Growing food in a small space

Here is a good video on growing food in small spaces with excellent ideas for making the garden as a space of serenity by using focal points.

Even with little money, one can grow plants from what you would normally toss out.  You get free seeds from produce that you buy at the store.  Now, they have genetically engineered plants to keep the seed from regrowing a new plant (just plain evil and greedy), but with organic, you should be able to grow some foods.

I also have purchased red wiggler worms from a bait shop to make a compost bin.  You just put clean dirt in a metal washtub or something like that, and put your food scraps in there along with grass clippings,  newspaper strips (what’s a newspaper, Mommy?).  Don’t put meat, oils, dairy, cheese, dog or pig or cat manure.  The worms are magnificent for aerating the soil, and by them eating and pooing, they create rich soil easy to grow in.  I heard a story once where a woman wanted an exterminator to kill all the worms in her yard.  Seriously.  I still shake my head when I recall that story.

Growing your own food is fun, a little work but you need the exercise anyway, right?  And it also keeps you independent of the evil ones who use Food as a War Weapon .

You are less vulnerable if you have your own food supply.

It also makes sense to have a root cellar so that you don’t rely on electricity to keep your food cool.  As electric bills skyrocket, this will become a necessity.

Here’s an old post on the Racing Snails that will bring a smile.  Happy gardening!



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