light.

It took me years after this to realize this negative spirit was the one that had attached itself to the man, making him ill.  It had attached itself to me, and I am thinking that he hid in the closet because he was afraid and lost.

This is another reason why New Agers are dangerous.  Nobody explained to me that negative energy could be transferred by touch.  Remember Nappy’s video on the woman pretending to be mentally ill, flashing the three 6 sign, and then purposely going to his vehicle, touching it?  I believe that she was attaching negative energy to it.  And from youtube videos on people touching complete strangers in public, I am thinking this is a purposeful act of the evil ones to make people ill with negative energy, and quite possibly destroying their connection to the Creator.  So please be aware of that.

Oh, and I did not have any more problems after Jesus came to take the negative energy away.  So prayer does work, folks, and even if you don’t understand what is happening to you, the Helping Healing Spirits do understand and will help you if you ask.

If there is anything I cannot stress enough is PLEASE PLEASE do not spend your energy hating Jews or any of the others.  Hatred only feeds satan.  Just keep in mind the Commandments, especially Thou Shalt Not Murder.   The Bible has examples that self-defense is allowed.

I am wary, however, of those perpetuating this evil and then demanding forgiveness.  I suspect that it is a way for them to escape Hell if a Good Heart forgives them for being evil.  Only God, the Creator decides what happens to someone’s Spirit after they pass from this world, but I for one, am tired of being victimized over and over and over again, so no, I am not willing to forgive those whom have had FULL KNOWLEDGE OF WHO THEY WERE WORKING FOR and perpetuated this evil.  That does not mean I hold on to anger, because that only feeds satan.  But I do not give a piece of myself, of my soul, towards forgiving those whom have KNOWINGLY CHOSEN to be evil.

I bring all this out so that people who are being misled will have the information they need to see who is helping satan and who is of God, the Creator.   And hopefully, will help anyone whom has sought out New Agers hoping to find answers there, but again felt lost, confused and even hurt and bullied like I was.

I especially fear and am saddened for my siblings, whom are unaware that we are of the bloodline and are, as I write this, being taken advantage of and misdirected by those whom are not of God, the Creator.


**forgot to add the note about the Israelis at Standing Rock.  As I was viewing the piece on Putin being a KGB agent and everybody believing he was an all around “good guy” — he used a technique called mirroring, where they just adjust their personalities towards yours, mirroring your viewpoints, etc., so you believe they are like you.

This happened to me at Standing Rock by an Israeli woman who just happened to show up wherever I was at.  She mimicked Native ceremony and either knew how to read minds or had the technology to do so.  She and two other satanists outed themselves, however, during the water ceremony, where we women sang a prayer together over the water.

We would walk together to the water, singing.  On this particular morning, when I sang the song with the Jewish women, they suddenly stopped.  Then they began singing a few moments later.  I once again joined them.  They again abruptly stopped in mid-sentence.  It was clear that they considered me beneath them and I found that really odd being we were in a Native camp trying to save their water source from poisoning.  In the Native world, there is no one above you, nor no one beneath you.  The Creator made us all equal.

So even at Standing Rock, the Israelis were present and probably part of the destruction of trust in the camp…your mileage may vary.

Not only that, but the FBI was also actively destroying trust.

Here is a video on Red Fawn, a MEDIC in camp whom had started a relationship with an FBI informant Heath Harmon.  She did not realize he was an FBI informant at that time.  Harmon left HIS WEAPON in a trailer that she was staying at the morning of police raids.  Yep.

I know that my own FBI “handler” was talking to other informants about me.  They probably spread disinfo about me, as well, so the others would not trust me.  Just a guess.  The yellow helicopter had circled my tent specifically when I did not see it do that to anyone else.  I left camp October 22nd.  The violent treatment of the camp began Oct. 27th.  I have felt guilt that it happened after I left.  But I had no other option.  I had asked for a tipi so I could have a fire to keep warm, but none was given to me.  It was getting too cold for me to continue sleeping in my car, so I left.  I was afraid of sleeping in a communal tent, as they wanted.  I feared either being attacked while I slept from what I know now were infiltrators/gangstalkers or being accused with yet another lie told about me.

So, about the uniform of black suit, white shirt, red tie ~~ FBI Agent Mike Peasley was wearing a black suit, white shirt and red tie on both the initial and year later press conferences regarding Abby Williams and Libby German, the Delphi Murders.  As I said previously, it was a satanic ritual murder.  I believe Mike Peasley was involved.



I had a strong feeling about him the first time I saw him in the press conference.  But it was confirmed to me when very recently, I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and just said a quiet prayer thanking the Creator.  Suddenly, Peasley appeared in a black robe.  And then Libby appeared, nodding.

And that is why I fear this case will never be solved.  The satanists whom have infiltrated the government will do their best to interfere with justice for the girls.  It will likely take Jesus coming back for the evil ones to be dealt with….

