How are you feeling? **edited

So apparently the government shutdown is temporarily over….

How are you feeling today?

What about the last couple of weeks when the gov’t was shutdown?

I suddenly started having dreams again.  My dream state has been disrupted so much that I am startled when I have a dream.  This is part of the MKUltra program to disrupt brain waves so that one cannot get restful sleep.  I had slept decently but still felt tired upon awakening.  It’s a weird state where you’re asleep but not a deep, restful, healing sleep….so your brain and your body can heal itself.

I also noticed the past couple of weeks that I wasn’t heating up like a freaking microwave all throughout the day and night.

This can’t be coincidence that I would suddenly feel better when the gov’t is on shutdown.

If you recall, when I left Indiana and went to the campground at the Tower in Wyoming, I suddenly felt better.  I slept better and felt like myself.  Well…for a few days, and then the heating up and disrupted deep sleep started again (along with the gangstalking increase).

This happened several times as I moved about from location to location.  It seemed to take them a few days to coordinate the electrical energy beam.  I think this gives credibility to my claim.  Why would I suddenly feel better after moving to another location?  And why would I start to feel the same exact symptoms after a few days??

Another thing I have noticed is that there are certain locations in the house where they direct the higher energy.  I ALWAYS get heated up (I refuse to call them hot flashes anymore) in front of the kitchen window, in front of the stove, in front of the bathroom sink, in front of the computer, and other spots that I regularly am there.  I mean EVERY time I am in front of the bathroom sink I get heated up.  Every. time.  There is no way on God’s green earth that someone is going to convince me that a hot flash is going to be that regular.

So…since the gov’t shut down, guess what has NOT been happening since then?

Yep.  No heating up in those places.  But now that they are back at work?  Started having them again today.

So how about you?  Anyone else experiencing the same absence of symptoms during shutdown and now having issues again?  God Bless you if you are.

And just to be clear — I am not saying every person in the gov’t is doing this — just the nazis/satanists/illuminati/israelis whom have infiltrated our gov’t.  I still believe there are good people in gov’t…but very few.

**edited to add:  I thought of something else to add that I thought was important.  It’s good to talk about this, but better to tell what works for me in getting some relief —

I have noticed that they apparently can’t go through bone.  I say this because when I am laying on the floor in the bathroom doing my coffee enemas, they regularly hit me because, once again, I’m in the same spot.  However, if I put my arm over my head, the heating up stops.

Also, if I move.  For instance, if I am in front of the kitchen sink, and move back a few paces, suddenly the heating up stops.  Again, no one on God’s green earth can tell me that a hot flash is suddenly going to stop when I change position or put my arm (bone) in  front of my head.

God bless all of us who are going through this.  Just keep in mind that God will have the final say.


MAGA wearing man mocks Native elder **UPDATE

This just makes me cry.  WTH?  Seriously, what is WRONG with you?  What threat does this older gentleman pose to you…does his drumming for connection to God threaten you?

Perhaps you should ask yourself why you feel threatened by someone connecting with God??

You are allowing satan to guide your thinking…or as the Native legend, coyote is guiding your thinking.  Coyote = bad ways.

I pray you ask God for guidance, for information you need to see who is evil and who is not.

God Bless the elder who bravely continued during a near riot.

**UPDATE 1.21.19–

I found it hard to get to sleep last night thinking about this.  It made me angry on so many spiritual levels — wanting justice, wanting to be able to pray to the Creator as we choose, wanting truth, wanting peace.

I thought about what has been happening to me as I grew spiritually and began to go my own path and the backlash I have experienced:

Nails in my tires by the woman next door to me in Spearfish, S.D., because she didn’t like the buffalo in my car, my composting, and when I got tired of her looking in my apartment and car windows, asking her to stop parking in my spot.


This woman harassed me every single day with making banging noises throughout the night until I finally left an apartment that I had every right to live in.  And even though she admitted she put the nails in front of my tires, all charges were dropped.

And when I left, she and, I believe her friend the landlord’s secretary, went in and trashed my apartment so that I would not get a good recommendation for another place to live!

This in addition to what I witnessed at Standing Rock.  The media was highly slanted the story to make it appear that we were violent.  It was stressed over and over again by the camp elders that anyone caught with weapons, booze, or drugs would be asked to leave.  We were a prayer camp– violence was not condoned– the elders even got after the ones playing loud music in the middle of the night.

There are some who say that healing took place there…an aside to the battle for clean water and for sacred spaces.  It was beautiful.  More on Standing Rock and what I have learned in recent days below.

