Natural Law and the right to forage

You know, before I was awake, the guy below would have seemed a little nuts.  Now I understand perfectly why he did what he did and why he had to assert his right to forage, and that he is governed by Universal Law, not a government.  The evil ones have made it clear that they believe they own everyone and everything, as if they were the Creator themselves.  Pfft.  I answer to no one but God, the Creator.





No Maam.
I stand as myself and speak for myself, in myself.
I am not the Trustee or the all caps name that you are operating off of.
I am here in court today because I am making a special visitation; this is not an appearance, only spirits appear.
Living men, living persons make special visitations.
That’s why I’m here; to make sure you guys don’t XXXX my truthful proper name.
—Asked if he still lives at an address—
That is a storage unit that I sleep in from time to time.
I live in myself, in this body. I am the living man.
—She inquires about his status with a public defender.—
Bullshit something for bullshit rule, they can only speak fictitious legalese to you. I speak natural living man’s English to you. That is the only thing that I will speak. There will be no legalese used here.

—She advises him of charges—
Those men were charged by me right back by staging an overthrow of the Constitution of 1789, an overthrow of the Bill of Rights, an overthrow of my rights to forage for food as a natural living person who was in hunger.
I was searching for something to put in my stomach as I am recognized to be allowed to do universal law. It has nothing to do with your corporate fiction. They violated everything. And furthermore, for your knowledge, they violated Judge Holly Brown’s Title 26 United States Code ruling which I went before her and prevailed on 21st March 2011, EPO 9-58 A is the case number where she evidenced that I am not a Taxpayer because I am not a Federal Citizen, Federal law trumps state law. In return I have 9 judge rulings to that end and that trumps state law.
I am not registered XXXX, I am the living man and I have the right to forage for food when I’m hungry.
—She states that is not what he is charged with—
That is what stands.
—She begins to state charges—
I do not understand those charges.
—She threatens comtempt—
Oh contempt is spelled C O Double NN, I know that XXXX, That’s navigation…
Don’t touch me, you ain’t a God.
Don’t you touch me. I am the living man protected by universal law.
You have already comtempted this court by what you are trying to get down here.
These are the living witnesses to what you are trying to do. You are trying create a fictitious fraudulent action.
You are trying to build the Federal Reserve by securitizing an all caps commercialized name and notifying them that they, that they are standing in debt now.
If you touch me you will violate natural law. Do not come near me. I am protected by the law.
Dammit, do not tell me to shut up. I am the living natural man and my voice will be heard.
That is the Jolly Roger, That thing you call the American flag with the gold fringe around it is the Jolly Roger and you are acting as one of it privateers.
—She trys again—
I’m here by special visitation. I’m here so you do get away with this. You bet I am here.
I do not understand any charges. I only understand universal law and the right to live: to live in peace and to live as I need to.
I never plead. Animals plead. Like Baaa, Oink, Oink.
—She advises him she has a paper showing his plea—
It says prime evidence standing right through it, if you bring forward all natural forms of evidence that I’m not prime evidence.
I am the living soil, the dirt, the water and the air has its own voice does it not? It also supports all forms of life does it not? I am a part of the life. I am not your corporate fiction.
Do not anger me.
I am here by special visitation to see to it that you do not danger my natural living man’s name.
That is why I am here.
—She asks if he would like to go to trial—

This is a trial.
This is a jury of my peers.
You cannot produce a jury of my peers because all juries are selected from a pool of registered voters and the instant a person registers to vote their natural ability is averred to comprehend natural law has been dissolved and turned into fiction.
There cannot be raised a jury of my peers. It cannot be done.
—She excuses herself—
No way. Get back here and finish this.
Hey. Hey. Get back here and finish this.
The Judge has left the courtroom, there you go.

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