More thoughts on gangstalking and satanic activity – Delphi Murders **edited

I touched on satanism and gangstalking with my post here.  In addition, I posted briefly on the Delphi, Indiana, murders of Abby Williams and Libby German on February 13, 2017 (Indiana State Police info here).

My strong feeling is that it was a satanic ritual — I had a vision of it.  It happened on the 13th is very key because of the date.

So thinking about that, and the circumstances surrounding the crime, it just boggles the mind that these girls were taken in broad daylight…and nobody saw anything.  The press would have you believe that the area was isolated and no one was around.  According to Libby’s sister, there were 40-60 people there on the trail that day, so the girls were not out there alone.

That is where the problem lies…there were people around…but nobody saw anything…?

It was broad daylight, not after dark, very troubling.

With my experience with gangstalking, I am leaning towards this being not only satanic but a gangstalking crime.  I believe there were people there who were used as lookouts and interfered with anyone who might come close enough to see anything.  Mike Patty said that he passed a man on his way into searching for the girls and he asked the man if he saw them.  The man replied no.

Now, the man could have been telling the truth…and then again he could have been part of it and knew where the girls were being held but lied to Patty.  I have seen some comments that the girls were held somewhere else until dark and then were murdered.  If this man were lying, there was still time to rescue the girls.  So even if he did not participate, he still has blood on his hands because he could have told where they were and they could have been saved.

If this were a satanic ritual, even those who wish to come forward have probably been threatened.  I know that I have.  I have sent tips to the police and have had a vision of being buried alive.  This frightened me of course, but prayed about it and realized that I could not let satan frighten me into silence.

If I were buried alive, I might suffer a little while, but God the Creator would take my spirit to be with Him.  He would not let the suffering go on.

Here is one of the best videos on the case.  She is a good reporter, and does not gleefully get into what happened.  It sickens me to see how many creeps are using the girls murder for clickbait on youtube.  I think the difficulty of solving this case lies in the nature of it.   People either are involved and not going to come out about it, or they are in disbelief that anything this evil could happen here.


**Edited to add this video by Gray Hughes.  I think it confirms that there were more than one killer.  When he shows Bridge Guy at the spot Libby took the pic, I think they are being herded.  She is off the bridge at that point, and for some reason she turns to take the pic.  Her excellent instincts are kicking in.  God Bless her.

What I think happened at this point is that another man suddenly appears from behind a tree or somewhere hidden, and that Abby and Libby are concerned and turning around to get away, when they see Bridge Guy….no where for the poor girls to go.  They were entrapped.

It bothers me, too, that there is no one else on the bridge, when Libby’s sister stated there were over 40 people there that day.  It gives weight to the gangstalking theory by someone blocking others from going on the bridge.


America, the Beautiful! **edited

I love the song, and seeing this peaceful, beautiful, natural scene brings it to mind.  Just imagine America before we Europeans came here and disrespected her.  The Native folk respected and cherished her and managed to live here for over 10,000 years by taking only what they needed and letting nature do its thing (not building asphalt; putting up dams; poisoning with pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers; nor genetically modifying what the Creator had given us…

So if you’re having a stressful day, I recommend a listen to the serenity…God the Creator gave us…


Edited to add Da Bears:

satanism connection to gangstalking

Nappy Head Roots has a video up on a recent gangstalking incident that shows these people are satanists and evil.

First, watch the video and then I’ll comment below. Look very closely at his/her hands:


The first thing that bothers me is his/her eyes.  There is something about them that creeps me out.

So…does she/he appear mentally disturbed to you?  I thought this person was mentally disturbed…until I watched the video a couple more times.

Look closely at her/his hands at 1:08.  Do you see the satanic hand signal — the “ok” sign that means six-s__-s__ (Not putting it here because I do not want to give it any more power).  This person is crazy all right — crazy like a fox.  She/he also goes over to nappys vehicle and deliberately touches it.  I think this is to put negative energy on to it.  Yes, they can do that.  They can put negative energy into food, water, anything one touches.

I have read some stories by folks whom have had someone come up to them in a public place and touch them.  They felt ill afterwards.  Take heed.  Mothers, be on alert for your babies and people wanting to touch them and put their hands on the head.

I never felt comfortable with this when my children were little.  I also disliked people walking up to me and touching my pregnant belly.  Now I know why I felt ill at ease.  I was not being antisocial, but my instincts were telling me something was wrong.  Again, I wish that I had listened to my instincts when I was young.  If I could give advice to the young, listen to your instincts.  That is God the Creator telling you something is wrong, and to defend yourself against this person.  Now that doesn’t mean start pummeling the person, unless they are physically threatening you or your babies, but say a prayer asking for protection against anyone harming your body, mind, or soul.   The Native folk also use burning sage or sweetgrass as protection against evil. God Bless.

Nappy has another video of a woman who wakes up screaming that he hit her.  Fortunately, he had filmed her before this street theatre, so he had proof that he did not hit her.  She makes a huge scene about it, even stopping traffic in the streets to claim he hit her.  When a city truck comes by, she also flashes a satanic signal to them to let them know she is gangstalking Nappy.

So below is a photo I snapped of a perp in the neighborhood.  This person lives just down the lane.  This photo is taken at 2:52 a.m. on May 2, 2019.  I awoke to see car lights shining on my wall, so I looked out the window, and this person turns left, to go down the lane.  This way goes away from the only exit.  This person then turns around somewhere, and comes back towards the house, stopping to shine their lights into my room as you see here.  Then they turn back into the road in front of the house, and go to their house, located very close by. Again, I have not had any contact with these evil people.  I do not know them.



I cannot leave the house without being harassed…not even for a walk or a bike ride to get exercise.  There is a white suv with a confederate flag that has twice harassed me while out.  Just a couple days ago, I was riding my bike on the next road over, and this white suv comes within a foot of me, aiming his vehicle close enough to hit me. I had to get off the road to avoid being hit.

I just want to post this so there is a record of it.  I reject you satan and all of your works and those who knowingly, willingly help you. Be gone from here in Jesus’ name, Amen.

**Edited to add:  I went out again the next week, riding my bike in the middle of the road so they could not say that it was an accident if they hit me.

So I am minding my own business, when a young woman and her friend zoom past me.  She yells, “Get out of the middle of the fucking road, you fucking bitch!!”

So, just to be clear, I was not in front of her, not slowing her down one bit!  I was on the other side of the road.  So there was absolutely no reason for this evil person to cuss me out.  None.

And just for perspective, a bike rider in Indianapolis was struck and killed and left there in the road just the week prior.

Another young woman posted this remark:

I have no words…




When you feel like you are…

…an outcast, take heart.

Sometimes the reason you don’t fit in is because you are surrounded by satanists and you are not.  And they know it.

And they may suddenly surround you, after so many years of mocking or belittling you.

Because you have something they want.

Don’t give your power to them.

The twisted road of evil

Reblogging this to make the connection between Patti Hearst, an heiress to the Hearst Newspaper fortune suddenly deciding she would join a militant group and rob a bank even though her father had $$$ in his own bank accounts…

Patti was repeatedly raped, a known torture technique to fragment the soul, making mind control easier;  additionally,  they put LSD in her food and drink, which leads to abnormal behavior.   I have read that once someone is drugged with LSD, they continue to have symptoms even though they are no longer taking the drug…

I believe James Holmes was yet another victim of MKUltra and was likely drugged with LSD.  One only has to look at the changes in his face, his eyes, his hair.

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