God Bless all of Us Good Hearts.  Keep the faith.








Notre Dame, Our Lady, First Shot Across the Bow? Part 1

I have wanted to start this post a few times and always stopped because of the grave implications of what happened when Notre Dame burned.  My first thought looking at Macron press conference was “….this is your 9/11…”  to detract attention from the yellow jackets and pending revolution and the hidden hand of the satanic spiritual war.

First, if you are unfamiliar with Jeanne d’Arc, commonly referred to as Joan of Arc, here is the 1948 movie starring Ingrid Bergman which explains a lot of what happened to her.  I have seen an even better version on youtube that mysteriously disappeared.  It showed more of the underhanded dealings of the Church towards Jeanne when it was clear that she was not under their control, but being instructed by God, the Creator.

At first, the Church stated that Jeanne’s voices in her head were of God the Creator.  But the king was a weak, spineless wonder who promptly stabbed her in the back once he obtained the throne.   Then the Church declared Jeanne a heretic when she would not renounce the voices.  That is pretty powerful because she knew at that point if she did not declare the voices were not God’s instructions, that she would be put to death.

About an hour into the movie, Jeanne declares that Saint Catherine told her she would be rescued.  But this did not mean she would not be put to death, but that God the Creator would not allow her to suffer.  See my vision of her down below…

Here’s the movie:


I saw clips of more recent movies, but they try to portray Jeanne as wanting to be a man, with a man’s haircut.  Based on the statues of Jeanne d’Arc in France, her hair was a short bob, not cut above her ears like a man’s.  Also, spirituality is downplayed, as in women as equals, women as sacred.  This is important.

So Notre Dame, Our Lady, Cathedral was where Jeanne d’Arc was sainted.  The Church finally had to admit that they burned a Saint at the stake.  Just like they had to admit that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute.  Do you see a pattern here?

So…my feeling is that this fire was deliberately set.  There are two strong reasons:

  1. They removed the disciples and other artifacts just days prior to this.  In the press pictures of them, they are beheaded.  Beheading is a big deal with these satanists.  They beheaded Mary Magdalene and then put her skull on display during a festival celebrating her being saved from prostitution….EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS NOT A PROSTITUTE…so what are they celebrating?  Her beheading?
  2. The authorities were already declaring that the fire was not set and that it was a construction accident even before there were any investigation.  The fire was still burning when they made these statements!!

Last October, a man wearing all black, gained access to the Cathedral.   Here is a picture of him on top of the very spot that is destroyed by fire:


Note one arm pointing downwards and one pointing up.   From what I understand, this is the “as above, so below” satanist hand signal.

Does it remind you of something else?  Abu Ghraib?  I also found reference to this as part of the illuminati ancient religion, but I cannot find the reference now.  If I do find it, I will come back and post it here.

And we know that the illuminati (children of the Sun, aka nazis) are required to tell the rest of us what they are going to do before they do it.  The only problem with that is that it is not bluntly stated, but hidden in media.  Like this 2012 clip of Pet Goat.  Goat is another nod to satanism, as in baphomet.  ~side note:  have you noticed how many men start sporting goattees?  You know, “goat” “tees”….?  I began noticing men wearing them who were also mean-spirited narcissists.

This September 2018 music video also shows the Cathedral burning at 1:59.  The band’s name is…wait for it…Serpentyne.  The serpent, of course.  Remember, they turn your head one direction, while gleefully meaning the opposite.  This song appears to be in praise of Jeanne d’Arc, but clearly is a nod to the evil ones who put her to death and telling of the fire to come…

My connection to France is personal.  I have ancestors from there.  I was thinking about my family name, Perdieu, the other day and it suddenly hit me…per  dieu.  In French, per or par = for and dieu = God, the Creator.  Par dieu literally means “for God”. I have also learned that certain bloodline families hid their heritage through their names.

And my middle name is Jeanne.  I never knew my name was French until high school, when I decided to take the language course.  I was delighted to find out that I was named after French ancestors.  But that is all I know of my heritage.  I have a strong belief there is much more to the story but has been kept hidden.  The fact that I also have visions, like Jeanne d’Arc is not lost on me.

This will blow you away, but I had a vision of Jeanne d’Arc ten years ago, but did not realize it was her nor of the significance of what I saw.  I thought I was seeing a vision of the world burning.  I saw a woman whom had fire all around her, but the fire did not touch her.  It was being kept away by some unseen force.  Jeanne d’Arc did not suffer as her spirit rose above before the flames touched her.  God the Creator did not let her suffer.

For those who don’t know the story, after she was wrongly burned at the stake, her heart was still red…still alive after the fire was gone.  This should have been a sign that they had indeed killed a Saint, but instead of bowing down and asking God the Creator for forgiveness, they lit fire to her heart.

