Two mothers testimony on severe reactions to MMR vaccine **edited

via Two mothers testimony on severe reactions to MMR vaccine **edited

Reblogging this on the continued push towards measles vaccination.  The media is once again doing its masters bidding by creating hysteria over an outbreak, like they have done with bird flu and swine flu.

I have read on two different media websites that measles was supposedly irradicated in 2000….things that make you go hmmm….if it was irradicated, then how come there is an outbreak…?

Senior SCIENTIST at the CDC says Dr. Andrew Wakefield was right about the MMR vaccine causing autism.

Jenny McCarthy and her autistic child after vaccination.

The Creator designed our bodies to fight off disease.  Our bodies are walking miracles that can kill diseased cells if we fast, eat mostly fruits and veggies, exercise, get plenty of sunshine (without cancer causing sun screen), fresh air and clean water.

Our ancestors survived thousands upon thousands of years before vaccines were ever invented.  I got chickenpox at six months of age…how did I survive?  Why is it that the media never mentions that breast milk is needed to provide good gut bacteria to fight off disease?  Why do they never mention that diet is key to fighting off disease?



I wanted to update the midwife childbirth post again with something else I was reminded of:  doctors telling mothers not to hold their babies when they continued to cry if they had been fed and changed.  I was told to “just let them cry” if they continued to cry after being fed and burped and changed.  Incredibly, mothers were told they were going to spoil their children if they “gave in” (look at that wording to know the mindset) to a crying child.

Looking back with the grandmother’s eye, I see how cruel this is and the destroying nurturing mindset.    Nurturing = God, the Creator.  Coldness = satan.

I also would not worry about thumb-sucking.  There is such attention to this as if it were a character flaw, when it is just to comfort one.  I cringe at putting a plastic binky in my child’s mouth instead of letting them do what God had designed — a self-nurturing act.  They tried to tell us that it led to teeth being maladjusted. That theory has been debunked.


Assaults on women…where are the warriors?

I had heard of Joan Collins’ rape a few years back.  What she describes in this video is shocking…but believe me, it is more shocking that it still goes on today.  I just  We are seen as nothing more than an item on a shelf to be purchased.  Same for children who are bought and sold.  And the physical abuse goes with the utter contempt and lack of boundaries these evil people possess.

Not only does this still go on today, it seems to me that it is 100 times magnified.  Much, much worse.  There is only one job where I was not harassed sexually by either an owner or a coworker.   And if you throw in my ex raping me in my sleep, we have an entire LIFETIME of harassment.

It is disturbing that Joan Collins makes it out to be her fault…it is not her fault.  Her fault is only being too trusting and looking at him like he is God.  He is not, obviously.  Yes, it is wise not to allow someone else to pour a drink for you, hold your drink while you go to the bathroom, or have one too many drinks making you unable to think with clear head and/or fight off an attack. None of those apply to me.  I was never a partier even when young.  I hated teenage parties because there was always drama.

He is responsible for his own behavior, not her.  You cannot control what someone else does, only yourself.  And we are all human, making mistakes is part of that experience.  Joan Collins’ husband picked her because of her naivete, and knowing what I know now, he was probably a satanist freemason.  They love to destroy innocence, degrade someone, hoping to destroy humanity to get another soul for satan.


Measles: Back in the Day before marketing the vaccine

Reblogging this due to the stupidity and chicken little mayor of NY is forcing vaccination due to an outbreak of measles in the Jewish population.

One can only wonder why they are targeting Hassidic Jews, who are particularly spiritual…

Measles is not known to be a deadly disease.  It is one of the most mild diseases to have and the link below shows just how people used to react to the disease when I was growing up.  It was not a big deal.

The only reason ANY disease would be a big deal if you had not taken care of your body and did not eat fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of sleep, and no GMO or processed food.  Whenever I read of someone dying from a disease, my first thought is how did they take care of their body — a God given walking miracle that can heal itself when fasting.  I know of parents whom have only fed their children processed or fast food.  I think that is neglect and setting them up for a lifetime of ill health, both physically and mentally.

Vaccines contain mercury, SV40, and aborted fetus cells.  On those grounds alone, a person has the right to refuse vaccination.

But there is also the 4th Amendment, which guarantees the right to privacy against government intrusion in one’s life.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

They used this law as a reason to allow abortion, because a person’s right to choose what happens to their body is seen as a right to privacy.  Oh, the irony that they used this law to kill a life…

Remember, folks, the Supreme Court has ruled that you do not have rights unless you assert them!

via Measles: Back in the Day before marketing the vaccine

Here’s another blog I wrote in 2015, before beginning fasting, coffee enemas, and a mostly raw diet.

Like I’ve said before, they do not give a sh*t about your health.  And given that the young mother above was not even told she was being given such a dangerous drug like Pitocin, you don’t even know WHAT they are giving you — they could be telling you that it is a vaccine, but give you something else.  Guard your health like you are guarding your life — because you are.


Stalkers using spyware on phones

So you don’t even have to be a Targeted Individual to be tracked on a phone.  This horrible nightmare is for any woman in a relationship with a controlling abusive man.  And since that is my issue, 25 years after the divorce, I would say it is about freaking time that women were given some priority in privacy and being safe.  The reporter states that this abuse of software is treated as if no crime was committed!

A nationwide way for gangstalkers to connect and destroy someone

Website on how perpetrators communicate with one another, through  This is not about public safety.  This is a nazi program, modeled after the Stasi of WWII.  These targeted individuals are being portrayed as perverts and deviants to get an entire community to destroy them.  Then the satanists can sit back in their chairs with glee at yet another innocent being sacrificed for satan.  And collect the life insurance when the T.I. finally commits suicide or is given cancer or heart attack through directed energy.  That is what this is all about.


School Nurse speaks out on vaccinations

via School Nurse speaks out on vaccinations

Reposting this because of the once again Big Pharma mafia pushing legislation through their paid-off toadies to force vaccination on the American people who do not want it!

More in the following video of a mother’s observations and not trusting her instincts.  We have been brainwashed into accepting authoritay (sp) figures opinions instead of trusting our instincts.  I wish I had known this before vaccinating my own children.

And the thing she says about the eyes is SPOT ON.  The eyes will go off center from poisoning by heavy metals.  I have seen this with my own eyes –they became off center once the dental amalgams had leeched enough mercury.

Do not trust the so-called experts to tell you the truth.  My dentist looked me in the eye and denied that the amalgams were causing my painful migraines…that started one year after amalgam placement.  The year mark is a common theme where people start to suffer health decline after amalgam placement.

The dentist also lied when I asked if mercury had been placed underneath my cap for my root canal.  He said no.  When I finally removed the tooth cap a year after beginning heavy metal chelation, there was mercury there.  So I did even more damage to my health because one should never chelate heavy metals until the source is eliminated.

So if I and the lady below can attest, do not trust the experts with your health.  They don’t give a sh*t.

Also–you might want to know that Pharmaceuticals root word means sorcery.  Yep.

And the scariest thing yet…my hunch is that they will force vaccination via UPS.  To make it more convenient for you *cough* it is always for your own good *cough*  a nurse will start riding around on UPS trucks to vaccinate people.

And she/he will likely be accompanied by armed guards like they did in India….