So I looked at a couple more media sites regarding this report, and here’s what I found–

CBSN, on youtube, immediately jumped to the defense of the Catholic man smirking in the face of the drumming elder.  It did not show the students making the tomahawk arm bend nor any of the other mocking gestures as the elder drummed.  The elder, Nathan Phillips, was interviewed by CBS, and typical of the Native folk, he did not want to go against the reporter.  He did, however, say that he tried to move to the right, and the student, Nick Sandmann, moved in front of him.  Phillips then moved to the left, and Sandmann moved in front of him.  He would not let him move away from them.  He was surrounded.

I’m not going to put the interview here, but you can find it on youtube for your own viewing and conclusions.

The reporter starts off by saying that “we have more info to provide more context….”

What he means is “we’re going to edit the story so that your thinking is directed another way…because you might see the truth with your own eyes and we want to make sure that you don’t trust your own judgment…”

The reporter emphasizes that Phillips, the elder, inserted himself in between the white Catholics and the Black Israelites.  He was trying to pray to diffuse the situation!!  But the reporter was insinuating that he was trying to start trouble!

Next, Phillips tells the reporter that Sandmann left and came back with twice as many students.

Again, I am in awe of Phillips continuing to drum and pray through this.  He just wanted to be left alone to pray in his own way.

The media is not able to distort the story this time because it is right there in front of our faces.

The second media report was from Washington Post.  It was a good report that at least tried to appear to be journalism, that is, reporting all sides of an issue and letting people make up their own minds.

It starts off by allowing Native Nathan Phillips make a statement as to what happened — the Black Israelites were crowding them in their allotted *free speech* space.  But he said nothing to them.  He makes a profound statement that they said they were the chosen ones by God and they reminded Phillips of the Westboro Baptist Church — you know, those pretend Christians who protest funerals for gay people. Two sides of a coin one might say.

The report goes on with Phillips continuing to drum while Sandmann blocks his moves to exit.  He clearly has a smirk on his face as his classmates goaded him on.  He was not smiling to diffuse the situation as he claims.

Sandmann and his family are now claiming to receive death threats.  Really?  In the era of cell phones with numbers clearly visible, how about showing some proof of those threats?  I’m just not buying it.  Playing the victim is a mark of the narcissist personality when they have been called on their behavior.

I found this powerful video featuring Nate Phillips — a Vietnam veteran with a history of the Catholic school brutality so facing a Catholic boy was probably even more traumatic.


So I had read about the mercenary group, TigerSwan, being hired by the oil company.  I read about it on the supposedly truth-telling media site The Intercept. But the Intercept forgot to mention something important…more on that below.   And they did reveal letters and such by TigerSwan where we water protectors were portrayed as terrorists (!).  I still can’t get over that — how is prayer considered a terrorist act??

Anyway, TigerSwan had infiltrated the water protectors.  One such group in camp, the Red Warrior Camp, was edgy and the elders had asked them to leave at one time, then allowed them to come back with clear perimeters of what was expected.  There would be no violence.  Period.

So it appears that one of the infiltrators, Joel McCullough, was busy supplying pot, booze, hotel rooms, money for bills, and so on, to gain protectors’ trust and lower their defenses.

As stated in the article,

By that December at Standing Rock, “Literally everyone was suspicious of everyone,” Mendoza said. “It was infuriating and debilitating for the movement — it really was. I hate to admit that, because it’s almost an admission of defeat that their tactics are so good that it worked, but no one trusted anyone — family members, people that grew up together, people that had been together since day one.”

I was standing in the food line, just behind Ryan Red Hawk, who looked all cool and pretended to be one of the protectors, but he was in fact an operative.

He is in the video below with his face covered:



This whole thing was a psy-op.  All constructed.

Red Hawk had stated that his best buddy was a black ops personnel.  I have a strong feeling this so-called pipeline security employee was his buddy…probably working for TigerSwan.

Red Hawk did a good job of appearing sympathetic and wanting the protectors to succeed, but it was revealed to me in a vision a few months afterwards that he was an operative.  In the vision, he was at a table with a military man in fatigues, with two men in black on either side of the military man.  Red Hawk was reading from a notebook to them. I imagine it was a report on myself and the other water protectors.  He had them all fooled.  I had another vision after posting about him that the Natives took care of him.  He was amused at the whole thing — like it was some big joke.

I also saw Red Hawk at the gathering of 400 people at Spearfish who objected to the land grab.

So the newest in the saga of Standing Rock was another discovery…

TigerSwan is based in….are you sitting down…Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Yep.  So much for American defense contractors.  When do we start calling this treason?  And who would poison their own water supply?  Nobody in their right minds would!








