China once again forcing communism

Jesus said that we would have to choose our Master– money or God.  (Matthew 6:24)

What is happening…again…in China is a blatant example of that.  They are forcing poor Christians to choose between being poor and following Jesus or getting help from the State.  They can have their picture of Jesus, as long as it is hidden away in another room.

Now, it doesn’t matter if one is Christian, or Jew, or Buddhist.  It’s the spirituality that they object to.

This is once again denying people the means to take care of themselves. Like the English did with the Irish fake famine.

Like the Europeans did with the Native folks in killing the buffalo, and then trying to starve them with paltry flour and sugar rations in confined reservations.  Only satan would do that (or coyote, as the native folks would call it).

Only evil beings would give money to those who turn their backs on God.

And if you don’t think this is happening now in the United States, I beg you to open your eyes!  They are going after the ones who speak up against wrongdoing, making them poor and homeless.  Or dead.

Like I’ve said before, satan has been at this a loooonnnggg time.

But a good thought is that the Creator gave us everything we need — we don’t really need money to live.  We were given all the food we could want in nature.  We were given clean water to drink.  We were given medicines in food.  We were given plenty of materials to make homes out of.  Wood to burn for warmth.  The Earth to grow food and store food (root cellars).  We were given beauty to behold every single day.

The problem is that we carelessly destroyed almost all of that…if ever there were a wake-up call to stop it, this is it.  If we choose God, the Creator, we will have to live off of nature in order to fight these evil bastards.  It is imperative that we understand how destructive and wasteful we are.

Here are some videos on living cooperatively with nature.

This video is in the desert and is one of the most inspirational videos I have seen in quite awhile:

Root cellars were pretty common up to the 70s, when they fell out of favor for our “modern” appliances.  Root cellars were dug into the Earth, which maintains a 58 to 70 degree temp year round (numbers vary a little from place to place, but not much).

They don’t require electricity and by owner’s statements, they would remain around 40-50 degrees and the food they put in there would remain good all winter long.  pretty cool, eh?

Going off grid forces one to rethink how important electricity is…and what appliances can be reworked to use manual power instead of buying electrical power.

Here’s another one with Ted Karns.  The only issue I have is that Ted wants to reuse plastic.  I have a real issue with that.  I personally think plastic should be banned.  It degrades until it is nano particles.  And it is made with petroleum.

Trump is not your savior

After reading yet another youtube comment on the rapid decline of our nation, and how Donald Trump is our savior going to “make america great again…”

Lord, I can’t take anymore of this hero worshipping.  Idolizing him or any politician is against the Commandment not to make any idols of anyone!

I have seen Trump in a vision.  He was in a control room where they have the electronics/microwave technology to view into someone’s home.  He was there with a bunch of other men — some in military uniforms, others in suits.  They were watching a couple have sex.  I am not making this up.  This is NOT POLITICAL!

If you recall, I also wrote about having a vision of Hillary Clinton dressed in a red robe, praying to satan, giving thanks because I did not get a horse I was looking for…one can only wonder why this was important.

This is not about political parties — there is no difference between them.  The media has once again fooled you into believing otherwise.

So please, please stop making any criticism of Trump or any politician as being about politics.  He is not your savior.  He is in The Club of satanists that are in the shadow government.  He is not going to make this country great again.  He is busily doing what his handlers want him to do — destroy this country.  And his handlers have created such a great persona that people who don’t look behind the curtain to see the man operating the machine.


Midwife arrested…same old fight… **edited UPDATE 4.18.19

Elizabeth Catlin, a nurse midwife, who successfully helped 500 babies come into the world, was taken away in handcuffs because she did not have a license….

And the ones that called police?  A hospital that likely sees her as a threat to their profits.

This story is sooo old!!  This is exactly what has happened for centuries.  They burned midwives at the stake during medieval times!  And then forced women to go to MALE gynecologists.  Go figure.  Men don’t have any business being gynecologists nor helping a woman give birth.

If I had to do over again, I would have every one of my three kids at home, with a midwife.  I was terrified by all the lies I was told when young, so home birth seemed as if I was being negligent and backward if I wanted a home birth.

I also would not circumsize my son and would breastfeed all of my kids at least for six months after birth….but I digress…

**(I started to say that the authorities could send nurses to be with Catlin during births to know she was qualified, but rethinking it…women can decide for themselves.  As it is stated in the article, it was word of mouth of Catlin’s abilities that the women came to her to ask for help.   Women need to take back their power and decide what is best for them and their babies, not some Big Pharma toadies.)