And those who pretend to have good intentions are clearly in satans grasp, as with Stephen Colbert.  I have seen him do the 3 sixes hand signal, the devil sign, and the hidden hand of the freemasons in this one video.  His hand lingers a little too long within his jacket…while he mimics someone with a cell phone.  The hidden hand is a freemason symbol.  I have seen more videos with Colbert making these hand signals.  It can’t be by coincidence.  And Trump is a convenient excuse to use those gestures.

Sadly, I also came across a video on Dave Chappelle being harassed repeatedly until…wait for it…he quit his job.  In this case, his third season with Comedy Central.  The evil ones ganging up on him are Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and Jesse Jackson.

You might remember the post on Jesse Jackson, who pretends to care about the Native folks fighting the oil pipeline.  What a joke.  He put his hands in Martin Luther King’s blood and then wiped his hands on his shirt as MLK clings to life at the Lorraine Motel?  Yeah, THAT Jesse Jackson is also gangstalking Dave Chappelle.

So…Chappelle, worried about his mental health and his family, quits his third season production…but it seems that they still got to him, if this clip shows anything —  he does the 3 six sign as he steps on stage. And he is back working again…yep.  He makes the statement that he has been worried about poverty.  They have made it so you either join them in order to have an income, or they will harass you until you quit or are fired, leaving you in poverty, homeless, hated.  And then they have a life insurance policy out on you so when they drive you to suicide, they make $$$ on that, too.

The light has gone from his eyes.  Now, I am not a fan of Chappelle’s former comedy tours, but I liked him as an individual.  Now his personality is so different that it is clear that they got to him.

And I am not the only one who sees the change:

…and he threw up the 666 hand sign… dave sold out man
The next video shows how far this is.  You all know my feelings on the mainstream media, which is a propaganda piece, but she gives the three-six sign while she is speaking to a relative of the murdered girls of Delphi, Indiana.  Boy, it takes a special kind of evil to mock the bereaved relative of someone whom was ritually murdered.
She does this TWICE during the brief segment.
And I have had yet another vision regarding the Delphi murders of Abby and Libby.
Actually, I had this vision when I first began looking into the case.  As I said, I saw the ritual positions of the perps with my view seeing the leader to my left, with a black robe flashing off and on.  I did not know the meaning of the flashing robe, but perhaps it meant that this was important, that the robe is not always visible?

I think the burning of Our Lady is the shot across the bow.  In my view, it was deliberate.  And if you look up designs to rebuild her, you will see mocking symbolism such as flames emerging from the roof.  Not only does it mock the fire itself, but of Saint Jeanne burning at the stake.

Immediately after the fire, a billionaire offered to rebuild the Cathedral.  Be careful, Parisiens of the gift bearers.  Jesus said it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man getting into the Kingdom of God (Matthew 10:25).  A rich man offering to rebuild the Cathedral means he wants to dictate how Our Lady is rebuilt….beware that he or she will rebuild it honor his god — satan and money.


I reject you satan and all of your works and those who willingly knowingly help you.  Be gone from here in Jesus name, Amen.  Please come soon, Jesus, and bring your sword to rid the world of evil.



My stolen stuff….

….so it wasn’t enough that I had my house stolen from me by scumbags…

…or that stuff that was outside was stolen right out of my yard, like my kid’s bikes, a tent, and my mother’s newer Sears reel mower ($200 new), and miscellaneous…

…but then after I moved to another town, my stuff that was in a storage unit was stolen, too…

Just my unit and another unit were broken into, and the other unit, to my knowledge, did not have anything stolen.  There were probably 100 units there…and the scumbags just *happen* to choose mine to rip off??   Yeah, I would say this was part of the gangstalking.

It wasn’t enough for them to destroy my life, they had to take what was left.  And they are still taking stuff from me…stuff has come up missing but that’s another blog…

So I saw a stereo like the one that was stolen from a classic stereo dealer, and I thought…why not post a blog with the serial numbers of the stereo system, and perhaps someone with a conscience will give it back to me?

Okay, here goes:

It is a Pioneer Stereo system, purchased in August, 1992.

Cassette Receiver RX-550  Serial No.  MF3917049 U

Compact Disc (CD) player PD-M501  Serial No.  ME 3683533 PV

Speakers 4 ft. high  CS M555    MD 005720 U

This stereo meant a lot to me.  I grew up with classical music due to my Mom and Dad’s love of it, and it truly taught me an appreciation for all instruments and this system picked up on the richness and depth of all the different instruments used, some of which you cannot hear on regular radio.  Of course, I loved rock n’ roll, with bands like Chicago that used instruments like an orchestra.

So it cut like a knife when it was stolen.

I believe that it is still in the area and I know some local folks read this blog.  So….if you purchased a Pioneer stereo in 2008 or later, please check the serial numbers.  And notify me at threads.4you at yahoo.com  I won’t ask any questions, I just want my stereo back.