Reverse your diabetes **edited

The Big Pharma mafia, that controls information being shared between people…which ironically was started by the Rockefellers, who….wait for it….began their fortune when John Rockefeller sold snake oil.  Yep.  You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

So…you can’t say that fasting cured diabetes…even though this gentleman had diabetes, could not take off the weight even though he was in the gym regularly AND did not eat excessively…but when he tried fasting, whoa!  His weight came off and…he no longer had diabetes.

…but the fasting didn’t cure the diabetes.  Bwahahahahaha.

Anyway, I liked this video because they talk about all the facets of fasting, the ups and downs, and the great outcome he had.  And gotta love the sense of humor about not being able to say that the fasting cured his diabetes.  But your nightly nooz person can make all kinds of statements regarding you should get a vaccine…hmmm…something wrong with this picture.  Notice that there are huge numbers of commercials touting Big Pharma drugs that can actually harm you.  But I digress…

Here is the video:

You can see from the picture how badly his hormones have been thrown off with him having man boobs..see my second link above as to reasons why…weaken men by lowering their testosterone.

The only thing I would add would be of course to get off of gluten!  Now I am eight years out from divesting my diet of bread, wheat, corn, etc.  I can occasionally now eat it if there is nothing else to eat, like when I was in California and the kind people fed me burritos made of wheat flour.  I couldn’t necessarily tell them ” I can’t eat that” but eventually it came out, and even then they gave me food without gluten in it.  Such good, kindhearted people!

Anyway, I can attribute fasting, and the raw food diet, and coffee enemas with helping to get my gut almost healed.  I say almost because until I can get the toxins and heavy metals out, my gut will continue to have issues–with being sprayed by God-only-knows-what. And if your body is toxic, it makes it easier to mess with you, via directed microwave energy.  And a toxic body makes it harder for you to connect with the Creator and feel God’s presence.



Update on the Unistoten pipeline protest

Report here.

Members were arrested…for what??  Protecting their land?  This land was never ceded.

Just like Chief Menominee and the Potawatomie band, they never surrendered their land.  And here we are, in 2019, with the RCMP threatening to force the Unistoten and Gidimt’en clans off the land they have been on for thousands of years.

Canada is beautiful.  Pristine.  I can look at a picture and smell the clean, refreshing air.  You can tell it is healthy.

It is because of the Native folks that it is unspoiled.  They have taken care of their land as the Creator intended for thousands of years.  Canadian gov’t did not consult them before deciding that they were going to put the pipeline in. Well, let me say they did not consult the traditional leaders as is the custom.  This is a divisive move that satan has used since time began.  And here we see it playing out all over again.

I have just had a vision of Freda Huson, the strong leader, upset and it appears she is in jail?  Or perhaps she was released with the others? I hope.  But she is clearly very upset and so that leads me to believe something terrible has happened.  Perhaps they have already dragged them off the land?

Please, if you can help by boots on the ground, with funding, with legal help, anything, please please help them.  This is satan trying to destroy every last bit of the clean environment…fight against it like you would fight against satan.



The Power of John Trudell #BlueIndians **edited


via The Power of John Trudell #BlueIndians

The above link is to a mindblowing post on John Trudell, a Native American who was one of the founders of the American Indian Movement (AIM) in the 70s.  Wounded Knee was occupied by the Native folk wanting to hold on to their traditional ways versus their own BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) and tribal police.  It did not end well, and that is another post.

John was eloquent and outspoken for their rights.  He was in Washington, D.C., when someone set fire to his house, killing his pregnant wife, their children, and his MIL.  His wife was active in Native rights before AIM.  A post on her here.

All of this relates to the protests in British Columbia, Canada, by the Unistoten and other tribes protesting yet another pipeline project across their pristine beautiful land.

Coverage by Vancouver Sun here.

Here’s a good synopsis of events leading up to this.

This kind of leads back to what John Trudell says in the video in the above blog — we are all from tribes.  You might recall my recent post on my ancestors, the Irish, whom were very spiritual and therefore the Church nor the English could control them….so they tried genocide by starvation as I blogged about here.

Some of us have had our tribal spirituality beaten out of us over 1,000 years ago…satan has been around a loooong time.

A person is given the choice between joining them or be killed.

Well, for me, I would rather be against evil than with it.  Are you with me??

**edited to add:

I was thinking about this post and thought perhaps I might add the spiritual things that have helped me so perhaps it might help others.