Let me ask this…how many babies have died at that hospital?  Or hospitals in general?  How about babies being exposed to all sorts of diseases being born in a place for sick people?

How much money does the hospital stand to lose if women finally rise up and demand a choice in having home births attended by those they chose themselves?

How much money do Big Pharma skooled (sp) gynecologists stand to lose if women opt to have midwives attend their births instead?

**UPDATED:  Here is one of the major reasons I would not have my children in a hospital — I was given the horrendous drug Pitocin to speed up a delivery that was progressing normally by a male obstetrician that apparently wanted to be elsewhere.  I began having horribly painful contractions so much so that I was SCREAMING for the last 30 minutes before I gave birth.  I was also pushing waaay too soon before I was fully dilated.  I was literally out of my mind from the pain so much so that when the nurse was next to me telling me to quit pushing I was in such a state of mind that I kept saying “push,push,push” repeatedly.  I think they call that catatonic.  Good for this woman for standing up against that nurse and that hospital!! I wish I had been more assertive and done the same.  There is no reason that I should have been put on Pitocin and it surely should have been stopped once it was clear that it was having an adverse affect on me and my baby!!

**edited to add:  And I was just reminded of another stupid practice by my male physicians:  “let your baby cry itself to sleep”  I feel so guilty for doing this because I wanted to hold them, but was advised, wrongfully, that I would spoil them!  Now looking back, I cannot fathom that kind of thinking.  So if your physician tells you this nonsense, ignore it and listen to your own instincts.  Babies need to know that they are loved and secure.  And stop trusting in doctors who don’t have yours or your baby’s interests at heart.  (end update)

How much does the Big Pharma vaccine industry stand to lose if women are having their babies at home, and therefore not allowing instant vaccination?  I have read of women refusing to vaccinate their children immediately after birth, but the doctors and nurses vaccinate anyway when the child is out of view of the mother.

Finally, a take on a beautiful and very powerful experience for a young mother at Standing Rock who gave birth by herself  This is how birthing a baby should be!  And as she says, ALL WOMEN SHOULD HAVE THIS INFORMATION!

It’s interesting how she states women “carry the gateway into the world through our bodies…”  what a profound statement!

Bless we women for that awesome responsibility and GIFT of giving birth!


The story behind the story: Gov. Ralph Northam **update

So listening to the nooz, your attention is drawn to him dressed in blackface in college…which is bad enough, but the story ends where there is a much bigger picture of a deeply disturbed mind.

Northam said that he agrees with what amounts to infanticide…that is, killing a baby after it is born!

I had read of the eugenicists pushing this immoral idea a few years ago.  Incredibly, some wanted to make it okay to kill a child up until five years of age!

Now that I have come to realize how bold the satanists are now…my feeling is that this is for them to make human sacrifice without being arrested.

God help us if this comes into law.

**update:  God please help us.  The satanists are allowing live births just to kill these babies…which satan requires of these evil beings.

45 #NoDAPL Cases Dismissed; Warrants Quashed Upon Review Ordered by Judiciary — Warrior Publications

North Dakota prosecutors abandon dozens of cases due to no “good faith belief that the underlying charges can be proven.” By Water Protector Legal Collective, January 31, 2019 On December 7, 2018, Water Protector Legal Collective received an early winter solstice gift that we have had to keep confidential until now. On behalf of […]

via 45 #NoDAPL Cases Dismissed; Warrants Quashed Upon Review Ordered by Judiciary — Warrior Publications

The spiritual and physical journey fasting

(personal blog, so if this is not your thing…)

Because of the lawyers for Big Pharma, I am forced to say that I am not a doctor, do your own research, listen to your body, and make your own decisions.  But please don’t get your health advice from a nooz anchor who is being paid by Big Pharma commercials.

Hey all,

I’ve just completed a 7 day water only fast.  I was going for the healing 21 day fast, which is supposed to be the length of time to completely clear one’s body of heavy metals, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and Lyme.  Yes, Lyme.  Really, it applies to  ANY autoimmune disease because if your body is toxic, it’s using what available energy you have  Your body will try very hard to heal itself during deep, restful sleep, but if you are not getting that, it makes it very difficult.

Boy, I still am awestruck by the Creator and how wonderfully our bodies were designed to self-heal, IF we quit eating and allow it to use what energy is available to rid itself of the toxins.  Your body is sooo intelligent that it KNOWS where the toxins and the areas needing healed are.

I read from other testimonials that people experienced pain in areas where they had previous injuries.  A broken leg or arm, a severe cut that left a scar…and on.  This means that the body is now healing something that had not been healed when these occurred.