  1. satan feeds on anything negative. Fear. Anger. Jealousy. Selfishness. Greed.  Bad thoughts.   Guard against this.  Every time you start to have bad thoughts, redirect your thinking to something else.  I think this is a segway (a portal?) for satan to try to control your brain, and your heart and soul.  One way that I deal with it is to breathe in and out, asking the Healing Spirits to take the negative away from me.  I do this until I feel better.  It is truly amazing to see what happens.  The Elders at Standing Rock warned us of cussing.  I have to admit that I was a little put off by that because it is how I vent when I am angry.  And I felt like a little kid being scolded.  But now I see their wisdom, in that the cussing is another segway, especially the G.D.  In my church, G.D. was taught as a sin and I never said it before I began dating my ex.  I have written about that in prior posts, so I won’t go into here, only that it was that first step of giving my power away because I thought my ex and his family were better than mine.  And it is hard to stop cussing once you start.
  2.  Don’t give your power away.  Women are particularly vulnerable because the evil ones have convinced us that because of Eve, we are less-than men.  We are not.  The Creator sees us as equals to men.  To put men on a pedestal and be obedient to them is actually idol worshipping that goes against the Commandment against idol worship.  A woman should only answer to her Creator and no one else.  If I had done this, I would not have been vulnerable to my ex.  I would have walked out two months after we were married when I first experienced his cruelty.  Owning your power is the protection against the evil.
  3. Ask for help.  You must ask for help.  A wise Miami/Cherokee friend told me when I first began my journey back to tribal spirituality, to be careful who I called to me.  He warned me to be very specific to ask for the Helping/Healing Spirits to help me.  Otherwise, the bad spirits would come.  I ask God, the Creator, and the Helping Healing Spirits to help me understand what I don’t understand now, to help me to know what I need to know, to help me to get what I need even if I don’t know that I need it (this was given to me by the elders at Standing Rock — Thank You!); and finally to get the nurturing that I need so that I may be comforted and healed.  One example of this is when I was at the Trail of Courage (Death) Rendezvous where they commemorate the forced removal of Chief Menominee from the Potawatomie lands here in Indiana.  This was about three years ago, and I was struggling with my spiritual growth, not knowing what the Creator expected of me.  I was having visions and strong dreams at this time, but told no one, I was afraid someone would call me a witch, which I am not!    I was about to leave because I was angry and I didn’t know why and I didn’t want to spoil things.  Suddenly, during the tribal dance, the announcer said they wanted everyone to come in a tight circle and say a prayer together.  I was reluctant because of how I was feeling, but I went in anyway.  We all gathered around, and the main guy started to say “listen to your dreams and visions…”  (I think he said be grateful for the visions and dreams, but my memory is foggy on that.)  As we stood there and prayed, I suddenly felt overwhelming love.  Pure, non-judgmental love.  It was how I felt when I was visited and shown Heaven when I was about to lose my house and attempted suicide.  This was exactly the same joy and happiness I had felt when seeing Heaven. After thinking about this, I noticed that every.single.time. that I was at the Rendezvous, this anger came out of nowhere.  Now I believe it was satan working on me.  It happened too many times.
  4. Touch the Earth every day.  I mean really be aware of all of Creation and all that God has given us.  I believe that God put his Spirit in everything He created and it is easier to stay connected to the Creator by feeling his Spirit in every living thing.
  5. Humble yourself and be grateful.  I take a bite-size piece of each food of my meals and set it aside as a humble “thank you” to the Creator.  I place it on the ground and say a quiet “thanks”.    I give thanks for every glass of water; for the snow; for the trees; for the birds, and all of Creation.  You will be amazed how this humble, simple act gives you such joy.
  6. Take care of your body, a walking miracle.
  7. Forgive yourself for mistakes.  And try to do better.  None of us is perfect, but the evil ones are having us judge each other harshly, believing some are better than others, so that satan can convince us to kill those deemed “beneath us”.  As John Trudell had said, this has happened throughout history, and the ones who are killed are the ones who will not give up their spirituality and their connection to the Creator.  They are not willing to join the evil ones, so they are killed. I would rather be killed standing against the evil than remain alive going against my heart and soul.  And let me stress this — your body may die, but your spirit goes on!  And nobody dies alone — you are surrounded by God’s Helpers and your own earth family when you pass, so that you are not alone and your fear fades away.  I’m not saying that you don’t have any fear — the Creator built that into us to protect us here on Earth — but once you realize the Creator is there with you, the fear is gone.
  8. Realize that satan uses things that appear to be good but the true intentions hidden.  Every church, every charity, every environmental group, every single thing that was good in the past has been infiltrated by satanists.  And they keep their motives hidden for a long time.  Sex and humor have also been tools.
  9. Stay connected to the Creator always.