I experienced the same phenomenon:  pain behind my right eye that was injured from me pressing on it when my migraine pain was so overwhelming that I pressed on my eye to get relief; pain in my big toe; pain in a surgical scar area; pain in my left breast where one small pea size lump remains; pain in my teeth and jawbone where I had a root canal and another tooth where I had a deep filling…and on.

So I’ve done fasting for just over 3 years now — but could hardly stand to go past 48 hours.  However, I noticed they were becoming much easier, and I wanted to try the deep cleansing fast of 21 days to get rid of the heavy metals, polio vaccine, and all the horrible bacteria, fungi, etc., associated with Lyme.

Although disappointed that I didn’t get there, I listen to my body and know that I made the right decision to stop at 7 days.  It was a great cleansing and showed me that I still am quite toxic.

Days 1, 2, 3 are the toughest as far as hunger.  But if I started to think about food, I just redirected myself to something else I like.

Day 4 — root canal area ached all night.  They are notorious for having a build-up of bacteria in them.  Weston Price, a dentist, killed his son by giving him a root canal.  The infection went to his brain and killed him.  This is why he began going to the jungles to see how the native folk cared for their teeth.  He discovered that they had perfect teeth — without fluoride nor dentists!

Incidentally, I found this video on something the sleazebag dentists never get around to telling you:

I’ve read in other places about iodine.  But I haven’t tried this myself, so I can’t vouch for it.  But this guy is at least aware of fluoride being a toxin.  It’s actually a byproduct of weapons manufacturing.  So the corrupt politicians thought it would be a great idea to have us brush our teeth with it.  Meh.

Day 5 I struggled this day with hunger.  But I kept visualizing a body full of cancer and it kept me going.  Both of these days, I was having a lot of kidney pain and upper leg pain.  These are common with fasting…so I wonder if the body stores toxins in the thigh muscles?  The kidney pain I expected because the kidneys are a major organ that filters the toxins, but the thigh pain was really bad and I wasn’t expecting that.

This gal below also experienced it and she has such a positive outlook to the good work her body is doing that I wanted to share:


If you’re thinking about this, I would recommend to go slow — I fast for only 24 hours once per week, for 3 years to get to the point where I was detoxed enough that I could withstand a longer fast.

Even with a 24 hour fast, wonderful results can be had — I recently expelled five 1-inch black gallstones!

This scientific paper says that black gallstones contain heavy metals.

Notice that this is a government published paper.  I disagree STRONGLY with their conclusion that gallstones are the cause of cancer.  Rather, I believe that the body traps the toxins in the gallstones to keep them from doing anymore damage.  But if your liver or gallbladder is unable to expel them, they will just sit there until they have a chance to be expelled.  It does not escape my notice that my black gallstones were expelled during a short fast.  Isn’t the body wonderful?  🙂





Gallstone is a high-risk factor for gallbladder pre-malignancy or malignancy (GB PM-M) but which substances of gallstones definitely assist to turn out in to GB PM-M, remains unclear. This study aimed to find out the presence of carcinogenic heavy metals in gallstones and to explore the aetiopathogenesis of gallbladder pre-malignancy and malignancy.


Presence of elements in gallstones was detected by energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and then level of carcinogenic heavy metals was estimated in gallstones using atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). The experiment was carried out in gallstone samples of 46 patients with gallbladder pre-malignant and malignant condition (PM-M group) and 65 sex and age-matched patients with chronic cholecystitis (C-C group). Gallstones were also classified in to three types such as cholesterol stone, mixed stone, and black pigment stone.


EDS analysis detected presence of mercury, lead, and cobalt elements in all types of gallstones of both PM-M and C-C groups. AAS analysis revealed significantly higher amount of mercury (p < 0.001), lead (p < 0.0001), cobalt (p < 0.01), and cadmium (p < 0.01) in the gallstones of PM-M than C-C groups. The presence of these heavy metals also varied among stone types of both groups. EDS phase analysis showed ‘dense deposits’ of these metals in gallstones.


Presence of significantly higher amount of mercury, lead, cobalt, and cadmium in gallstones may play a pivotal role as risk factors in the development of gallbladder malignancy or pre-malignancy. ‘Dense deposits’ of these metals in the gallstones which is the first observation, may act as crucial doses of carcinogens.





There are still good souls…

God Bless You for helping these abandoned folks!

Not only did she rent the hotel rooms for them, but fed them as well.  Good soul.

It hasn’t escaped my notice that this was CBS, the same station that was trying to skew the story against the Native American drummer, Nathan Phillips, who was trying to pray while being threatened by a near riot.